Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Transition Signs You Might Experience

Signs and symptoms are what we look for as physicians when examining the patient. The symptoms are the complaints that the patient says they are experiencing. Signs, on the other hand, are the physical manifestations of disease.

Yesterday I experienced three signs of Ascension. In other words, there were three very clear indications that Higher Dimensional phenomena were taking place. None of them were at work, however. I find this very fascinating:; the first signs of Ascension were directly personal and not where I spend most of my time, 'at work'.

Ascension Sign #1: Talking Spider
After a short day at work, I came home and pulled into the garage. On the way in, I had noticed a beautiful spider web with a spider in it over a bush to the right of the garage. I came out of the car and just appreciated her. Spiders are a symbol of the Goddess, of womanly power, intuition, and I deeply respect them.

'Your beauty is unsurpassed!' the spider thought-spoke, into my mind, louder than whale, who up until then had been loudest, and much louder than trees. It caught my attention.

'Thank you.' I replied, never forgetting what my mother taught me, my manners.

' I am (hanging around) waiting for the peaceful ones to take control (of society)', said spider. giving me the impression that something was going to be happening in a short time. After all, she only has the rest of this month perhaps left in her life cycle.

'Every heart shall be softened (by this event), even the hardest ones!', predicted spider from her web. By this time she had my rapt attention. Spellbound, I looked at her, curious and overwhelmed by her intelligence. I got my cell phone, took pictures as 'proof', and noticed her belly was not plump like others with a orb-spider pattern. It was more prune-like, grey/brown colored. I sent a picture to a woo-woo friend, and set about calling that friend over Skype as soon as possible. This friend had posted a message that they 'got' that it is TIME now.  The curtain for Ascension is UP. This also confirms Gaia Portal messages.

Ascension Sign #2: Dead Mantis
As I swept the balcony, I noted a bright green body on the rail for the sliding glass door. It was a praying mantis, freshly dead, and soft/flexible.
One of the mascots for the martial arts class today for the children is mantis. I will take mantis to teacher for the kids.
In class teacher shared mantis, much to the oooohs and aaaahhhhs of the delighted students.
At the end of class, teacher gave two weeks' notice to his students--he was leaving the organization due to knee injury that had worsened. On doctors' orders he was stopping his career in martial arts, but promising to 'come back when you all have your black belts'.
What are the odds of a dead mantis being brought in by a mom to class on the exact day that the leader is stepping down?

Ascension Sign #3: Synchronicity
The phone call to my friend was never answered, much to my dismay. It was not returned, either.
That is because this person, at the EXACT SAME TIME hundreds of miles away, was doing a 'spark' ceremony to usher in the 10-10 portal on Big Island.
The message spider had given was at the exact same time as another BIG event thousands of miles away.

In Summary
Telepathy is a higher dimension form of communication. It will be the norm. You will meet someone, and instantly 'read' their intent from their aura. Lying and dishonesty are not physically possible, as everyone will know each other's true intent.

Premonition will be the norm. As is compassion, such as in bringing something symbolic to help a teacher at a tough time, without any preconception of why that symbol is to be brought. Obedience to spiritual laws is the norm.

The higher dimensional grid is first going to connect through the 'sensitive' people first, for example, through spider, myself, and my Hawaiian friend. 

Be sure to look for some signs near you!

Love and Namaste,

Reiki Doc