Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Writing My Heart Out!

The Blessed Howlite

A close friend, student, and incarnate Archangel Biramel felt so moved to my condition last week, as I was dealing with my intense agony of releasing hidden pain, created a necklace and earrings for me out of Howlite, the very same stone Ross had given to me to relieve my spiritual discomfort.

It arrived on Saturday. And I have worn it since.

'Recently', a patient came to my O.R. -- and was in need of it. There was a lot of anger and rage directed at the self, I'll leave it at that. And Spirit guided me to apply the Howlite into the aura while I gave Reiki.

I gave lots of Reiki.

And then, by the Divine Peace Healing time, I called in the Guides of Compassionate Healing.  It was time for the checking for attachments, which I suspected there were many.

This time, the Guides were very quiet. They weren't in the active role, they were in the supportive role. And I sensed nothing in there would come out until I commanded them to go.  It's highly unusual for me, and new, to be in this capacity because usually its the Guides who do this.

(The Guides of Compassionate Healing are a group of souls who know how to remove an attachment in such a way the attachment doesn't reattach to someone else, and the attachment doesn't die or get harmed in any way. I don't know the inner explanation for how this is, but they are like a SWAT team, or the bomb squad, and they know how to do this most dangerous and delicate soul work.)

Then I started reaching into the aura, and pulling these out, more like picking up toddlers and handing them to other adults in spirit nearby.  There were some bigger ones at the end, but not as big as that last time.

The surgery was quick. I sent a photo of the Howlite to Biramel. She was able to see it. And Spirit asked her to create a beautiful spirit flower to go inside the aura while it was open (under anesthesia auras open and people are vulnerable to get new attachments/my role is to protect the patient, and when called upon by the Divine, to help take some pre-existing attachments OUT).  She did and it was Orange. Spirit had wanted me to know the color.

Then the walk in came in. It was one female spirit, but she was like a Navy Seal or a Green Beret or something, and was highly capable. She could split into five copies of herself (most spirits can do this). I wished her luck, and thanked her for helping in this difficult assignment.

I gave thanks to be in the right place at the right time. And also for the chance to introduce my work to Biramel, who got the Howlite to where it needed to be by listening to her heart.

We Ride In Cars Baby

Who better than a native Southern Californian to explore the topic of our bodies and our Consciousness, and how they fit as one for the life experience?

I'm on the road at least half an hour twice a day, sometimes longer!

In Southern California, a car is an extension of yourself. It protects you and your family with the safety features. It is a means of transportation. It can be housing in a way--from my sleeping in the car overnight at work when it's late, to some people formally living in their cars!

It has evolved into a metaphor for 'who you are' and 'your place in society' and 'how you have arrived'.

Certain people drive status symbols.

Certain people drive junkers.

Certain people buy, sell or lease depending on their circumstances, but you can't tell if a car is paid for or not just by looking.

Then there are the exotics, the 'Lambos' (Anthony calls them that), the Lamborghinis, the Maseratis, the Bentleys...and the rest.

Some vehicles are for their special ability. My station wagon can haul a lot of people and things but not as much as a minivan. Some people who need to haul more things buy a truck. And others want a jeep with off-roading capability and four wheel drive.

In our way of life here in Southern California, cars have evolved to be so much more than transportation.

I know because of the joy in my heart when I've been seeing classic cars, beautifully restored, on the road. Yesterday's red Ford Galaxy just made my day. Its license plate said GALAXY 63 and there was a Vote For Kennedy bumper sticker on it.

It was like being in a total time warp!

It has been said many times by the people who channel messages from Spirit, that our human bodies are just that--vehicles--which are occupied by a short time to permit the Consciousness to get from Point A to Point B when it comes to a Life Script and the Lessons which go along with it.

I was like, 'vehicle?!' every time I heard that.

I was like, 'how could Spirit KNOW anything about vehicles on Earth?! What a strange comparison?'

But I thought about it.

The driver chooses a car based on their means and values (for example, Volvo for the safety-interested).

The driver gets into the car, and out of it.

The car can't 'go' without a driver.

The car is engineered for the driver, to give a nice 'driving experience', and for those of us here in Southern California, we LOVE LOVE LOVE our cars! We name them. We remember our first ones fondly. We love learning all the little 'tricks' a car has to give--for example, my mother's 1959 Chevy Impala had a little hole in the bottom if you lifted the carpet in the back seat, and my friend Jackie and I used to drop French Fries through it while we were on the road.  (yes, there were no car seats and seat belt laws for us back in the day!)

So think about it.

Think about your family of origin (your make), your unique characteristics (your model), your strengths (off road? safety? speed? style? sound system?)...and why your Soul CHOSE this 'vehicle' for this incarnation.

There are no accidents.

And while you think this, take time to enjoy the ride. At some point your 'vehicle' will be like the ones in the East Coast--with rusted holes from the salt and the snow--and it will be time to replace it.

And there was one more thing I prayed last night on the drive home, which impressed my guides and I'm not sure why, but you might want to pray it too:  thank you for all the other drivers being safe and driving with the rules and driving well.

I guess perhaps it was my first demonstration of Oneness and Unity on the road? (shrugs)

Either way, it's a good exercise for us who are incarnate to think about the Big Picture in a way (vehicles) which makes sense to us, that we can relate.

The Healing Bracelets

This isn't one of my bracelets, it is one created by Divine Mother Incarnate.

She is the one who showed me and taught me how to make bracelets and earrings as a hobby.

With time and interest, my skills have grown to where I have made an amethyst-only bracelet on request of Spirit for a reader, only to learn her favorite color is purple and her room is purple, much to her surprise.

I get a deep, deep sense of satisfaction when I have a chance to make one that will really heal someone. I feel it.

I gave one to the husband of a colleague, whom I met briefly when he brought his daughter to the courtyard so my friend his wife and mother of their daughter could eat lunch with them.

He is the survivor of a mass casualty from the 1980's in San Ysidro ...and he loves his bracelet so much he won't take it off!

She had only asked for one for her and her mom. But Spirit said add one for the daughter and husband too.

Many people just aren't aware of the realm of Spirit and Healing with energy--until they try the bracelet on and they feel it and they know.

I showed Biramel how to create bracelets--I made one for her and she made one for me on Skype, just like I did with Divine Mother Incarnate. And now she has created many, either for me, or to randomly give away when Spirit nudges her to give the one off her arm.

For me, I make them for free for any nurse/hospital employee who asks. The first one. Sometimes they want others, but I charge a 'nurses' rate'--half my usual price.

I give away bracelets to readers and to hospital staff because I think it helps with the healing of the planet.

Most people who pay full price in the energy exchange actually get a free gift with it, anything from a keychain made by me, to a sun catcher, to another bracelet.

But they also, with the full price, support the outreach in the community I have been sent here to do.

The beading materials cost me to have them...although I get discounts from my supplier, I still have to get them to my workshop!


A Message From Lady Gaia Sophia

Gaia Sophia/The Consciousness of the Earth is acutely aware of whether a soul who is incarnate is actively engaged in their Life Lessons, is pulling their weight in what they were invited to do before they became incarnate, and how 'Awake' they are in general.

She has been working with the Elohim who are incarnate on earth (for lack of a better name) who are in her 'circle' to create a new matrix--a 'network' of souls to support a new energy grid which is on the earth.

It isn't fixed. It's human based, and stretches and moves a little bit with the people the energy is directed to--because it is in 5D, and a matrix, not a chess board or erector set!

Her team is taking things to the next level.

And her team is strong.

She had never in a million years thought to describe them as Elohim because she knew one--Andy B--and thought there was only one incarnate.

There are many, spirit had been nudging her to call them that, and they are her students and friends who are doing great work together under her direction, and gentle leading...

But they are.

She wants all of her students to be engaged and committed to the well-being of the project.

Or to excuse themselves and go.

It is just like the old gospel quote--you are either hot or cold, and if you are lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth--there is no room on the boat at this time for the lukewarm. Everyone is rowing as hard as they can, and needs to pull their weight.

If you need to go, go.

The job that is asked of you is to roll up your sleeves, dig in, and pull your weight with all your Spiritual might!

Not all day, every day, but for the amount that is asked of you.

Gaia is greatly pleased with those who answer her Call.

Thank you.


Carla would like to have a relationship with me, her Twin, which is set in stone--me and her, forever!

That is how Earth girls think!

To be stuck on a rock of a planet--although it is a beautiful one at that!--together with the love of their life for better or for worse till death do we part--until we become a headstone which has two names on it!

(he relaxes--ed)) There is nothing wrong with this goal.

As long as you are incarnate on Earth, and learning your lessons.

(one finger up--ed)  It isn't going to happen unless it is written on your Life Script!

And even then it will be like a rock around your neck with some other Lesson, something financial or health-related, or something to do with your children--which is on your soul 24/7.

(holds the finger up again--ed)  And it isn't anything to do with karma!  Carla will you write about the payback with your husband?

C:  okay.  Anthony's biological father (who is incarnate David he says but doesn't understand why, or understand my incarnation--ed)--was very cruel to us at the beginning. My mom says she cried her eyes out after dropping Anthony off at his house for the weekend visits. And my dad was very quiet and sad the whole time. She says, 'he didn't have to be so cruel!'  --well he is into financial trouble. Has to sell the house, no sure where he and the girlfriend will live. I took a positive spin on it, for Anthony's sake, and said, at our small 'family meeting' that perhaps something better will come of it, and no matter what we will get through it somehow. When I asked my mom to pray for him, she said, 'do you think this is the karma coming back to him?'  I wasn't sure. But I explained gently that it can affect me, where I have to drive to drop off Anthony, and how it turns out will affect us both very much.  Frankly, Ross, if it IS karma, it's not fun to watch like I thought it would be twelve years ago, perhaps.

R:  Carla? Have you changed?

C: oh yes, a lot! And I don't need Spirit to prove to me karma exists because I know it does, and I trust it.

R: (to the group--ed)  There you have it!  Carla with a lover who did her wrong--although I call him a 'husband' because in her heart of hearts it was only him while she was incarnate and she hasn't sought another partner successfully since (he has a mysterious smile as if he knows something and isn't saying--then holds one finger up--ed)...and CARLA with the broken heart has HEALED enough not to wish something bad to someone who did her wrong--putting her into shame in her society as a 'baby mama' she didn't want to be! CARLA, the ego of the soul who is my wife who is incarnate, wanted to be LOVED and ACCEPTED for her heart, not for her age or her earning power, and to be CHERISHED as the mother of his child!

Carla! What did Jared give to you for Anthony on last Mother's Day?

C:  nothing.

R:  And the one before that?

C:  nothing.

R:  And the first?

C: possibly a text.

R:  And yet he still respects you as the mother of his son and co-parents?

C:  yes.

R:  There is no anger between you any more? (Jared thought Carla 'tricked' him into getting pregnant).

C:  no.

R:  Is there a friendship?

C:  perhaps.  He once bought me dinner when I suggested I would buy it for him and his lady and Anthony because I was hungry and I picked his favorite place to exchange Anthony.

R:  Where was that place?

C:  A mediterranean grill.

R:  Hmmmm. Was the conversation friendly?

C:  Yes. It was pleasant, on both sides, him and his girlfriend who lives with him, and Anthony, and me.

R:  (he strokes his beard--ed)  Carla could you possibly have FEELINGS for this man since?

C:  (laughs) OMG No! There is nothing like being sued for custody to take the passion out of a heart! It is like a cold shower! On steroids!

R:  I have made my point. And I will return to my lecture. Thank you.

(clears his throat--ed)

Before Carla met Jared, a man who she loved with all her heart and trust--perhaps unparalleled to any of her lovers, she had a handicap.

Carla had intense fear of abandonment.

Carla had abandonment issues to the extreme.

By leaving her at four months pregnancy, her hopes were shattered!

(one finger up--ed)  But the abandonment issues?

They are completely healed.

Is Carla going to trust enough to open up to taste earthly love again?

Possibly not.

(he smiles mysteriously--ed) But that works to my advantage too.

Here is another one of Carla's heartbreaks.

Carla was in love with Michael M. in medical school.


Because Spirit told her she would meet a Michael who would change her life and be her partner and friend as she was driving to San Diego to relocate from Northern California.

There were many messages to her from Blessed Mother that Michael was 'the one'.

One day, Carla shared her secret in private with this Michael. She had all her channelled messages, up on a rooftop garden at UCSD.

That Spirit had decided Michael was for her.

Blessed Mother had asked her to do it.

Carla had faith.

Carla's hopes were dashed!

For Michael freaked out. He never wanted to see her again. Her psychic gifts were terribly upsetting to him.

(Even once at a party, he covered her eyes with his hands and had someone else say, 'who is it' and Carla felt the most glorious energy she ever had felt, and knew in an instant who it was, but she chose not to 'play along' and instead said, 'I hope you never let go')

Carla lives in a part of the world where people have ties to Hollywood.

Michael was from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, really.

And when she saw this movie, with the Cardiac Surgeon being female (her intended profession) seeing an angel in the O.R., she KNEW that her secret had been told in some way--it was too close to home--and whether it was Michael or Spirit she didn't know--but it was very very close.

Carla liked the movie.

Except for the fallen angel part.

She would rather they had both just gone UP.

And she understood the 'complexity' of it all, and accepted it for what it was.

That was the first of my healing for her. THAT was the message I had to get through--sometimes Love can be intense with two people in two different dimensions, each by their circumstances, with great sacrifice on the part of the one or the other.

When was that movie? In the early nineties?

And although Carla talks to me, now, and trusts me, how well have I 'budged' her 'dream' of ME plus YOU equals 4EVER in her heart?

 Not much.

I'll take what I can get.

But I'll let you know one thing, we are making progress. Although it is slow we make it each and every single day.

And you know what?

With all this husbands and things, in her Consciousness, yesterday, Carla asked for a 'breather'!

She was tired of all this 'new', all this 'stretch' for her current belief system, and although she didn't stop it, she asked for a day 'not to think about it' and to just 'relax' and 'be'.

(he lays on hand upon the other, both palms down--ed) There are many LAYERS to healing superimposed. On the one you have the Gaia Sophia, and the cars, and the terrible suicide attempt with the Howlite. On the other you have this. (both hands are out, shoulder height, to his sides, palms up, almost a sequential shrug one hand then the next--ed)

And I am okay with it. (rubs his hands together like he's washing them--ed)

I have all the time in the world! I am eternal!

Carla doesn't! Not in this incarnation as herself. Carla as we know it has an 'expiration date'.

At some point in time her lessons are DUE! So is her homework.

So let us think of this as a 'study break', and it is only for one day, at Carla's request, and then we move on with the completion  of her lessons.

And that is how it is between us who are both Guardian Angel (I am for her) and Twins!

How is it for you? (he shrugs, an exaggerated rabbi shrug--ed)

Who knows?  (he mysteriously smiles, as if he knows the answers, and wants you to think about them and discover them for yourselves--ed)

Spirit will show the way (he drops breadcrumbs in a trail...spirit ones...-ed)

(he smiles warmly--ed)  Watch for the signs!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. We wish to discuss this article , particularly, the message from the Elohim as it is timely to a secret project Carla's team is working on. This is a DIFFERENT 'Carla' (our Carla!) from the one who wrote the article.

The vision of the splitting of the earth was foretold and actually happened in 2012. Or 2013. Carla went to the O.R. while she was on OB call, and she had a vision. She prayed for Reiki to be in the O.R. all over the earth. Then a golden flame went all over to every O.R> on earth, then the earth split into to halves, like a shell, and fell away revealing the new one inside. Ross was very excited, legions of angels celebrated, and Carla was on a stage with Ross, but she didn't know anyone, she didn't understand the celebration, and asked, 'can I go now?'  (I've been looking everywhere for this blogpost and I can't find it. It's the one with earth split in two. )

Here is the image from that blog post:

Here is the blog post thanks to Sonsie Luna! https://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-incubator.html?m=1