Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Aumakua Are Ohana

The reason the Hawaiian blogger and I are not speaking to each other, is a spiritual one. I came to him out of confusion: there was evidence of Hawaiian past lives in me, they were affecting me, and I wanted to know Truth about it. I made plans to come to this conference in the hope that all my questions would be answered by him. I also wanted to be 'around' someone who has energy like mine, in person, because it would be good to have a 'safe harbor friend'of the Light.

There was a big push from within to wake up. This former friend felt the push, did not understand the spiritual desire for Truth, and blocked me in all ways. Imagine Luke Skywalker wanting to know his father. Spiritually, I was like that. Hungry to know why the song He Mele No Lilo brought me to tears. Why in meditation I spoke and understood Hawaiian. Why I pass for Kama'ina (local) when I go. I am a California girl, and this is not logical.

The answers have come from Spirit. There is good reason for me to cry for He Mele No Lilo. Spirit jokingly said my Hawaiian name was Au'pili--the one who clings to you and won't let go. Once that blogger gave me the boot, right before that fateful email, my father in that past life told me that my Hawaiian name was 'Hoku', star, and I felt the burning of Spirit that I was indeed that.

Now even though it was my papa telling me, it was not until later that my past lives were completely index stood. It was on Sunday I learned, at the place where one of them went to heal her soul after being released from house arrest. Funny, I had come here instinctively to deeply heal MY soul, after all this time as single mother, doctor, and all these pushing of Hawaiian past lives too....

Aumakaua are our 'family' of animal ancestors who guide us. This is Hawaiian, shamanic if you insist, and like the First Nations form of Animal Totems for the family. 'What animal tribe are you?' The Chippewa would say on meeting another Chippewa. 'I am Bear.' Might be the reply. That is how lineages describe themselves. This goes back to the first 'Lighted ones' that came to teach form who-knows-where-in-the-sky. The first being shone so bright he burnt up those present who went to talk to him! The others 'toned it down' enough to teach, and each was an 'animal' for their tribe. In Hawaii, all natives, even the forty-two percent young man filling out the job application next to me at Genki Sishi, who looked up and asked (with pinpoint pupils--good luck passing the drug test if you are hired!)--have you heard that life is just a vapor? I laughed inwardly, for 'vapor' is an anesthesia word, and I thought some spirit or entity in him was planning to have fun with me. I did not take the bait. But HEwould know his aumakua, and tell you if you asked. Everyone knows.

Yesterday I went snorkeling. I was in the bay, with my own fins I brought from mainland, checking out the fish. Visibility was not the best. I found that I could locate the fish by going toward the sound of fish munching coral! It sounds like Rice Krispies popping in milk under water. I was enchanted by the beauty of what I saw: big spiny urchins (don't touch, they sting!), yellow tang, Moorish idol, small blackish grey fish with white spot, puffer fish, even a Trigger Fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a.

I felt a presence, and looked over my shoulder...it was Honu! turtle of the sea. He was big, big as me. I was so close I could see the metal tags that were on his left shoulder and right thigh. He was nonchalant, barely acknowledging me, so I followed him. Next thing I saw, there was another Honu! 

In all of my years of snorkeling I have never swam with two at once. But every time I go to islands, Honu find a way to say, 'hello'. Even when I canoe in Maui. And I understood: Honu are my aumakua. Even though I have a strong tie to whales , I am a hybrid, and although I am as close to whales as one can possibly get, my family is Turtle Honu.

You should have seen the conversation between us, under the water, with telepathy. The energy of Honu is sweet and high vibration, a little higher than hummingbird energy. How can you survive off that stuff? I asked, watching him nibble on tiny seaweed on the coral. 'Patience. You need patience! It is enough.' All my questions were me with the silent response, 'How silly you to ask about what you already are. Why not discover it?' I watched. I saw his name was Sam. I could tell by the size of his fins and his shell he could not hide in his shell like my turtle back home. I sensed that he faced danger willingly. 'You can see that all Reptiles are not bad.' He said, and I understood some Retilians, like the Honu, were horrified at the violent greys, and had taken refuge in the ocean, and in Inner Earth. I asked no more. I thanked Sam, and knew it was time to go look at other fish.

Yesterday's healings I did while snorkeling. I added the oceans to my countries and locations list. 'Are you sure you want to heal the oceans?' My guides asked, not once, but twice. Yes, I was sure. Then BLAM I felt the surge of energy. There was clapping and delight. For you see, our angels, guides and deceased loved ones, probably our Galactic Family too, are ready and waiting to help us. All you have to do is ask! There is free will, so they can't, until we ask for their help. Think of it like they are an energy hovering just above earth, but they can't touch it. You can. And you can invite them to assist in cleaning Gaia, helping you in your day, and anything you ask. Put them to work. Invite them every day with your prayers. It is helpful to direct the cause, like to the oceans.but you can do it.

If you know your aumakua would you please share? I am excited to learn more about mine.

Trust in Spirit to let you know your Truth. Never look to someone human for what is Spirit. You will save yourself a lot of heartache if you accept that humans are not Spirit enough to understand your Truth. Only your Higher self can do that for you. Stand on two feet. Do not lean on another.

I am persona non grata at Java On The Rocks. That hurts. But I accept this, and with hope move on.


Reiki Doc

P.S. I found this! A handy reference: http://www.spiritanimal.info/hawaiian-spirit-animals/