Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Whatever It Takes!

I am happy.  The energies are right. Things are at a good place in my life today. And even yesterday, after Anthony wanted to play a scratcher from the lottery, spirit said spend six dollars (I only had five), we both picked the Ruby Red--and he won fifteen dollars!  It was enough to buy his spinner toy and pay me back for dessert I had just bought at their newly renovated 'mini market'!

Anthony said, 'Ask the the Lord shall give!'

The Lord has.

I've had better schedule, better sleep, and more time with Anthony's activities. Lately he wants to watch movies, after his homework. Last night it was Dolphin Tale.

I adore that movie.

There is a part of me that fell in love with the thought of people being healed and leaving their crutches behind when I saw them nailed up on a board at Lourdes near the grotto.

I love how the message to the disabled community that Winter is 'just like me' is so makes me cry every time the amputees go to touch her and swim with her.

When I got accepted into medical school, I knew much was going to be asked of me. And I did my best to do all the work at an acceptable level. It took a little tutoring on histology/pathology because looking at the slides under the microscope at fast speeds made me seasick. I had to work hard and take study assistance for biochemistry too. Microbiology wasn't my favorite, so naturally I chose a specialty that wasn't internal medicine or infectious disease.

Along the way, I became a surgeon. I was a categorical general surgery resident. There were no limits to our hours we worked. My personality changed, I was deeply  unhappy, and I switched from surgery to anesthesia.

Mark Taylor came from another program and took my spot in the surgery program.

He was a wise doc who wanted to go into the military.

I asked him, because I had a terrible feeling about his choice, 'what if you die? Is it worth it?'

For him, it was.   He told me then. I saw the photos of him operating like crazy in Iraq. On Facebook he'd show them. He was very happy.

Then he died.

He was on the phone with his mom like he called every Sunday. Bombs hit the complex they lived in. He could have run inside but he went out to warn people and he got hit.

When Mark died, Anthony was a baby. I spent lots of time up at night holding him. And Mark paid me several visits from The Other Side.

He said it didn't hurt, there was impact and he bled out.

He said now he's an angel and he can 'swim' (he floated through the air like the breaststroke).

He explained how dying is like being on call, you never know what's going to come, and you just deal with it when it happens.

Essentially he was saying, 'whatever it takes'.

Whatever it takes.

As a side note, he told me I had a husband up there waiting for me, a man, and all I had to do was walk to him. And keep walking!

I asked Mark, 'what is he like? Is he nice?'

Mark said, slyly, 'I like him.'  (he kept the secret really good! Bless him!)

I share this message with you because it's a good attitude, 'whatever it takes!'

It helps.

I get a lot of requests for me, personally.

The ones I don't like are the 'am I an angel?' ones. The 'who am I?' I understand the curiosity. But it's not my place to disclose any of it except to the people I am sent to assist.

As much as I dislike the intrusion into my 'vibe' with these 'different vibe' readers, I am always Friendly and Polite.

When people start to lean on me too much, I just stop, because there's not much I can do.

I've had people in seriously bad situations reach out to me for guidance. This I know, I feel it, I sense it, and I give my best like I used to back in the day to Ross when he asked for my advice.  I don't charge for it, it's free. I too have been desperate.

I have some who ask me for Reiki distance healing--outside the daily Reiki I send. They show me pictures of wounds and sores.

I always send.

First it's quicker than saying 'no'.

And furthermore, for this person to Wake Up, they will need some tending to, like flowers in a garden.  One day they will go to themselves, 'oh my God how could I have asked that of her?' because they will understand the concept of Energy Exchange.

I am in a unique position because generally my energy goes out a lot more than it comes back.  So I just have to live with it.   It's 'whatever it takes'.

There's cool things too. There's a nurse at the pre-op who asked for a bracelet. I got a total blank on her energy. Her design. I took three weeks for Spirit to tell me the design. Then yesterday, oh my gosh! I SAW it in my mind's eye, insistent, insistent, and I made it exactly as shown. I was also to put it in a special packaging, a small box. Spirit plans all this stuff out.

She is a Peacemaker...her mission is to go where there is conflict in her immediate area. Not to flee from it at home, her work, her family, her friends. She has the training to mediate and make better. That's what she was sent to do.

I was blown away! I was like, 'how cool is that?!'

I'm making plans to give a talk on Reiki and Energy Healing to the nurses in two weeks.  I'm really excited. I've waited years for this.

They had wanted me to attune them to Reiki One for free and I said, 'I don't think in one hour that's a good idea'.

They don't understand energy exchange, not the faintest. But whatever it takes, being Friendly and Polite, is the way to be!

And now, with great blessings, the pump that was dry is starting to give LIFE Giving Water--the kind Ross talked about back in the day--and the readers are starting to reach out and close the circle with me.

A beautiful physician and friend (there are TWO of us in Doctors With Reiki who stick around, and Ross qualifies too making three) sent me a poster 'Anatomy of a Mother's Heart'.

I had been sad about Mother's day. Spirit heard. Spirit nudged her. She listened and chose to act on that nudge. And it's better now, the ache in my heart.

Other people are listening to their nudges when it comes to me.

And it HELPS me keep going stronger with the others who take more than they give.

Children take. Very small children demand much of the parent in resources and time and lack of sleep.

But Children GROW.

And those souls I have tended to for some time are starting to wake up, and reach normal spiritual 'balance' in the 'give and take' like the Galactics do back Home.

This makes me smile in my heart.

One day, you will understand this lesson, as many of you, most, if not all, are teachers yourselves.

One day, your students will come back to you, and give you great pride and joy in their accomplishments.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

(Ross says all is well, he is busy with the preparations for his next 'venture' (adventure?)--and he sends you his blessings and his love.)