Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shopping In France: Groceries

Yes, there are little round zucchinis next to the standard ones. Aren't they adorable?

In Paris, you might stop by a local small grocery store that is part of a chain called '8 at 8'. There are some slightly bigger ones, but the price is high and the selection is not great.

Outside of the city, there is the Big Box store option. I recommend both Auchun and L'eclerc. You will see the real France when you shop at them. I mean big counters filled with pate, about a hundred different brands and shapes of sliced ham, and surprisingly, many frozen foods.

The parking lot has the shopping carts locked up. In the store they will give you a small coin to unlock them. Most have a keychain that holds one of these coins. After you 'detach and unlock' your shopping cart from the others, head for the door.

It will be the biggest revolving door you have ever seen in your life! It can fit six carts. It travels slow enough for you to make it. Before you get to the main store, there are smaller stores, such as a book store, a Pharmacie (not like ours, but it does have a cool green cross), a jeweler, and food.

When buying produce, you have to weigh it and get a sticker with the price. You tie the bag and put the sticker on.

If you have small children, look for the 'american sliced bread' and lunch meat and cheese slices. Dinde means 'turkey' and you will have to look hard for it.

No matter how hard you look, you won't find kale. I tried very hard to find it. Only spinach (epinard). There is no romaine lettuce either.

'Bio' means 'organic'. Just in case you would like to know.

Things you will NOT find anywhere:
  • graham crackers
  • Hershey products
  • plain white marshmallows (they dye them)
  • decent mexican ingredients--they don't have refried beans in a can
  • a lime squeezer
  • razors that are designed for women like Venus is back home
  • bar soap is kind of hidden, the French prefer 'shower gel' like Fa

And in all the frozen food section? I checked. Guess what?

There are no tater tots in France. I think we could make millions if we brought them!


Reiki Doc