Sunday, February 27, 2022

A Lot of Love


What is wrong with this picture?

It appears so innocent, so harmless, doesn't it?

I grew up with a generation where the Viet Nam war was shown at dinnertime.

My wise mother, actually, grew up in War. She was born when her father was in the service. She never met him until she was four years old. My mother took one look at the programming and said, 'we are not going to watch this, especially not the children.'

She was right.

So, the first thing wrong with this picture is the first thing we must do to protect our loved ones--limit their exposure to the brutal and terrifying footage!

My sister and I were talking about this exact thing last night. She said her nerves were shot from seeing the news. She has a psychology background, and gently explained that for us, we have intergenerational trauma from war. Our grandparents and parents had to 'run for their lives'. So we must take extra precautions.

I had told her how my own Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was reason why I only limit myself to what 'leaks over' into my FB or Instagram or Twitter feed. Everything else you need to know you find out one way or another.

My dear friend and reader from Poland is giving excellent information about different things that are going on. Ukrainian nationals in Poland are returning home to help fight. Ukraine politicians are taking up arms and joining the fight. He says that Russia is taking some hard losses. Their soldiers haven't been in a war for a long time. They aren't up to it. And many are running away from the front lines. 

What Ross and I want to emphasize, is that BOTH SIDES are experiencing Trauma. The Russian people are just as innocent as the Ukraines. It's their governments that are causing all of this. So, in your prayers and thoughts, remember both sides, all living creatures, and everyone affected by the conflict.

If you've read with us for some time, you know by now who TWDNHOBIAH are, and how they operate. Specifically, how they game the system from the top where everyone is friends, in order to make money, decrease the population, keep people in a state of constant fear which makes them easier to control. 

Keep your focus on what is going on in YOUR community, and your country. They might be distracting you with this war to give away even more of your power without your knowing it. 

Remember as a continuous source of Reiki, people near you who need it will get healing, even without your having to do anything special beyond your daily self-Reiki practice.  It's a good thing and very much needed in this world. 


Carla has been through a lot. She has undergone much inner growth. With her decision at work she chose her family over her career. She is okay with this decision.

Carla is also taking active steps, in a completely innocuous and feminine way, to help teach her followers on her own FB page--her friends, colleagues and family--basic spiritual and physical forms of self care. How we regain our center when we have been 'thrown off center' by 'unexpected surprises'. How to send Agarthan Reiki (thank you Carla for your generous gift. Each attunement/instruction given was a two hundred dollar value. Carla for the first time wrote that donations are gladly accepted, but not expected. No one has given one cent for her services, and this is understood by her that for OUR energy exchange, as a couple we are mostly 'givers' and people have come to expect this from us. )  How to cook, especially when there is limited resources...Carla is giving people confidence and amusement to keep them grounded and focused on what is here and now instead of the 'what IF' doom and gloom tragedy scenario.

The garden is doing well. Anthony has found his calling at being a gopher hunter and trapper. 

Everything happens for the best.

Remember this is not to guilt you into paying for our services. We have generous donors who support our work, and thankfully, over time, the energy exchange is supported by them --not to the full extent mind you but for 'respectful' and 'sponsored outreach' which we are infinitely happy to provide. Thank you to our many donors and supporters who are consistently backing our work on the Earthly Plan. Your blessing is received in abundance and joy which we bless to you. We know these are difficult times, and we are grateful for all that we are given. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos, 



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Carry Your Weight


Contrary to what is heard from 'reliable sources', the Schumann Resonance frequency is good.

What is happening is meant to happen, it must happen, for the awakening to take place. The 'awakening' has roots in a 'very old classic book' which also happens to be banned in several parts of the world. Remember we are in the middle of a very giant battle between good and evil. Good wins. However, it's not going to quietly slip away in the middle of the night, the evil. It's going to fight back tooth and nail. It's also going to do its best to control everything and everyone.

There will be hardship. 

Already the un-jibby jab jobs have been compromised to many, many people.

And some who drive eighteen-wheelers for a living, in a certain country up north, are unable to access their funds from certain bank accounts to stay in business. 

We must be acutely mindful of the people who are geographically right in the middle of the skirmishes. We shall honor these men, women and children who through no fault of their own, are facing these circumstances while perhaps right now we are not. 

Your task is to hold the energy right where you are. It will support the grids and also absorb/calm any peaks or spikes in fear in your immediate area. Many people are not aware as you of these things which are happening. They have no idea that any of this has been planned for hundreds of years, possibly millennia. They wouldn't conceive that both sides of the conflicts, at the tippy top of the hierarchy, may be friends in fact and are doing this to mutually enrich themselves.  As well as cause 'loosh-generating' fear and panic and suffering in the location of the conflict.

So, what can we do?

We can be an anchor of calm wherever we are, and keep our connection to Source both Fresh and Strong.

We can look out for others who are being sucked in to the narrative, and support them emotionally and spiritually.

We can practice ourselves and possibly teach the methods of prayer and fasting. I wouldn't tell you, ordinarily, but since I'm in the teaching position, I am disclosing that for today I skipped lunch and prayed for U crane people. I asked God in my heart, to consider how these people have been through enough with the two world wars. And to lighten their burden if possible. 

Cobra has a meditation to do every four hours. If you are into his thing, that's fine. 

You can light a candle and pray. You can do a kindness and offer it up to Creator as a gift to help the people of that area. If you know anyone who knows anyone, not an organization, you can send substance--food, clothing, blankets, money. Only if you know for sure since many such groups are corrupt and the help never gets to where it is intended. 

Today I just said a white lie, I told Anthony I had eaten already and I made him his lunch. You can say you aren't hungry, you just ate, or anything that comes to mind that sounds plausible. I had a pot of ginger tea and it was enough. 

Remember that at times tearing your clothes, wearing sack cloth, and covering yourself with ashes were ways to demonstrate to All-That-Is that you are serious about being sorry about times you may have 'slipped up'. That stopped huge punishments that were to be given to the entire population.

I'm not sure exactly on the timeline now of the AC. Be ready for the 'long haul' of seven years before we find relief.

Know that these skirmishes have undertones from the Good Book. Predictions. And from what I understand the troubles or tribulations are just starting to begin.

Help others.

Practice what you've learned through our blog.

Stay mindful.

Be safe.

Be LOVE incarnate.

Thank you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Results and Gleanings


I'm reporting back after my most recent lesson in decision-making. It is a fascinating tale of multidimensional growth and learning.

The night before, I had gone to sleep asking Ross if there was anything better than my work, which gives me no protection from the whims of surgeons judging my work and running to my boss to ask not to ever work with me again. This has happened because I'm a talker, or I had to go to the bathroom too much (once I had a UTI, just ONCE!), or the patient wasn't stable. Nobody has died. Nobody has had any adverse outcome. It's all part and parcel of the anesthesia process. And even my people who I don't work with any more, they have huge lists of who they won't work with, so in this I am not alone!

But the very next day, a new job prospect manifested.  Better pay, better collegiality and respect, better security. The downside was worse hours and a commute that doubled. I realized I had to make the decision quickly. And that there was no turning back.

Anthony and I were thrilled and honored at first, delighted at the prospect. But then, the next day, we were almost in tears because my current workplace of twelve years has been such a huge part of our lives. The routines, the restaurants nearby, the people, everything. 

I realized from Spirit, that I didn't have to make this decision alone. Immediately I asked for those I trust to help me gain insight. I was dearly afraid of making the wrong choice.

As the decision-making evolved, I realized, thanks to the Leo full moon, that I had the luxury to be completely selfish, and take the time I needed to make sure my choice was right for both me and my family. 

There was a deeper spiritual component to it as well. It was like this decision was being made right on the cusp of 3D and 5D. I could 'see' lots of heavenly 'light' pouring off of my co-workers, with Spirit reminding me that they were hand-picked for their roles at my work. I sensed that in walking away from my workplace, where I had been doing spiritual energy work for the whole time, that it would essentially 'abort' my spiritual mission. The people left behind would feel energetically abandoned by me. 

There was the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine component to the decision making too. I decided I had enough of struggling to make ends meet, and going through so much struggle to be a breadwinner by competing with the men. A longer commute was a move towards the Divine Masculine imbalance. i decided to piss off the dark powers of TWDNHOBIAH and honor the Divine Feminine. 

I did use my head, and I tracked hours, calls, and even looked at the workflows in the system for actual cases done while on call at both facilities. I was surprised to find that the other facility had less hours and less intense calls than our facility! 

The other place is a teaching hospital. I knew that some routine cases can take longer. Even at my own hospital on Friday night I experienced a less-agile surgeon doing laparoscopy, taking a twenty-minute case in the hands of an agile one, to a two plus hour case! People were quitting right and left at the new hospital, I moonlight there, and I keep my eyes open. 

Long story short, I am meant to stay where I am. And the 'slings and arrows' I experience are part of the dark forces trying to oust me from my location. 

I also saw a look of complete and total darkness in Anthony's eyes when he thought I was going to take the new position. I realized I'm the only one around for him to talk to. He's still growing and he's doing well. There's no need to add changes to that. 

He didn't give much input except that with the new job there'd be less time to do things I want to do. 

All in all, it boils down to Trust in the Plan, Trust in Divine Creator, and Trust in myself for being able to handle whatever happens next. As it stands, right now, I'm a self-contained unit and can freely work anywhere in California if I need to work. 

With times of uncertainty (polite cough) it is good to stay where things are good and also be able to pick up and go, or sustain yourself where you are organically...

It took a lot out of me, this decision.  But it is highly unusual that no only me, but about three others I know, are being faced with similar job-opportunity decisions. It might be a 'thing'. So that's why I chose to share about the whole process with you. 


Everything happens at the best possible opportunity, and everything is connected. I want you to remember this!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Workers of Light

Friday, February 11, 2022

It's Okay


Spirit and wise counsel have been speaking to me about my decision. So are all the 'nudges' inside.

Take your time.

Honor the Divine Feminine.


Today I will explore my one, three and five year goals to see which aligns more closely with my options. 

I no longer have to be the brave little soldier. My mom used to wake me up at the crack of dawn to take me to the babysitter. It was so cold and I never wanted to leave my warm bed. 

I've been the 'brave little soldier' for so long, honestly, inside, I feel lopsided energetically. Too much Masculine. That muscle has been overworked! Making decisions, steering the family, supporting us...

A wise friend asked me what to I want, what brings me joy, and what energizes me?

The last time I felt everything just working together in harmony, all of my skills, my whole point of being, was when I was doing a reading about two years ago. I felt my Purpose. I felt Fulfilled. It was just using all of my skills and gifts--medical and spiritual--together to ease and comfort another. 

And this video here sums it up. Without my attitude being in the right place, neither choice will make me happy. 

That is enough for today. I'm still exploring my options and looking into my values and goals to help drive the decision. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Homemakers (Ross' idea there...hmmmm)

Thursday, February 10, 2022

On Self-Love


Recently I got an offer to switch hospitals. It's a huge honor. I've been overwhelmed with the decision-making process. I've reached out to successful people I trust to help me weigh the pros and cons of the situation. 

Spirit told me not to make the decision alone.

But also, ironically, Spirit has been sending me a very strong message to relax. To even spend the day in bed if I have to. To just BE. To not even think about the decision.

What kind of things have I done? (I scheduled this week to be home)

Yesterday I went to the local mall, an outdoor one, to buy gifts for my niece and my son. It's a beautiful mall. You can tell retail is hurting a little for sales. The prices for everything are way UP. I found a lovely store called Anthropologie and realized I need to up my fashion game. There was a time I was really fashionable. With motherhood, I've switched up to wearing tee shirts from Target and clothes from places like Marshall's and TJ Maxx (deep discount stores) and surprisingly, Costco. 

It's not easy to adapt to a changing body as we age. But like my mother, who was fashionable till the end, it's important to try. Very important to try. 

What else have I done?

I've tended to my garden. Anthony learned how to set gopher traps, and much to his delight I have let him dig after the gophers all over the yard. We haven't caught any. But his joy is priceless, and his creativity unsurpassed. 

My rabbit needed tending. Her usual problem. She was grateful I cleaned her, and I cleaned up her cage too. 

I've done laundry and dishes, lots of them, and prepared some very welcome meals for myself and Anthony. 

Even a few areas of clutter I have been able to clear. Much to my delight and happiness. 

I've learned that the intangibles, a clean house, meals at home, free time to pursue interests, is important. As also is REST. Truth be told, my lungs just aren't the same after Covid. It's like there's a sticky mucus deep inside that I just can't get out. So I've taken naps, in this week. Last week I worked all week straight, including both weekend days. It was a little too soon after Covid. 

I tried to stretch out the decision to include how I would feel in five years--on the job one. I realize my anesthesia career is getting towards the end of it's run. After a while we just can't do anesthesia any more. So how do I want it to end?

Yesterday I saw how to compare the data. And also, yesterday, I realized my next-door neighbor's husband  who just retired had almost the same commute. It's an hour and a half to get home, if you leave at five p.m. If you leave later it's a little easier.   But my neighbor, who is working now full-time, with only a twenty minutes commute, is cooking dinner late and staying up later. She's tired. And both she and her husband are a good eight to ten years ahead of me.

So I must be strong to honor myself. Ross had me wake up at the usual time, this morning, to write. When I had more energy, I would write before work. I'd wake up at four in the morning. We will see how I fare through the day. With my current work, I can sleep in until five-thirty, and leave the house at six-thirty. With a change, I'd leave every day at six. With my days off I've been sleeping in until sunrise. 

Ross and I really haven't talked much about honoring and respecting ourselves, and our human needs.

We talk often of the Cause, and how to stay engaged and active in helping with the energies where we are. We acknowledge that we are truly Spiritual beings, who are having a 'human experience'.

Today we talk about the 'vessels', our ability to care for ourselves, and our family. That's right up there with being able to support yourself and your family. If there's no YOU, then, where are you? Right?

A lot of times self-care approaches topics like yoga and diet and all these esoteric things. It doesn't have to be that way. Your home and body are an energetic extension of YOU. And if you want to spend a day in bed (In Italy sleep is considered a necessary luxury), then, if you need to do that, then by all means do it. You are in it for the long haul. 

Ross is preparing me to get some of my last wounds in my heart healed. It is so difficult for me to heal things that are deeply embedded from our past life together. Again and again, with my career, with family, with my heart, with every issue, I give them to Ross in total and complete Trust. It's not fun to work through those issues. It's truly, embarrassing, to see my weaknesses 'out there'. I know Ross and my teams can always see them. You probably can too. But for me to be seeing them, and know they are being worked on and the same time I'm both embarrassed and grateful that Spirit would see to it that these things get 'wrapped up' before going Home again. 

Whatever your weak spot is, money, time, relationship, communication, responsibility, sex, substances, gossip--when time comes for Spirit to work with you on it, let it go and place it firmly in the hands of Divine Creator. Talk often with your guides how you view the situation, how you feel powerless to control it. All of us have areas in our life like that. Then, step back and let Spirit 'lead' in this dance called life. What you will receive is what you NEED, which might not necessarily be 'what you WANT'. There's a difference. And what you NEED will nourish you. I have super painful abandonment issues. They are being worked on now. The root of these go to the life before me and Ross, the one of Tabitha and Gamaliel. But it's been a recurrent theme in many of my lives. Telling myself the advice of Hope Johnson sure is like medicine that's helping too. It's all a big game and you are playing it and you are making it up.

She says, 'what decision? There IS no decision!' But when you get the feelings, especially ones of discomfort, you need to experience them, and then allow and move on. You need to be Conscious of your reactions and overcome them (when they are past life or deeply buried things coming up) and then Let It Go. Your reaction needs to be Joyous overall, when you've 'decluttered' enough you'll be in a state of Joy. I watch her and she's good how she talks about her own experiences and interactions. Her honesty is one of her best qualities as a teacher. It truly is.


Carla manifested it.

The new job.

She went to sleep asking for something better. She couldn't take her current job any more.

The next day, 'BOOM!'--a change, one with more professional respect, and much better pay, was offered to her.

Carla pays attention.

She knows that the teller at the local community savings and loan, who used to work for a Big Bank, was grateful for the new opportunity to work part time and 'have some control over how he spends his time'.

Carla knows DWR would lose a lot if she took the new job, due to the increased hours just to get by. 

So today, while she is making her spreadsheets on her decision, in order to communicate with her mentors and ones to help her decide...she is 'kicking it upstairs'...'what to do with her spiritual gifts?'

And this is fair! Totally, totally fair for her to do this. 

Obedience is only part of the key to working with Spirit. The other part is being able to Communicate both our needs and our wants--everything!--in a reasonable, intelligent way. Then to step back and look for an answer. 

The end result is JOY. And increased awareness of our inherent value, on all 'fronts' of ourselves--at work, at home, and face-to-face with Spirit and spiritual 'like minded others'.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Spirit Is A Back Seat Driver


Lately, something important has changed. I've been 'letting go' and amazingly, Spirit is a wonderful 'back seat driver' for my experiences in my day.

Remember when I was talking about the treasures of others, and how we are healing one another just by being us? It's even more than the key codes and activation sequences. Let me explain...

I have been having people tell me their stories. All kinds of stories. Some are kind of funny, some are painful. A funny one, was a retired orthopedic surgeon who was a patient telling me about a patient who had fallen out of a tree. He had no insurance. So they couldn't do surgery on the guy. Instead they put the long arm casts so the bones would heal. The arm is locked at ninety degree angle in this position. 

The surgeon turned to me and said, 'how is that man going to wipe his butt like that?!' Apparently the man had been cheating upstairs with someone's wife, the husband came home, and he tried to climb out the window...sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it? But it was real life!

Another shared how his Lunar New Year wasn't well. Sudden health problem in mother in law, needing surgery. Then his 'teacher' died. His 'teacher' was back in Viet Nam with him, and my friend was so poor, he was hungry all the time, and this man actually fed him/gave him food. They both relocated to the states, with the teacher in northern California. He drove to pay his respects. And once he arrived, he got the call that his father in law passed. He was so close to the mother in law, his wife, he would kiss her hand and ask her if she would miss him when he was gone, he was so loving and doting on her. With Covid there wasn't any space in the funeral home, but miraculously one cancelled so he was able to move his father-in-law's ceremony up. 

Such burdens that are invisible! Unless someone trusts you enough to share.

Yesterday, a doctor confided in me that his friends had asked him to sign for a loan for some equipment for their medical office. He did. He said they promised to pay. They never told him they started falling behind on the payments. He was on the hook for two million dollars! He lost everything he had, home, money, everything. He said the friends said if he went to collect from them their wives would divorce them. So he sued. It took fifteen years. Over one hundred thousand dollars out of pocket. And he 'won'. On paper. The others went to the Bankruptcy court. Apparently it is 'above the law'. So the friends never had to pay. He just has the 'honor' of 'winning'. 

Without skipping a beat, he told me that the things he learned about himself through the experience, was a gift, a priceless gift. He said he would do it all over again, to help his friends, even if he knew they were to betray him again. Because it was the right thing to do. 

I had no idea all that was walking around inside him!

So, when you are energetically available, people are going to start to open up to you.

Another thing is that this doctor wanted to know MORE about the spiritual world and healing. It was like a preschooler wanting to learn, and asking questions, and I was delighted to help open up this whole new world of healing for him. Reminding him of how the energy imbalances lead up to disease (an Eastern concept) and by healing them the body can heal. Not just treating the symptoms. 

I hope to be available like this to more people in the medical field! The awakening is going to be lots of fun for all of us if this experience is like a sneak preview of it. I'm happy and content.

I work today. Ross gives you his blessings and love too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Thursday, February 3, 2022

What Do You Want?


The other night I had a dream. In that dream I was doing anesthesia for a trauma patient. I have not done a trauma case since 2009. I woke up and it seemed odd...

Another night, after the latest betrayal at my work, I went to sleep and asked Spirit, for something better.

The very next day, my moonlighting job offered me a full-time position. It's an honor. And life would improve in many ways. In others, though, such as the commute, life would be more difficult.

So I have to choose. Today or tomorrow I have to make the choice. 

What is strange is I decided after a night of not sleeping and panicking over the change, to not think about it. And when I went to work, I was with one of my most favorite surgeons. She was kind and bought Lunar New Year rolls for the whole team. She's taken care of Anthony's broken bone from basketball for free. She's a wonderful friend and an incredible surgeon. 

When I came home from work, again, I was weighing the decision...and Spirit said OPEN YOUR EYES!

It's like I have new eyes at my work. That day I had changed rooms to my favorite one, it has a window in it and I can see sunlight. I realize working at both the surgery center and the hospital is a blessing.

Yesterday, I did a case with my doctor who is Sicilian. He couldn't remember the word for shoulder and I helped him look it up. It's 'spadda'. The combination of energy with everyone in the team was beautiful.  The next case was with a surgeon I'd trained with. We knew each other well. She was super fast. She told the team she would sneak out and not let the front desk know so we could catch up on our charting. Very cool!

My sister and my dear friend I've known since college helped me to see and be objective. To make a chart with pluses and minuses. And to project myself into the future to see which choice would have the most regrets. 

I'm praying really hard. 

I hope I find my way. 

Sister of Fire did a wonderful New Moon video, and it talks about these things. The energy incoming is very strong for manifesting what we want. The sky is the limit! So we can do ANYTHING. The question is, 'who are you' and 'what do you truly want'?

We are moving ahead, with the energies. Keep holding the course. Do your best and angels can do no better. 



Carla is at a new space in her life. She is engaging more with it than she used to. A lot of times, as an angel incarnate, Carla would observe and take things in, rather than choose what was right for her or not right or perhaps which direction she would like for things to change. She chose medicine. For her career, and changed it, and never looked back. But for her life...the interactions with people whom she meets now, and those whom she works with, are more 'in time' and 'real' than ever before. Carla is fully PRESENT, with her heart opening and the energy exchanges we had planned in time before the meeting on a soul level, are actively flowing and going through their course.

Carla is able to transmit without really knowing, the same kinds of light codes and sequences that she is well known to transmit through her words--online, here in this blog--only now with her entire being, her essence. 

I tell you this is very much needed in this world. 

I encourage you to reflect upon what I have said. As healers, you are well trained just like Carla in the direction and flow of healing energies.  (he points here and there with all his fingers together up a little over his eye level) I want you to know that these higher frequencies, the ones which you are not taught, are easier to learn to direct. You just open your heart and allow it to reach its full potential, which is possible because of your knowledge of us and all of our teaching.  

When you are in flow, everything will seem natural and with ease. But you will notice when you are duly/truly 'activated' that you will see everything with New Eyes and all the blessings will no longer be hidden from you. 

Carla is going to work today, with a late 'ten thirty' start. She is going to make breakfast for herself and Anthony. This is a treasure for her, to be able to spend the time with him. And to write to you. And to read the latest Ben Fulford and not be in a rush to come in to work. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are very, very much committed to the well-being of one another as a couple of Twin Hearts