Monday, May 1, 2017

Next Steps

Things are moving along.

Today I tried something new, I woke up, and I stretched and I'm going to exercise a little bit.  I've been stiff and sore from my walking. Anthony is very stiff too. So I am both helping myself and setting an example.

I heard you get a natural burst of energy if you exercise in the morning.

I will try it as best as I can for the next few weeks and see how it goes.

Is my big toe better? The 'thermometer' to tell me I'm in 5D physically or not? It bent a little more this morning (there's arthritis in the joint) and it's not aching like it used to, but my walk is not normal and it puts extra strain on my hips as I compensate...

One day it will be like normal.  I'm just not sure when.

I want to talk for a minute about technology.  I've been having trouble making appointments for massage at the place by my work. I pay for one massage a month in advance, as a supporting 'club' member. But I can never get in for like, the past year.

I figured it out.

There's an APP.  People can see their schedule and request time through their smart phone. The receptionists now call to confirm booking, as reminders. They don't actually 'book' like they used to in the past.

I think the APP is called 'mind-body'.

All that switch happened without my realizing it.

I also watched this video today. It's all about the Illuminati and Pokemon Go.  It's fascinating. I admire the depth of this coverage on the subject.

I think that the cell phones itself have taken away our privacy, someone knows things we don't while we use it.

The loss of privacy is more than the Pokemon Go game. It's way more invasive.

For example, when I downloaded the APP 'Steps', the first day, instead of my steps being 'zero' it filled in from my phone the actual steps I had taken.

It really IS a slave device, a tells me when to work...I am always accessible, even in the middle of the night and I have to sleep with my phone in my room just in case the hospital calls.

I don't even have an alarm clock any more.

Most people, myself included, don't wear wristwatches (the old school kind) because of their phone or smart watch to tell the time.

And we pay for it! The phone service and the phone and the insurance for it too!

I think Pokemon go gives the government data on people's choices/values/emotions, which can be used to see how easy they are to manipulate. The inconsistent and unpredictable reward system is similar to Las Vegas gambling--highly highly addictive to humans and lab rats and lab mice in studies.

You see, you make a choice as to what 'ball' to use, what 'berry'...and you pay money to buy 'coins' which allow you to get incubators (the 2K egg 'push' made you go through them a lot faster and it was expensive!)...pokeballs...and extra storage in your backpack and your Pokemon 'crate' to store them.  

Just like when Facebook was trying to measure us with the emoticon thing 'how do you feel?'--each emoji could be used to make a graph...this image in this post causes the reaction 70% thrilled, etc oh a bar graph or pie chart in some boardroom....that's around the same time Pokemon Go came out.

On the one hand, it's brought my boy and I outdoors, and walking. I've gone to parts of Dana Point I never would have gotten to know if it hadn't been for the game.  On the other, I find I don't want to do my DuoLingo language learning app (another Data Mine for how people learn, basically)....they remind me too much, and it's not 'fun'.  I would have made great progress by now in the languages I wish to learn, but Anthony wanted to play, and like most parents I welcomed something to 'bring us closer' and it has.

I add my comments because balance is important. And with all these videos, there are many GOOD points in them. There's also important input from YOU and your Discern-O-Meter and your brain and your heart working together to see what's right for you.


I am going out on a limb now to introduce to you the topic of Galactic Dating.  (he rubs his hands together).

Remember the excitement when you are on your first date with a person?

It is like that out here, all the time!

There is wonder, acceptance, mutual longing, and desire.  All of it is unfiltered.

The absence is the misinterpretation, the misunderstanding, and the games.

People present themselves as really what they are!

People can have short term relationships, as well as long-term ones. And with the intuition (points to the head, the forehead) being what it is, everyone KNOWS in a heartbeat 'where they stand' and 'where is this relationship going'...and it's OKAY!

People want to enjoy each other for the experience.

There is all kinds of dating up here like on earth with all the sexes, and if you add to it the diversity of the life forms which exist in all of creation (not the animals but the humanoids) you really 'add to the mix'.

I wouldn't recommend--if I were you, new to the Higher Realms--ASKING someone for a 'date' until I lay the ground rules.  Your intuition must be one hundred percent, and you must have some spiritual maturity so as not to be a bull in a china shop and go out there and hurt people just because you are new and inexperienced.

But if someone approaches you, and you feel that spark?

It is perfectly acceptable to state your terms and see if the other party accepts or declines.  Just like on earth.

There is no 'makeup' which will glamorize someone to be more beautiful than what they are. You won't wake up in the morning having worn 'beer goggles' and go, 'what was I thinking?'

It is always, every single time, a Win-Win.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple