Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Friendship Begins With A Smile

I just finished a twenty-four hour obstetric anesthesia call. I was up all night. Due to an injury of a coworker, we are short staffed today. I can't go home. I have done two cases, and am resting in my car until my eleven o'clock case.

As I rested, and even right now, I felt waves of energy 'upgrades'. These have been off and on for over two years now. I enjoy them, just like I do shiatsu deep tissue work on my sore muscles.

Crank it up! I jokingly said to 'them', myGalactic Brothers and sisters in the sky ( I am Ground Crew). I LIKE it! Give me MORE!

And I heard them laugh and I could see the cockpit like in Star Trek. 

You guys are really beautiful and handsome...you put all of our Movie Stars to shame! And you don't have the scars! (From plastic surgery).

We all laughed, as they let me peek at where the scars would be, and they said, with a big smile, No Scars!

Then I said, 'what I REALLY want to know is how you put on those outfits! Do you put them no one leg at a time, like pants? And those shoes! Where do you get them? Do they ever wear out?

They thought that was hysterical. They laughed so hard I could tell their sides hurt!

I was asked, 'what is your favorite thing to eat?' ( they had brought me a tray of milk and cookies, but I didn't want it. They said it was from the replicator, it was okay, no GMO or harm to animals. So I thought and thought...cheese cake? No. The chocolate cupcake from the box my son wanted? No. Ice cream? No. Then I had it...chocoholic shake and TiRAWmisu. It showed up instantly in front of me.)

I was stunned, and blurted out, 'the service here is BETTER than on Earth! Oh...wait...how much should I tip when I am here?'

Then they started gales of laughter. Lots of love and delight that I hadn't 'figured it out' yet. They thought it was 'adorable' how I didn't 'get' how we manifest ourselves and don't have to tip or pay. And how no animals are harmed with anything!

I was asked to write this down and share this with you. They also gave me this title Friendship Begins With  A Smile.

Think about it. How many new friends are we going to make after we reunite with our Galactic Family again???

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc