Saturday, May 20, 2017

Explore Love!

Earth isn't supposed to hurt.

Pain is a lie.

Pain is something those who were sent to control us (incarnate humans) discovered and began to exploit.

Pain was never in the original rules of Earth.

And when those who do not have our best interest at heart are removed from power--I have a feeling this will be any day now...

When they are removed from positions of power, then we get to have fun!

The rules of Gaia were for people to get to know themselves well, without any outside influence, and to get to know each other.

To support themselves and to be the caretakers of the Earth...the plants, the animals, the environment.

Illness, disease, sorrow, the pain of separation/loss was never meant to be part of the program.

People were supposed to die just like in the higher realms--to leave their bodies when their lessons were complete and they were ready to go. 

It's a choice. It is honored. Just like the decision to be born into a body here on Earth.

When I die, and there is a movie of my life I review, THIS is what I will remember--the good things!

Riding on my swing in the early morning dew before school.

The total peace and nurturing I felt in my mother's arms.

How my father showed me the world from the amazing view of his shoulders, and how he worked so hard to support us as a family.

The closeness of friends and family who care about us and are there for us no matter what.

The glory and adventure of experiencing nature up close and personal.

The quiet times alone where I would dream and learn and relax.

The mysteries of the stars and how much fun it is to ponder them. And make a wish!

Living my life without regrets, making the best choices I could at the time, and somehow getting through it all...

If you grew up in North Long Beach, California, these carob pods would bring a flood of memories. The smell. Using them as hopscotch markers. How fast you would fall if one got stuck in your roller-skates or skateboard wheels...

I will remember working with Spirit, to heal all over the world, including Dawn in Denmark, who was selected to receive the Ascended Masters bracelet.

I will remember Spirit's message to another Dawn, about 'threes'--and how meaningful it was to her.

I will remember this, a unicorn bracelet made for a little girl who has trouble falling asleep.

And this one, a total unicorn in every way, with no pattern, except what Spirit describes, and the beautiful harmony that goes with it.

I will remember the speaker at our conference yesterday, the former chiropractor, who is due for surgery. He couldn't believe it, an anesthesiologist who works with auras! HE had worked in AIDS clinics in Chicago in the early 1990's before the medical therapies for HIV were around. He worked with healers from all walks of life. He saw much Reiki. And he 'saw AMAZING things' that happened when the healers from all practices of healing were doing their best to just 'help people get by' with this horrible disease that was causing so much suffering. He KNOWS and has SEEN first hand what Reiki can do. : )

These two are 'mother-daughter' bracelets, going for free to a mother who has severe anemia in India, and her daughter who is her caregiver. The mother's bracelet is on the left--golden quartz, and Swarovski crystal. The daughters has golden sheen obsidian to help her carry the load...The energy of both are linked together, and time and distance cannot separate them apart. 

The woman in the white coat works with cancer patients. She has seen things of spirit, but wasn't sure what to do with them.  She's done the best she could helping her patients. She's been affected by dark attachments in her patients who suck her energy.

The one in the red is going to ask Divine Mother Incarnate for a diamond shield. 

The one on the far right is a high-ranking nurse, who supports the mind-body-spirit education of her nurses.

The one in green is the head of the PACU.

The others are nurses from neonatal ICU, ICU, and recovery room.

In this moment, it was right before Ross caught my attention. 

He was standing--three feet up with his feet the same level as the Reiki table--just past the end where the nurse's feet are.

I felt his overwhelming love for me, and his sharing my joy at this moment, where Spirit and Medicine and Healing in MY life, are ONE.

Nothing is hidden. No having to hide my spiritual gifts and expertise in the 'conventional medical world'.

Spiritual guidance is being given to those who seek it.

And my dream, my vision, of bringing Reiki to my brothers and sisters at the hospital who haven't heard of it yet, came true.

(This was why I learned Reiki in the first place--to become a Reiki Master and teach my peers.)

Cleansing and balancing the chakras.

It was a good day.

I look forward to many more.

Ross? Have you anything to share?

(he shakes his head no--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple