Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reiki, Dating and You!

with Reiki you see the writing on the wall...

It's time to have The Talk.

It is time for us to talk about Relationships with Reiki.

If you are already in a committed relationship, you are going to do fine. Your vibration and your close ties are going to lift your partner up. And the rest of your family too. Give it time, but it will happen. Reiki makes for incredibly close relationships--the intuition and the healing reinforce the bonds.

If you are single--that is a different story!

When do you tell them you have 'the crystal visions'? After the third date? Or on the first one so you don't get your heart broken when they dump you after you say it after date three?

Should I just take the pendulum out and give it a go before I accept a chance to go out with you?
I have stopped dating. In a few short examples, you will see why I have come to this point. Let us start by sharing about my baby sister.

She has had two nose jobs, two breast augmentations, botox, hair extensions, a fake tan, a perpetual manicure and pedicure, lip injections with filler, fake lashes, and is a size zero because she does spin classes and kick boxing and lives on lettuce and fish. And wine. Pretty much everywhere we go, she has a drink.  She likes to lie out by the pool, and 'hang out' when she goes on vacation. She goes to the Playboy Mansion, she models swim suits, and one would think she could have her choice of men.

She does not.

She looks like a 'trophy wife' but she can't get the guy to commit. Until this one I met last night. It was her graduation with her Master's degree ('Can I call you Master?' I quipped at the table, trying to keep it light.)

Here is a summary of my conversation with Jim:

J: Where did you go to undergraduate school?
C: Berkeley.
J: silence (he went to USC)

C: Have you taken any vacation or are you planning to take some vacation?
J: Wow! What a coincidence! I was just thinking TODAY about how I haven't been somewhere in a long time and I need to go!
C: Where do you like to go for vacation? To the mountains, to the beach...?
J: I LOVE the beach. Anyplace where it is warm and sunny.
C: Any special beaches you like to enjoy?
J: I LOVE Hawaii. But I like Mexico, too. It's a good deal.
C: I am going to Hawaii for a conference!
J: Where?
C: Big Island.
J: To the Kohala Coast?
C: Yes.
J: I LOVE the Mauna Kea! It was built by the ROCKEFELLERS and it is Old School Hawaii. It was designed by some famous architect. And it is HALF the PRICE of comparable resorts.

J: What hospital do you work at?
C: ( I name it)
J: Is it this one or that one? My mother went there for  breast cancer. But I am not sure which hospital.
C: I could have worked on her! Can you recall the name of her surgeon? 
J: No.
C: Was it Dr. Lakers? (pseudonym)
J: Yes! Yes! I know her.
C: Yes, my son goes to her daughter's birthday parties. We hang out. Was your mother happy with her care?
J: With the surgeon, yes. But with the rest, no. I told her she should have gone to Fancy Schmantzy.
C: Well, depending on what specialty, you actually want to go to different hospitals in the area...Fancy Schmantzy is not as good as some other places for certain things, and for other specialties they are good.

C: (my sister can't cook) Can you cook?
J: No.
C: Are you like the guy in the Carl's Jr commercial? (if it wasn't for Carl's Jr they would starve)
J: Well, sort of. But, actually, I enjoy getting out and being with people.
C: Oh? Are you an extrovert?
J: I don't know, actually. I should think about that.
C: You would never guess it, but I am an introvert. I am friendly but I need time alone to recharge.
J: Actually I am a little of both.

You get the picture. My intelligence and life experience are putting me in a way different league than him. There is not much in common, and every thing that comes up, makes him a little less confident. Not because I am rubbing it in, but because of what's what, and my training, as opposed to his.

Here is what my intuition/aura interaction is telling me:
This guy turns forty in three weeks. He wants to settle. But he likes the bachelor life and no responsibility. He has an incredible catch in my sister, she's smart too, but she's pushing thirty-five. He is not trying to impress the family. He is trying to 'fit in'. He is into 'a good deal' and is likely to be like the one she used to live with that brought coupons everywhere they went out to dinner. I wouldn't mind having him as a brother-in-law, she seems happy. But who the hell gave him all the power in the decisions of who is in a relationship and how fast it proceeds to the altar? Why does my sister have to cater and change for him? (you should  see the Facebook page. Totally toned down. Which is good, for she is looking for work. But she did it for him, not for work.)  He is 'interested' but not 'into' her.

Here they are, 'playing the game' at 'finding a partner'. How ridiculous is that? It is not even a dance!

I can't play those games. And neither should you.

Here is how you go about finding a Reiki partner, someone wonderful like the husband in the show, Medium, who accepts her for who she is and loves her for it: surrender.

Keep your heart open, and meditate on it. My guides give me advice all the time, and predictions.
And here I am, still single! Why is that? Because in a place where there is NO TIME and EVERYTHING is NOW the accuracy gets a little mixed up.

And I cheat. I have relationships with people in the etheric plane all the time. They just don't know it, but I do. I used to think they understood what their higher selves were up to with me. It took years and much hoping for the Higher Dimension bond to manifest on Three D, only to have those hopes crushed over and over, that I gave up on it. I enjoy what I have. And what is to arrive in 3D when it is Time for it. I asked for it to be a surprise--what is the fun in knowing your own Romance before you can enjoy it? He will KNOW. But not me. I get to be swept off my feet. : D

We will go over the prediction-time thing more tomorrow.


Reiki Doc