Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shark Or Dolphin?

Welcome to Shark Month. You've heard of Shark Week, right? Ever since the Sunday Portal Activation succeeded, the Ankle-Biters (Archons who lead the Illuminati) are up to their tricks.

They want you to be just as angry and upset and guided by self-interest as a bunch of sharks. Just like in Shark Week, the producers and marine biology experts know 'the ways of the shark'--the sensory system for smell is better than sight, how they never really 'sleep', how they can sense with electricity someone thrashing around in the water and hone in on it as 'weakened prey'.

They want the energy of a feeding frenzy. It is in their best interest as producers and experts for you to behave on autopilot and react. So 'metaphysically speaking', there is chum and every known 'attractant' being thrown into that 'water' of 'ether' we all live in.

I see it clearly:

  • The final acts of desperation in Syria
  • News reports that use words like 'shocking', 'monster' or similar words designed to put the listener into 'herd' behavior.
  • Challenging independent thinkers and lightworkers as 'ridiculous' and 'not having proof' and focusing on 'science'. This is to downplay the use of one's intuitive ability that is a birthright.
  • Reference to 'royalty' with the inference that 'you will never be royal'
  • News reports to stir up emotion of fear
  • Social 'cues' to cause feelings of 'well-being' to 'come up'--back to school, Harvest, Football Season. Even I am feeling powerful 'cues' that 'everything is okay'.
In a short time, 'sharks' are going to be EVERYWHERE! On the news, on TV, on radio, on the Internet (some 'trolls' are 'hired'), Lightworkers (some have no clue they are under archon influence), newspapers, neighbors, friends, and coworkers...there is going to be a Massive PUSH to appeal to 'your lower density' in your Light bodies.

Energetically-speaking, it is going to be just as messy as a chum-laden, shark-infested feeding frenzy.

But Sharks aren't the only grey creature in the water with a large dorsal fin. There are dolphins, as well, in the oceans. Dolphins have a social structure. They communicate with clicks and whistles across great distances underwater. They have echolocation, so they can 'see' even more 'clearly' with their 'third eyes' than with their own two regular eyes! 

Dolphins can successfully deter a threat of a shark from their young. The pod can even kill a shark by working together.

Dolphins live on the frequency of Love, wouldn't you agree? Not Fear, like in the 'family' of sharks.

Each creature has a place in Gaia's Oceans, and a Purpose. But as a shark, how do you know there isn't someone waiting to hook you, pull you to the boat, and slice off your fins for market? Fishermen 'stir up the pot' to get sharks to come in from miles away...

Fisherman in some places also take advantage of dolphins too. 

So whether you are a shark or a dolphin, how do you avoid those who are out to catch you, the fishermen?

You rise above.

You get OUT of the water and get a good look at the boat.

You use all of your instincts that God gave you, and you listen to them with your Heart Center.

Both sharks and dolphins swim away. Sharks spit the hook.  But it is harder for them when there is a feeding frenzy to figure out what is 'going on'.

The fisherman want as much money as they can by catching whatever they can 'sell' by using 'whatever means possible'.

Raise your Vibration (eat pure foods, drink filtered water, get fresh air and sun, think good thoughts, meditate, seek like-minded others) to get a good look at that boat. (Like in basketball, too, you can 'slow down the pace of the game' and take control in that way too.)

Stick with your pod for protection. Or if you are more of a 'shark', watch for your 'instincts' and don't let them get 'hijacked' by the 'chum' that is thrown in from the boat.

That is all for today.

Love and Light,
Mahalos and Aloha,

Reiki Doc