Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Miracles of Progress: Divine Awakening in the O.R.

I set before you a series of baby steps for Awakening that indicate enormous momentum of change for Medicine are taking place:

Miracle !: The Awakened Scrub Tech
My favorite female surgical technician has been someone I was not sure was 'okay' to let know about the work in this blog. Although stated herself, 'I am really into UFO's', I held back. Others in the O.R. were learning about me, and keeping it to themselves. I just sensed that it would be 'too much' and 'too early' at the time to let this one 'in' on 'what is going on right under her nose' with this work. Well, yesterday she sent a message, with a link to what was yesterdays' blog. The time was right. I responded with full links to Disclosure As We Know It Today. She was okay with it.
When she walked into my O.R. briefly  to do something for work, I felt her aura--it is waking up, coming online, and confident in the Light.  This one will do big things,  I thought, and big things are good.

Miracle 2: The Request Case 'Reunion', part 1
In Pre-Op Holding I was treated to a wonderful 'reunion' of sorts: the aunt of one of my neurosurgical patients was herself to undergo neurological surgery, and had requested my services for the case.
This is huge for my career stability, to be requested and in demand for my care. Her niece had undergone staged procedures on both sides, with my side being the right. I was not available to her for the left side, and she had been disapppointed. She pointed me to both scars, and the 'Reiki' side was noticeably better healed than the 'un-Reiki' side. She was like a walking commercial for Intraoperative Reiki! Everything went well with the case, and I delivered the patient safely to PACU.
**Reiki was remarkable in that not very much of it 'went in'.

Miracle 3: The Redhead 'Neighbor'
I didn't say anything, but my next patient is probably going to see me at a grocery store or restaurant near my house. We live in the same community, which is somewhat off the beaten path. We spoke French, and I was delighted to make her acquaintance. She was the youngest, healthiest patient of the day.  P = patient, C = myself
P: Are you Doctor Love? Are you my anesthesiologist?
C: Yes, I am Dr. __________, and I will be taking care of you.

P: (is a yoga person) You have Such GOOD ENERGY! I feel so 'safe' right now!
C: I work very hard on my Energy. Thank you for mentioning it.

Again, uneventful case. Surgeon held patient's hand as she went to sleep. As she went unconscious, she was giving thanks to everyone for their care, giving thanks in advance. She emerged nicely, with two 'thumbs up' on how she felt on the gurney ride down the long hall in the Operating Room to PACU.

I also ran into Scrub Tech F, the swing shift one who is interested in my mediumship. 'I saw a new one! At Heritage Hill! I can't wait to tell you all about it!' I said, across the long O.R. hallway, in front of everybody.
He replied, 'I have been watching 'someplace on the east coat' Medium on T.V., and it's been really good!
(someone else goes--to him--what are you two talking about? and I hear him say, 'she sees ghosts' under his breath, and I hear a gasp of surprise from that person as I keep pushing the gurney)

**this Reiki was with Archangel Michael, and an entirely new style to me. It was quick, Angel-guided, powerful, and effective. With Spirit you are always learning something new I thought to myself with a smile.

Miracle 4: The Moment of Sheer Terror
My colleague manifested a 'cannot ventilate' scenario, and I was called in to assist before Miracle 3.
I kept my wits about me. I asked for Divine Assistance as I worked. I noticed all the communication that was going on between the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, how passionate it was for the patient's care, but not actually anything on the diagram of 'how we act when this type of thing is going on'. My training from University 'kicked in', and I not only got out a fourteen-gauge angiocath, but the life-saving connection to it, to make it fit to the circuit (i.v. catheter + 3 cc syringe + connector from a size 7 endotracheal tube). Mentally I envisioned 'success' for the patient. Within minutes it happened, and I was able to leave the room. 

Miracle 5: The Short Day on Call
I was call three. But I noticed as I finished at four, all of my colleagues, especially call one and call two, had left! They screwed me over, again! But that our O.R. would 'wrap up' before five was a miracle all in itself.

Miracle 6: I am NPO fasted enough to be a Surgical Patient!
Breakfast = two pieces of pineapple and a pineapple smoothie. Black coffee in the Tigger travel mug was untouched in the car on arrival to work. Just had been too 'in' to morning prayers/healings, I guess

'Snack'  = nine a.m. bathroom run, the only one of the day, with three graham cracker packets eaten while 'sitting on the can'.

Lunch  = six hours later, technically an 'empty stomach after a light meal' and empty enough to have surgery.

I kept my sense of humor about me the entire time.

Miracle 6: Woo Woo in the ICU
My request patient had been asking for me ever since she woke up. The recovery room RN had said, 'She is giving anesthesia to someone else. She will come find you at the end of the day.'
P = patient
N = niece, a former patient who referred her aunt to me
C = me

C: I came by to see how you are doing?
P: Oh Dr. _____ I am so happy to see you! You have such good Energy--I feel so Loved and Safe right now!
N: I should include it in my article about Dr. Emoto, this good reaction to Energy with the anesthesiologist. I am a writer.
C: I should shut the door. (I step over and close it).
Promise you won't tell anybody? I am Reiki Doc. I gave both of you Reiki while I worked on you in the O.R. I have 12,000 hits on my blog and 300 'likes' on my Facebook Page. 
N: Are you kidding? I am a Reiki Master and my aunt is Reiki Level II! What are the odds of THAT?
C: Wow! And that is why you had such a good experience with your surgery on my side!
And that is why your Aunt hardly took any Reiki--she didn't need it!  (to Aunt/Patient)--would you like some Reiki now?
P: No, you have to go home to your little ones. Go home, enjoy your evening, and have a little glass of something for me.
C: How about if my Reiki Master seven-year-old and I give you Distance Reiki tonight? It will be around nine p.m. (she agrees with a smile) Last night I did intoning on him at bedtime, and he laughed so much! I am a Karuna Master.
N: No way! I am a Karuna Master too! I learned in Sedona with Laurelle Shanti-Gaia! When we did the group meditation it was very powerfully moving!
C: (To N) Excuse me, but there is a great big orb over there by your left shoulder. It is golden yellow. I am a medium too.
N: (totally caught off guard) That is the once that everybody says is there! 
C: When we went to Victoria, I saw 4 out of 4 ghosts described on the tour at the Empress Hotel, even before the tour. My kid saw one, and I knew he is just like his mom!
P: (beaming) our house is your house. If you are ever in the area, please stop by or stay for a visit. We have dogs, but plenty of room.
N: Yes, please come. 
C: (pause) Promise not to tell anybody? I have done anesthesia on (Spiritual Celebrity A, and their partner) once, and on (Spiritual Celebrity B) TWICE!
N: OMG! No way!
P: I Love My Angels! I LOVE my Angels!
C:  That one can channel Archangel Michael ANY TIME!
P: Isn't it a miracle that we ended up coming all the way from (small desert town four hours away) to you? We are planning to move here soon.

It turns out N is a big editor for an important Organic Nutrition magazine! We exchanged contact information. And gave big hugs, with big sighs of relief that patients will be able to come and truly 'heal' within the medical system/institutions, as change clearly is under way.

Miracle 7: Team Reiki at Bedtime
It was delight to work in partnership for a patient with my tiny Reiki Master. We used his favorite tiger stuffed animal as a 'Reiki Doll'. I felt the energy from his little hands flow strong and bright as he giggled over forgetting the Japanese name of The Distance Symbol. What miracles there are for our future leaders, who are raised to 'open' to energy work like this in their home? Like this, right here, at bedtime? (Patient had a huge huge huge energy field at the crown and pituitary chakras. Needed to ground. No problem! I had spent years walking around like that, most of which while I was in Medical School.)


Reiki Doc