Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Chicken and St. Michael

I walked into the kitchen this morning at breakfast, and the smell of chicken filled the room. It was in the pressure cooker, just like my friend the country woman said she would do. She would kill it, pour boiling water on it, pluck its feathers, and clean it in the sink. There wasn't a trace. But she pumped her fist in victory to prove she was the one that 'won' against the chicken.

I had to think hard about it at lunch. She is an amazing support for her family, and eats fifty percent RAW just because of her country lifestyle. We have been very close friends for over, well, decades!

I prayed. The chicken's spirit came to me. It was 'okay', not 'great' but 'okay' with what happened. You see, the poule (coop) is small, inside, and the other chickens pick on each other a lot. Many, although 'free range', were in bad shape because the pecking order was so unkind to them.

I gave about two bites of breast meat to my son and cut it up. It was awful--it was an old laying hen. He couldn't eat it. So I choked down his leftovers.  In situations like this, it is more important to keep the vibrations UP with the meat-eaters, or in my case, chicken-killers, so that the consciousness can be raised. That is how it worked with me--unconditional love and support, and now I do not eat meat by choice because I like how my vibrations feels...


The trip for today was the Beaux Arts Musee in downtown Tours. As I walked in and went up the stairs, again, I heard, 'we are with you'. The Reiki started to flow out of my hands. As I walked through the galleries, I got a certain feel that a lot of the rich faces in paintings I saw were Illuminati.

It was also neat to see Joan of Arc on the balustrade at Loches right where I had stood the day before.

I enjoy museums. There was also a small park behind and we took a walk through it. Then my son wanted ice cream. My friends and I couldn't find it. The one place ran out of chocolate. So we kept walking (Lightworkers, does this 'pattern' sound 'familiar' to you??? LOL).

As we walked further, I saw the tables set up in an area where on an earlier trip my friend had shown me they used to hang people. I have also been taken down the passage called 'le couer Navre'--where those being executed had to walk before 'it' happened. I acutely sensed the energy in the small square and was upset that nobody else could even sense it. It seemed disrespectful, the tourists everywhere on that site.

At the corner by the new Tram there was a huge church. It was being restored. My skin wanted to crawl! I held on and let the healing flow, although I was exhausted energy-wise from the day before.

After the Subway sandwich instead of the ice cream, I looked around the new area. Illuminati symbols were EVERYWHERE! Total 'mithraic' we are the 'winning team' type of stuff in the architecture. I felt the energy too.

I was like, 'OMG I see all this and I don't know what to do!'

That was when Archangel Michael graciously stepped in. He knelt down, acknowledged my wanting to help but that it was way out the scope of my 'practice'. He fixed everything in an instant, but I could only feel and not see. He said it was in a color I couldn't see, but in time I would be able to see it. (I think it was exceedingly High Vibration.)

The energy felt much better after that.


Tonight we ate dinner at the daughter of my friends. She named her daughter after me. I met the little one for the first time tonight. It was special. I let her feed me breadsticks dipped in cheese like one of our cheese and cracker snacks back home. The two year old namesake had licked every one, but I didn't care. She is adorable and I am so grateful for the chance to meet her! I had left four days before she was born the last time I was here!

The meal itself was a carbohydrate festival--crackers, peanut flavored 'cheese-less cheetoos', french bread, tabouleh (without parsley and tomatoes), meat (I passed except for a few bites to be polite), mashed potatoes, and dessert (chocolate mousse and cake). You see, the daughter works full-time. She does not have a husband who can support her the way her father supported her mother (plus there is no interest in a garden like her mom's large scale one.) She and her husband make a nice couple, but are more of the 'new generation' when it comes to French food.

I am thankful for family friends and keep praying to Spirit all the time to get me through all of the energy. I love it being here. I have a strong connection to the land (the trees in Tours were 'communicating' with me, I kid you not!), and brought Dr. Shulze's green stuff, RAW meal, spirulina, and hemp seed. The Loire is an incredible source of healing in the area. I like being here very much.

I am sorry the pictures I uploaded aren't able to go into the post just yet. I will do so when technology is improved out here.

Love and Light,

Reiki Doc