Monday, May 22, 2017

A Grand Adventure!


I finished my call on Saturday night. I've rested and recovered yesterday. About all I was good for was playing catch with my son. And making dinner.

Today I have off from my clinical assignment.

First, for the good news!

We have made it.

If you have been hearing about the 'percents'--we are 'there' but I can't document what 'percent' because of Free Will on the part of the readers (according to Spirit).

I was given three rings by Divine Father, and Divine Mother incarnate sent me three bracelets (when I had ordered two).

Both arrived about the same time.

When I wore them, all this strange sensation of strong energy was going to work in my energy/body/etc.

I wore them all for two days.

I wasn't sure what to expect.

I had the feeling we were 'home' vibrationally, because everyone at the hospital at work was really NICE. People seem to be from the heart, nothing is hidden, and although there might be disagreements it's 'in the moment' and people are generally helpful.

For the patients, not so much 'nice'--people in pain frankly are often anything BUT 'nice'--but there was 'what you see is what you get' and no 'ulterior motives'.

I had trouble sleeping at the hotel.

I was tired all yesterday.

Many people were tired once the vibrations around us hit 'target'.

Ross let me have a nice glass of wine with dinner.

It helped.

Dinner was fascinating because I was to make what my nana used to make, sirloin tips with french fries (separate courses in a meal--one is a side dish). The meat is heavily peppered.

The store puts some gas in the packaging for the meat. And when I opened it, I wasn't sure if it was 'good' or not. There's a date of June 2 for expiration, but it had been in the fridge for about five days. I sniffed it, Anthony sniffed it. He thought it was okay. It wasn't slimy and was bright pink.

That the first of many 'tests'.

(I cooked the one from the freezer too, it smelled the same. I kept the pans separate. We ate the first one, and no one got sick. What was WEIRD was Ross wasn't talking. Even though I asked. It was a TEST.)

With the energies, I have the feeling of being on wobbly 'lily pads' and hopping from one to the next.

Last night was too hot. We got out the air bed, put it downstairs. Set it up. I was so sleepy.

But it was too soft for my joints and bones.

So I moved to the couch.

Later it was too cold, so I moved upstairs to my bed.

I woke up, and we have time for Anthony and I to do his stretches. He's in physical therapy. It will take one year for the bruise in his back bone to heal completely.  I do the stretches too.

Then I realized it's his dentist appointment in the morning. So we cleaned up for the cleaning team. I have housekeepers, but they don't do the heavy stuff. I had a Reiki table to put away. And the air bed (how do you get it to fit into that little bag with the zipper? Yikes!).

The closet for the Reiki table was kind of like, needed a good cleaning. So I had to hunt for the vacuum cleaner...and we fixed it better than it was before.

We took off for the dentist without having breakfast!

But afterwards, we found a nice coffee shop, and also, stopped by Trader Joe's to buy Anthony a healthy lunch. He chose chicken caesar salad, pomegranate, and a watermelon juice.

Then my day got like this.

One of the rings had slipped off my finger and I noticed it after I dropped Anthony off at school.

I retraced my steps.

I looked in the car.

I went through all the trash, even sticking my fingers in the old yogurt that we cleaned up when the quart fell out of the fridge yesterday when Anthony got the fruit drawer off the roller/rails.

I was screaming yesterday--my life is messed up! How can this be? Why do you play video games and not lift a finger to help me? Why do I always have to ASK?

It was expensive, losing a packet of pre-cut mango and a full quart of organic yogurt to the floor.

I realized my life ISN'T good--I can't be mindful, I can't predict anything, really, no matter how much I try, and I can't 'quiet down' enough inside (outside of meditation) to organize and make my life simple.

I wasn't angry at Anthony but at times I feel like my life is not my own, and that was one of them.

Today I was berating myself for losing something important (this one I do a LOT--get really deeply upset for losing something entrusted to me, it's a past life thing, I'm not sure what).

Yet at the same time, I knew the ring was in my bedroom, and if it wasn't God was in charge of things, and it's not the rings that are 'working' but it's the energies which remain no matter what...and I TRUSTED even though I could have gotten really upset.  And I knew in my heart, my life is too 'fast' for me, and losing the ring was a signal that I need to somehow slow things down.

It wasn't in my bed, the ring.

I was sad, but accepted it. And something told me to keep looking, and not give up hope.

I saw it! It WAS just beside the bed, on the floor, under a pillow.

I cried out loud with excitement!

I kissed the ring and got on my knees and thanked all my guides and Divine Father and Divine Mother for their mercy!

Then I put it in a safe place.

Walking on water can be easy, if you know how.

But right now, for me, the water is not solid snow, and I'm still busy learning.

This Creator Writings sums it up perfectly.

At no time did I think the Dark Ones were like in the movies, coming back for a thriller ending.

They are done.

Someone asked me, about this:

'How come I'm not seeing anything?'


Who sees an avalanche just when it's starting?

Only an experienced mountaineer.

And also, a lot is the energies.

Give it time, and no one will need to ask.

Here is an example of the avalanche just starting to begin.

In the new Realms/Higher Energies, we are being asked to help forge ahead and create a new and better life for us all. I was able to be on LIVE for this YouTube, in the comments, which are lost due to the magic of YouTube.

(P.S. --if you saw the Reiki healing with a wet blob on cement, and my asking people what it looks like to them, THERE you have an idea of the impact of Perception--how how many different 'realities' there really are!)

This soul has been doing work for free, with his friends, and he has vision.

Vision of a NEW medicine, '3.0', without Big Pharma or Insurance, and meets the needs of providers and patients.

He's 'worldly' in the sense that he drops lots of F-bombs and people think he's entertaining.

I'm not sure if this the the approach I would take to do this, myself. I think it's admirable for him and his team for just going 'out there' and 'doing their thing'.

SOMETHING is going to work.

And many people, just like me with my Reiki class for the nurses...are following their hearts and making inroads on much needed changes.

Here is a heads up--the pregnant sea lions are washing up ashore with neurological symptoms here in Southern California.  They are suffering from DMO--some chemical from the algae blooms in the ocean that are toxic. The fish eat it, and it goes up the food chain. Their babies all are premature and die, but the local rescue facility has had some luck with supportive care for the mothers.

They are the canaries of the ocean, and like in a coal mine where the canary would die first, they told us years ago when there wasn't enough fish in the ocean for them to nourish their pups.  There was a huge push for rescue those summers.

This is due to the rains, and the runoff of fertilizers into the ocean, which supports the algae blooms.

From what I understand, the cyanobacteria make most of the oxygen on the planet, and when they are in balance, there's no problem. But they are not in balance now.

Thoughts are things, and healing sent to the area will definitely help the marine mammals in the oceans where the algae are causing harm.

Thank you.

I remember!

Last night as I was falling asleep, I asked Ross, 'what HAPPENS?'

I was like, 'How do I go from awake to asleep? Where to I go at night? How does it work???'

And he let me 'see' a little right before I was 'out'.

I saw a conference room, on board ship. I saw lots of data, and the earth below. I saw reports on the energies, how things are going, and I saw them not as an observer, but as someone who USES the data. I understood what it meant, I knew it was encouraging and I knew it was time to work harder.

Ross was there, Ashtar was there, as there were many others, but I'm not sure if I recognized them.

It was just for a split second I saw these things. 

Then I was out. I slept poorly, trying to find the right position.

But I saw it, and I knew THAT was Home, and all of this, was something else perhaps Ross could explain to me later.



Everything is going to be okay.

I did it. You can too.


clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Explore Love!

Earth isn't supposed to hurt.

Pain is a lie.

Pain is something those who were sent to control us (incarnate humans) discovered and began to exploit.

Pain was never in the original rules of Earth.

And when those who do not have our best interest at heart are removed from power--I have a feeling this will be any day now...

When they are removed from positions of power, then we get to have fun!

The rules of Gaia were for people to get to know themselves well, without any outside influence, and to get to know each other.

To support themselves and to be the caretakers of the Earth...the plants, the animals, the environment.

Illness, disease, sorrow, the pain of separation/loss was never meant to be part of the program.

People were supposed to die just like in the higher realms--to leave their bodies when their lessons were complete and they were ready to go. 

It's a choice. It is honored. Just like the decision to be born into a body here on Earth.

When I die, and there is a movie of my life I review, THIS is what I will remember--the good things!

Riding on my swing in the early morning dew before school.

The total peace and nurturing I felt in my mother's arms.

How my father showed me the world from the amazing view of his shoulders, and how he worked so hard to support us as a family.

The closeness of friends and family who care about us and are there for us no matter what.

The glory and adventure of experiencing nature up close and personal.

The quiet times alone where I would dream and learn and relax.

The mysteries of the stars and how much fun it is to ponder them. And make a wish!

Living my life without regrets, making the best choices I could at the time, and somehow getting through it all...

If you grew up in North Long Beach, California, these carob pods would bring a flood of memories. The smell. Using them as hopscotch markers. How fast you would fall if one got stuck in your roller-skates or skateboard wheels...

I will remember working with Spirit, to heal all over the world, including Dawn in Denmark, who was selected to receive the Ascended Masters bracelet.

I will remember Spirit's message to another Dawn, about 'threes'--and how meaningful it was to her.

I will remember this, a unicorn bracelet made for a little girl who has trouble falling asleep.

And this one, a total unicorn in every way, with no pattern, except what Spirit describes, and the beautiful harmony that goes with it.

I will remember the speaker at our conference yesterday, the former chiropractor, who is due for surgery. He couldn't believe it, an anesthesiologist who works with auras! HE had worked in AIDS clinics in Chicago in the early 1990's before the medical therapies for HIV were around. He worked with healers from all walks of life. He saw much Reiki. And he 'saw AMAZING things' that happened when the healers from all practices of healing were doing their best to just 'help people get by' with this horrible disease that was causing so much suffering. He KNOWS and has SEEN first hand what Reiki can do. : )

These two are 'mother-daughter' bracelets, going for free to a mother who has severe anemia in India, and her daughter who is her caregiver. The mother's bracelet is on the left--golden quartz, and Swarovski crystal. The daughters has golden sheen obsidian to help her carry the load...The energy of both are linked together, and time and distance cannot separate them apart. 

The woman in the white coat works with cancer patients. She has seen things of spirit, but wasn't sure what to do with them.  She's done the best she could helping her patients. She's been affected by dark attachments in her patients who suck her energy.

The one in the red is going to ask Divine Mother Incarnate for a diamond shield. 

The one on the far right is a high-ranking nurse, who supports the mind-body-spirit education of her nurses.

The one in green is the head of the PACU.

The others are nurses from neonatal ICU, ICU, and recovery room.

In this moment, it was right before Ross caught my attention. 

He was standing--three feet up with his feet the same level as the Reiki table--just past the end where the nurse's feet are.

I felt his overwhelming love for me, and his sharing my joy at this moment, where Spirit and Medicine and Healing in MY life, are ONE.

Nothing is hidden. No having to hide my spiritual gifts and expertise in the 'conventional medical world'.

Spiritual guidance is being given to those who seek it.

And my dream, my vision, of bringing Reiki to my brothers and sisters at the hospital who haven't heard of it yet, came true.

(This was why I learned Reiki in the first place--to become a Reiki Master and teach my peers.)

Cleansing and balancing the chakras.

It was a good day.

I look forward to many more.

Ross? Have you anything to share?

(he shakes his head no--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Super Boom!


It's quiet now, it's late, and the day is finished where I am.

Anthony is fast asleep. I just tucked him in.

It's time to reflect on today.

Will you join me?

I had a good day.  I worked with wonderful surgeons, staff, and patients.  I even ate lunch, and a very light dinner.

I saw incredible things, medical 'normal variants'...which in a career you get to see perhaps, twice, if you are lucky.

Fascinating things, on how the body works...

I gave a special tea to a recovery room nurse who always is kind to me. For example, she bought me a lanyard like hers when she went to Park City, Utah to ski.  It's pink with purple moose on it. It's cheery. My old BB8 lanyard was getting a little wear and tear. I'm glad she got it. I gave her the whole tin of the new one.

The tea is from a sample I tasted at Trader Joe's. It's called 'Chocolate Cupcake'. It's not fake flavoring. It's a mix of cocoa beans and tea and other things, and it's delicious! My friend Kathy has a sweet tooth, but has been losing lots of weight intentionally. It was made for her, you know?

Did I do big healings today?


I also did 'little ones' too.

I wish so much I could share with you more, but I can't, due to patient privacy.

Let me just say it wasn't an accident who came to me in my day's work, and I did my best to help them.

So, Carla, where are you heading? you may ask? (Ross has a mischievous smile--ed)

Well, we are at ninety-five percent Home.  I heard it on the commute or O.R. sometime at the end of the day.

We are asked only to keep our vibration HIGH.  And to be CONFIDENT.

I have this through Divine Mother Incarnate from Divine Father Himself...well, the ninety-five percent I heard from Him with my own ears.

What does that mean?

To be holding a high vibration and being confident?

It means TRUST.

It means TRUST that propaganda like this is bullshit--deliberate misinformation fed to the people of all humanity that UFO's are evil.

Want to do something about it?

You can participate in this, if it resonates with you:

And if it doesn't, just ask yourself the questions, think on how YOU feel about it, and don't worry, one of 'them' has been talking with you for years--our wonderful Ross. <3

It means knowing the media tells lies--on every channel!

It means trusting your instincts about Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

It means knowing in Hollywood--what is hidden--is deeply disturbing and the knowledge of it will definitely haunt you--if you know the awful secrets of what goes on behind the scenes and wish you never did--and not buying their 'everything is cool' facade for one second!

It means KNOWING that the suicides and drug overdoses and car accidents and scandals which are reported to you by the media are often 'covers' for something else, something far more sinister.

The Hollywood Star Whackers.

They are real.

And for people like Kanye who disobey and make 'secrets known' to the public, they PAY.

Like the dutch financial guy who came forward a few weeks ago--they torture you to make sure you won't tell the secrets again, and they take you to where you feel like you are make sure you will stay quiet about what they do. He was tortured for about a year, I think...give or take...

It means KNOWING that MK-Ultra and Monarch are just one end of the spectrum created by Mengele and the people in Germany in WW2 who escaped war crimes and ended up on Madison Avenue...working on HUGE psychological operatives with the control the people of entire populations...on the OTHER end of the 'mind control' spectrum.

And just like in Monarch and MK-Ultra, where the one being 'programmed' witnesses brutal, horrible suffering and 'break' them...

In our society as we know it, our favorite celebrities are taken from us, suddenly, without warning, form a 'drug overdose' or whatever...

Some scripted story written as a cover up, and all the police and others being 'in' on the 'story' because they are SWORN to protect people from their own 'Guild' or 'Fraternity' which is hidden in plain sight. They are SWORN to protect others from it, even if it impedes the law.

I saw a skull and bones design on a black sweatshirt, with that baby from the Family Guy--I think, 'Stewey' on it.


Talk about hidden in plain sight, isn't it?

There is only ONE answer, there is only ONE solution, and when we hit one hundred percent we are going to understand how everything else besides LOVE is an Illusion, a fantasy, something not real.

You may enjoy the music of a singer who is suddenly reported to be dead.

It may depress you.

But to sell your soul for fame?

It that really living?

I've seen Bob Dylan say he sold his.  He 'made a deal'...and he's 'keeping up his end of the bargain'.

I've come to the conclusion that perhaps the 'one hit wonders' are the ones who perhaps decided not to 'sell'.

Either way, the truth is going to come out.

It's inevitable.


There are more things 'out there' coming to make your life better than you ever DREAMED!

Let's just say you saw the trailer...the promo...for the main attraction...coming to a theater near you!

(he smiles and winks--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Breaking Free

We are very close to our desired end point:  freedom from the Illusion, restoration of our Divine Birth Rights, and reunion with our  Star Families from Home in the Higher Realms.

Here is a message just from today:

I enjoyed today.

It was like a dream.

I didn't have to wake up early.

I took Anthony out to breakfast to the place where he's been wanting to go for two weeks.

It was relaxed and we got him to school on time.

I couldn't make an appointment/meeting for parents tomorrow, so the teacher offered to meet with me today on my day off.

The timing was excellent since I'm going to have to pick Anthony up for his physical therapy. He still isn't healed from his trampoline accident--there's lingering discomfort in the area.

I mailed a set of 'couples bracelets' to a reader. I always feel a great sense of satisfaction to package everything, to do a reading for the persons involved, and print it up.

The meeting went well.

So did the physical therapy.

I came home, and Anthony's dad picked him up.

I went back to the post office again, this time to mail another custom bracelet and a unicorn one carefully packaged for another reader.   I also got not one but TWO care packages from someone and it means so much.

Now I'm back.

I have a deep sense of satisfaction from today.  It's different from the one I have at my work. I'm not all tired and wore out from it. I needed a day like today.

Tomorrow will be good, too, I look forward to it. I'm working with my friend whose husband is my eye doctor. She's one of the best people I know to make the day pleasant and light. I actually made her a bracelet a long time ago. When I gave it to her she asked if it's to help her keep her temper and she laughed and said she will need it for sure!

Anyhow, medicine is imploding.

I look at it as 'we are closer to home' and like John Smallman says, the underpinnings are coming loose and it can't be repaired, the current structure'.

Look at all these articles that 'came my way' in the last day:

Well, in a way, it's good news that things are being exposed enough that we can move forward.

Frankly, in the back of my mind, I was wondering if this all isn't an excuse for people to just blaze up and support the marijuana movement, right? There's not much pointing as 'bad' in that direction yet on health. Being older, I wouldn't be surprised if in another generation people are talking about the downside of that too. Basically, we are all 'guinea pigs' for the next generation. Right???

Ross is smiling and he says it's okay for me to sign off. 

I just remembered one last thing--Anthony did so well with his physical therapy. Why don't they add a PT visit to everyone once a year, for an evaluation? It can be totally preventative medicine, you know? It's not invasive, there's no drugs, and home stretching exercises and strengthening ones are proven effective. Kind of like a 'how to live in your own body' kind of education and healing, don't you think?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. Divine Father said we are at the ninety percent mark effective today!

Two Can Play THAT Game!

Yesterday I woke up to a terrifying vision.

Spirit, actually, Divine Mother herself, had sent it to me.

It was a female nude body, like one of those 'cakes' in Spirit Cooking, very gory, on an operating table. 

This image held itself in my mind for a few moments, as if I was supposed to remember it. It was important.

And then it went away.

I started my day.

(I saw another vision this morning, of my friend Mark Taylor's funeral. He was open casket, but very flat, as if something heavy had crushed him. He was lying in the coffin wearing a suit, and made to look as nice as possible, but his mouth was gaped open, and he was never more than three inches thick anywhere, not even his mouth and face)

For us, we went to Starbucks, and sat to eat a warm meal. Then I dropped Anthony off at school.

I was ten minutes late. I wanted some contact time with Anthony because I'd been to bed after midnight and woken up at five a.m.  For some reason I couldn't fall asleep. I hit the snooze button four times.

I was on an assignment where it's okay not to show up thirty minutes early like we do in the Main O.R. . And the surgeon was kind. The procedure took only five minutes.

My patient admired my bracelets before the procedure.

I explained how I make them. Would she like one? I will make one for her. Let's check the size...I put one of mine on her, and saw it's too big (she was very thin, like end-stage disease) I noted the size on her face sheet.

Then she started to cry!

She said, 'I haven't gotten anything in such a long time!'

So I hugged her tight while she cried.  She was so very thin, ravaged by disease, being so strong for it all through her procedures, and inside was a scared little girl.

She felt validated for the first time in I don't know how long.

But everything went well, I added her name to the list of bracelets to make.

The last one I made was for someone with really BAD claustrophobia. Needed my services to go through the MRI. I know it was just what she loved--as we had talked about her jewelry. I had ordered simulated opal beads (real opal is fragile--if it's' the sparkly one) six dollars and ninety nine cents a bead, three of them!

I never heard from her, but I didn't expect to.

Her plate is full.

This brings us to the next part.

There's the spirit work I do. And there's the deciphering the message from Divine Mother.

I'm not sure which one was first.

One was a routine supporting and boosting with the Reiki introp like I normally do.

Two needed deep cleaning and timeline healings.

One didn't seem like there was anything going on, however, the disease was very advanced, and hospice would be needed soon. But when I went to look inside, the arm of the patient's lightbody gently pushed me away, as if to say, 'Don't!'

I did it again, and back came the arm, gentle, insistent, as if to say, 'don't!'

I have never in my many years of soul work had a soul say 'don't look' and 'don't talk to me'!

This isn't 'normal'. I thought it prudent to call in my teams, which is did, and I attached the cleaning mechanism. I'm not even sure what came out, but I did see the walk in saying goodbye to her family for a 'short mission' and saw her go in.

Ross told me I did well.

To be honest, I still don't understand what I did, but my discernment told me to be cautious and prudent.

When I was waiting for a case in the CT scanner control room, I realized all the electronic heavy equipment and radiation are a perfect 'screen' because it's really hard for anyone, light or dark, to 'see' my spirit work, my Reiki, my healing I send.

Mind you that, most of the time, really high vibration is also invisible to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

There's two ways to 'hide', and the Higher Vibration route is the best kind.

Ross had warned us in a Council message (yes, he's on it...he says for you to know Michael is on it too) from Ron Head that 'you must keep your vibrations UP without ceasing because if you let them 'dip' you are at risk for ACCIDENTS!'

That's why it's the best.

But while I was in the control room, I just love it there. The people have the best sense of humor.  A calendar on the wall was all pretty with bright colors and it said, these exact words -- 'Some Smart Quote' --on it, making fun of inspirational calendars. They have frogs with helicopter propellers taped to them--little plastic ones, stuffed animals with tiny chest x rays attached so it looks like you are seeing the animal, Feng Shui things...the creativity always changes and makes me smile.

I also noticed how the other Lightworker at my hospital (there's a really strong Buddhist one, he knows about me, I know about him--we both can feel the vibration, but we don't talk.) is so good at protecting the space even the worker (most negative on site, one who has a life-threatening cancer and was out for a long time) who has vibration on the 'lower side' doesn't even drag the energy there down!

That's why I sent the healing for the day from there. And I smiled inwardly and said, 'two can play that game!'--not because of the Buddhist CT tech, but because of the 'hiding' under the energy 'screen' from the equipment, and sending GOOD things OUT! (instead of bad ones like those who do not have our best interest at heart )...Ross liked the thought, kissed me, in spirit, and asked me to title today's post that phrase.


I asked.

I asked and said, 'I know there's a connection between my work, and those sacrifices, but I just can't put my finger on it!'

Together we figured out part of the message--and again, as I translate from Spirit it just doesn't 'sound right' in English but it's the best I can do...

What if instead of the 'little bit of pain to get healing' paradigm, which we see in 3D, visible, what if the 'healing' is also meant to inflict 'pain and suffering' and that this 'pain and suffering' was used to charge the batteries of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart?!

What if the 'pain and suffering' was the reason disease is introduced again and again, not only to cull us, but to keep us 'down' and to 'energize THE OTHER TEAM?!' who in their belief system, sacrifice and cannibalize so many innocent victims in their form of 'faith'?

Could this be?

Spirit created a special mesh to prevent any of the low vibrations frequencies (pain, suffering, blood loss) from our somewhat barbaric medical system from ever reaching any intended 'target' on The Other Team.

It's like the car has been put in neutral, and it can't 'go', energetically.   And this goes to all medicine all over the globe and in the ethers too.

Why do we have a routine?

Who does it benefit?


I've found one more component to the suffering--the healers:

In our work, the O.R. work ethic/expectation is shifting from before a new Director came from a neighbor hospital, to the way HER hospital was before--'everyone working till eleven, and always being on call'.

That's what happened to me the other day. If you care call five and higher (1 stays all night)--you can be there until TEN PM!

Before, call five got out at five p.m.  Only two rooms would run until seven and then most cases finished by eight. 

I realized she doesn't know the suffering she is causing on her staff (at the last place people left--a lot) and she cares but just doesn't understand her responsibility to her teams. She and the rest of the nurse managers are working on 'wellness' lectures, with mine on Reiki being one of them. 

Our most valued resource is being pushed to the limits, our healthcare providers. 

I ask you to think of all people who are struggling with unfair and unhealthy working conditions--everywhere--and to send your love and healing to them--as a blanket to ameliorate all this suffering too.

Thank you.

Yesterday Ross surprised me.

I had a gap in my schedule, and a conflict later in the afternoon with my eye appointment.

My eye doctor is a world famous specialist in my problem--borderline narrow angle glaucoma. It's not glaucoma yet, but you have to watch it. 

He's also the husband of one of my best friends in the O.R., a lady surgeon.

He knows I hate the exam so much his wife needs to hold my hand. Just so I can go through it with that thing touching my eye.

But his fellow examined me. I did my best to be calm, and go through with it.

He was good at talking me through it. 

I didn't give it a second thought.

Even when I asked about how often I will need new glasses, and he explained how as we get 'a little more senior' the lens gets less flexible, and we need 'bigger magnification'.  That's also why the glaucoma happens because the cataract pushes the anterior chamber forward and makes the angle more tight. 

'More senior?!'

I AM over fifty and have been throwing away the AARP membership envelopes--I don't want them to sell my name to those awful marketing lists!...


When he left and it was time for me to go, Ross popped in!

He had been watching the whole time, and he let me know how proud he was of me with my exam.


He knows just how much I hate it. 

I'm so glad I have him.



I know it's been a while since I've talked to you.  I want to talk to you about two or three things.

First and foremost:  when life gives you lemons, be sure to make some lemonade!

This is one of the most healing concepts on the planet!

First there is acceptance of the lemons you are getting from life, they are sour, not sweet.

Second, there is EMPOWERMENT! You can transmute those lemons into something very refreshing! With a little know how and some work, you can change the lemons to lemonade!

Last, what good is lemonade when you are alone?!

Lemonade is meant to be shared with your friends and your loved ones!

(he claps once, at his 'lesson' going so smoothly--ed)

The next topic, I'll admit I have a handful of them and have to ration them so I don't bend your ear--(he chuckles--ed)--is that:  it is okay to be depressed but it is NOT OKAY to STAY depressed!

If you need them, take your medicines in order to get better! 

It is not worth the pain and suffering of untreated depression (which can be fatal!) over the 'protection' from 'staying away from all those drugs' and for the 'stigma' of going to a psychiatrist for a psychiatric evaluation. 

If life gives you the 'lemon' of mental illness, why not seek help? 

You can seek both Divine Assistance and Medical Attention--and for most (interlaces the fingers)--it is a COMBINATION of the two which achieves the desired results the fastest.

Your sorrow, your pain, isn't helping YOU.

It's helping (he points the other way--ed) the Other Team.

They thrive on all that low energy.

So starve them!

Your joy is important, as also is your connections with all your loved ones. Together you make a collective and your energy and strength as a collective is much needed at this time.

Your JOY is IMPORTANT to the successful outcome of this mission! Our joint mission! 

I can't say this part enough!

Seek help, if you feel it in your heart that 'this isn't the life you were meant to be living' and Archangel Nathaniel truly likes 'impossible situations' for which there is a challenge not only for you but for him.

Look at Carla with her poor housekeeping! Nathaniel had an armful with that, but it's much better now, for them both, Anthony and Carla...<3

The last part is Poopy Butt.

As you know, Carla and Anthony's bunny rabbit has a 'little problem'. She is always peeing on herself and the poop is getting stuck in her fur.

Both Carla and Anthony knew it was time to clean it.

Both of them didn't really want to give her a bath but they knew they had to dunk her bottom in the tepid water in the sink to help her out.

But then Anthony noticed and said, 'Mom, it's starting to fall off already! She has FLAPPY POOPY BUTT'.

Then Carla did the gesture that is most dear to my heart, for I have seen it in her a thousand times, all through our many lifetimes of incarnations together--she held her head in her hands, shook her head, and totally cracked up.

She couldn't stop laughing!

Anthony asked her why? Why mom, are you doing this?

Carla said, 'Because just when I thought things couldn't get worse there is always a way for them to get more icky/disgusting/awful for me to have to fix.'

And she laughed!

Carla took a 'Lemon' of the 'poopy butt with flapping poopsicles' and just totally gave up to Spirit and said, 'that's okay, you win, I will clean the butt of this rabbit who totally needs it.'

Carla is still laughing and smiling as she writes this today.

Life is comical, quite comical, if you let it carry you from Point A to Point B. 

I'm going to get THROUGH to Carla if it's the last thing I do. To keep her on her lessons! It's my job as her guide (not as her twin, but in this life I have a role where I AM Carla's Guardian angel in this life--or at least, one of them).

So in her laughter, to me, Carla was like, 'Okay Ross, okay, you WIN'.

And THAT is the part I like about my 'charge' and my Twin so very much--her being honest with herself and others, and too, being a good sport.

clap! clap!

That is enough from both of us today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

Monday, May 15, 2017

Just Another Day With Cochise

Today was AWESOME!

In a way. ; )

I had an early start. I dropped Anthony off at a sitter. I had REALLY pushed the limits this morning. With a bowl of oatmeal in my stomach (because it was faster) I just barely made it to work moments after the surgeon was walking in.

We don't have a real anesthesia tech. We have a hall support person who is interested in the job doing the work without the training.

It's frustrating on my end, as well as for her. She deserves the training.

The cases today were the usual stuff I can't talk about, in the physical, but in the spiritual, I can.

I can't tell you which patient did what.

One inside, after the cleansing and balancing, apologized. It was very obvious this one was a 'slacker' who 'just barely made it to Ascension' without 'doing their fair share of the work'.  This was the nature of the apology. I said, 'lots of people are like this, it's no big deal, but if you can find it in yourself to help, please DO.'

It's different working with people on a soul level.

Another one, well, many things broke in the O.R.

I've noticed a trend in my cardiac surgery patients where lines won't go in, it's just weird how the energies in those patients are to work with. It's like theres an energy wall that says--from the person--Keep Out and Don't Fix Me. Is it Fear? IDK.

I've noticed a trend in my OB patients where the needles won't go in for the epidural--and it's been confirmed through Margaret that there are Dark Entities inside, who want the pain to their host, because it 'feeds them' energy.

So today, not only was everything difficult, technically, but the entire anesthesia computer system crashed in all the rooms in such a way that the data would not collect automatically onto the electronic anesthesia record.

I had to record everything by hand entering into the computer, every vital sign, in addition to my usual things.

However, the combination technically for the patient care was equally demanding--high tolerance to standard anesthetic agents, plus -- a need for the lightest anesthesia possible for nerve monitoring introp!  The surgeon was like, 'the patient isn't asleep!' and I was struggling with high rates of iv anesthesia, meds, the drug tolerance, and the entering data.

I couldn't think.

But I found a way to 'validate' the data and let it into the record.

And I rolled up my sleeves--making sure my guides of compassionate Healing were with me, and I looked into the soul.

I wasn't sure what to do to be honest. It--whatever it was and I still don't know what it is--I sensed it was going to put up a fight.

Out of the blue, I saw Divine Father coming down, and HE made it come out. Then about thirty men (angels) had a giant interwoven laser rope grid/net to contain it. They were each pulling as hard as they could with all their might!

It went directly to be merged.

I looked inside in earnest for any stragglers left--maybees or small dark ones. I scrubbed with a bottle brush, and I also filled it up with uncooked rice. I knew it would grow if I added water.  I got some pepper things out, some small grey things (maybees?)...

And the energy in the room LIGHTENED!

All the computers got fixed.

It was a workout!

I wanted to record this just in case I forgot in the morning.  I came home after ten, and Anthony and I studied his science together, now I write this.

clap! clap!

Ross says it's time for me to get some rest.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

Believe In Love From Heaven

This is a difficult blog for me to post.


Because I am translating messages from Spirit, which don't always 'translate' neat and clean into English, which is my native language.

I'll do my best.

You are LOVED.

You are loved by Creator of All That Is.

You are very Precious and Special to Heaven.

You are not alone!

You are in a place and time where your skills are needed.

You have been sent here from Home.

This is what you are.

Divinely LOVED!

Although perhaps you may or may not recall the details of how you came to be here, or perhaps, even the countless lifetimes you have spent upon the preparation for today...Here and are.

Now I am going to talk about the sigils.

I have strong mind, and even stronger will.

I know what I want.

I'm not going to let a few sigils from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart stop me from my mission, or from going Ross' loving arms.

The point I was trying to make in disclosing my inner work and guidance and path is three-fold:

  • just like how the sigils all 'fell into the guys lap' Richie from Boston had the training to understand them--as an electrician--for their significance as 'circuits'--watching the video fell right into my lap, someone who has worked with MANY a Reiki symbol and archangel key...who would realize too what symbols do, how they help us communicate with the angels--to bring Healing and Soul Growth INTO THIS WORLD!  It was a great big AHA! moment, okay?
  • I like to keep a trail of my work, and document it. It's for my own reasons, so I can always look back and see where I was on a given time.
  • I double-checked against all my Keys and Reiki Symbols, and yes, they are fine and NOT connected to the dark ones sigils on the lists shown by Richie.

Did you know that for all of the Divine Healing Codes that have been given to us by Divine Mother, she never once has made a mistake or used the same code Twice?

Although this is the case, I carefully go through the entire list, every single time, to make sure there is not a duplicate before I add it to the list. 

Spirit's record is perfect on this!

What are the odds of that?!


There is no reason to freak out because everything is under the guidance of the BEST--the highest angels and Creator of All That Is--and we are going to be OKAY.

Someone said, from their heart, in anguish, 'but...the other team is WINNING!'.


They are not.


I do things most people cannot or shouldn't attempt to do in my healing work.   Yesterday I worked with the consciousness of an entire stadium.  

Don't ask me how I do it, I can't explain it, but I have been called to do 'Big Healings' and I have since, I don't know, 2011 or 2012. 

What I picked up is the people are ready.

Despite all appearances, the general public, on a soul level, are READY to Move Up.

To Awaken.

To Ascend.

The influence of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is strong.

Divine Creator is STRONGER.

It's just a short distance to go. 

How do you get to the water at the beach?   How do you get to the beach at all?

First you drive.

Then you fight to get a parking space.

Then you carry all your stuff across the sand, which isn't easy to begin with and sometimes the sand is hot, right?

But once you are THERE, it's total paradise! You have your umbrella up. You have your snacks. You have your chair. You have everything you need, for the most part.

At the end of the day it was totally worth it, and you don't recall the hassles you went through to experience the ocean...or the lake...or the river...wherever it is you have gone.

I can see the outlines of the Big Picture now.

I can see how the Dark Ones do Predictive Programming, and hide their 'messages' in plain sight. They do this to exploit the 'loophole' of Free Will, and paying lip service to it so they can go back and say, 'we showed them and nobody has a problem with it'.  I can see the trickery for what it is...and how without the psychological manipulation, a 'reasonable person' would never agree to participate in their game. 

It's despicable, the tricks and the lies. 

I'll give you that.

It's to the point where they have the general public convinced that black is white and white is black. 

Here is where the difficulty comes in. I awoke to the name 'Cochise'. I looked him up on Wikipedia (which probably isn't the most truthful source either, but it's the quickest one for reference):

I was like, hmmm? What could that mean?

Cochise was an Apache leader whose people lived in New Mexico/Arizona/Sonora.  

He was the last First Nations leader to die free.  He successfully kept invaders from Spain, later, Mexico, and the United States off his land.

It took Howitzer fire to make him give up.

There were many 'treaties' and 'peace meetings' which were lies and his loved ones ended up being taken hostage and killed.  In one it was a trap and he 'cut the tent' to escape.

He had great resolve, the strength of an oak (that's what his name means), and was single-minded in his efforts.

I'm not sure if Cochise is meant to describe The Other Team, or Us, or just to expect some tricks/conflict in general.

Is it to show the ways the Dark Ones 'fight'--telling you it's peace and then taking hostages at the parlay meeting?

I don't know.

What I do know is that there's lots of Discernment needed at this time. 

And if you are super Christian--not to say you would be reading my work or not--but perhaps it would be safer for all of us to say 'Divine Love is my Faraday Cage' (it's related to a video where it shows how much the Dark Ones are bombarding us with electromagnetic frequencies--aiming it at us--and one commenter said, 'Jesus is my Faraday Cage' --their protection from the electricity)...

I too am Christian. 

I'm not a Bible Thumper. 

There's a difference.

I believe many of the people who make Truther videos on YouTube are of good intent. But now they are starting to attack one another:
Meanwhile, for people who don't go with the 'program' of Those Who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart--like in the Josie and the Pussycats clip--they have scandal, tax problems, car accidents, and drug overdoses:

Remember, the truth in itself is unsavory, and people are doing their best to get it out to the public:

And the lies are huge! And shocking!  Look at the one for a place I've eaten lots of times:

So, to put everything together, as a person on a mission, sent here just to Be YOU at this time, remember:
  • the scandals are DISTURBING
  • Unconditional LOVE from Creator of All That Is will protect you
  • the Other Team has ability to exploit your delicate psychology and twist things--discernment is needed every single day
  • we are in the best of hands and they won't screw up--our Teams, our Guides, our Friends in the Skies
  • your JOY is important to nourish you and sustain you on your mission--get a little sunshine, fresh air, and enjoy something that makes you feel like a kid even for a few minutes every day.
  • As the Vibrations around us go UP, increase (I think the Schumann frequencies are a part of it but there's more, I think there's our own soul/physical makeup contributing to it) things are going to get easier--even if the Other Team puts up a crazy ass fight like Cochise did (or are WE supposed to put it up? I don't know lol)
  • This is all 'imagination', 'Illusion' and once we get through it, everything is going to be OKAY. THAT's why The Divine Creator is going to 'win'--Love is the only thing that's Real.
  • Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of us are important! Don't go 'genderless'. They are HUGE and honor them. Enjoy them! No matter what your orientation, don't go lump everything in a barrel.  BE what you ARE! There's a reason for it!

clap! clap!

I have an early start today, and Ross is telling me this is the very last minute I have before I start my day.

I have to go.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

Sunday, May 14, 2017


It's time we had that important talk.

I have a tongue tie.

I'm probably a little on the Asperger end of the autism spectrum too.

My sister tested homozygous positive for the MTHFR gene.  What this means, is she is genetically barely able to transform folic acid into the active form of folate.

Did I get tested?

It's super expensive.

So I tried what her doctor told her to do--I took the activated form of vitamin B9--in the Smarty Pants brand gummy, where it's L-methylfolate, calcium salt.

I felt BETTER! Like I haven't felt in years! I had so much energy!!

I must be like her, and the only chance in medical decision-making that would have changed the outcome is if I didn't feel anything with the activated B9, I might have gone back and taken the test just to make sure I wasn't heterozygous.

Here is an article:

I took LOTS of folate in my prenatal vitamins...and Anthony has a tongue tie too.

I wasn't sure, when I went to the store, what 'activated B-9' was. I had to learn B-9 was folate (we didn't memorize it as B-9 in medical school).   I actually bought three forms of B vitamins--because I want lots of B-1, as eighty percent of the morbidly obese are deficient in it, and my son and I both have a 'weight problem' that's not 'good'--our BMI's are above thirty and that's not cool.

One was Fast Dissolve B Complex--didn't even have folate in it!  At least it had B-1 (Thiamine), and just now I realized it's not 'one a day' but 'one in the morning and two in the afternoon'--ooops!

The other was Doctor's Best Fully Active B Complex. It has (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate ((6S)-5-MTHF)...that one doesn't give me the same energy, but it's technically 'active' with 'Quatrefolic'...when I take that one I feel a little 'fuzzy' so I won't take it any more.

I am so grateful for this find my sister shared with me.

That was one of the nicest things she ever did.

She also shared with me her DNA test results from twenty three and me.

I wasn't surprised, as my mom researched our genealogy and it is close.

What did surprise me was this--perhaps the spitting in a cup is more than 'for science' and 'for you'?

I watched it last night:

I was on a roll.  Ross told me to relax a little, and watch some last night before bed. He told me my rest is important, and not to worry about the dishes and the laundry.

Let me tell you this is something I've never realized before. There are things out there called 'Sigils'.

I didn't know. 

I watched the video and was like, OMG!  After doing all the archangel keys, after doing years of Reiki, I knew that the symbols were important, but never did I for an instant guess that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have their own versions of it too, and have been using it for long time!

Very long time!

Totally secret and guarded long time!

Which makes sense, if you think about it, right?

For the beginning of Reiki, it was secret too. That's why we don't post the symbols all over the internet (except when Spirit told me to-- starting with The Transition Symbol)...

I stopped the frame and looked through every one of the sigils presented and not one is in ANY of our advanced Reiki or Angel keys. 

Thank God! Spirit is smarter than us!  And trusting in Spirit is everything.  No WONDER why the veil on many of us light workers has been so THICK. 

It's a big task we have been sent to do! 

Here's the video:

I'm going to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for you if you are interested:

All these things just fell in my lap.

I know one of the techniques in Nazi Germany was to take art, and display it upside down, in poor lighting, and make fun of it to help make people go along with the agenda to look down on the Jews.

I know when media I watch kind of gets my emotions going, it's probably not 'right'.  And Mark Dice--I wasn't sure what 'team' he was on. He enjoys what he does, he's good at it, and yet...on some level I have been going, 'hmmmm?' with my Discern-O-Meter for some time, because of what I studied in my history classes and his technique is pretty close to the bad art shows and mockery used 'back in the day'.

So I'm glad to have a broad 'range' of videos. If you're bored, watch. If not, or if you don't like them, that's okay too. 

I just want you to know what I've been up to, how I'm forging that trail through the chest deep snow, and it looks like our destination is just barely able to be seen in the distance.

I was very excited about it.

Yesterday I just went for a walk to a local park.

I didn't go to Starbucks for breakfast. I just went for a walk.

But this time I did something different. At the end I just lay on my back on the grass, and I sent Reiki for the usual daily healings I send with Ross.

It was wonderful to be outside.

For the second time in my life, I saw the 'blue'--my vision just sees this incredible shade of Light Blue, and I feel transported to another world/dimension. It happens only when I am on my back, on the earth, and very relaxed and content in a spiritual connection.

It's fleeting, but also, very reassuring when this 'blue' happens to me when my eyes are closed.

Then after that, I sat in the park, and I meditated.

I made progress.

I opened my heart to my guides, and said, 'I don't know what to do about my relationships with my sisters--they aren't healthy. One didn't even want me in her wedding, and I was practically ignored the whole time in all the preparations.'

I realized much of our relationships are based on expectations, from our mutual past which in my case was like, forty years ago.

Ross and Michael helped me to cut the cords.

Michael explained, gently, that any request from them in the future, I can answer based on what is in my heart NOW. And if I feel it is right for me or not to go do it. He said there are not any guarantees, and the blood tie will always be there, but it doesn't mean there will be a friendship. But just because there isn't, there's no use in trying to beat myself up or feeling guilting about not being close with them and their lives.

As I relaxed, I realized the people who genuinely LOVE me, understand my crazy life, the single parenting, the long hours at work, and accept me for what I am, here right now, TODAY...and there's no 'baggage' between us.

So I felt free.

I came home, and since being late is better than never, I put together the Mother's Day cards and the emergency blankets I would have given them in person if we had been getting together today. One sister is working. The other is 'tired' which I'm not sure if it means she doesn't want to get together, or get together with me and Anthony, I just can't figure it out. And according to Michael, it's best if I just let it go.

I did make a nice Mother's Day card for our neighbor who is extra good to Anthony and me, and helps us every now and then.

I also sent a box of candies from our childhood to my first friend for her birthday, just like the things we used to buy at the liquor store long ago. We are close, and still friends, to this day.

It's good not to overlook the blessings we DO have, you know?

As your vibrations grow, you will realize as you are Ascending, your family ties to your incarnate Star Family are much stronger and sustaining than you ever would have guessed.

Family is family.

And as we get closer to the end of the road--what we have been working for and the completion of our mission/assignments/Purpose--things 'shift' a little with the people who gravitate to us and are around us.

And that's OKAY.

(Ross is clapping--clap! clap!--ed--it must be time for me to go.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. Ross wishes everyone a Happy Mother's Day!