Friday, May 12, 2017

The Eyes Have It

I deal with psychotropic substances in my work. I know a lot about inducing unconsciousness for surgery to begin with my patients.

I wouldn't be telling the truth if I didn't mention I take advantage of the susceptibility in some of my patients on very rare occasions for their own good.

It started with the ones who had cancer and wanted me to read affirmations to them while they were asleep, early in my training. They would hand me little cards with statements written on them.

I was like, 'hey! I'm from California! No problem!'

And I really did read them through the case.

Some like music, and I'll play it while they are falling asleep. I can't keep the headphones on during the case, because I have concerns for their safety...once the surgeon uses the bovie electrocautery, I know it will fry a hearing aid's delicate electronics, and furthermore hearing aids are EXPENSIVE, so I always have them removed for surgery. I know that the current used in electrocautery can be attracted to any metal--both in joint replacements or jewelry--so we take care to minimize the risk of an unintentional burn in the patient.

So that's why after induction the headphones go off.

What have I said?

What have I said to my patients to influence them?

  • you deserve a better life, you deserve to be happy, leave this person (abusive partner)
  • smoking isn't good for you and you will be smoke-free
  • you CAN lose the weight and you WILL stick to your program! (bariatric patients)
  • you are cancer-free!
  • you did amazing--so good!--AWESOME! (with your surgery/anesthesia)

The last one I say to every patient. I use my most gentle voice, and say it as they are waking up.  The other statements, not so much, unless I feel that 'nudge' and I don't feel that 'nudge' except a handful of times in my career where I didn't think things would change for the person--and they needed to very much to be able to live!

So I work with the Consciousness.

That's my bread and butter.

Anthony wanted one of these.

As a matter of fact, this is what he bought with the money we won from that lottery ticket win the other day. 

I didn't know what they were.

He explained they are for kids with ADHD, and autism, but now everyone likes them.

I had a sinking feeling in my heart. 

There have been two things on earth I can't do, otherwise I would never stop--I would become totally addicted.  The first is smoking cigarettes. I love it and my first one was like, 'WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!'

The second is porno. Not sure why I get that same reaction, but I did, and I know myself, and I don't want to be hooked on it, so I drew the line and haven't looked back.

I could get hooked on these spinners, EASY.

I used to spin the sugar bowl on the table at my grandmother's house. It would drive her crazy, and she would yell, but I would do it anyways because it made me feel good inside to watch it.

When I was older, about twelve, I would take a screwdriver, stick it in the washer while it was going so the machine would think the lid was down, and watch the spin cycle.

For hours.

It was one of my favorite things to do.

I don't know why.

But when I watched Jayden and her videos, I got that same feeling again. Inside. The one where the spin 'makes everything better'. 

I didn't put two and two together until yesterday when I was randomly checking out YouTube and I saw this video:

I had to know more!

So I looked it up on a generic website:

I read it with the skill of 'reading between the lines' and 'critical thinking' I had learned in school, looking carefully for the gaps (for example, I know a lot about MK Ultra and Delta --how deep the brainwaves are on an MK Ultra warrior/soldier/assassin type programming). 

My takeaway points are:
  • like eighty percent of people are medium hypnotizability, ten percent are highly susceptible and ten aren't. (I could be wrong on my numbers but it's lots more in the middle) This is a known thing.
  • Mesmer believed in an unseen force that caused hypnosis, and he was 'laughed out and disproved because you can't see it' (is this a cover up, could it be true?). What if he was right and it's hidden?
  • there's a whole world out there of 'partially asleep', 'partially hypnotized'--where people are reactive to suggestion and open to it--without their knowledge.

I realized, perhaps, we each choose our own form of 'hypnosis', for our family it's sports--Anthony loves baseball like I once did--and going to a game relaxes us and is fun and while we are in that state we get shown LOTS of ads at the stadium or on TV during a game. Who knows what is going on with our subconscious during the game? Right? I'm not going to buy any of those things--consciously!--but I get exposed to a LOT of ads!

Some respond to music (did you see the Satanic Panic section on the wiki link?). Again, you enjoy music, it's your pleasure, and you are OPEN to suggestion like my patients in the O.R....

For some it's T.V.

For some it's going to the movies (can you imagine a movie without trailers? We are conditioned to expect them, you know?)..

I'll never forget my priest who married me the first time, Al Moser. He's a wonderful soul, my pastor at Newman Hall in Berkeley when I was a student. When I was in Cincinnati the first summer, working for Procter and Gamble, we met for dinner and also another time for the zoo, because he was visiting family there. A nice guy. We talked. (He was in WW2 and prayed if he survived he would become a priest).

His mother found his favorite candy in the world, and would only give it to him when he went with her to the symphony...and THAT'S how she got him to like classical music!

Smart mom.

Valuable technique to know, isn't it?

Just for today, ponder which role you are in--in your daily situations--the snake charmer? Or the charmed snake?

Does the 'snake' realize at the time it is happening it is being 'charmed'?

I don't think so.

The 'charmer' knows the reflexes of the snake, and takes advantage of it for the show.  

When you are doing something you enjoy, something quiet, like sudoku, or solving a puzzle, or walking in nature, or for me, making bead bracelets--how 'exposed' are you to 'possible hypnosis' if you have the music off and the T.V. off?

It's like the quiet state which is deeply relaxing and your subconscious can 'do its thing' without 'outside influence', right?

Swimming laps for me was nice. So is going on a nice walk, and getting sunshine and fresh air. 

It's something to think about.

I am excited to share my latest project. I worked on it all yesterday, and it made me very content.  I made LOTS of bracelets. Funny how it always seems to coincide with the full moon?

For my talk to the nurses, I am going to give away free bracelets to the people who come. I made twenty five yesterday and spirit wants me to make twenty five more. 

It felt good to create for a good cause, to 'spread the word'. 

I also made a couple's bracelet pair,  another one for a woman in India who is in need (and her daughter who asked for Reiki for her too--shhhh!) where I'm paying all the shipping and expenses because the need is great, a mother's day one for me, and the one for the nurse who really responds to them, and needs one. (she's as sensitive as me, but doesn't realize it, the gift she has.)

I also made four 'unicorn' bracelets.

Let me be clear about these things--they are an OUTREACH!

They are made from extra beads and offered at low price (to cover shipping materials and postage)--to soothe and support those who have experienced trauma, distress, and want someone to hold their hand and soothe them. 

My energy is in them!

But they have a look 'only a mother could love'--quirky, with charm, but a little scruffy if you know what I mean. 

As people request them I will write them down on a list and slowly work through the list. 

This isn't Amazon or Ebay where you look at it and pick.

SPIRIT designs and selects who gets what, and SPIRIT in its infinite wisdom will let me know which one is right for you.

SPIRIT told me to make an 'all amethyst' bracelet for someone once. I thought it strange, but I did, with lighter and darker beads and different shaped beads.  The recipient was absolutely THRILLED because her favorite color is purple, her room is purple, and she wears lots of purple!

How could I know?

There's no stinking way!

But SPIRIT did.

The one for the little girl who is getting the very FIRST 'unicorn bracelet' has blue millefiori glass in it from Venice. It's not full beads, it's like chips. Spirit wanted me to give her little tiny flowers to notice. There's an amethyst in there too. But it's the color, and the flowers, that are going to help her.

The other four, I'm not sure who they are for?  Some are more 'organic' and 'chunky', another one has lots of 'sparkle'.

Spirit tells me which ones need what--the stones, the sparkle, the pattern--for any type of my bracelet healing work. 

I'm just the pair of hands, and a critical eye for design.  And also chief cook and bottle washer and letter writer and the rest. 

A unicorn bracelet won't get you a bracelet reading like a custom one gets.

But it gives you what you need to get by, for only five dollars. 

This is a service which is funded by the generous donors who help pay for the beads and my time. 

And yes, I am one of those generous donors too! I match everything I am given, from my own pocket--always putting it towards the cause.


Carla has a lot of work today.

She's not looking forward to it.

It's going to hurt her in her not having the time to see Anthony play in his basketball game tonight.  She knows it's important to him. It's also important for them to eat, and she has to work to support them.

I want to bring up something important. It's a lesson Carla is too embarrassed to share with you from her heart.

Carla was filled with dread with the thought of Mother's Day as it was planned.

Her sisters are both very nice persons--don't get us wrong at this--but 'drama' tends to accumulate when there are family get-togethers. 

Carla simply lacks the skills to understand them, to make peace when things get unpleasant, and they often do.

With one it's complete lack of understanding--from two different worlds!--of the things that interest them.  

With the other it's the inability of anyone to console someone who has gone through so much heartbreak--and in the current energies--this heartbreak only begets MORE heartbreak because the Universe is always listening and sending you the things that are in your emotions and your mind. So there's not much opportunity to 'forge new experiences' with her, and they are on completely different 'trajectories' with their lessons.

The love is there.

The relationships are old, and not fresh.

And her mother doesn't help because she enjoys having three separate relationships and fosters this instead of UNITY within her own family, and preparing them to carry on these established relationships as a family together once she is gone!

Hence the dread.

Anthony, bless him, wanted to do something he would enjoy with his mom, alone!

He wanted to take her to the ball game to get a free vase. 

Like on TV.

He isn't going to be twelve forever.

So Carla's mom and Carla talked.

Carla's mother has compassion for her daughters, all three, and mentioned how one is 'very tired' and 'she was going to cancel Mothers day out of respect for the tired one'. 

Carla suggested perhaps this works out for the best...and quickly went and bought the tickets for Mother's Day!

(She also bought the tickets for the play Carla's mom wants to see, and the three will make a day of it for the matinee to celebrate Carla's mom)

Carla followed her heart.

She didn't have the courage to follow it from the beginning, this is why she is embarrassed.

Carla hails from the times of 'commitment' and 'keeping your word' and going to an event she'd prefer not to, even if something better 'comes along' out of respect for the host or hostess who planned the first event.

clap! clap!

I want you to think about this and how it applies to you...and what Heaven is like...where people can do what makes their heart sing, and EVERYONE is happy with it. 

In Heaven there are no obligations but to love with all your heart, yourself and your brothers and sisters and mother and father and family...never at the expense of your own joy.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple