Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hotel Room Energetic Self-Defense

Well, hotels are full of remnants of energy from everything that has taken place there...people die, have arguments, and for many other reasons leave layers upon layers of energy patterns or imprints. Add to that ghosts, and neighbors, and you pretty much need to invoke psychic self defense.

Here is how it is done:

Pellet salt from the water softener, on piece on each side of the door, to absorb negativity.

Then face each wall and make a fourth dimensional grid, putting CKR, SHK, and for good measure, I added H and Z. I did this for the floor and ceiling too. At once my energy felt clearer and calm.

Then for good measure, I placed a heart shaped grid with amethyst and clear quartz on the lanai.

This is good because my mom called. She heard on the news that a 7.7 earthquake hit Queen Charlotte Island in BC, Canada, and now the entire Big Island is on Tsunami watch.

Being above the third floor, I thought I was okay. But the sirens are going off, even now. The hotel evacuated us, and I am at a Golf Course.

I have food but no water, and warm jackets, and this iPad so I can write to you. They do ask, less use of communications, so for now, Reiki Doc will go dark.


Reiki Doc