Monday, August 12, 2013

Homecoming: Aboard Ship With A Galactic Ambassador

Last night I had a dream that was different from the rest. It felt prophetic, and real:

I was here in the French countryside, when I looked up in the sky. There are always clouds present. Up, in the distance, was a smiley-face in white cloud on blue sky. Soon, right below it was a cross. There was one more symbol, I think it was a heart.

Next I knew, I went into a house where people were gathering. I saw all kinds of friends from the Cobra conferences walking in. Many had on brown capes. I was happy to see them. There was an air of excitement because It Was Time.

Out the window, I could see many small silver things on parachutes dropping down. There was one right under the window I was at. I didn't touch it but I liked looking at it.

At that point, certain people were chosen to go on ship.

To my surprise I was one!

I went aboard. I saw Pleiadians  off at the controls to my right, and I felt their energy. I knelt and prayed, my Lord and my God you are HERE! Because it felt so Holy and yet at the same time like Home. It was super high vibration. Nobody noticed or acknowledged me. Then I started walking around. We went UP and I was surprised to hear noise. I thought it would be silent. But there was a mechanical sound that was more like a ship than a jet, and soon we were outside the atmosphere! I marveled at how smooth it was, and with the sunlight pouring in the window and the fresh air I understood how it could be possible to live aboard a ship. The guests aboard would surprise you--there were children, college sports players, adults, but no really old ones--perhaps up to sixties but not the extremes of age.

Next I knew we were lined up to meet someone. I was the second in line. The first person stammered and acted very odd when he met this 'ambassador'. I set a goal to do better.

He walked up to me and said, 'Bonjour!'.  I smiled my biggest smile, said 'Bonjour' back and asked 'Ca  va?' which is French for 'how's it going'. He was pleased and I reached for his hand to shake it. There was awkwardness. My hand wouldn't fit. All the time I kept looking at his eyes. They were blue, a very pale blue, and there was extra tissue around the eyes which were set differently from ours. His height, the shape of his face looked like ours. But the eyes were just different enough for you to want to look at them more. You could feel his gaze and it was pleasant. I took all of this in at the same microsecond he started talking back in perfect French and telling me about his travels, and this special day, and all the work they had done in order to prepare for it. Seriously, all of this happened in an instant as we tried to shake hands. He paused, and showed me how it's done:

  1. get your hand into this position (do a Spock Vulcan where the index and middle finger separate from the ring and little finger, then fold all the fingers down as if you were to look at your fingernails, but leave a gap as it was between the middle and ring fingers.)
  2. hold your hand like our handshake
  3. the other person fits their hand yours so they meet gap to gap. Their hand will be parallel to the ground and palm down.
  4. you give each other one quick shake up and down
  5. you smile and let go.
He went on to the next person.

I don't remember landing or getting off the craft. I only remember being unsure of time and struggling to make sure I had coverage for an OB call the next day or if I could go to it. I thought I may have missed it.

My boy was not aboard, and I made it a point to go see him as soon as I could because I knew if I didn't come soon he would worry about me.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc