Monday, August 5, 2013

Lightwork Update: Vortex Placing and Mediumship 6 August 2013

Guess who is waking me up right now?

Working with Spirit is a 24/7 'career'. I may be on 'vacation' but the Light Work isn't. 

Airports are typically built on Ley Lines on purpose to 'inactivate' them. (The Builders--we won't go into THAT right now but if you really want to know about WHO then go to and write in the search box 'Cobra's Little Red Pill'--that's how I learned.)

So as a result I have been 'guided' by Spirit to open them at LAX (a beautiful double blue and gold spiral), Hilo (ITO--gold and white), Honolulu (HNL -- gold). There are two more to add to the list:

At Montreal (YUL - a golden Goddess Spiral vortex). And at Paris Roissy (CDG -- a multi-colored vortex of the 5th dimension which 'matches' the one placed at the Orange County Fair about two weeks ago.)

Last night as I was falling asleep, the spirit of a man popped into my consciousness. His energy was like this:

And his face was like this, but not the hair it was like the last picture:

He was very polite, and made small talk as if he already knew me. He remarked on how my little one has grown, and how we make the family here very happy to know us. I realized he is the brother of my friend who passed about twenty years ago in Paris; my friend had to make several trips on the train to take care of the affairs.  I further understood that he wanted to cross over to the Light, and was asking me without words to help him go. I sensed the presence of many others in the area, who likewise were wanting to 'go'. It was humbling to feel their patience and very strong desire to return to the Light! There were so many! I saw them in different historical types of clothing, male and female, all backed up shoulder to shoulder, about five people deep in a circle around myself and my friend's brother. This was as far as I could see...

I said 'Of course' and started to open a vortex of white light. When Spirit connected, there was a surge of power, as if they were waiting for this to happen for a long time. (Only once has this happened before, at the corner of Sunset and Vermont in L.A. in January 2013.)

I guided the souls in French to look for certain things and expect certain sensations. My friend's brother kissed me on both cheeks and went. Several more came and said, 'merci' and touched my arm as they prepared to go. 

Spirit tells me it is still open, and souls are still crossing as we speak. It has been eight hours now, and they give the 'thumbs up' that everything is going as planned. (note--this White Vortex is 'different' from the others mentioned, and does not stay. The guides show me an image of a large white tube out of a window of a tall apartment, going to the dumpster below. The tube is there for a purpose in building, and it is temporary. The one for the souls goes from the 'apartment' UP into Heaven, and is beautiful and Light. There is no 'dumpster' in Heaven to catch them, but this is the best they could do to give the information you need to imagine it properly.)

We go see a chateau today. This is French for 'castle'. Who know what there shall be to write about tomorrow!

A bientot! (French for 'see you soon')


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