Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Windows In France

One of the things that makes the home in France so charming is the window. You can see on the right, above, the shutters are open. And on the bottom floor, the one on the right is closed.

There is a total Zen to waking up and opening the window.

The inside windows, which are very much like ours back home, do not slide but open into the room. As you can see there is another layer between you and the outside world. There is no window screen.

This outer layer accordion folds on hinges until it rests just at the edge of the window frame.

The result is this--open to the world!

I think this has a lot of Spiritual Relevance for us. Our Hearts are like these windows. We can open them a little or a lot. But how beautiful it is when our Hearts are OPEN like the window to let in the view and beauty and fresh air!


Reiki Doc