Friday, August 30, 2013

Ghostbusters! -- Cobra Intel 8.30.2013

Thank God I am a Chemical Engineer! I need that to understand the cryptic message that was sent out by Cobra today:

The first part is this:

The second part needs all my nerd to decipher:

It is a graph, with Log n on the y-axis. This is what we are measuring. It is a 'logarithmic scale' but not on log paper. I suspect we are measuring negative-non-physical entities, archons, elements who are hiding in 'the anomaly of duality' that exists inside of our bodies--these 'vibrations' actually 'hide' and are being cleared out. OR this is the etheric plane's last remnants of those same horrible entities.

On the x-axis we have measurements of TIME.

  • on May 21 we have log 16 of the 'ghosts'
  • on June 21 we have a little over log 13 of the 'ghosts'
  • on July 21 we have log 11.4 'ghosts'
  • on August 21 we have log 8.5 'ghosts' (about HALF of May 'ghosts')
  • the curve is exponential decay--by September 21 we predict log 2 'ghosts' which is one QUARTER of August 'ghosts')
  • by October 21 the curve hits zero. They are GONE!
Here is the hint--the MORE people do the following meditation, especially when joined with others for the weekly meditation--the more THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of these 'ghosts' are going to 'bust'. Each meditation gets rid of thousands of non-physical negative entities. They are highly 'allergic' to the Goddess Vortex energy.

So do your part! Here is a link to the meditation on you tube:

And here is what's next!

You can also participate at home by listening to this CD. I listen to it on the way home from work:

Again, is for Intel on the Resistance Movement of the Light Forces against the Cabal and Illuminati and Oppression.

And is where you go to help in any way you can to assist others at the time of the Event. (A huge flash of Light from the Galactic Central sun, a bank re-set, globally, and a new society that will be fair to ALL humanity. Not just the 'chosen few'.)

Love and Light,
Victory To The Light!

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is my dedication to the 'ghosts'. Oh yes, by the way, Achoo! Don't forget to close the door on the way out! ; )

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Telepathy With A Respiratory Tech

Shall we have a cup of tea?


I went to intubate someone in the unit today. You know ICU, ventilators, all that stuff like on TV? Well I did it.

But this time it was with the, er, 'not quite the A-team team'.

Typically the unit supports me, and has everything ready. I just show up, all the equipment is set up, and there we go. Less than fifteen minutes.

Today my RT (Respiratory Tech) was like, nowhere. I got my tube, my blade, my syringe for the pilot balloon on the cuff (I always lubricate the cuff with lidocaine). I put the brakes on the bed. I asked for the patient to be moved closer to where I stand at the head of the bead. I asked for the headboard which is as tall as me to be taken off for a minute. I got my drugs drawn and labelled (when I asked for labels for the syringes because the etomidate and succinylcholine look like water--a nurse got me a bunch of patient sticker labels with the name on them. LOL. I had to go get blank ones and write the names. I actually draw up ten cc's of etomidate and five cc's of sux on purpose just to keep them straight as an extra measure of safety.)

I asked for the bag valve mask to get her oxygen up. And as I was bagging the patient, I asked if we had end tidal CO2. RT looked at me with a blank face, and I said, 'You know, the easy cap device that turns yellow?'. Well he found it and placed the package on the patient's chest next to the ETT (endotracheal tube). I induced. I intubated (it was a bad light but I got it in, in the dark). There was good chest rise. The RT took off my elbow on the adapter for the ETT, and I was like, 'what?'. Then I asked for the end-tidal CO2. He opened the package and put it on. It was blue, blue, blue although I saw mist in the tube, the sats were good, and the chest was moving and people were hearing breath sounds. I noticed a little red tab, and asked, 'should we pull this?'. He did, and there it was, yellow for CO2.

As he secured the ETT with a commercial device, I just thought to myself, 'wow! I did everything for him. What is his deal?'

Right that minute, he said, out of the blue, 'I am sorry if it seems I am so unorganized. I have been running around all over the hospital ever since I came on shift.'

That surprised me--he would answer and my face, my eyes, everything were friendly and open. There was no reason for him to 'body language' that one out of me, my doubting his ability today.

Welcome to the Higher Dimensions. Telepathy is a way of life in them. And it is going to be most wonderful!

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. if you would like to read more, this is a link to times I have had telepathy with a PATIENT during intubation as well:

Something To Add: Gender Equality In Japan

As the Vibration increases throughout the planet, we are going to begin to observe indicators of change.

Students of Reiki have lineage that extends all the way back to Sensei Mikao Usui. We are part of a tradition that has passed through Chijuro Hayashi (who gave his life to save the state of Hawaii's inhabitants instead of telling spy intel as requested by the government), and later Hawayo Takata.

In Reiki, women and men are equals when it comes to healing. In a way, we are an example for others. at this time.

In Japan, however, a vast disparity between the sexes has been long entrenched. Here is a video which covers this topic in about seven minutes, complete with facts:

Please take the time to watch it.

What Reiki Doc says:
Harmony between the sexes is the way of the Higher Dimensions. As each individual finds more 'balance' between their inner feminine and inner masculine polarity, society is going to shift away from 'traditional roles'. No where else is a better example than our brothers and sisters in Japan. As you can see in the film, more than half of all women and men disagree with the concept 'men should work and women should stay at home'. Unfortunately, the work ethic that is imposed on the men makes this more challenging for women who have families to care for as well.

You can see that the government is slowly responding to the people's desire for change.

The Goddess, or Divine Feminine Principle, is starting to 'wake up' world wide! This is a good thing.


Reiki Doc

P.S.  This video is Titled 'Reiki Music For Japan' and is a harp piece that is infused with healing Reiki energy. It called to me, and it resonates quite strongly. The image of The Place of Refuge 'nails' it as being 'correct' to use. Aloha and Mahalo and Divine Peace. All Reiki practitioners please consider adding Japan to your healing list. Domo Arigato.

Extraterrestrial Roll Call Results

Good Morning Star Shine!

Yesterday I posed the following question to my facebook page Doctors With Reiki:

Roll call for Souls!--only if you are ready to post here, otherwise 'message' me in private--Andromedans? Arcturians? Pleiadians? Sirians? From Vega? From anywhere else??? I want to know. (I am officially soul origin, very old soul, with a sirius-pleiades mix. Spirit says. And guess what? My 'overwhelming desire to Go Home'?, the most strong sign I am 'not from here as a soul?' went away last week. The vibrations here now are so much higher and more pleasant for my soul!)

The results are:

743 -- total views of the question

42 -- 'likes' this is only 17.6% of the total views  (so 83.4% either didn't 'like' it or didn't care)

19 -- comments.

Of the 19 who chose to respond (and may have 'liked' the question, too):

6 -- Arcturians
3 -- Pleiadians
3 -- Sirian-Pleiadian hybrid 'mix'
1 -- Pleaidian-Andromedan hybrid 'mix'
1 -- Orion
1 -- Angelic Human
1 -- 'Everything bagel' who has 'all origins in their soul history'

The other three were 'fuzzy' but 'drawn' to Lemuria, Atlantis, and had recall of past lives. They wanted to know MORE about their Truth and their Heritage.

Most notable was that several of the respondents are having actual contact WITH their star family!

There were also two private messages to me, with 'self disclosure' but in privacy to them I will not 'share' their 'star origin'. I suspect there is a significant number of those who like these individuals, are 'sleepers' and 'not ready to disclose to the general public' what they ARE.

So you can imagine my surprise when I found this article this morning:
by Karen Doonan.

The timing is what gets my attention.

I have always thought as the Vibration increased, those who are originally souls that are FROM the Higher Realms would want to come 'out of the closet' once the energies are favorable to them.

This is happening.

So to the Positive Military who asked, on a post once, 'Can ET phone home?'


The ET's on Ground Crew ARE 'phoning home' as we speak.

They are awaiting further assignments and instructions, just like you in the Positive Military.

All I can ask those of you who ARE from Higher Realms and Other 'Planets', is to stand tall, be OPEN, and be the best YOU that you can possibly be. 

LOVE is the SOLUTION for EVERYTHING and your LOVE of Humanity is going to help the change from Humanity to Hue-manity as you answer the questions.

First wave will be the 'fuzzies' like the three in the 'straw poll'.

Next wave will be those that 'notice' what is going on around them.

Hold your positions and be the shining stars you are meant to be for the world, and also for the Universe.

Aloha and Mahalos,


Reiki Doc

P.S.  Enjoy

P.P.S. There are many out there that are 'interested' and 'want to know how to find out where THEY are from'. Here is a link to a website for ten dollars or so you can get a full report--you need to send you photo in too.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reiki Doula Reiki In A C-Section

    • This is an actual correspondence carried in private messaging on Doctors With Reiki. I admire all doulas, especially ones like this who make the footwork in advance to make everything smooth for their client, even checking in with me like this before coming to my hospital on a day where I didn't work and had a colleague.

      Hi ReikiDoc!!

      I'm a "Reiki Birth Hypno-Doula"  I recently came across your page. So happy to have found you. Your stories, and thoughts that you share resonate so deeply with me and really bring me joy. I feel a very strong connection to what you do, and hearing your perspective is important to me, as I am a Childbirth Educator who teaches Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis. (we have a very progressive and 'open' Labor and Delivery department--Reiki Doc) My students employ real medical hypnosis "hypno-anesthesia" for comfort during birth. I am a birth doula (hypno-doula). I am also a level 2 Reiki practicioner since April 2013.

      In approx 1 week, I will be attending my first planned c-section with my Hypnobabies student & doula client. I am on call for her birth & while I know she wanted a natural, vaginal birth, I am at the same time happy, humbled and grateful to be able to support her as a doula and also bring Reiki into the OR!!

      My client/student has stated that her OB is ok with my presence there as a doula, but that the anesthesiologist makes the final call on me being in the room with her. Any advice if it looks like the anesthesiologist wants to shut me out? Something I could say to reassure that I will not be whatever problem or obstacle they may be envisioning me to be?

      I am a Level 2 so I can send distant healing from outside the room, though I am just trying to focus on the outcome we DO want. Maybe, I just thought now, that I should be sending Reiki to the date of August 20th in advance, too!

      And from a Reiki perspective if all is well and I"m in - any particular suggestions for hand placements before during and after? I will always do as I am guided and I trust my intuition. Still, I wanted to ask and just say hello, since you might find the combo of my professions interesting, too, especially if you are mostly OB Anesthesiologist!

      Reiki Doula
    • Hi Reiki Doula! Welcome to my world! I did three c-sections yesterday myself. As an anesthesiologist, I want you to know there are three concerns for you as 'a guest in the O.R.':
      1) sterility so mom doesn't get infected--be sure to stay behind the blue drapes at all times, wash up hands good before, and keep mask on 'right'--metal bendy bar on top and tight tie.
      2) keep presence almost invisible to as not to distract Anesthesia and OB. There is very little 'real estate' and my OR doula once shoved me and Dad OUT OF THE WAY at Cedars-Sinai. Very uncool at this special time to put safety and family second-place out of 'Doula-ness' LOL.
      3) I would suggest using 1 hand position, that is non-threatening to others in the OR--hold the hand that dad does not hold! This is what I do, and I talk to mom and give Reiki. They love it. I know 'transition symbol' and give it at actual time of birth. You are going to see a beautiful thing, a miracle--imagine two hundred years ago this poor mother, and possibly child, would have DIED in childbirth! Expect to come in when dad is invited, excpect baby to be born in about five minutes, and expect to stay with mom until she goes to recovery. Remember, you are a PIONEER so be sure to be all Pam Miles and respectful to make other Reiki people WELCOME in the OR after you!!! Please let me know how everything goes. I would love to hear your talk-story. Have to go to meeting now. Mahalo and Namaste. ALOHA Reiki-OR OHANA!!! : )))
      Reiki Doc

  • July 25
    • Oh, such good stuff!! Haha, thank you~ I do, indeed, feel welcome here! Finally doing the work I love & crossing paths with amazing people like you on my journey.  Thanks SO so much for taking time to share your insight, advice and encouragement!! It is incredibly valuable to me. Pregnancy, and birth are always magical, mysterious & YES a true miracle no matter which way baby is born. (I, myself, had a c-section so I 'get it' from that perspective too & sense that this will lend itself to being a healing birth for me, as well, when all is said and done.) I cannot believe you got shoved... sigh, well, I can... I'm just appalled!  I will most definitely be "all Pam Miles" all the way LMAO! The plan is to be quiet, discrete, sterile, respectful, and with Reiki flowing continuously for Mom & Baby.  I will definitely let you know how it goes. Thanks again, and have a great day! xo, Reiki Doula

  • 4 hours ago
    • Well~ the C-Section went very well! I gave her a Reiki session the day before the surgery. It was really cool to see how strong Baby responded in the womb - she started moving all around when I got over her belly and I was about an inch over her belly  Not even touching!  I joined them at the hospital and gave more Reiki in triage. I got the OK to go in with her - Anesthesiologist was cool, and said if there was an emergency I had to leave but otherwise no problem. This was the Mother's 2nd c-section, and there was something not right about the way she originally healed, that revealed to her high risk doc as her uterus expanded. (Reiki Doc comment--her uterus was close to rupturing, which could prove fatal to both mother and child if it did.) They referred to it as bulging, and once opened said "the whole lower uterine segment" was weak and that she "really made the right decision." Technology really served her, as well as her high risk doc who caught this. This might have saved her life. There were 3 OBs in the room because I guess it is rare to catch in advance what they did. No one could get to Moms right arm/hand, so I had her left and I held it the whole time. Baby came out and needed some help with her first breath, but then perked right up! Longest minute ever!! Mom was getting Reiki still, and I could see Baby across the room and sent to her as well. They both did so well, that 3 week early baby did not need NICU and they got to be together in recovery. I stayed with Mom and gave post-op Reiki, and doula loving, until she got roomed. Once we knew that Mom & baby were fine, and everyone relaxed, I told the Anesthesiologist (who I had been chatting with a bit about doula stuff and he was very cool and supportive) "Oh, by the way, you had Reiki in the OR today too."  He goes "what the heck is that? (Reiki Doc--my colleagues are clueless about what I do. Only the RN's, some, and some techs, know. None on L&D though) " LOL So, my elevator speech was something like "it is a high vibration of energy that helps keep Mom & baby stable & balance, and also promotes speedy post-op healing and comfort." He just chuckled at me, but I know that now when someone else mentions Reiki - maybe he will now remember that "Reiki Doula" The OBs were also fantastic, and on my way out saw them and gushed my gratitude for being allowed in to offer support, and again, mentioned Reiki & gave the OB my business cards for childbirth ed & reiki. I really served that day!! It was such a blessing!! 
  • 4 hours ago
    Doctors With Reiki
    • Big smile! Most excellent! Thanks so much for letting me know! : )))

  • 4 hours ago
    • Sure, my pleasure - thanks for being interested!!

      AND on another note, response to one of your posts - I am a VERY old soul too, a Master soul, old warrior soul, and a powerful healer. Although I need to bring the warrior energies to a resolution in order for the master energies to come through fully. Glad to have Reiki in the toolbox these days! I am from the Pleiades & I feel connected to Sirius, too. 

      AND final note - I've been through a beautiful and tumultuous 11 years so far with my Twin Flame. Our recent interactions since Nov 2012  brought out our telepathy!! As we say to each other as we just stare & smile "There are just no words..." Only LOVE. I'm just so touched to see you sharing your experiences and I believe in Twins reuiniting! Rooting for you and Twins everywhere 
  • 4 hours ago
    Doctors With Reiki
    • Thank you Reiki Doula...and may I have your permission to share your reiki doula story on the blog?

      Please be sure to share your gratitude to Reiki Doula for letting us share!

      Aloha and Mahalos,

      Reiki Doc

Reiki For A Friend Going Through Hard Growing In Spirit

  •  This is an example of what healing can be like between Lightworkers. A good friend of mine messaged me on my private page. With her full permission to share with you, here is her seeking assistance and getting it by distance.
    This is something we can't do inside the hospital. I hope it is educational for everyone. This is why I am posting it.
    ______________________________________________________________________________________________Friend: could you send a little Reiki love back in time to my 6 or 7 year old self? she was terrified today... big work is coming up, which will likely change the architecture of my heart - of which she has declared herself gatekeeper - opens it a peek for a little love and comfort from occasional members of the male of the species, then slams it shut out of terror... is it too much to ask for her? we would be soooo grateful. mercĂ­ for your light... and I am so happy you're having a beautiful time in France... blessings
  • Reiki Doc: I will send it with French sunshine from the countryside right now. You might even smell the lavender... I saw her. She watched me heal you. The lower chakras were blocked. I opened them more, and she was nervous. As you opened, all grid light pathways were functioning and you glowed. I asked her, can you imagine how it felt for big (Friend's Name) to have the Light stuck in her like that? It is like trying to go poop and you can't! She understood and started laughing a beautiful laugh! I gave her my reiki doll Annie and she gave it back. She gave me a necklace. I gave her a crown and a unicorn. She is excited to sprinkle fairy dust now and help you on your mission. Would it be okay if I blogged about this? I think it will help others. I will not use your name. Either way, is fine. It's your call. Love and Light, Reiki Doc

    Friend: ahhh, thank you so much! I have felt lots of energy moving and have been very tender hearted, vulnerable and emotional yesterday and today, especially noticed it right about the time you were sending. love and blessings from my heart to yours. fine to blog...
  • btw I have been terrified of the slightest hint of perceived "neediness" in a man with whom there is even the teeniest bit of potentially sexual/romantic energy - too much like my dad... I've known this for awhile, but today it feels like another level of realization. I hope that's going, going, gone. I love the images you describe, and the poop metaphor, and the thought and sensation of fairy dust... and opening the lower chakras more... and functioning light pathways... (Friend)

  • Reiki Doc (channelled message): Buy yourself a unicorn. It will show up to you in the most surprising way. Keep it on your dresser... Glad you are feeling better...take care of yourself right now. You are healing...Love and Light,

    unicorn sounds like fun I will welcome it.
  • I am so glad and grateful for your help with this healing ! fluffy warm sparkly light and dancing twinkles and love surround you and your loved ones... Thank you, dear friend and bright spirit... here's one of my fave Hubble telescope images... "pillars of creation" love to you, (Friend)

  • Reiki Doc: Ahhhh...the image looks like home. Thank you and namaste...


    Aloha and Mahalos,

    Reiki Doc

Reiki And The Hepatorenal Patient

The patient was jaundiced. 'Jaune' is the French word for 'yellow'.

When liver disease gets advanced, not only the liver but the kidneys fail too. This combination is lethal, but it takes some time for the end to happen.

Recently a patient was DNR, but 'wanted everything done' for palliation. The GI doc and I had a heart to heart for a good long time before--because 'this could be IT'--death due to sudden massive blood loss that was unable to be stopped.

We decided together on conservative management for the anesthesia, which involved intubating the patient, who didn't want mechanical ventilation.

Everyone had to be on board to proceed.

This is what happened:

  • a conference call with family, durable power of attorney, patient, GI and anesthesia in presence of the RN.
  • The DNR was rewritten to allow for the procedure and possible cardiac arrest--yes to electricity, chemicals, chest compressions and intubation until stable after the procedure.
  • This took three phone calls to high-ranking nurses and much documentation
  • A chaplain came before the procedure
  • I went to the washroom and sent Reiki ahead 'for the highest good'.
It took a while to get my equipment ready. Due to risk of infecting myself with a blood-transmitted disease the patient had, I put on a full gown, gloves, and mask with eye protection. As I walked over to the head of the bed, the patient said, 'I figured it out! You know who you look like, doc? The lady from Heat, you know, the movie with Al Pacino...'

It was surreal. I was all gowned up and expecting Rene Russo in one of those Ebola Virus movies! Instead it was 'you look like some famous actress' (I get 'you look like somebody' often.) I gave some off-handed  comment about looking Italian (I am half Sicilian), and positioned myself at the head of the bed. I instructed Respiratory to start preoxygenating the patient. I took a big deep breath myself, asked everyone if they were ready, and committed to starting anesthesia for the case.

When I gave the drugs to start deep sleep of anesthesia, I made sure the patient was comfortable and ready. I had selected my safest drugs in advance to keep the hemodynamics stable while on pressors. Tube went in, it got secured, and the vent started to go.

Surgeon came in and looked. A big nothing! No blood. No terrible findings. 

It took about forty-five minutes to get everyone together enough to 'take the risk'. And about seven once we did.

Reiki is of immense help to the healer such as myself. It is 'zen' that calms the room and the patient. It allows for 'the situation to play itself out' with complete and total acceptance on all parties involved.

We didn't want for that patient to pass today during the procedure, although it could have happened.

We are most fortunate that it did not.

I will never forget the sister crying on the phone when we agreed 'it was a go'.

The first thing I asked the nurse to do after it was over was to 'call the sister and tell her the patient is still alive'.

The nurses in the unit thought that was funny.

I didn't think it was funny at all.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

Shark Or Dolphin?

Welcome to Shark Month. You've heard of Shark Week, right? Ever since the Sunday Portal Activation succeeded, the Ankle-Biters (Archons who lead the Illuminati) are up to their tricks.

They want you to be just as angry and upset and guided by self-interest as a bunch of sharks. Just like in Shark Week, the producers and marine biology experts know 'the ways of the shark'--the sensory system for smell is better than sight, how they never really 'sleep', how they can sense with electricity someone thrashing around in the water and hone in on it as 'weakened prey'.

They want the energy of a feeding frenzy. It is in their best interest as producers and experts for you to behave on autopilot and react. So 'metaphysically speaking', there is chum and every known 'attractant' being thrown into that 'water' of 'ether' we all live in.

I see it clearly:

  • The final acts of desperation in Syria
  • News reports that use words like 'shocking', 'monster' or similar words designed to put the listener into 'herd' behavior.
  • Challenging independent thinkers and lightworkers as 'ridiculous' and 'not having proof' and focusing on 'science'. This is to downplay the use of one's intuitive ability that is a birthright.
  • Reference to 'royalty' with the inference that 'you will never be royal'
  • News reports to stir up emotion of fear
  • Social 'cues' to cause feelings of 'well-being' to 'come up'--back to school, Harvest, Football Season. Even I am feeling powerful 'cues' that 'everything is okay'.
In a short time, 'sharks' are going to be EVERYWHERE! On the news, on TV, on radio, on the Internet (some 'trolls' are 'hired'), Lightworkers (some have no clue they are under archon influence), newspapers, neighbors, friends, and coworkers...there is going to be a Massive PUSH to appeal to 'your lower density' in your Light bodies.

Energetically-speaking, it is going to be just as messy as a chum-laden, shark-infested feeding frenzy.

But Sharks aren't the only grey creature in the water with a large dorsal fin. There are dolphins, as well, in the oceans. Dolphins have a social structure. They communicate with clicks and whistles across great distances underwater. They have echolocation, so they can 'see' even more 'clearly' with their 'third eyes' than with their own two regular eyes! 

Dolphins can successfully deter a threat of a shark from their young. The pod can even kill a shark by working together.

Dolphins live on the frequency of Love, wouldn't you agree? Not Fear, like in the 'family' of sharks.

Each creature has a place in Gaia's Oceans, and a Purpose. But as a shark, how do you know there isn't someone waiting to hook you, pull you to the boat, and slice off your fins for market? Fishermen 'stir up the pot' to get sharks to come in from miles away...

Fisherman in some places also take advantage of dolphins too. 

So whether you are a shark or a dolphin, how do you avoid those who are out to catch you, the fishermen?

You rise above.

You get OUT of the water and get a good look at the boat.

You use all of your instincts that God gave you, and you listen to them with your Heart Center.

Both sharks and dolphins swim away. Sharks spit the hook.  But it is harder for them when there is a feeding frenzy to figure out what is 'going on'.

The fisherman want as much money as they can by catching whatever they can 'sell' by using 'whatever means possible'.

Raise your Vibration (eat pure foods, drink filtered water, get fresh air and sun, think good thoughts, meditate, seek like-minded others) to get a good look at that boat. (Like in basketball, too, you can 'slow down the pace of the game' and take control in that way too.)

Stick with your pod for protection. Or if you are more of a 'shark', watch for your 'instincts' and don't let them get 'hijacked' by the 'chum' that is thrown in from the boat.

That is all for today.

Love and Light,
Mahalos and Aloha,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reiki And The Alcoholic

Today I worked with an alcoholic. I can't say if it was male or female, or what we were trying to fix.

What I can tell you is that this patient, who was not at home but at the hospital last night, drank the morning of the procedure and was shaking in pre-op holding 'from anxiety'. I could tell it wasn't from withdrawal because the patient kept remarking to themself, 'I wonder why I am so anxious about this procedure. I am MORE ANXIOUS than I was for my (very major) surgery?!' The anxiety worsened the longer the patient was in my presence. I picked up on an energy level that my Very High Vibration was 'affecting' them; in addiction, the aura energy tends to be very low. High Vibration and Low Vibration are uncomfortable to each other. 

I am fortunate as an anesthesiologist that this patient was honest about all the use--because my drugs and 'patient self-medicating drugs' can mix.

What was remarkable about the intraoperative Reiki on this patient was three-fold:

  • Before the procedure, I treated the 'anxiety' and the shaking stopped. Then I just 'hung out' with the patient as we waited for the surgeon. I have to--once a drug is on board, I have to monitor respiration and vital signs. It turns out the patient works at a nearby facility, sort of a popular place many people go. I offered 'acceptance of what is' by sitting and listening and not trying to change the behavior. This earned respect and trust of the patient, and the unspoken desire to heal with whatever healing was available in that procedure. It was on a soul level (this happens often in Karuna Reiki because unlike standard Reiki in which the healing energy is directed at the physical body, Karuna Reiki healing energy is directed at the soul.) 
  • The addiction and abuse was reflected clearly in the second chakra, the orange one, by the navel. And balancing the chakras was just as important as the Reiki for this patient. I found that by saying (intoning) to myself in my mind har har har har har har har har, a mantra used in Kundalini yoga for helping addictions lose their grip on a person, helped.
  • This patient continued to drink despite multiple lift-threatening medical challenges where most people would have 'bottomed out' and gotten sober. I suspected the presence of Negative Attachments. Sure enough, in a 'pod' that was 'hidden' between the base/root and navel chakras, were two attachments. With my angel guides (who were surprisingly letting me be independent!), I opened the 'pod' and the two were clearly seen--a Major Dark Entity and a Minor Dark Entity (they travel in pairs). I was wondering why the guides weren't 'backing me up like always, where I talk to the attachments and get them to cross to the light or else 'go to the Galactic Central Sun'. I paused. Guess what happened? In a nanosecond after that thought, they BOTH got sucked into the Galactic Central Sun and POOF! They didn't have a choice! Times have changed, energetically. On the side of the Light it is 'time's up! don't forget to close the door on the way out, negative entities! Goodbye and good riddance!'.
I was surprised for this 'change in policy'. It was strong and new.

I liked it!

I thought as healers and Lightworkers you should know.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

Friendship Begins With A Smile

I just finished a twenty-four hour obstetric anesthesia call. I was up all night. Due to an injury of a coworker, we are short staffed today. I can't go home. I have done two cases, and am resting in my car until my eleven o'clock case.

As I rested, and even right now, I felt waves of energy 'upgrades'. These have been off and on for over two years now. I enjoy them, just like I do shiatsu deep tissue work on my sore muscles.

Crank it up! I jokingly said to 'them', myGalactic Brothers and sisters in the sky ( I am Ground Crew). I LIKE it! Give me MORE!

And I heard them laugh and I could see the cockpit like in Star Trek. 

You guys are really beautiful and put all of our Movie Stars to shame! And you don't have the scars! (From plastic surgery).

We all laughed, as they let me peek at where the scars would be, and they said, with a big smile, No Scars!

Then I said, 'what I REALLY want to know is how you put on those outfits! Do you put them no one leg at a time, like pants? And those shoes! Where do you get them? Do they ever wear out?

They thought that was hysterical. They laughed so hard I could tell their sides hurt!

I was asked, 'what is your favorite thing to eat?' ( they had brought me a tray of milk and cookies, but I didn't want it. They said it was from the replicator, it was okay, no GMO or harm to animals. So I thought and thought...cheese cake? No. The chocolate cupcake from the box my son wanted? No. Ice cream? No. Then I had it...chocoholic shake and TiRAWmisu. It showed up instantly in front of me.)

I was stunned, and blurted out, 'the service here is BETTER than on Earth! much should I tip when I am here?'

Then they started gales of laughter. Lots of love and delight that I hadn't 'figured it out' yet. They thought it was 'adorable' how I didn't 'get' how we manifest ourselves and don't have to tip or pay. And how no animals are harmed with anything!

I was asked to write this down and share this with you. They also gave me this title Friendship Begins With  A Smile.

Think about it. How many new friends are we going to make after we reunite with our Galactic Family again???

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

First Results Back On The Sunday Meditation 8.25.2013

Excellent news so far. It is encouraging but not official until Cobra's website 'spells it out'.

Here is one link I recommend:

And another that resonates very much as Our Lady:

Monday, August 26, 2013

What IsYour Lack?

My lack is Time. Time with my friends and family. Time for sleep. Time to go to appointments, or even make them. Time for things I enjoy.

That is what I am hoping will resolve after the Event.

For my Lack to be Filled!

Part of the whole Ascension Process is the mental shift from 'empty' to 'full'. Why? Because your thoughts are what you manifest!

Is your Lack money? Try to look beyond numbers in the wallet--to how that money makes you feel? It is freedom to do things you enjoy? Is it security and ease of knowing that your earthly needs are being met? Is it power? That might not be such a choice to work with the Universe...where we are One and there is no need to empower one at the expense of another...

Is your Lack health? You might want to check out the YouTube video of the paralyzed veteran that learned to RUN through yoga. Watch the determination on his face! Watch the falls! See how he manifested perfect healing by doing a little 'more' every day.

Is your Lack companionship? Imagine how it would feel to be loved and cherished deeply. Do that often enough, and a little fire of 'that something special' will start to glow in your heart. It actually can be like that when you are all by yourself! I know, I surprised myself on that one recently. It works...

Is your Lack a dream you never made happen? Is your Lack low self esteem? Is your Lack yearning for deeper spiritual knowledge?

This is the last time I want us to use the term 'Lack'. Let us replace it with 'desire'. Not 'wish', that word implies it is NOT likely to happen. 'Desire' on the other hand, represents 'that which IS possible'. If you work hard enough for it!

Manifesting can take twenty years! But it still is the same process.

A friend of mine, her granddaughter just won a gold medal in swimming for Junior Olympics today. In a Dubai! What a victory for Women everywhere that this could happen! It took a lot of practices and swim meets to get there...see how manifesting works?

So give thanks, and get excited about what YOU are going to Create out of Nothing--by harnessing the power of the Universe at your consciousness....

Aloha and mahalo,

Reiki Doc

Abundance At Guest Services At Target

I switched out my Key Chain at the end of May. I had a Ninjago 'Cobra' on it for years, and I used it as a 'focal point' for Planetary Liberation.  It felt like it was 'okay', like we had 'made it to the goal'.

Sometimes 'goals' in Spirit take a while to 'trickle down to Earth., sometimes a very long time.

Now I have a little asian Ninjago figure with a straw pointed hat and white martial art clothes on. That is my Twin Soul...about a year ago I got the message I was going to meet him. It might be the one I met  at the start of the year who is a Famous Japanese Chef. It might also be a surprise and be someone other than that person! But the keychain? It's working!

Two nights ago I started to tap into my 'extra water and supplies' I had stored up in case of 'Global financial reset' that will be associated with The Event. (We are to have about two week's worth of supplies. At the Event, the credit cards and banking system computers will be closed to switch over from the crooked ankle-biter Illuminati ways to a new, clean, honest computer that is transparent and fair to all.) I am very TIGHT with my safety. But like the keychain 'switch', it seemed the most natural thing to do, and 'okay'.

Yesterday I bought a camera. A detachable lens Canon with a wicked fast sports mode for when I go watching whales. I had wanted one since last September when I got back from Victoria, BC. A researcher let me use hers, and sent me photos of the whales. It was like National Geographic and totally AWESOME!...anyhow, I could save one hundred dollars on the zoom lens with a package deal. Only our Target was out of stock. I went across town to another that had it.

Guess what?

The electronics guy couldn't sell it.

I had to go to Guest Services. You know, that line where people return everything they don't like and that is broken? That's where the power is at Target. At Guest Services.

It also has the worst energy. Very heavy, very low vibration, very 'mind focused 3D'.

I waited a long time in line for them to figure out how to do it. They wanted the camera and all I had was my receipt. I almost didn't buy it, I waited that long!

I saw a woman return one Cover Girl Powder Compact, saying, 'it's the wrong one'. I saw another return an item that cost $1.38. I couldn't believe it! How much GASOLINE did it cost to DRIVE there?! Certainly more...

This is where the rubber hits the road, guys.

This is where the 'snag' is going to happen--how are all of these people with their nickel and dime mentality (you should have seen their faces over my camera lens and say 'she's going to save A HUNDRED DOLLARS!') going to believe the prosperity and abundance that is going to arrive?



Yesterday I gave to the San Diego Zoo. I have ever since Medical School. I give more now since I stopped giving to the Vatican. I also buy a month's worth of medicine at a time for the local sea life rescue. I feel great to be able to help. With Time, Talent or Treasure, you can help those who need it, too.

I also thank God I got my dream camera. One of my dreams ever since I was a kid had been to become a nature photographer. On my trip I saw how beautiful my photos had been. The one above was taken with a Nikon Coolpix that was on closeout at Target last June. I love playing with Light and a camera.

Why all this talk about abundance and money?

Well guys, it's happening. Right now. Right here. They're keeping it on the Down Low, but it's already in progress, the Global Reset. Here's the Intel:

It resonates.

Help your neighbor.

Help each other.

Stomp out FEAR like you would a fire right when it begins to start.

You can do it.

And like Poof says--enjoy the last few times of 'lack'. 

It's going AWAY for good.

Aloha Nui Loa and Mahalos,


Reiki Doc

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Bribe For Peace LOL

This is the shower after my eight-year old boy cleaned up. He is a Reiki Master for one year now already. The symbol that he drew was the one I had 'sent' in healing 'for the day' for the first time that morning. It is a new symbol, one that 'came through' and represents 'Here and Now'. He had never seen it.

Getting an active boy to open a Peace Portal Activation as a parent takes a bribe. In this case, it is a set of Beat headphones, the new ones.  I knew he wanted it. He knew I wanted him to meditate. We fly often, and they really are necessary to fall asleep on a flight. The last one was really loud...

Why I chose to write is that the thoughts that he 'sent through' were beautifully simple and heartfelt. We sat side by side, and as we sent the Peace to Syria, Egypt, North Korea and elsewhere, he added these 'Wars' to be 'healed':

  • Poaching endangered animals
  • Whales and dolphins and sharks that are being massacred
  • Bullies at school
  • Families that 'fight'
  • Pollution (war against Gaia)
  • Disease (war against people), especially cancer like his Grandma has fought this year
  • Agribusiness that hurts animals in any way
  • 'Trees that get cut to make paper and clear land'
  • Illuminati (war on the ninety-nine percent)
  • All of our soldiers fighting everywhere on Earth--for those WARS to be won and be won at once!
It takes the eyes of a child to explain what war really is about. He's only eight, and yet I learn so much.

Now it's time to go to Target. He earned those headphones. And I bet he's going to pick the set that is blue. It's his favorite color.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

How To Work With Spirit: Open Your Heart


I have had a lifelong devotion to Blessed Mother. My mother wore a special medal to protect us throughout her pregnancy. I did not 'know' for a long time about 'our connection' in a specific manner. At twenty one I was moved to recite the rosary every day. It was not for another five years that I made 'first contact' with her in Spirit, where I knew, really KNEW who it was and that I was 'talking' to Her.

It was many years of 'nudging me' to write something she said, or help someone with a kind word or a gift right at the moment, that built up our working relationship. The most astonishing to me was the time she asked me to buy a cake at the store (on Faith), and next, to bring it to my next ballet class! I didn't. I later sure wished that I had--in fact without my knowing it, it was my teacher's birthday.

I listened and 'obeyed' ever since.

'Obedience' is not what I am here to write about. Although, in a spiritual way, I have written about it before and you are welcome to look it up on this blog.

No, what I am writing about is how I 'feel' when I am working with Spirit to 'connect' and 'be useful' in some manner. There has been training in psychic development classes. There is a technique to 'working with Spirit' as many of you already know.

This is for the 'newly awakening' who are discovering their innate ability to 'connect with Source' directly and not through anybody else.

  • Know yourself:  can you tell the difference between the thoughts 'in your head' and your thoughts/information that comes 'through your heart center'? If you can, practice until you become confident in 'different parts of YOU metaphysically'. It is all YOU but the point is to become able to distinguish between yourself and what is 'not you' or 'Spirit'.
  • Follow Your Heart:  The most accurate psychic information passes your 'truth detector' in your Heart Center. There is a sensation that will happen which we call 'to resonate'. Get to know this 'feeling' that what you are 'picking up' is 'your Truth'.
  • Allow Others To Have Their Own Experience:  Only YOU can decide what is Right For YOU. No one else can understand 'exactly' what you 'know' and 'experience'. It is much like Reiki with the sensations that are 'picked up' in the hands as they heal others. We call it a 'Reiki Dictionary' and you have to 'experience enough' to 'sort it out for yourself'. So buddies aren't as good at this part if you 'like to match exactly'. It's not going to happen; everyone is at their own individual Vibration that is right for them. But if you want to enjoy the company of 'like minded others', that is good and helpful in its own right.
  • Always Discern: This is the part where YOU get to be a Spiritual Scientist. Check. Cross-check. Always 'doubt' whatever it is that is 'coming through to you'. Ask for 'signs' to make sure this is in fact 'From Spirit and from the Light' before you do anything or accept anything that comes from 'outside yourself'. At first it was pennies that were 'heads up' when I was doing 'something right' and 'tails up' when I wasn't. Pennies would show up all over the place! Then is was feathers, numbers, songs on the radio. Now I use my pendulum. Find something that works for you, and ask Spirit to send it.
  • Go Deep:  Already now I feel the electricity in the air for the Peace Portal. Spirit 'gets ready' on their side, too, for the work that I do. When 'it is Time' you will 'sense it' and 'just know'.  When you feel the 'need', just get as quiet as you can, double-check for Light presence, and do what is asked. 
For example, for the Peace Portal Activation at 11:11 p.m. Cairo time today, you are going to do the following:

  1. Check your time to synchronize your meditation at this link:
  2. Begin the meditation by thinking VICTORY NOW! LIBERATION NOW! (if you are into more details, you may read this part ahead of time:
  3. Meditate at your own rate through the following steps: Instructions:
    1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes
    2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body
    3. Visualize that Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly into the Syria conflict, the Egypt liberation process, prison camps of North Korea and all other unresolved situations on the planet, filling them with Light and eliminating all darkness which exists there
    4. Ask the Goddess presence (divine feminine) to come through your body
    5. Ask that Goddess presence to direct energies of peace and harmony to all those unresolved situations and everyone involved in them. Allow that energy to flow through your heart and then through your hands into those situations for a few minutes
      Goddess wants peace and freedom so peace and freedom will come.   More is at this link if you are interested:
If you would like more practice before today's Peace Portal Activation, here is a link with YouTube preparation in fourteen different languages:

As the Gaia's frequency increases, her Vibrational 'Ascension' is going to take you along 'for the ride' too! Everything on planet Earth, whether they are conscious of it or not, is going to be increasing the Vibration rate of all of their atomic structures, their molecules, their water and all of their tissues. This is why rest and staying hydrated helps to assimilate the new frequencies and adjust. If you had dialysis, it would take a while, a few hours perhaps, for all of your tissues to adjust to the changes in volume and electrolyte balance after dialysis treatment. For Spirit this is very much the same--although there are changes that are made at once to your Light Body and your Vibration (think of this as your aura if you are not familiar with this concept), and then it has to 'trickle it' and 'adjust' to your physical 'self'. 

I hope this is useful in your Path. Soon you will not need my help! LOL. I will be 'out of a job' in more ways than we can think! Everyone is going to be healthy, psychic, telepathic, and connecting to Source all by themselves! 

Don't be sad! Nothing can make me happier! With great JOY! For you will have found yourselves!

Until that time, when it happens to you, keep following this Guide for you in your Ascension Process. I will be happy to assist in all ways, including Reiki that is Free on daily distance healings that are sent out to everyone who has read these words.

Aloha and mahalo,

Reiki Doc

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Dreamtime Vision: A New Portal

This is a view of La Loire--not the vision just yet. <3

I awoke with a bright vision and an urge to share it with you.

It has taken about an hour to find images that 'come close' for 'parts of it'. So let's put on the best imagination possible, so you can 'see' it too.

Looking UP there is a big round column that is solid and made of brick that is dull and white. 

I can see sky at the very top, as it looking up from the bottom of a well, but instead of shadow, the walls are bright white.

At intervals there are layers of small white tiles that shine like an iridescent soap bubble. 

They are white-iridescent but have a 'glow' like the example blue and green tile does.

Near the very top, all the way around, are HUGE bear paw prints

See that person in the middle of the three trees? For perspective, the column was as wide as the circle formed by the trunks of three trees, giant Redwoods or Sequoias, on the outside. And I was as big as that person in the middle.

And the ENERGY flowing through it made me feel like THIS! (That is why I am not asleep and I am writing it to you).

Something very awesome it happening in the Spirit Plane! Please be sure to check it out. In Native American Tradition, BEAR stands for 'the unconscious' because they hibernate. Perhaps right now it is time for those asleep to begin waking up??? : ))) <3

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc