Saturday, August 10, 2013

Homecoming: A Look At A Possible 5D Outcome

A healing has been sent to you in a special way: because of our 'connection' through the daily Reiki and Divine Peace Healings, Spirit has given a 'sneak peek' of the Higher Dimensions to me for the last two days. Automatically, these experiences have been sent through the energy 'connection' to you as it was happening.

It has taken two days for the message to be complete for my understanding so I may describe it to you.

To keep it easy I will break this message from the Higher Dimensions into small 'thoughts' and add photos for you more to pick up the energy that is brought through the images, than to view the images themselves.

I 'pick up' strongly that the Sirians are behind this as the final energies of the Ascension process are going to bring us to the point where we experience our Galactic family one-on-one. My soul comes from Sirius, although I am human and have experienced many lifetimes on earth, my Higher Self vibrates with the frequency of my 'Home Town' planet or star...

  1. Our Family LOVES us! as you can see in the photo above, they are encouraging us in our spiritual growth much in the way this mother is encouraging her child--she looks human, but 'different' in a charming way. And so it is with their view of us and would like our perception of them to be like this also.
  2. Our Future has uplifting technological advances to look forward to! Here are some photos that are taken from a place in the French countryside that is called Futuroscope:
  3. In the future we can communicate without using language: telepathy is the norm but even simpler forms exist today such as this message on an attraction at Futuroscope:

  4. In the future we will understand how our energy, our consciousness, is bigger than our physical body--and this is who we truly ARE--just like our Galactic brothers and sisters:
    This is an orb from an attraction, it is a model but if you look very close you can see two eyes in the center and two hands at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions.
  5. Many truths are going to be released, just like this shocker I had at the creperie called 'Le Crepe Volante' or 'the flying pancake:                                 
  6. Yesterday I was filled with wonder, hope, and excitement about the future: however, I was so TIRED I went right to sleep, and this morning I was awakened with just barely enough time to eat and go to a Harvest Festival called, Les Vendages.  You see, townspeople of a local town who make wine had a celebration for the harvesting of grapes. It was filled with costumes, music, a nod to church and state, and a bigger nod to their life in the fields! There was music, a parade, a party (cookies and sparkling white wine in the sunshine with lots of awards and talking together and laughter), a ceremonial boat ride that brought barrels down the river and up a hill, picking of grapes together, pouring them into a big metal basket on someone's back, and pressing them to taste the juice and make the wine for next year. There is a french term called 'Bonheure' or 'happiness'. Today was filled with this, and the connection between each other and the land was celebrated together! It took all day and was wonderful to experience. The message is this--our old ways were actually advanced in spirituality, and we are going to tap into our history to prepare us for what lies ahead.
  7. All of the wonder and magic of childhood is going to awaken within us once again: The things that matter are invisible to the eye, but can be seen with the heart. -- Antoine de Saint Exupery

Aloha and mahalo,

Reiki Doc

; )