Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yesterday In The O.R.--Ascension Already???

ever feel like you are floating in a little boat in a sea of hot salsa? ; )

Yesterday I didn't want to go to work. You know. I shared.

I got in early. Everything went okay in the morning. First case was long, but not too challenging. The 'screw' was actually 'all of the hardware that had fixed a broken arm'.

The funniest part was the patient, who was a teen, wanted to lie on their stomach on the way to the recovery room. I found that by asking sweetly and gently, he cooperated and lay on his back when I asked.

Our next case delayed because we ran out of hot water in the O.R. There is no way to 'flash sterilize' any instruments that fall on the ground by accident during a case. So we were on hold for some time. I ate lunch early...

The next one went well, I hadn't done one in five years. And this was with my same surgeon from my old work, who is coming to our hospital now. I didn't get the art line at first, but while he was out washing his hands for surgery, I tried again, and it went in. I needed it for the case...

This was the one where when I did Reiki in the O.R. like usual, I felt warmth that was not healthy. It was located where the CT scan saw something unusual. I felt it was advanced and had spread and was not good. Immediately I gave the Transition Symbol to help this patient at the end of life. I also gave MORE Reiki. I watched the surgeon, who didn't say much. And when path called and said it was 'poorly differentiated' I knew what I had felt was 'right'.

I was able to diagnose it before the pathologists! Just with energy.

Next one was a screamer. Very interesting. Back spasms so bad it took ninety minutes to get into bed. I treated it. It took two hundred fifty micrograms of fentanyl to get this one to move on their stomach for the pain procedure. It took the same amount to get them to turn back at the end. I warned PACU nurse because there was a bed to wheelchair transfer ahead. I checked in later--how did it go? Well, the spasm and screaming happened, but they got the chinese medicine RN in PACU to treat it. She rubbed and poked the spot with Chinese technique, and guess what? The patient stopped screaming, and quietly said, 'oh, that feels better!'. Chinese healing with the hand equaled the effect of two hundred fifty micrograms of fentanyl--without the side effect of nausea like mine had done!

Last case was hard, but everyone was calm. I got everything in, including the arterial line, and blood came up more quickly than any time I ever asked! (I had to transfuse) The surgeon even bought pizza for the team. I got my veggie pizza and ate three slices. It wasn't RAW, but it was good to eat together with the team.

By the way, on the last case, I told a scrub tech, 'Good so see you!' and he called me on it. You are a medium, he said, so you can see EVERYTHING, that might not be good if you can see me. Am I alive?? I am so accepted now among them that they are making jokes and that is good.

Finally, the Anesthesia Tech got the extra message from 'granny'. The poking in the ribs stopped too. 

Aloha and Mahalo,


Reiki Doc