Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Bribe For Peace LOL

This is the shower after my eight-year old boy cleaned up. He is a Reiki Master for one year now already. The symbol that he drew was the one I had 'sent' in healing 'for the day' for the first time that morning. It is a new symbol, one that 'came through' and represents 'Here and Now'. He had never seen it.

Getting an active boy to open a Peace Portal Activation as a parent takes a bribe. In this case, it is a set of Beat headphones, the new ones.  I knew he wanted it. He knew I wanted him to meditate. We fly often, and they really are necessary to fall asleep on a flight. The last one was really loud...

Why I chose to write is that the thoughts that he 'sent through' were beautifully simple and heartfelt. We sat side by side, and as we sent the Peace to Syria, Egypt, North Korea and elsewhere, he added these 'Wars' to be 'healed':

  • Poaching endangered animals
  • Whales and dolphins and sharks that are being massacred
  • Bullies at school
  • Families that 'fight'
  • Pollution (war against Gaia)
  • Disease (war against people), especially cancer like his Grandma has fought this year
  • Agribusiness that hurts animals in any way
  • 'Trees that get cut to make paper and clear land'
  • Illuminati (war on the ninety-nine percent)
  • All of our soldiers fighting everywhere on Earth--for those WARS to be won and be won at once!
It takes the eyes of a child to explain what war really is about. He's only eight, and yet I learn so much.

Now it's time to go to Target. He earned those headphones. And I bet he's going to pick the set that is blue. It's his favorite color.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc