Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Today I am going to make you smile.

The other day in meditation I was with Raziel.  I was talking to him about the things I am going to learn with him after this incarnation.  I had a question, and I just paused a moment, then blurted out, 'is there going to be HOMEWORK with this?'

He started laughing the hardest I've ever seen him laugh!  If he had a cell phone it would be ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) in his text to describe it. He teased me and said, 'OH YES! and lots of TESTS!' and he couldn't stop laughing. He even asked me to share that story with you.

I guess that's not how you learn in the Higher Realms?

It's kind of nice. I'm a little sick of homework in every way now.

On to today's lesson.

I am going to talk about suffering.

I have three or four vignettes I would like to describe. The reason is my Consciousness is able to 'perk up' at it, and to 'do' something about it.

The first was when I was in the ER to pre-op a patient.  Our ER is full. There are patients in the halls on gurneys. There was an old man with his lip all split, possibly from a fall, and it needed to be sewn back together. A woman his age was trying her best to cheer him up as he waited in the hall.  There was an Asian man who looked like he was in a bad way, I don't know why I picked up cancer and abdominal pain but I did just by observing him with my well-trained clinical eye.  There was a middle aged man in pain on the gurney who looked like this was the last place on earth he ever expected to be.  He couldn't understand it how he landed there in the ER when today seemed just like a normal day? There was a partner of a patient who was changing into her gown, behind a curtain, and he was in a wheelchair, the well-used kind, the personal one, of someone who uses it every day after a spinal cord injury.

The place was bustling with busy and overworked nurses, physician assistants, ER docs, and techs.

It moved my heart.

On the way home I stopped at the gas station.

Spirit had a hand in this, I know, because it always works at the pump. But this time, I had to go in to the office where the clerk was, the clerk who had access to the master switch to my pump.  It was bizarre how my pump froze up like that and wouldn't give gas!

Or was it?

I had to wait for a different Asian man who had a strange smile on his face who was buying or turning in a lottery ticket. I know many Asians have a gambling problem, it's endemic in the community where I work. And I picked up something 'chemical' in his aura, which I believe may have been his 'high' from the gambling bug.

I finished and had to go back to the cashier, and lo and behold, the gambling man was back!  This time he was getting the lottery ticket where you pick the numbers, filling out the forms, and he got like three 'runs' or 'picks' from the computer at the cashier.

Oh did I pick up the suffering! It wasn't so much in him--he was too asleep to know to stop--but for everyone in his life who loves him, who depends on him, who is disappointed in him.

What I wouldn't do for someone like that to WAKE  UP and SMELL THE COFFEE!

(I had a cousin who used to have a gambling problem. He would take a flight to Vegas and skip work, but come home in time as if he had been working. He had taken loans, big ones, from his dad and cousin, who paid because people were coming after him for his gambling debts. He even went through his wife's retirement fund without her knowing. She stayed with him, bless her, but she keeps a tight rein on him. I think the family had a full intervention, a formal one, to get him to stop.)

A dad of a player in Anthony's team, and a neighbor, is 'in sales'.

It's the end of the month. His numbers have to go UP. Everything is riding on it. He sells big ticket items--he's successful and has some major accounts with huge corporations.

He says he drinks too much, he eats too much, he doesn't sleep and he totally stresses out when his numbers are 'due' (and therefore his commission-his 'cut'--his entire income--depends on it).

I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

I could SENSE the frustration and agony of supporting a wife and two sons in Southern California, where the cost of living is high.

No wonder why women outlive the men.   It's the stress.

Another father I met is having trouble making ends meet. It is total 'dog eat dog' out there. I know. My sister is in real estate and sells condominiums/townhouses.  She can work up a relationship with a family, and at the last minute, another realtor in her office will find any excuse to get them to sign the contract with HER.   This robs my sister of her reward of thousands of dollars for her hard work with this family, just like that, BOOM!

This father has the same type of thing going on in his business. He's spent fifty thousand on software--paid in installments. Then if he's on the phone less than two minutes, it's free, but if he's with a client longer than HE pays for the phone call which is like, thirty-seven dollars.   People scam him. I piped up earlier, 'I'll call you!' and he said no because the scam has slow-talking people calling him and they hang up at two minutes and one second.  Some months he owes fifteen hundred dollars just for the calls.

He does cold calls, and the rate of sale is 'one per one hundred calls'.

I saw his son, who is growing and I've known him for three years, in a dirty shirt, the kind when you don't have good laundry soap, kind of dingy grey.  I sensed by his father's dodging whether he could take Anthony to the game or not--depending on if the contractors pay him on time--that gas money was a problem. He's an excellent coach, and I've had Anthony do private sessions (with me always there, of course, I never leave him alone for sports)...so I reached in my checkbook, and gave enough for a big tank of gas, as a 'tip' for his being an excellent coach and friend.

I know the director saw me, and he smiled.  I think that's why he hires him to coach, too. It's more steady work.

This is a father of three with a newborn and a toddler with the new wife. He's just trying to 'get through this part' and then focus on finishing his master's degree in order to get better work.

Anthony wanted to go out to dinner.

I told him our dinner money went to his coach, I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be.

He sulked. He didn't think I had 'anything to eat besides breakfast' in the fridge.

I'll tell you what...I found things that had days before going bad...and plenty of them...

I asked him to put away the dishes from the dishwasher and dish rack, and put the dirty ones into the dish washer or wash them by hand while I cooked.

He did.

I made lamb patties with onions in the meat, leftover Panda Express chow mien noodles, fresh steamed and quenched green beans (it stops the cooking process), leftover bread sticks and caesar salad from the night before the Chinese meal out.   I had a can of beer left over from St. Patricks, a dark ale. Anthony had milk but only one cup because we won't have enough for him for tomorrow.

He was pleasantly surprised!

After he showered and the kitchen was cleaned up, I invited him to try something sweet.  I had dried peaches (no sugar added).  He said 'these are delicious! I really like them!'

Now he is asleep.

I think he learned two valuable lessons.  The first is it's good to help those in need where you are, when you see it. I've been poor. I know the real thing, the desperation, the hollow look in the eyes. That's when you give the big tip at the not-so-nice restaurant, or find a reason to buy something you don't need, just to help the person out who is selling it, or simply come up with some lame reason so the person saves face. (I do this with people in 3D in my day to day--not online--I've had lots of people hit me up because I'm a doctor and I just had to draw the line.)  The second lesson is whenever you give out of your things you have for you (in our case, the money for dinner out), you end up more blessed than if you had given out of your extra, when it's a good cause and Spirit gives you that 'nudge' to 'help'.  Our dinner was delicious, fast, and 'free', much to Anthony's delight!

I need to talk for a minute about 'doctor incomes' here.

In the eighties, an ENT surgeon would be paid twenty thousand dollars for one sinus surgery. The insurance would just pay! You would say what you did, they would pay, and you only had to do two cases a week to keep your office running.

Now, for the same case, reimbursement to the physician from the insurance for services rendered, the exact same surgery, are twelve hundred dollars!

Add to that the administrative time with the denials and authorizations for each claim...right?

Our chief of surgery did a very complex case using the robot that took three hours.

His pay from the insurance company?

Two hundred and fifty DOLLARS.

That's not even $250/3 an hour, because the pre-op and the post-op visit to the office, and all the hospital care, are included in that fee.

For OB, it's not much better. From the first prenatal visit, continuing the care with all the office visits up to delivery, and the follow up visits after, guess how much lump sum an obstetrician-gynecologist gets paid?

Nine hundred dollars.

That's for getting up in the middle of the night to deliver the kid and keeping an office running for the whole pregnancy.

Where does all that money go?  The money paid for the premiums and deductibles?

I hate to tell you, but a lot is for the drug companies. I just read of a drug that helps reverse some muscle wasting disease, something congenital--you inherit it. This helps the baby be able to sit up, and develop. It's about sixty percent effective in studies (although there are lots of side effects).

The cost?  One dose is one milliliter, given i.v.

It's one HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for that dose.

The first treatment is a series of three with boosters every month after that.

Many drugs are astronomically priced, but this is the most expensive one I've seen.

I get the Medical Letter. It says how much treatment for a month is for each drug class they cover in their articles. It's not rare for something to cost forty thousand dollars a treatment (I'm not sure if it's a year or a month, to be honest). But either way it's big dollars.

Here's something for the conspiracy-inclined:  http://www.shiftfrequency.com/freddie-fannie-pay-low-income-subsidies/. The article alleges that profits/dividends due to the shareholders of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were illegally diverted to pay the insurance companies to take on the uninsured as part of Obamacare.

The whole system would collapse without it.  According to this article, Trump is aware of this illegal action, and has the ability to stop it any time, creating instant end to Obamacare.

So far he hasn't.

There's more conspirator stuff 'out there' from 'certain people' --as Updates on 'Discernment' that make me cringe because of the author who is rumored to actually be 'batting for the other team, the Ones Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'.

You have to take everything these days with a grain of salt.

At least it makes for entertaining reading!

Why the kitten?

Because there is an unusual thing I discovered in my healing work.

One sick baby, a sick human, gets a certain amount of Reiki sent when there is a online request on my page--people who follow Doctors With Reiki.

And adult request, gets a little less.

A sick kitty blows the numbers out of the water! Ten times more people respond to the sick cat than to the human.

Why this is, I don't know?

It did wonders for my ratings every time a 'please help my sick cat' request with a photo went through. People opened their hearts in ways I have never imagined, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

I know for a fact, once people open their hearts like that for those in need around them, Heaven will be on Earth for real, every single day.

One last thought...

You know how people wanted laws to make other people's religions not 'in their face'? I know, at the Veterans Hospital, the chapel where we had mass sort of morphed into a 'meditation room', and all kinds of symbols were added to make the Catholic chapel 'inclusive'.  (I went to Mass every chance I had as a resident and as an attending).

You know how we honor the separation of Church and State?

Well, why is the faith of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart constantly being harped to us, in pop music, in television and movies, in sports, in all kinds of architecture, to the point where their 'hidden' or 'occult' is blatantly obvious everywhere you look once you know?

What's fair is fair, right?

I don't want to be exposed to it.

I had horror when I read the lyrics of the Rolling Stones song in the last post:  she drank the wine of the bleeding man.

She was drinking blood! It's explained what that means in the latest one I posted from the Black Child.

Another One Bites The Dust isn't about what you think. It's about midnight rituals witnessed by Freddie Mercury. And when he says, 'I'm not adopted!' he's telling you he was raised by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart at a place like China Lake.

Bohemian Rhapsody is about Bohemian Grove.

And the Hotel California is the same, it's about that lifestyle. They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast....you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

I thought growing up it was just MUSIC! That they were good songs! I danced to them. I marched on the football field as a drill team person to them.

But now that I know?  From the research I've been doing since July 2012?

Church and State are not separate at all! The SAME PEOPLE who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart CONTROL them both!!!

When are people going to wake up?

I know someone deeply hypnotized by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart would read this and just laugh!

They wouldn't 'get it'--they CAN'T.

That's how the system works.

Until you spend time in quiet meditation with the electronic devices off, away from amplified music and TV, and perhaps go in Nature, which is away from the influence of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Then you disengage from 'Them' and you wake up to what you really are!

It's fun once you get the hang of it.

I am a healer, and a teacher, and a writer...

And not much of a business person!

Today I paid eighteen dollars in postage for a 'restring' plus about that much more for a special surprise spirit wanted for this person.  The bracelet I sent to the winner of the last drawing cost me almost twenty dollars to send first class to Europe...Spirit also wanted me to create one for a mother in India from another urgent request, and I get to send it there too.

Somehow Spirit provides...

And I FIRMLY believe, ever since I was in Medical School and poor as a mouse--when you are doing what you have been sent to do--your task, your purpose--you are supported by the Universe to get your mission accomplished.

In every way!

It's never the most fancy like Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, with their glitz and bling and 'glamour'.

But it's enough to get by and to get the job done.

Here's another way to describe it, what I am trying to communicate:  http://www.shiftfrequency.com/balance-emotions/

Ross wants me to go to sleep. It's eleven p.m.

It's been a good night.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple