Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reiki And The Alcoholic

Today I worked with an alcoholic. I can't say if it was male or female, or what we were trying to fix.

What I can tell you is that this patient, who was not at home but at the hospital last night, drank the morning of the procedure and was shaking in pre-op holding 'from anxiety'. I could tell it wasn't from withdrawal because the patient kept remarking to themself, 'I wonder why I am so anxious about this procedure. I am MORE ANXIOUS than I was for my (very major) surgery?!' The anxiety worsened the longer the patient was in my presence. I picked up on an energy level that my Very High Vibration was 'affecting' them; in addiction, the aura energy tends to be very low. High Vibration and Low Vibration are uncomfortable to each other. 

I am fortunate as an anesthesiologist that this patient was honest about all the use--because my drugs and 'patient self-medicating drugs' can mix.

What was remarkable about the intraoperative Reiki on this patient was three-fold:

  • Before the procedure, I treated the 'anxiety' and the shaking stopped. Then I just 'hung out' with the patient as we waited for the surgeon. I have to--once a drug is on board, I have to monitor respiration and vital signs. It turns out the patient works at a nearby facility, sort of a popular place many people go. I offered 'acceptance of what is' by sitting and listening and not trying to change the behavior. This earned respect and trust of the patient, and the unspoken desire to heal with whatever healing was available in that procedure. It was on a soul level (this happens often in Karuna Reiki because unlike standard Reiki in which the healing energy is directed at the physical body, Karuna Reiki healing energy is directed at the soul.) 
  • The addiction and abuse was reflected clearly in the second chakra, the orange one, by the navel. And balancing the chakras was just as important as the Reiki for this patient. I found that by saying (intoning) to myself in my mind har har har har har har har har, a mantra used in Kundalini yoga for helping addictions lose their grip on a person, helped.
  • This patient continued to drink despite multiple lift-threatening medical challenges where most people would have 'bottomed out' and gotten sober. I suspected the presence of Negative Attachments. Sure enough, in a 'pod' that was 'hidden' between the base/root and navel chakras, were two attachments. With my angel guides (who were surprisingly letting me be independent!), I opened the 'pod' and the two were clearly seen--a Major Dark Entity and a Minor Dark Entity (they travel in pairs). I was wondering why the guides weren't 'backing me up like always, where I talk to the attachments and get them to cross to the light or else 'go to the Galactic Central Sun'. I paused. Guess what happened? In a nanosecond after that thought, they BOTH got sucked into the Galactic Central Sun and POOF! They didn't have a choice! Times have changed, energetically. On the side of the Light it is 'time's up! don't forget to close the door on the way out, negative entities! Goodbye and good riddance!'.
I was surprised for this 'change in policy'. It was strong and new.

I liked it!

I thought as healers and Lightworkers you should know.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc