Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just Between Us: Les Toilettes

This one is at Futuroscope. It is a work of art. As someone who loves France and also loves my readers, I feel a certain duty to inform you of 'what to expect'.

Always keep at least two euros with you for each person when you are traveling. Many restrooms cost money to use--even though they are public.

Always keep some mouchoirs (tissues) with you just in case they run out of paper in a free one. This is very common.

Please note the back left hand corner behind the trash can. Every single one I have been to in France has the little toilet brush. They don't like messy toilets. USE THE BRUSH out of consideration for the next person.

Like most modern toilets, there is a 'big flush-small flush' option to save water. Just like at home, use the big flush option once because you'll have to use the small flush one twice. Trust me. For any biological function with the water savers, use the big flush.

Blue Lotus is a brand of tissue paper that adds to the 'Zen'

Like some fancy American places, the door to the stall goes all the way up...

and all the way down. This is a roomy one.

Another thing that might surprise you is sometimes the men and women use the same stalls. This is okay because they are really private. And other times, the men and women share the sinks, but not the stalls, like this:

The worst surprise was this:

There are little foot rests. All I can say is it is awkward and it flushes and it works. ; )

I hope this tete-a-tete has given some Light on 'the situation' so you will know 'what to expect'.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc