Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hope and Faith

Kathleen is a nurse who has been working at my hospital for a  long time. She once was the house supervisor, but now she works in the GI lab and the PACU.

She is very Catholic.

I had wondered about her views on my Reiki...but she genuinely wanted to go to my lecture but she couldn't.

She told me this story yesterday...

I had wanted to go to a restaurant Thanh had recommended for some ribs. I was at the right intersection, but the wrong corner. I went to the restaurant and all they had was ribs in the soup.

My husband and I ate there anyway.

I had a pennywort smoothie. It was all green. It basically tasted like grass. But it was refreshing grass flavor and not bad.

I have insomnia. And I slept very well that night. I slept so well my husband and I went back there the next day.

I had one, and my husband ordered one too. The server was so good, he asked my husband if he was going to have the Thai iced tea, since he remembered he ordered it the last time.

But he had the pennywort smoothie too, and HE slept well that night! BOTH of us did.

So we went to the asian market to buy some pennywort. I was told there are two kinds, and to get the one that's not a full circle. The kind where the leave has a slit (see above photo--ed).  

We went home and made it in the blender and it was all stringy and bitter.  I think we got the asian spinach by mistake, because that's what the receipt said...

I smiled as she told me this.

Kathy is working with Spirit.

And sometimes when you go to find someplace and get lost, sometimes actually, you are right on track to find the one thing that will help you.

This is how the angels guide...

It's never direct. You can't put your finger on it. And yet you discover amazing things!

(P.S. I haven't researched the safety of pennywort yet. If you have liver or kidney disease, be careful...also if you are on sleeping pills or pain meds too).

At lunch we were at the Doctor's Dining Room.

We were talking about travel and pickpockets.

Apparently in Europe there are even Asian pickpockets.

In Italy, a friend of mine had a money belt. Someone saw him put the ticket inside. He was on the subway and a little girl came up to him to cuddle, which was odd but kind of cute.

Then he felt his shirt hike up, and he looked down.

The girl was gone, she had unzipped the money belt it halfway, and didn't get the money.

She was only seven and he never would have suspected it.

They asked me about my wallet that was stolen on the metro in Paris. And how I got home.

I also shared how I once took care of a gypsy family here in L.A.--and the nurses told me to watch for my wallet every time I went into the room!

This was a table of doctors.

The Sicilian one, said, that there was a TV show on it. A documentary. And they went to the mecca of pickpockets in Italy--I don't recall where perhaps it was Venice or Florence--and they filmed people. They wanted to see how quick a pickpocket is.  They had people take the 'challenge' seeing if they could outsmart one. And the film crew hired to pickpockets always gave the money back.

They could take watches, wallets, all without people knowing.

Even the producer of the documentary got hit!

One day, both his wallet and his belt were gone!

Who did it?

It was the cameraman.   He had gotten the producer's trust, and then, in the blink of an eye...

And of course he gave it back.

When lunch was over and we had to go, you should have seen the gestures--we each checked our wallets and watches to make sure nobody at the table tried to 'practice' was funny.

This John Smallman  came out yesterday.

I enjoyed it.

And part of me got a little irked.

Because this soul, who was Saul in the old days, wasn't very kind to me, back in the day...and here we go, with 'everything being forgiven if you open your heart enough'...

This misogynist--who in this life claims to 'hate' the old misogynist and cannot make the connection--has had not one but two wives die on him from horrible disease...He did the right thing and was there for both of them...Not one but TWO...

And I'm still kind of upset over what happened to me with that soul 'back in the day'.

Part of me wants 'justice' if two dead wives isn't 'justice' enough...

Part of me wants 'ho'oponopono'--an acknowledgement and agreement to 'move on'.

Part of me knows this part of me is NEVER going to be healed, or satisfied, because what happened was very sneaky and traumatic and went on for a long time--sort of a past life PTSD.

It was a long time ago!

All of this is Illusion. All of it.


When it comes right down to it...

Another person's wrongdoings to you, are really THEIR problem, not yours.

And THEY have to bear the karma, and straighten it out with Creator of All That Is.

If you open up your heart ENOUGH, the old things fall out into the waiting hands of Divine Creator...and CREATOR will be taking care of it....CREATOR who never wanted you to get hurt...except in part for your lessons which you agreed to before incarnating, and even then, wants you to be WHOLE.

Yesterday was an exercise in Love.

I had two free tickets to a suite to watch the Angels game last  night.

But I had to work.

I gave them to Anthony's father to take him.

He was thrilled. Free food. And a box suite!

I've never sat in one.

In a way I was glad, because by accident I made travel plans on Father's day, so this is my ho'oponopono to him.

I got off work early, in time enough to actually have gone to the game.

I wasn't sad.

Ross encouraged me to watch it.

He even encouraged me not to go to the sushi place I like with the conveyor belt. He told me to take my lunch (capicolla, Anthony picked it) and grill it. So I planned to make a sandwich with capicolla, mozzarella, and sliced tomato, like a panini.

But the snake was hungry.  I went to the pet shop. I bought four mice. Two were dark, one was like 'stripes', and the other mostly white.

That one I fed first, and the snake eats white mice.

The next one was the half and half.

OMG it was a jumper!

I use a box, and I close the lid, and it was like, bang! bang! jumping all over the place.

I hate that part about feeding the snake.

Ross had shown me the first one with him. They were each having a glass of red wine and toasting me.

But the second?

I wasn't sure what to do.

Part of me wanted to just kill it.

I asked Ross for advice on what to do. I didn't want it running around the house if it got out.

I put heavy things over the lid, and opened the door to the back yard.

Then I carried it all--snake hook, tweezers for mice tail picking up, cage with three other mice, and set it up with the screen top of the turtle cage over it.

The snake just wasn't really easy to figure out. Was he hungry? Or not?

So I opened the lid a little and added one dark mouse.

Now they were both jumping.

I was safe because if they got out, we were outside the house.

Snake didn't eat.

I picked him up when he was trying to climb out. I put the lid on the box, and went to put him away.

I came back.

Now what, Ross?!

My heart told me what to do.

I took the cage with the one mouse left, put it inside the box, to show them they were going to a 'safe' place.

Quickly, I got the tail and put each mouse back in.

Then I took them back to the pet store.

For a few moments before I let to go to the shop, I sat and reflected on it. Both the snake and the mice were being snakes and mice--one wanting to eat, the others wanting to live. This goes on in Nature without my having to intervene. Only in my house is it 'something'.

Why did I want to kill the mouse who was trying to save itself from the snake?

Where did that feeling come from?

I just wanted it to STOP! right?

That too was illusion.

There was no danger, no risk, and no basis for the fear.

The situation resolved for the highest good, with the mice at the pet shop, and the snake somewhat fed.

I realized it almost ruined my evening.

As I drove out of the garage, something caught my eye. I've lived here fourteen years, and never seen it. There is the word STUD on the piece of wood in part of the shelving.

I shook my head and said, 'ah, my inscrutable husband!'

Ross teased me back and acted miffed, as if he is always very clear and direct, just like this!

And after the pet shop, when I went to go to the car-- a truck with big letters--GO DIRECTLY HOME.


Sandwich in hand, the third inning of the game was many errors. Each person at bat scored a run. Albert Pujols got his 599th home run. I could imagine Anthony and Jared going crazy over that inning, jumping with joy, and bonding.

I was content to watch it from home.

I fell asleep in my chair.  I went upstairs, and didn't see the end of the game.   I heard this morning that they won.

As an aside, I've noticed something both Mike Trout and Albert Pujols have in common.  Watch what they do with their bats while they are in the batting box waiting for a pitch...

According to Wikipedia, 'Delta waves were originally defined as having a frequency between 1-4 Hz, although more recent classifications put the boundaries at between 0.5 and 2 Hz."  original article

For those of you who study, MK Ultra/Monarch programming creates different types of 'products'. One, the most known, is a beta kitten programming. The beta waves are active in the 'kitten' victim/product. Many celebrity females in conventional media/entertainment have undergone this.

But for soldiers, assassins and possibly--athletes?--they are called the 'deltas' because THAT is the brain wave programming.

I had a video somewhere that said most basketball players on the teams of Phil Jackson are in an altered state--one of these types of beta or delta or whatever--things when they play because they play better.

I wonder if the bats are a sign of them going into their 'mode' before they hit the ball. I know the wiki says with delta you would fall asleep.   But this whole MK Ultra thing is pretty hush hush.

Anyhow, it's a thought.


My sweetheart is coming home.

Carla has the day off, and there are lots of chores and activities to attend, starting with the sink filled with dirty dishes and unloading the dishwasher...

I'm offering my support...and not to worry.

Everything in its own time.

Even with Saul, honey.

Even with Saul.

No one like him shall ever hurt you like that again.

I promise.

I will do the ho'oponopono for you.

Carla?  I'm sorry that my actions caused you pain.

Carla? Will you please forgive me in my unknowing how I caused you harm, and didn't know what to do to make it stop while you were being tortured? I knew. I heard. I felt sad about it in my heart, even though I didn't like you and did everything in my power to take you down a peg any way I could. I wouldn't have wished what happened to you on my worst enemy.

Carla? Thank you for have the grace to let this go, and for us to move beyond it, together, on our own paths, away from that place and time that was so negative and hurtful to us both.

Carla? I love you and admire you as my sister and my friend. In THIS life, where your kindness made me smile in so many ways. THAT is the friendship I want to remember. That was our past. This is our future.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, May 29, 2017

An Adventure!

I'm sipping a cup of tea from my favorite unicorn mug.

A great healing has been done, and I'm trying to figure out how to write about it.

Yesterday, when I was in Burbank, at the Colony Theater, part of me knew that my energy was needed there.  Burbank, if you don't know, is headquarters for many major film companies/studios, television channels, and networks.

The play about Italian/Jewish/Therapy was basically two hours of 'potty humor' with an ethnic 'flavor'. And I was caught by my son while I was falling asleep, nodding off during the show.

(My mother wanted it for her mother's day, and she greatly enjoyed it, which was worth it the whole time, her happiness, that's for sure.)

I did only one thing for our 'teams' while I was there.

Ross has been VERY quiet, very very quiet.

This morning when I woke up, I watched two videos.

These didn't sit well with me.

I decided in my heart that 'worship' by being tricked isn't really 'worship' at all, it's a loophole for Free Will...

This one I watched on Friday...also disturbing...

Again, you have to take these videos with a piece of salt.  Most have partial truths. The secrets are cleverly hidden. And they are so freakish that those who are exposing them tend to look a little bizarre and have poor credibility...

So today, I made breakfast and we went for a walk.

Then...I got thinking...what is this black sun? What does it have to do with Saturn? Could it be disconnected and taken offline in any way?

And I know someone who I needed to have permission, as they were in charge of an energy field which I think was being tapped 'illegally' by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Permissions were given.

Once the walk was over, as Ross has told me to do even before the walk without my knowing why, I went to meditate with him.

I told him, 'I think there is some connection between this energy field and the Dark ones?'

He was like, 'ya think?!'

I was a little embarrassed. 

He explained, 'Everyone out here knows of this connection. It's totally obvious. It's about time you figured it out...' and it was a tone of benevolence and love, not anger or sarcasm.

I got serious.

He explained that the second video is only part true, the other part isn't.

I leveled with him.  I explained there are people hurting because of this connection, it needs to stop. it's like someone who is stealing cable from their neighbor who is paying for it and they are not. 

I had to ask, when you see this, who do you call, the cable company, or the police?

The answer is, you go to the cable connection which isn't right and you pull it out.


With the guides of compassionate healing for my safety, I went into this energy field.

The spinning was like the fidget spinner, and also like the muslims in Mecca around the cube, spinning fast.

It was stopped by pulling on the arms.

It looked like this:

See it?

Six three times...

It was a dark chasm.

I lit a match, and looked.

There were five lizards to be removed. Just like on the Turtle Man--taken alive and put into bags for 'relocation'.

There was one by the foot. We startled it and it went into the bag.

Another was in the right arm area if the energy field was a body--just for visualization--that one tried to stay. It was offered food, and it accepted it, and was easy to catch.

Another was in the back of the head--for visualization--as if this energy body had a head and arms and legs, you know?

I reached quickly around the middle and in the blink of an eye removed it and put it into the bag.

The next one was mean. It was snaked around the 'heart' and really wrapped in there tight. It wasn't going anywhere.

I created beams of white light, like lasers, and directed them to each limb, the head, and the heart. It confused the lizard. It held it still, but couldn't catch it. The bag was brought closer, the claws were gently loosened from their grip, so as not to wake it up, and then BOOM! it was in the bag, and a garbage can lid was needed to keep it from jumping up and out of the bag.

It was eerie, and dark.

The biggest one was in the pelvis. It was huge and didn't want to come out.

A pink dragon came to fight it.

This one was trying to trick, some magic, to let itself 'seed' and 'scatter'--so an iridescent white mesh was created over the energy field to contain it. There was no escape for anyone from that.

It charged the pink dragon.  The dragon was supposed to scare it to walk backwards into the bag, but it didn't work. 

The two fought, with all their strength.  Twisting, turning, baring teeth and using both teeth and claws.

Somehow the teams were able to maneuver both near the bag, and to get the mean one in. It was really thrashing inside the bag. It almost ripped it, I could see the seams stretching.

Then quickly, I injected it with ketamine through the bag.

It calmed.

That lizard wasn't going anywhere.  The Guides took it away.

Inside there was something unusual I've never seen. Even with the removals, the energy patterns which remained were capable to regenerate themselves. 

I was like a car wash brush, rotating, all through.  Then I worked with bubbles. 

I filled with liquid. And I took care of the subcutaneous tissue and the skin.

But it wasn't enough.

I learned peanut butter would do the trick. These lizards are 'allergic' to it. And so inside I smeared it, to eradicate the energy patterns. Then I did the bubbles again.

At the top, I replaced the fidget spinner with this:

Now this spins.

Remember the permission?

The permission was in meditation.

The permission FELT things--volunteered them without my prompting--in the heart center, in the pelvis, and one other place I felt.

This is secondary confirmation, and greatly soothing to me to have it. 

This takes the isolation of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart one level UP from the etheric clearing which took place on Thursday. 

The meditation to clear anger on Friday set the stage for this 'surprise' healing.

For my recollection in the future, it's been recorded here now.


Carla said, 'this isn't what I thought I would be doing when I woke up this morning'...

You are to hear it directly from me, at this moment, you are one hundred percent empowered to accomplish what you have been sent to do.

This was the one hundred percent 'mark' which was passed a short while ago.

The rest is just 'clearing up' and 'small skirmishes' but the battle overall has been won.

(rubs his hands like taking dust off them, or 'washing his hands' of it--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. You will know by your Discern-o-meter and what resonates in your heart what you have been sent to do when it is time for you to do it.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Visiting The Healing Power Of Food

Yesterday I was post-call.

Ross has been quiet, by lately he has insisted that on my post-call days we eat outside the home, and that I don't cook.

It was time for lunch, and unlike recently where Ross has been allowing me to be more independent, he told me we should go to the local Mongolian Barbecue.

I was shocked.  

I was stunned.

That place, even though there's a new location, and I know it's Anthony's dad Jared's has terrible reviews on YELP.

There's some good ones on it there too. But the bad ones are scathing. 'Instant diarrhea' know?

Anthony refused to go.

But there was still that nagging feeling about Ross...

I told Anthony I would drive to the parking lot before we went to the mall. Just to see if there's a message, or a reason.

Ross said, 'you used to cook like this back home. On a huge warm stone/ceramic thing over a fire. It will bring back memories'...

I still wasn't convinced, but I also went into the restaurant while Anthony was in the car. The gentleman there was very kind, let me see the food bar. 

I came back to the car and I just sat.

I told Anthony, I don't know why, but I think we should go.

Anthony changed his mind all of a sudden. He smiled and got out of the car before me.

He said, 'Ross told me if I go I will get something special from the mall. You will get something too.'

I was like, 'thanks Ross!'.

We made our plates. They were delicious. I liked adjusting the flavors going into it. I liked CURRY...

I went back for a second plate. This one, Ross said, was to be 'all pepper'--I put in green peppers, green onions, jalapeƱo and very little meat. 

But this LADY!

Oh my gosh, she was ahead of me in line, and had terrible energy, and was SLOW!

She mashed the food down with the little pieces of wax paper provided. I didn't understand, this is all you can eat?

But I was obedient, polite, and just took it. I stood there behind her in line, not saying anything. And the cooks were slow, so we waited at the counter together for them to cook the food for us.

Then I saw it.

The hospital visitor sticker.

I've worn lots of them when my mom was sick.

She must have had a loved one at the hospital, 3W was the floor.

I was moved with compassion, and I knew Ross, the big softy, would find any excuse to get me to where someone needed me to convoluted as it is, THAT is how my man works...<3

She confessed to me her son has cancer. He doesn't want to eat. But this is his favorite place and all of a sudden it sounded good...

She said even when they are six feet tall, you still want to hug them and help them...

I smiled and looked in her eyes.

I shared how when she was little my mom had been very sick. She didn't want to eat anything. Something would sound good, and my grandfather would go all the way down to the village to get it for her.

There wasn't much money, and it was a sacrifice to get whatever it was, perhaps a pastry, for her.

And when he would return, and she would see it, she couldn't eat it.

She apologized profusely to her father, who merely smiled with love, and encouraged her to 'eat it with her eyes' as it would still provide healing to her. 

Sometimes you have to just get back to the routine of eating, and it's medically correct, 'eating with your eyes' is called the 'cephalic phase' of digestion. Your body makes all the digestive juices, you start gets everything ready to accept food.

This woman responded to my loving tone, my calmness (actually, technically, it's my bedside manner honed from years in the specialty, but I never once disclosed my occupation to her.).

I asked her what the cancer is?  He was going to need chemo, she has shared...

It was testicular.

I smiled and said, 'for that the results are very good!'

Then I paused.

I asked, 'What is his name?'


'May I pray for him?'

All the defenses melted down, and she gushed, 'oh yes, yes! please! anything you do will help!'

I had obtained permission for our Reiki 'healing prayer', and I made a Reiki Request on our Team Doctors With Reiki for him once she left...

Ross does good work. And thankfully, when I'm post call, it doesn't seem like working at all!

I'm going to tell you about Judy.

She is a reader, who unknowingly set the stage for this blog post.

Judy lives in a bad part of town (just like where I grew up).

Judy doesn't have lots of money (just like when I grew up).

Judy has lots of health problems, and her doctors prescribed her a ton of medications.

They were expensive.

They made her feel terrible.

You'll never guess what Judy did.

She forced herself to like fruits and vegetables.  To cook for herself.

She totally changed her diet.

Part of her problem was very bad joint pain, possibly arthritis.

It went away with turmeric pills.

It totally went away...

But the pills were too expensive.

So Judy found a spices place, where she can buy a whole bag of turmeric powder, for three dollars.

She mixes it with water and drinks it, and she gets the same relief.

This is a beautiful story of healing, listening to your inner guidance, working with your guides (notice the gentle path of one thing, leading to another, leading to another--like with the visit to the Mongolian Barbecue and me--never saying DO THIS or DO THAT but the gentle 'hunches' that surprisingly 'mean something' and 'accomplish the impossible' without much effort...)

Now, Judy decided on her own what medicines to stop and what to keep--she purged her whole pharmacopeia...and as Doctors With Reiki, we don't recommend stopping all your pills. Even Judy, wisely, didn't 'stop all her pills'.

Judy worked with her guides.

Judy lost forty pounds.

Judy has lots more energy.

Judy is a shining example of what can be accomplished when we accept each day, each minute is truly new, and we have the power to change our lives...

What is this fruit?

It's a cherimoya.

To me the white part you eat tastes like ice cream.

It's soft and you spoon it. You have to watch for the many seeds. But you can eat a whole one at a sitting.

They cost about six dollars at the health food store. I eat them the day I buy them because once they are ripe, they go bad pretty quick.

Asians are totally surprised I know what they are, and I enjoy them.

On some online websites, it has been rumored that these things have powerful chemotherapy-strength anti-cancer molecules/compounds in them.

It can't hurt, right?

All the more reason to justify the six dollars and enjoy

Food can heal.

Everything is vibration, even you.

I know you 'have a body' and 'it's solid' but moreover you are a SOUL incarnate having a human experience...and your SOUL connects to this body through some incredible legerdemain of spirit--by the chakras! is the imbalances in the energy field/chakras, which if imbalanced for long enough, show up as imbalances in the physical what we know as Disease.

Dis-ease (imbalance) when uncorrected can create Disease.

Color, aroma, taste...all do with healing.

And THIS is what I think Ross was helping me to remember.

For example, my 'all pepper dish' I mixed for myself?

It had green (heart center), warming (Ayurveda--kapha, vata, pitta concepts) with ginger, capscaicin (active ingredient of pepper)...what better way to nourish and heal someone who just basically pulled an all-nighter? Right?

I even enjoyed a cup of warm jasmine tea, which is also very soothing. I could write a book on how tea improves the life experience! On an emotional, spiritual and healing level...I adore tea.

Shhhh! My favorite is when I go make a cup from herbs I pick in the back yard...lemon balm and mint...with honey.

Imagine a restaurant, plain and straightforward, like the Mongolian Barbecue--classical music, something very high vibration.

You would go to the healer, and tell them your symptoms.

The healer would assess your energy state (like Ross did for me)...and prescribe for you foods.

You could make them with the guidance of the person, 'choose this or that' or 'that one will help'.

Then you add the sauces--again--more healing...

It would be prepared for you, and you would 'eat your healing'...

Imagine six weeks of this, with yoga, with therapy for the emotional imbalances, with Reiki...with 'forest bathing' and perhaps light treatment and meditation.

You would get new skills to last a lifetime.

You would leave your imbalances behind...

Imagine doing this once every year, just for you, and the rest of the household would get along just fine without you.

Illness and suffering would be a thing of the past!!!

Food is medicine?

Well, if that's a stretch for you, I will provide the counter-argument:  food is also a poison.

Don't agree?

Well, then, Super-size me.

Keep ingesting the High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I have looked everywhere on YouTube. It's been pulled. There was an ad about how HFCS makes a daughter fat on Saturday night Live.  It was a parody of the High Fructose Corn Syrup at, about 'science' and 'safe in moderation'...then the mom compliments the hostess on her sweater, and her daughter had 'outgrown it'.

What about the GMO (genetically modified organisms)?  Well, the franken-farm salmon in the Pacific Northwest are very stressed, very ill, and their viruses are now in the DNA of the wild salmon, who are being decimated. Salmon is a species that many other life forms depend upon--orca, bear, for example, and now up the food chain there is problem being seen too. The Resident killer whales are starting to be like the transients and eat marine mammals, because they are starving.

Furthermore, each first born of the orcas dies in the wild. All the pesticides build up in the system from eating the contaminated wild fish. And mother whales unload all the chemicals in the breast milk...which is fatally toxic to the newborn whales. They might live a while but die of horrible cancer and wash up onshore.

We have to pay more to avoid the unhealthy foods, there is a premium for organic and there's never a guarantee.  The chain Whole Foods has already had at least one scandal. I won't shop there (Trader Joe's is safe--you don't have to worry when you shop there)...

And the poor bees...with all that Round Up.... : (

I read an article from someone who lost forty pounds without trying that hard. Let me look it up for you.

Here it is:

There is hope.

Small changes can lead to healing.

In so many ways...

When I was at work Friday, I was at the surgery center. Some of the nurses expressed their regret they couldn't attend my lecture the week before (hospital grand rounds for nursing doesn't happen the same time at the surgery center, so it was during the surgery center work hours).

But they asked!

And guess what?

I gave a demonstration in the recovery room.

Behind the curtains, on a patient (who consented on a soul level).

They LOVED it!

And the patient woke up with a 'wonderful smile' a while later...they said.


I did it.

I helped that woman with Carla and her presence.

I knew.

I knew the coming events would mean more to her if she had a face to face with my woman, my Twin...and that the Reiki would accomplish what the love of a mother for a son had envisioned--perfect health, a long life, in every way!

WHY would I do it?  (he touches his heart with an open right hand--ed)

I am like you.

I am a softy!

I have been incarnate and I understand 'enough is enough!'

For everything.

I help when I have the opportunity.

And I love you very much.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
 The Couple

Thank you.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

On Soothing Rage

This dish is a traditional French dish called, 'merlan en colere', or, 'really pissed off fish'.

I recall once when I was a teen watching Julia Child make it on T.V. Instead of the fish making a circle and biting it's own tail, she actually brought the tail up from behind and had it sticking OUT it's mouth, straight at you.

I couldn't fathom a fish being put into that position! How was it possible?

And yet, anger, in its own way, brings us to positions just as uncomfortable, and unnatural, as this.

This is Howlite, a precious silicoborocalcite stone used for carving and jewelry.

I have a story to share.

I bought a four millimeter elastic howlite bracelet from my crystal store for seven dollars.

That's part of the reason why I made the unicorn bracelets. I was like, I can do better than that! LOL.

Howlite soothes rage, amongst other things.

My favorite nurse, the one who is most sensitive to the subtle energies, wasn't doing so well. She ordered a new bracelet, and I gave her my howlite right off my arm to help her get by until I could make it. I knew my friend was sending me one she had made, a nicer one, of Howlite too. It was due in a few days.


I felt it when it was off, the howlite.

I had the necklace and earrings, but the earrings Spirit wanted in my locker at work to 'work' --they were needed and are safe in my tea tin. And the necklace I love and adore, but would tangle in my lanyard and stethoscope (those little bendy ends for the ears). I didn't want to lose I left it home.

Later, this week,  the nurse saw I needed it, and gave me the howlite back. It helped! I needed a double dose! LOL

Yesterday, I saw the nurse, and she asked to borrow the bracelet back, as SHE needed it, and I gave it without second thought.

She struggles with the money to pay for the bracelets I make for her. I tell her, 'don't worry, you need the healing, it will work out.'

It's funny, as she adores rhodonite. But as I work with her energies as she's outgrown it, she doesn't understand. Right now, she's on peridot, as it will help her in different ways, to be more robust, energetically. (everyone is different--I know her energy, where she is, and I'm like an energy 'orthodontist'--I know where her soul/energy is headed, and I'm making fine adjustments as we go)...

I was called on the carpet by Spirit in a very indirect and respectful way yesterday.

For my anger, and my rage...mostly for my tendency to ruminate and be like a terrier worrying a toy to bits in my mind.

How did this come to be?

I really don't like one Anthony's music teacher.

She doesn't care or act professional. She's dealing with parents and she gives like, no lead time before major events where the parents need to show up, like concerts. She is 'creative'--the whole bells and whistles of that 'type'--artsy, forgetful, not grounded, and also, not able to 'connect' well with others.

She even goes so far as to say, 'music is important and have your kids skip sports'.

How arrogant is that? Right?

This time, what set me off is after spending all of 2016 working with administration to get her to be more responsible for her 'scheduling' and straightening it out so she would give adequate advance notice,  this year she selects the Friday night before the long weekend and gives two week's notice to the parents.

That's right.

You have airplane tickets and you can't go because your kid's grade depends on this concert.

In my case, he's the drummer. It's very noticible if he's gone.

Well...I got the triple whammy--it's the dad's live-in girlfriend's birthday, they are at a casino--and I'm first call.   The sitter is out of town. The grandparents are in Arizona, forever now. They moved. Both sisters need like six months advance notice--can't be able to help in a pinch at this time--better not even think of it. Love is there. Ability to help isn't, for many equally good reasons and I don't judge.

I'm stuck.

I wrote a scathing letter to the class teacher, questioning the judgement of this decision, and further, explaining how Anthony would have no one to watch him play. She forwarded to the administrators, who said NOTHING.

Absolutely NOTHING.

And the music teacher gives lame compliments like, 'I LOVE that color!' (my scrubs?! WTF?)

Anthony and I passed her as we walked to Starbucks.  She said that and I was like, 'huh?'

He commented, 'you really don't like her, do you, mom?'

I was shocked, I thought I was being polite, and yes, I REALLY don't like her.

I told him, 'honey, I am so mad, I am like, I want her to get fired, mad.'

I had been thinking very mean thoughts, ones almost like curses, to 'get even' as I was like the terrier with the toy, going 'at it' grrr...grrrr...grrr...shaking it to bits!

Again, this is a lesson.

Lesson 1:  Carla, how do you get yourself out of this jam?

Answer:  throw money at it. I rented a limousine to go pick up my mom, who can't drive, bring her to the concert, and home.

Answer:  Level with a nice mom who had already agreed to take Anthony to dinner and to the auditorium with her son, and ask politely if Anthony can spend the night because I don't know when I 'm coming home.

Answer:  Accept there must be a good reason--much as I hate it sometimes--for Spirit to want my butt in that O.R. at that time more than me to go to a concert.  (trades are impossible, impossible, impossible on long weekend Fridays--the concerts used to always be mid-week...)

When I was in the O.R. with a hand surgeon for a long case, he's a friend, but he's notorious for having a temper.

As it stands, my OCD is compatible with HIS 'OCD' and we get along.

It was the same old thing, people scared of him, trying to please, and him just needing to calm down. He responds well to Reiki, I know, as well as to unconditional love.

Outside the O.R., he's the first one I call if Anthony has an injury, and we drive over to his office, and he never once charges us a fee...not even for x-rays.

He's a good guy.

I realized as I sat there in the O.R. that anger is part of the human condition.

It comes as frustration with limitation which we don't experience in the Higher Realms.

We want MORE. We want everything to WORK. We have 'expectations'...which set us up for heartbreak and sorrow.

I sent with Ross a special healing from us to the world, to dissolve ANGER.

I was surprised at how much I had towards the music teacher.

I'm so used to this anger, I think it's normal, you know?

She was just doing the best she could, with what she has.

In the big picture, Anthony and I have more 'good days' than 'bad days'--and this was a 'blip' in an otherwise good semester. My colleagues have been kind and let me go to things most other 'last minute' stuff, like the school play.

The teacher has no comprehension of my life--and therefore limited to no compassion--just as I do not comprehend HER life--low pay, long commute, two kids in diapers and a third on the way...She's never even come NEAR the arena of competitiveness, of life and death, of professionalism and sacrifice that is my bread and butter.

I did eighteen hours straight of anesthesia care yesterday...

So the problem with her was MINE, not HER, and if I could just push myself to be a little more like Ross, my lesson would be learned, and I could move on...right?!

I was thirty-three. I had remembered my molest/gang rape by neighbor boys (and the mom who covered it up in a cruel and mean way) at twenty-six. In residency I wanted to heal, once and for all.

I'd done the counseling.

I'd done the spiritual stuff.


I wrote a letter to the mom, telling her I remembered everything, and I forgave her.

I did it because I was so desperate to feel better I would do ANYTHING, and I wanted to put this behind me forever, so I did.

There's two kinds of forgiveness.

There's the kind when you are ready and you mean it.

Then there's the kind when you are not in the right place, you mean well, and your heart it true, but you're just too vulnerable still...

I was the second kind.

When the woman responded with generous kindness, and gratitude for my setting her free, she sent a handmade blanket, crocheted, and a pin, an angel pin, with it's legs kind of spread as if it was riding a horse.

I was triggered by that angel, by her gifts, as it made it all REAL, and not just 'memory' any more.

Her gift backfired, and I was in a tailspin, and sinking fast.

Even though she sent a loving note, I was not ready to receive it.

My mother, when I showed it to her, detected my horror...and vulnerability.

She marched us right next door to my apartment, by the trash chute (that's how you get a low income apartment, right? clunk clunk clunkety clunk all hours of day and night)...and had me toss it ALL.  The blanket. The card. The angel pin in gold.

She said, 'you have been through enough already and you don't need any more reminders of this.'

And after we threw everything out?

I felt safe...

So, with my most recent call, here I am in the O.R., with a patient who isn't expected to live, super technically challenging...while I know the band is playing.

I said, out loud with my heart not my mouth, to my guides, 'I give up!' (and I felt like, can we move on to happier things already?)...I knew I had all night, I wouldn't be home and my weekend would be ruined from the overwork and lack of sleep.

'You win! I give up!'

I still didn't understand the 'lesson'.

But the case was as bad as it gets.

I called it a 'slow peek and shriek'.

A 'peek and shriek' is when you open and you realize there is like, cancer everywhere and you can't operate, it's too late, so you close and stop.

The poor surgeon.

Trying to do right by the patient, and the more he tried, the worse it got.

It was even worse than our other worst patients...and together as a team we have had MANY!

The patient had anger. Lots and lots of it. I could see it. Both in the disease and in the weight (some people build a literal wall around themselves...)

The surgeon had anger. Lots and lots of it. Eaten alive with painful arthritis, which sometimes is triggered by anger. I knew the divorce hadn't been kind to him...he's on like, i.v. treatments for the anger, and every movement of the hands causes him pain.

I had stubbornness and grudging acceptance (like when you lose a war--you don't really feel like the other person is 'right' but you accept your defeat).

But I also have surgical training and experience.

Things weren't going well.

It was time to bail.

In surgery, you just pack the wound and head up to ICU. You put a huge iodine plastic film over the wound, and that's it.

Later, once things are settled, you go back, and sort things out in the O.R. with a stable patient.

Trauma surgeons do it all the time.

The swelling goes down in the abdomen.

Then everything will fit and you can close the skin.

In this case, I cautioned--with all the resection, you don't know the blood supply to what is left. Even if you reconnect everything, it might not be viable. Better to let it declare itself by the time you come back.

The scrub tech said, 'wow you are right!'

That's why I was there instead of the concert.

To save lives.

Not just the patient.

But the surgeon.

Together, with our hidden anger, the patient, surgeon, and anesthesiologist had manifested it, this situation...

It was time for healing to take place...instead.

Starve the LOOSH.

Don't feed it your energy.

Even though last night I wrote on the glove box, 'Starving and Saving lives'--because most of us in medicine now are so unhappy--mistreated and hungry and without sleep while the hospital administrators are laughing all the way to the bank...

When situations arise which bring up feeling of anger, you have in it your control how you react to it.

You can examine it for the lesson.

You can 'give up' and ask you teams to help.

You can forgive that the person--like the school and the music teacher with chronically poor judgement--who owes you a ho'oponopono and is NEVER going to give it...

(Ho'oponopono--Hawaiian legal term for 'making things right'. Takes four steps, in order. Person who wronged says to person who was victim--1) I'm sorry   2) please forgive me   3) thank you   4) I love you)

Just know it's not compatible with the Higher Realms to be on a rant like I was with the events..for like..two weeks in my heart.

As long as you can be 'friendly and polite' you don't have to seek those who hurt you out.

I saw in myself the truth:

  • my work demands a lot
  • I have little control over my work
  • my unique single mom experience ISN'T anyone's fault but my own
  • perhaps Anthony was meant to miss me
  • At least I told him one of my favorite things ever is to watch him play the drums (he was quiet when he understood the sacrifice on my part)
  • I helped 'improvise' and provided work for my friend the limo driver, and fun/family/purpose for my mom
  • Anthony wasn't alone
  • He enjoyed time with his friend and his friend/his friend's family enjoyed him
  • Sometimes we are needed away from our families and the love is the's never broken (Ross keeps trying me to understand that point, from so many angles...test after test...)


Feel your feelings.

Don't let them fester.

Accept you are human, and take the good with the bad.

Don't take anything personally. Eugene Mizusawa my lab buddy and mentor once said, 'if you have to eat shit, eat it fast, and get on with the next thing.'

This is from both Ross and me...I hear him...and I agree so I'm writing it.

See the beauty.

Feel the love.

And heal.

Welcome to the Higher Realms.

Don't let anything hold you back in the Lower ones.

Let it go.

A little ho'oponopono goes a long way.

You can't say it too often.

Say it to yourself.

Anthony is singing downstairs...ahhhh! Bless him!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple

Thursday, May 25, 2017

For Pete's Sake!

A friend of mine was in distress last night.

Usually Ross is with me when Anthony is spending the night with his father.

Last night was different. And just when I was getting ready to call it a night, I got the text.

I read energies. And I picked up there was a serious health problem. Even though the message was 'I hope you are well and when you have a chance I'd like to talk'  I knew to reply at once.

I misread WHO had the health problem.

I thought it was the father of my friend.

It was my friend.

I picked up LOTS, energy-wise. When this friend decided to 'do the right thing' and be a caregiver, I knew it was Free Will going down a Wrong Pathway as a Lesson, and it wouldn't end well.

There was the combination of fear and lack of medical familiarity/comprehension. There are some people who are lay people, but basically, they 'get it'. They tell you, 'doc, I think this is going on' and most of the time, they are right. They don't know how to fix it. But they know what's wrong.

Others, spiral ineffectively. They bounce from symptoms, which are disturbing, to what if, what else, then what...and there's usually a big reason hidden. I'm talking mental/physical/emotional 'something'.

Then to assist I have to simultaneously offer support, ferret out facts to determine how serious it is, and then dig deep and gently to find the root of the imbalance.

The truth was that the mother died from stomach cancer in the prime of her life.

The fear was deep and multifactorial--including the very timely concern about insurance and expense.

(as an aside--if you have life-threatening symptoms, the ER is obliged to treat you regardless of ability to pay.  They can't even ask you to pay until you are stable. They can bill you like crazy after, but if you don't have money, you don't have money, and you walk away not having paid anyone for their service to you. But you are treated, right? It's the law.   There is one catch, and it bites a lot of this population in the butt...once you step outside the hospital and leave--against medical advice, or with the ER telling you to go...then the treatment isn't mandated by law. It's only on the admission which is connected to the ER admission. You can't go have a smoke, or go home and think about it first. It's go, go, go, even to the OR if it's indicated, to fix whatever problem is causing the emergency .)

Healing is coming. Insurance is coming through. There is connection and fear isn't as overwhelming.

I lost an hour of sleep, but today I was glad I helped.

This soul is Ross' and my favorite cousin.

Ross was there the whole time, and is the one who told our cousin to call me.

Our favorite cousin had his head cut off in that past life we shared together.

So today I had flashbacks.

I was asked, 'what is your holiest of holies?'

I said, 'Ross' face'.

My soul can't find peace to this day, until the moment I am with Ross, where he is, and I'm sure with my own eyes he is eating right, he's clean, has clothes, and is happy.

I get horrible flashbacks of his own death, and the unrecognizable features on the face.

So to me, his face, normal, is very important.

We talked, on the way to work.

And he did the funniest thing.

He danced.

A goofy dance with his fingers up in the air, you know how people smile and get you to try to dance with them?

He was like, 'Carla, I'm not only okay. I'm dancing. There is no way I could be hurting if I am dancing like this.'

I was shy. I didn't want to dance. But through the day he worked on it, and I danced a little bit.

At Ross' first goofy dancing, I saw in the next lane a huge plumbing truck with Pete's on it. In big letters. And I was like, 'For pete's sake Ross, what a ridiculous sight this is of you dancing like that!'

It worked.

I forgot about the beheading. 

I forgot about the rest with Ross.

I thought that was it.

This is a ziggurat.

There is one--um--there is one, an ancient restored temple in Ur, in ancient Sumeria, now in Iraq.

I've seen YouTube's that this is why they fight over Iraq. Military people take their picture on it all the time. And the claim is it's like Raiders of the Lost Ark--looking for metaphysical 'weaponry' for the military.

Ordinary people can't go on it.

(Ironically, my first babysitting job was for the Ur family down the street from us. Weird, huh?  The husband was Mark Ur --marker--and the wife was Sue Ur --sewer--she had to love him to take his name like that, right?)

There's an ugly building like that. I've seen it for years. It seemed like it was up to no good, but it's a nondescript federal building. It's named after some dude. 

It was, in my mind, the eyesore.

The eyesore next to the basketball courts that were hard to find.

Twenty years, and not a thought more than that.

Until I learned another name of the I drove a different route.


There's a child care center called that too.

I sensed red flags!

For those of you who are new to this awakening thing, the next part is going to sound wacky, and I excuse myself.

For those of you who know what a gifted psychic I am, and are comfortable with the metaphysical and generally 'unseen'...thank you for your patience.

I will digress.

A patient needed a 'cleaning'.

I added the vacuum, the fan to blow things into the vacuum, and Ross added a magnetic stir bar like in my chem lab right over the chest.

Ross is actively helping me, and his teams are doing more of the work. I just ask and they help.

So for this, weird ugly eyesore that must have been up to no good,  I sensed to talk to Divine Mother Incarnate and ask her to do something about it.

She did.

I felt sick, instantly, and asked for containment of anything that might be coming out of it. I felt waves and waves of horrible energy leaking from the building site.

She contained it, and it felt better.

Earlier today, we realized in the Ether/atmosphere/somewhere up that we can't see, are the ones who are giving orders to the incarnate Those Who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart. 

Effective this morning, that area was cleared, and all 'such connections' are dismantled.

After the intervention was taken on the ziggurat, we looked. It takes two pairs of eyes to 'see'. I see more terrestrial things. She sees higher things I can't.

Talk about hidden in plain sight! The eyesore was a highly sophisticated metaphysical 'weapon' that was functioning without anyone having a clue besides those who need to know.

This one had a tunnel deep. An inter dimensional one, not a 3D one. Dark. And what I saw looked like the scene in the movie The Little Mermaid with Ursula's 'poor unfortunate souls'. They were suffering. They couldn't leave. Lots and lots of them.

I realized this device connects from that place, and directs LOOSH energy UP to those nasty creatures that call the shots who were fixed in the morning.

I asked for every such device to be closed.

I know it will by our teams.

(Ross explained these souls are in shock, and like prisoners of war. They will be given basics for souls--the equivalent of our first aid, food, sleep, clean clothing, haircut, warm shower--and then later be given the choice to heal or merge with the Creator.  I also picked up the energy of African hunger/starvation people with their rice bowls at the truck where the daily meal is being given ...that hopelessness and despair being eased by the food. These souls aren't from the famine area but as souls they are in a similar state. The evacuation of them to safety is ongoing as we speak.)

Then Ross asked one favor.  He asked for the parallel ones, for our teams, to be opened up. I double checked to make sure this message was true, and I was hearing correctly. I was. These are inverted ziggurats. The bases are connected to Heaven. They aren't visible in 3D but are in the Higher Realms to those of us who have 'eyes that see' 5D...

I heard Divine Mother Incarnate working, and it sounded like stone doors opening up, that scraping sound. 

Then there was all this light, and I knew lots of angelic beings were coming IN through these 'tunnels' or 'connections'.

Then Divine Mother Incarnate saw the grids lighting up, the true grids, and it gave her happy tears and she said, spontaneously, 'hallelujah!'

We still weren't sure what had taken place. I sensed perhaps 'up there' and 'here' are all on the same grid. Furthermore, all the Earth --the quarantine is gone in the sense that OUR grids are now 'online' and 'connected' to the rest of the ones--to the planets, the stars, the rest of the open galaxy/universe/realms.

She had the feeling of a hard fought battle, where we had won, but it hadn't sunk in yet, the realization this was done.

I sense that the rest is protocol. There might be skirmishes too. But the main battle has been won.

She looked up ziggurat on google.

Guess what?

There's a hotel in the UK...

And the town it's in?

It's St. Peter Port.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The VENT Dongle

Isn't this adorable?  It's like the snail is saying, 'hello! I AM going to pull this heavy rock with me. Just you wait!'

I will get to you on the significance of the title in a minute.

For an overview, there are lots of 'sources' I will cite in this article, not really with the expectation for you to 'follow' where I have been. It's for the curious, those who wish to see how I made the conclusions I reach as of late.

It's really hard to describe where I am in my journey at the moment. Perhaps the best way to describe it is I'm feeling the effects of the new moon in Gemini very much, and grateful for the explanation. Here's a link from my reiki teacher Anne Reith on it:

Let me just say in the workplace, the incredible resistance I've been experiencing is part of this 'roller coaster' for me.

The only thing I had to describe my day at work yesterday was 'it was excrement'.

Poor Anthony didn't know what that word meant. I had to define it for him.

'It's poop honey. My day was poop.'

It wasn't the patients.

It was just the nature of the assignment for the day.

I thought I would end at twelve.

Actually, it ended around five.

That's a lot for a short call.

I had to go do one case here, another there, get interrupted from my lunch to go to a different place, then to come back where they delayed a case because I wasn't available. I arrived to see the surgeon CLAPPING his hands at me to 'hurry! hurry! hurry!' if I could just 'throw' anesthesia at someone?!

Then I get called while I'm on the toilet, by a colleague, who is to relieve me, but then won't because the patient ate five and one half hours ago, and we need to wait six.

There were good points and highlights. The best was seeing the bracelets on the nurses arms, and finding one who actually gave a bracelet to 'someone in need' as I had asked--and that person thanking me.

My gastroenterologist has 'two cases a year where he can't find the cecum'.

They happened with me present, back to back.

When the scope has difficulty, we adjust the position of the patient while the assistants apply pressure to the abdomen.

Try that while you are giving anesthesia with an i.v. and watching the pulse ox the whole case, with the i.v. kinking, the pulse ox falling off, and the patient either going bradycardia, hypotensive, or hypoxic at any given time superimposed on the movement...for an hour.

If you add the layer of the Spiritual work I do, and all its complexity, you would see why I am increasingly tired, and grateful to have the day off.

I see clearly why my job satisfaction is low--there's no real benefit to me, personally, besides the paycheck and having my foot 'in the ring' so to speak, in healthcare.  I rush to work, am there by seven, and have no control over my needs (food, sleep, family time, exercise). I go home when I'm permitted, only to wake up and do it all again. 

I realize it takes mindfulness of a master to keep calm and even keel, fueled by lots of gratitude for 'the little things' to keep me going. 

And also a blind eye to the dirty dishes in the sink, you know?

This photo had the tag line in the comment about Sisyphus.

I had to look it up:

It was fascinating!

This one resonates--and it's timely--

Here are some comments which the excrement day brought the truth out:

  • In the lunchroom, the Egyptian OB anesthesiologist regarded the TV broadcast of the explosion in Britain. She paused, weighed her words, and went on. She said, 'thirty two (or fifty two I forget) people die in explosions in two Egyptian churches on Palm Sunday (she's Coptic--Egyptian Christian). Where is it in the news? It's ignored. People just wanted to go and pray, and they were slaughtered. Yet, when young people go to a concert, for fun, and not to pray, it's all over the news. You have to wonder about the people who make the news.'  
  • 'I can't afford my own house' said the orthopedic surgeon with a wry smile. He owns MANY apartment buildings, he's super rich, and yet, he's proud and pleased his home has 'tripled in value'.   I overheard him tell a rep that. It's the greed of people in his 'rank' and 'business' which has taken the housing market off the charts down here in Southern California! (He's the one I refuse to work with, he's so pushy, negative, and unpleasant. The only surgeon of them all I won't work with. And he feels the same about me. It's mutual. We are 'friendly and polite' in the doctors lounge, but we don't like each other.)
  • 'people just want to take a pill to fix everything' (discussion with a mom of another basketball team member who works in education and was discussing anxiety. She's a special ed teacher. Very grounded.)  It's true. Anthony doesn't 'like' having to do his exercises. And yet, although it's his 'medicine'--taking responsibility for his healing...he's reaping the results and playing better. Anxiety needs--the mom and I agree--total mindfulness and a CHANGE in our lifestyle--fast paced 'routine' here in Southern heal the anxious. It would save a lot of money in healthcare if children were taught how to meditate and to be grounded, and if better nutrition and exercise and family time and socializing were available. Like in Europe where they cut the work day to four hours...for full time pay.

I was working on my last case when the data from the anesthesia machine (vent settings, inspired oxygen, carbon dioxide levels, gas flows) wasn't feeding into the automated electronic anesthesia record. It was very time consuming--I entered them by hand. And I troubleshooted as much as I could with no success.

I called my friend who works with computers in the hospital. On their end they saw what I said was happening--the monitor was giving the blood pressure and heart rate and oxygen saturation--into the system fine. Just not the anesthesia machine/ventilator.

I had actually crawled in the back, and adjusted the connection between the machine and the computer. 

But I wiggled it.

Apparently you need to unplug and replug it at the USB port.

And it is called a VENT dongle. To vent...

I learned yesterday online that there are three patterns to complaining.
  1. people who VENT and don't expect help (that's my way, typically)
  2. people who want sympathy and someone to console them
  3. people who complain as it is their nature, habit, custom to complain.
The article said that complaining rewires the brain to only complain more. And that GRATITUDE for anything, even the little things, is the key to rewire the brain to experience more JOY.

The law of attraction says to feel the things you wish to attract--to feel LOVE to attract more LOVE, to feel JOY to attract more JOY, and to feel abundant to attract more abundance.

I think there's a link in there somehow!

This article here called to me. My soul understands it on some level. I consciously don't. I suspect it's mixed info/disinfo. Anytime something gets a little to 'complicated' (the part about RA and the codes that were stolen) my eyes just glass over.

But the part about inverted systems, and the concept of LOOSH (is that how Lucifer got the name? LOOSH-ifer?) are good.

Here's another concept, 'reversals'--in this not so easy to watch video--where I would take that part and the rest with a grain of salt:

I'm going to add a little more for you--take it or leave it.  The first is Drake's singing the one song 'walking on water' at the Bellagio on GYALCHESTER (this is the black/African American term for 'Manchester' England) ...and the coincidence before the bombing within the next twenty-four hours:

In addition, the data on the deceased saying, 'it's going to kill me to meet Ariana' was just a little more than 'slang' I think. Here's the video:

And finally, these guys here, Doc Vader/ZDoggMD--and team--aren't awake. They aren't truthers. And yet, they question 'empathy fatigue', just like 'alarm fatigue'


How am I doing?

Physically, with my health?  Priority one?  I'm feeling much better with the stretches. I did seven thousand steps yesterday. I'm able to cook again, and also, to forgive myself for having to eat out so often due to my lifestyle/demands on my time. My stress levels are better.

Spiritually, I'm moving forward with great resistance, and proceeding with attunements for my students.  I'm happy people are loving their bracelets and spiritual work I do for them.

Anthony is good, and happy, and well. So are the pets. The garden needs a little help. I hope to work on it today.

The household? Well, bills are paid. The home isn't exactly neat, clean, or in good repair, but I know who to call for the problems, and I will work on them one at a time at a snail's pace. Right now, the car needs to be serviced because the thing went up to remind me on the dashboard. 

My patients?  Good outcomes. In so many ways. Nice working relationships with my colleagues too, which is a plus. I use my voice on emergence so much more to gently soothe and awaken the patience, and reinforce that everything went well.

The lawsuit? I don't know. It will settle one way or the other. No matter what, my insurance rates go UP. I've done all I could, and am in a waiting phase.

My work here? On the blog? I'm super excited.

I'm stoked I'm 'under the radar'.

I'm pleased with the growth of people I know through this page, how it helps them, and how they are awakening.

I'm excited and always have new projects in mind...and it really keeps me going.

It's hard to explain, but I'm happy and content that the Galactics aren't rushing in and doing everything for me. I like pulling my own weight, being part of a team.

Ross is so quiet. I know he's busy. And I'm just sending him and his teams LOVE.


I forgot one of the most important lessons he gave me.

I have two chronic health conditions. 

One is sinuses.

They have been jacked up since my transsphenoidal in 1990.

I'm pretty sure I have a superbug colonized in there.

Spirit had me go off my antibiotics.

I have to DO something. I'm on oregano oil, and I'm doing saline rinses. They help. I still get tired, and I'm always on the edge of asthma. 

But Spirit said to LOVE IT.

To direct pure and unconditional love to my sinus cavities. And I do.

It's helping me to tip the scales in my favor.

My other condition is I'm obese/overweight/out of shape.

I don't like the shape of my body. On the one hand, I'm doing okay for my age. But I miss the one of health I had ten years ago. The work, the hours, the stress, the parenting are 'getting to me'.

Spirit says to LOVE IT.

Spirit says the fat won't go away--in Anthony or me--unless I love it unconditionally.

So I have acceptance.

I joke and say, if there is a food shortage Anthony and I are going to be OKAY!

And I do my best to get in shape, even if it's just with the stretching.

(I'm wearing my special jacket that means so much to me right now. It's my father's army one. He used to wear it when we went camping. It has our last name on it. This is from the Korean war. It's so old. And it gives me so very much comfort in these times of change. Last night, after basketball, Anthony and I went to Dickey's ...that place is all about meat. And Anthony is all about meat. We shared a meal, and enjoyed ourselves, and I laughed inwardly at how in 2013 I could have NEVER imagined myself inside this place in the future. I thought vegetarian was it for me. And the lessons I've learned! Vegetarian lifestyle requires planning, and TIME. TIME to eat a salad at lunch, and chew. TIME to prepare the food. And time to have the snacks you need during the day.  With my line of work, it's not going to happen. Not by the book. Now, for lunch yesterday, I had vegetarian. Salad first, with a little tuna salad scoop. Then vegetarian eggplant parmesan with fake cheese. I've built that into the system at work, and I had time fortunately to eat it. But to enjoy my son, and not worry about the food, and to know the times like this where he's excited over the things he shares...are fleeting, precious, and not to be ruined by ideology over what to eat and where. The relationship is more important. Yes, I got the twinge about the animals. And I put it in my pocket, where I will create meals for us that aren't with cruelty too. I trust the Universe will show me the way. and THIS, THIS, is what made my father's soul smile. I felt it. I felt his spirit with us...and I was glad to feel it/sense it....)


Carla has said enough for today.

I'm waiting to talk with you.

I will let her go.

And for those of you who are wondering, vanilla is my favorite flavor. 

Whenever you go and order any food that is the flavor vanilla, I will be there.

Carla's tastes may come and go as they are part of her lessons.

As for me, MY tastes are eternal, and vanilla truly is the favorite thing to eat for me.

I will write more, later. 

P.S. continue to watch the skies!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple