Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Spirit Is Like A Weed That Blossoms In The Grass

With Spirit one usually thinks 'UP'.

Not me.

Not last night while I was trying to fall asleep in Paris. There was some MAJOR Mithraic energy going on. I blocked it. I told it to 'go away' (that always works). But it came back. I asked Archangel Michael for his help. And He did. I was bathed in Golden Angelic bubble of protection over the whole room.

But still, I was double-pointed up stars flash before my 'eyes' (they were closed, but my psychic 'eye' was wide open-- ; ) ). I saw faces, eyes, actions, instruments/tools, very faintly, but they were pointed for me to 'see'.

Again and again I said, 'I am of the Light and I want no part of you and you have to go.' I would turn on my BLISS Love energy and watch them cringe and head back to the shadows. I also said, 'You are going to be a lot happier after all of this--you know.' They were totally caught off guard.

After about twenty minutes I got sick of it, and showed them this image:

This is me, whoever you are. This IS me!

So 'they' stepped on it. Stomped on it. Tried to kill it.
Then they got the sprays and started in with shit like Roundup.

I fought back with another image:

I am one step ahead of you! I challenged. They were shocked.

Then I sent this:

It's too late! I already sent word out to everyone I could reach, everywhere, all over Gaia!

I sent this picture:

The seeds grow into these with the powerful roots...

And I sent this:

And each of them will do this.  You know what that means! I stared them down. And they turned and went away.

I slept well. Bathed in Love and Light and Angelic Presence that is my Home. Tomorrow I sleep in California. Wish me luck with my flights.

Aloha and mahalo,

Reiki Doc