Monday, August 5, 2013

Just Like Heaven

When I would be at mass, in the meditation after communion, I would go to a place that was dusty and very mediterranean in appearance. Apart from the dryness, off to the Left in the distance was a waterfall that had music coming out of it along with the water. I was not alone as I walked on this trail. I was accompanied by Blessed Mother. She took me to her house. I saw her kitchen, which was very simple and warm and inviting. She gave me something to eat. I met Joseph, and saw him working in his woodshop. I asked him what was Jesus' favorite toy? It was a small wooden camel with wheels that you could pull on a string. There was a guest room, with barely size for a simple bed and a small chair and desk. They said I could come back there any time I liked.

This is Heaven. And throughout my medical training, I would 'go' and seek comfort at the home I knew and loved in my meditation. There is an energy to it, that is alive! If you have ever been to the islands of Hawaii, you would sense the energy is very much alike. Full of Love, full of Joy, full of Possibility.


There are many different kinds of 'Heaven' for each of us. Having recently seen a comment that 'Jesus is the only true source of healing.' I was filled with compassion for this gentle soul. When she crosses, it is her time and she goes to 'meet St. Peter' at the gate--where is her priest going to be for her? Or her minister? Or the Vatican who made up all the rules? Is she going to talk to St. Peter herself when she finds herself in front of him? She has been conditioned to talk to God through Someone Else, 'officially', although I am sure she prays to Him all the time...funny how that works. She felt compelled to say that 'what you are doing is wrong because it is not from Jesus'. Not think it and let me be. But say it, in writing, with her name all over the Internet, too.  I clearly see the effect the Others have had on her. It's not her fault--it was designed that way by Them (Illuminati).

People like this are going to need more love and support around the Event than others.  Their 'candy' will have been taken away by the Truth. Although it will appear on all sources of media, and even Jesus will be there himself, the fact that this 'Second coming' will have none of the things she was told are going to be unsettling.

But in the heart of Truth, in her heart of hearts, she will be open to New Things once she is given the chance to experience it.

The 'Doubting Thomas' was actually one of the strongest apostles--and his witness helped those of us today to believe.  So is she.


Heaven is coming to Earth. It is a Vibration.

How do I know? It is our Source, our Nature, our Essence.

As soon as the Illuminati 'sleep medicine' which is much like my anesthesia, is taken away, no matter what, we will all 'wake up'. It will be a 're-remembering' more than anything else...


When I was sixteen and working at Disneyland at Tomorrowland Terrace, a couple came to my window and ordered with broken english and a thick French accent. Having studied the language myself, I took the opportunity to take the rest of their order in their native language. I asked where they were from? They said the Loire valley.

Excited, I asked, 'You mean where the castles are???' I have always wanted to see them!'

Later that night, they gave me their contact information, and invited me to come see them myself.

A correspondence continued over the years. A daughter was born. Then there was a gap. It turned out a boy was born with a facial deformity called Treacher-Collins. I reassured them my friendship was intact, and the dragees from the boy's baptism were sent, just like those of his sister five years before.

After medical school, a family waited for me at the train station. They had orange carnations. It was a joyous reunion after all those many years!

Over the years, I returned. Last night I saw a photo that was taken at the train station two years ago when I last arrived. My arms are outstretched, the smile is spreading across my face, and I run! I run to see my friends.

I am in Heaven now. It is my heaven, the heaven with castles, and roosters waking me up in the morning. Except for this I speak nothing but French.

My dream came true.


Reiki Doc

P.S. I named my son after theirs. And his sister named her daughter after me.