Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mediumship On The Loire River

Yesterday was spent beside the beautiful Loire River. In the morning, we went to a fantastic Open Market in the city of Amboise. There is a castle above the town. I have visited it. There will be a new blog post on French Markets soon...

We had a picnic for lunch at a park. Here is a cute picture of the people at the next table:

Look how they are taking their siesta! There is one on the bench on a mattress, and three on the blanket under the weeping willow tree.

I was eating my lunch:

See the little heart that was made by the tomato? And LAUGHING over my boy's silliness, when up in the weeping willow tree above our table a beautiful tree spirit appeared! She was white and like an angel, and had wings. She was up and in the branches, and laughed and said how much she enjoyed our being there with here. She gave me a private message, and then blew kisses at all of us with both hands! I basked in her Joyfulness, and ate the rest of my lunch.

Later we took a walk along the river.

At this spot I was guided to throw one american penny into the river by Spirit. I don't understand why, but it was very important. I took a 1980 penny that was all copper--or looked it--and threw it in. I heard it plop. I didn't make a wish or anything. And the LIGHT! The energy that started to flow! It was amazing--just peace and calm and very High Vibration rippled out.

(As an aside, at the open French Market, there was a stand that sold crystals. I was surprised in two ways--there were many customers about two rows deep--huge interest....and all of the crystals were 'dead' energy wise.  My hand kept going over them, back and forth, confused because there was no healing energy in these crystals. I had been told when I set foot off the bridge that 'the town would be cleared by the time I left for the day' due to my Light work. But it wasn't until I saw a large celestial quartz that went for seventy euros did I know what to do. I held it and I put Light in it. A great deal of Light. And I put it back on the shelf. It is 'for somebody'. But then rest of the crystals 'woke up'.)

As we walked back, after going the length of the river as far as we wanted to go, I saw this:

There were five knights in shining armor (dirty used armor but not bloody) shoulder to shoulder in Spirit. I understood they were 'good knights' that were like 'White Dragons'--from a secret society that works for the Light. The horses were off behind them eating grass. They gestured to me, and one lifted his visor face guard and smiled. They acknowledged my Lightwork and appreciated it. Whatever it is I was supposed to do, had been DONE.  I stared at that row of trees and the knights for a long time, marveling in amazement. I felt their bonheur (happiness). I felt comeraderie. I felt very glad for having seen them. They didn't say a word.

And we walked back to the car, and went home. It was almost raining.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc