Monday, August 12, 2013

For Dani

All my life I have known Dani. This is her real name, and she has given me permission to share our story.

Dani lived down the street from me, about eight houses down from my house. She had lots of brothers and sisters. They had a swimming pool in the back and it was the only home on the block that was two stories tall. I remember the brickwork in the front of it; it was about as tall as me.

I didn't really know her because she was a few years older than me; we didn't play together. My first friend and best friend was the youngest of four kids next door, in the seventh house from mine. I would often go knock on the door to ask to play. When I would run into Dani I would smile and say 'hello'. She was always kind to me. She often would be with my friend's two older sisters, they were close.

Let me just say that addiction affected almost every house on the block, some houses more than others...and everyone I ever knew had their life touched in some way. Dani is a survivor just like the rest...

We reconnected online through our mutual friend.

Whenever I posted something spiritual, Dani always responded favorably to it.

So when I started the blog about Reiki, Dani was one of the first to offer her loving support of the blog.
This was about two years ago. The acceptance and encouragement of me as a spiritual blogger from Dani helped me a lot.

In return, I discovered that Dani was doing 'all the right things' and I knew at her own pace Spirit would 'wake her up'.

Deep down in my heart I knew I was but one 'wave' of the Lightworkers, and that Dani's 'wave' would call to action when the 'time was right' for them to 'activate' and begin what they 'signed up to do'.


When I put out a request on both the FB page and my personal page for prayers for my mother, Dani was right there with her love and support. Even more, she sent me a message she had channelled. I knew it was so because I could feel Spirit clearly ringing truth in the words she had written. Even more, she remotely viewed me--right down to the radishes I was eating like crazy (the little French ones that are red and white and long like a carrot) even with the French butter I put on them with a knife!.

Even more, Dani's health has stabilized. She has a condition called MRSA. As her Vibration kept raising UP, she had several bouts with it. Each time, I sent Reiki. Now her Vibration is high enough to keep the MRSA from affecting her. This makes sense because a healthy aura protects you energetically from harm like a shell protects an egg.

Besides the Reiki, I did give Dani a clearing and protection by Margaret Mc Cormick ( because of her intense desire to heal. I gave it to her to help her heal. This was about two years ago too.

What is happening to Dani is happening now to everyone on the planet. The negative forces are being defeated, both on Earth and in the Astral and Etheric planes.

For every person there is like Dani who is consciously desiring to awaken into full consciousness, there are hundreds who are Ascending like her, without any clue what is happening to them.

Once they reach the ability to be telepathic, to remote view, and to manifest they are going to freak out--they are going to have many questions and want answers NOW.

If you are one of these persons, who are you going to trust to give you your answers?

  • An angel that is shiny and has great big wings
  • Jesus or another Ascended Master
  • Someone like Dani who just Ascended not long ago
You got it!

All of these many people who are awakening are going to turn to people like me and you, online and in your community, to find out 'what is going on' and 'why'.

Although information will be on the television and radio by the Resistance who has taken over the Illuminati controlled media, people are going to look to YOU, yes, that means Y-O-U for guidance, love and support at this time of transition. For example, Dani is ready to start to write, and this is her calling. She is following it. I will share when she gets her blog or website set. : )))

It is important for all healers to find a network among themselves, physically, and to be able to share information that is given from sites like and

We are working together to get the organization established at the internet end. It will not be complete without you and your healing network in your area where you live and work.

Now is the time to establish the connection in your immediate vicinity and strengthen it. On my end, I will be coming up with Frequently Asked Questions and posting them here and on the planetary healers network page as well.

I will keep you posted for further developments.

When it really happens, you will not need Reiki training. It will be too late for that. It will happen quick. But for those who have been through the Reiki training, your experience will be a valuable support for those who are suddenly 'waking up' without realizing what has happened to them and why it is important for Gaia and humanity.

That is all for now,
Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc