Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reiki, Conflict, Loss and Grief

Reiki is no shelter from hardship. There are things that happen in life that just 'have to occur'. But the process is 'different', when you are highly intuitive. Having gone through some loss myself, and at the request of a friend who has passed, I am sharing our stories with you.

One day, while on vacation in early September, I could not function. My intuition was not functioning properly. I could not decide what to do, I had no motivation, and I had an incredible urge to stay in bed and cry. These symptoms are unmistakable: someone close to me is dying. But the question was, 'who?'.

The next day I was fine. There were no visitations, and we were able to go on with our trip. I think we went whale watching a second time.

We had gong to Sea World in late August. I asked about our friend, the manager at Dine With Shamu. We have known her since my oldest son was 17 months, when we were at Breakfast With Santa before the park opened, and I couldn't hold my tray of food for us, and him too. The manager came and offered to hold him for me, and while I was wondering is he going to be okay with her? This was the start of a beautiful friendship between those two that I could hardly understand why it was so close!

A former elementary school teacher, she took a strong interest in him. And since we were season pass holders, every visit to Sea World we would go look for her. She, like us, was part of the pod of Killer Whales, along with the trainers. We knew everything that was going on about the whales, and loved them deeply from our hearts.

She had chronic pain, she would confide. And had to 'undergo a lot of tests'. No one could figure out what was wrong with her. Our closest times in friendship were four years before I learned Reiki I, but as a physician who had trained in the area, I tried to send her to some of my friends nearby who might be able to help her.

Last night I looked at her pictures, using the Faces feature on iPhoto. I could see with the passing of time her smile getting less real, and her eyes losing their sparkle. In person, although she welcomed us and enjoyed our friendship, she started talking about taking less hours, and possibly leaving Sea World altogether. In August we were told she had left, and that is why our emails sent to her had been unanswered.

I had been looking all over Facebook for her last night, with no success. Then something made me think just to google her. An Obituary came up. She died after Labor Day while we were on vacation. I looked up the husband on FB, trying to get a message to him from us. And the parents. And the sisters. No luck.
I stayed up until two a.m. because I was so upset. How do I break the news to the boy? How do I tell him they had the same birthday, only she was 31 years older than him?

I went to bed, exhausted. And then the tears started to flow. Great sobs wracked my body at her loss.
She came to me. I 'picked up' that she had to wait for the 10-10 portal to end because 'I was doing energy work that could not be interrupted', but she had been placing hints (big one--this footage of Believe--came up on a routine search for something like, Orthopedics versus Anaesthesia.

There were my friends! Art and I think Becky T--big tears then at the joy of seeing a show as it was, not in the commercial footage, a show that does not exist. And the whales--Corky is in this photo, and Kasatka, Kalia, and Ulysses in the footage)

I had to wait. (She told me how she died).
I saw you out there seeing the killer whales in BC when I passed, and I smiled.

I want you to write about chronic pain and addiction to pain medicines.

Tell your son that I am an angel now. That I will look after him and take care of him. Whenever he wants me, all he has to do is just pray, and I will be there. I loved him as my own, and I was very proud of his achievements. And so very thankful to you for taking the time to share them all with me.

I was overcome with emotion and gratitude for her being such an emotional support in my being a single mother. She was always 'there' for us, and loving us, like the whales, with generosity in her heart. I kept thanking her, and apologizing for making her vibration worse with my sorrow. This was ridiculous because I am a medium and I was talking to her in the middle of my grieving--but as a human who can no longer feel the hug, and can recognize the short life and early loss (she was ten years younger than me), the tears had to flow.

I see ahead! You are going to be quite happy! she tried to distract me from my tears.
And then she changed the subject, How come you never told me about who you are and what you do (gesturing at this whole process in spirit that is going on)? If you had told me, at the end, I would have believed you! (she showed me a picture of her crossing over and being welcomed by family)

Then I was caught off guard. 'But I didn't know this stuff at the time I met you. Only the Blessed Mother part, and I didn't think you would want to know about that.' But I would! But I would have!

She said she would be my angel too. And that she is 'coming back' and going to 'take care of the animals' after Ascension and not to worry.

But worry I did. Was she there at the accident with Nakai? Did he slice his chin on the new glass barriers they put up on Dine With Shamu? The edge is sharp! Did that send her over the edge?

So I looked it up. Here is the link:

This happened September 20. Apparently there were three whales, two of them new, in a corporate evening show after normal closing hours, Nakai, Keet, and Ike. The last two are from other Sea Worlds and arrived earlier 2012. They stopped performing and were fighting. Nakai went to the back pool by himself, and Keet and Ike kept on with the show. It wasn't until after that a bite mark with orca teeth marks was found on Nakai.

Nakai and Keet had bad blood between them. Keet is an orca sperm donor. He is well trained and contributes a lot to the gene pool. One time while he was in 'the procedure' Nakai had come up to him and bit his erect penis. Hard enough to draw blood. This was payback.

And our friend had nothing to do with the entire incident! She had passed on her own schedule.

If you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain and addiction, learn Reiki. It will allow yourself to self-Reiki and fight the pain in a non-chemical way. It will also raise your vibration, an help you to heal on a soul level, as well as the physical, the imbalance that is in your aura as well as your body. It will help you better cope.

There is more hope with Reiki than in pills and patches that are traditionally used for pain. You can combine Reiki with them, either in treatments or if you respond well to the sessions, consider learning it as well.


Reiki Doc

This song means  so much to me. I have not seen any of the Twilight series or movies. I know it is from that. But apart from Twilight, this song speaks of how Love is eternal, and how love can wait until 'we can see each other once again'. In memory of our dear friend and now our angel: