Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hope and Faith

Kathleen is a nurse who has been working at my hospital for a  long time. She once was the house supervisor, but now she works in the GI lab and the PACU.

She is very Catholic.

I had wondered about her views on my Reiki...but she genuinely wanted to go to my lecture but she couldn't.

She told me this story yesterday...

I had wanted to go to a restaurant Thanh had recommended for some ribs. I was at the right intersection, but the wrong corner. I went to the restaurant and all they had was ribs in the soup.

My husband and I ate there anyway.

I had a pennywort smoothie. It was all green. It basically tasted like grass. But it was refreshing grass flavor and not bad.

I have insomnia. And I slept very well that night. I slept so well my husband and I went back there the next day.

I had one, and my husband ordered one too. The server was so good, he asked my husband if he was going to have the Thai iced tea, since he remembered he ordered it the last time.

But he had the pennywort smoothie too, and HE slept well that night! BOTH of us did.

So we went to the asian market to buy some pennywort. I was told there are two kinds, and to get the one that's not a full circle. The kind where the leave has a slit (see above photo--ed).  

We went home and made it in the blender and it was all stringy and bitter.  I think we got the asian spinach by mistake, because that's what the receipt said...

I smiled as she told me this.

Kathy is working with Spirit.

And sometimes when you go to find someplace and get lost, sometimes actually, you are right on track to find the one thing that will help you.

This is how the angels guide...

It's never direct. You can't put your finger on it. And yet you discover amazing things!

(P.S. I haven't researched the safety of pennywort yet. If you have liver or kidney disease, be careful...also if you are on sleeping pills or pain meds too).

At lunch we were at the Doctor's Dining Room.

We were talking about travel and pickpockets.

Apparently in Europe there are even Asian pickpockets.

In Italy, a friend of mine had a money belt. Someone saw him put the ticket inside. He was on the subway and a little girl came up to him to cuddle, which was odd but kind of cute.

Then he felt his shirt hike up, and he looked down.

The girl was gone, she had unzipped the money belt it halfway, and didn't get the money.

She was only seven and he never would have suspected it.

They asked me about my wallet that was stolen on the metro in Paris. And how I got home.

I also shared how I once took care of a gypsy family here in L.A.--and the nurses told me to watch for my wallet every time I went into the room!

This was a table of doctors.

The Sicilian one, said, that there was a TV show on it. A documentary. And they went to the mecca of pickpockets in Italy--I don't recall where perhaps it was Venice or Florence--and they filmed people. They wanted to see how quick a pickpocket is.  They had people take the 'challenge' seeing if they could outsmart one. And the film crew hired to pickpockets always gave the money back.

They could take watches, wallets, all without people knowing.

Even the producer of the documentary got hit!

One day, both his wallet and his belt were gone!

Who did it?

It was the cameraman.   He had gotten the producer's trust, and then, in the blink of an eye...

And of course he gave it back.

When lunch was over and we had to go, you should have seen the gestures--we each checked our wallets and watches to make sure nobody at the table tried to 'practice' was funny.

This John Smallman  came out yesterday.

I enjoyed it.

And part of me got a little irked.

Because this soul, who was Saul in the old days, wasn't very kind to me, back in the day...and here we go, with 'everything being forgiven if you open your heart enough'...

This misogynist--who in this life claims to 'hate' the old misogynist and cannot make the connection--has had not one but two wives die on him from horrible disease...He did the right thing and was there for both of them...Not one but TWO...

And I'm still kind of upset over what happened to me with that soul 'back in the day'.

Part of me wants 'justice' if two dead wives isn't 'justice' enough...

Part of me wants 'ho'oponopono'--an acknowledgement and agreement to 'move on'.

Part of me knows this part of me is NEVER going to be healed, or satisfied, because what happened was very sneaky and traumatic and went on for a long time--sort of a past life PTSD.

It was a long time ago!

All of this is Illusion. All of it.


When it comes right down to it...

Another person's wrongdoings to you, are really THEIR problem, not yours.

And THEY have to bear the karma, and straighten it out with Creator of All That Is.

If you open up your heart ENOUGH, the old things fall out into the waiting hands of Divine Creator...and CREATOR will be taking care of it....CREATOR who never wanted you to get hurt...except in part for your lessons which you agreed to before incarnating, and even then, wants you to be WHOLE.

Yesterday was an exercise in Love.

I had two free tickets to a suite to watch the Angels game last  night.

But I had to work.

I gave them to Anthony's father to take him.

He was thrilled. Free food. And a box suite!

I've never sat in one.

In a way I was glad, because by accident I made travel plans on Father's day, so this is my ho'oponopono to him.

I got off work early, in time enough to actually have gone to the game.

I wasn't sad.

Ross encouraged me to watch it.

He even encouraged me not to go to the sushi place I like with the conveyor belt. He told me to take my lunch (capicolla, Anthony picked it) and grill it. So I planned to make a sandwich with capicolla, mozzarella, and sliced tomato, like a panini.

But the snake was hungry.  I went to the pet shop. I bought four mice. Two were dark, one was like 'stripes', and the other mostly white.

That one I fed first, and the snake eats white mice.

The next one was the half and half.

OMG it was a jumper!

I use a box, and I close the lid, and it was like, bang! bang! jumping all over the place.

I hate that part about feeding the snake.

Ross had shown me the first one with him. They were each having a glass of red wine and toasting me.

But the second?

I wasn't sure what to do.

Part of me wanted to just kill it.

I asked Ross for advice on what to do. I didn't want it running around the house if it got out.

I put heavy things over the lid, and opened the door to the back yard.

Then I carried it all--snake hook, tweezers for mice tail picking up, cage with three other mice, and set it up with the screen top of the turtle cage over it.

The snake just wasn't really easy to figure out. Was he hungry? Or not?

So I opened the lid a little and added one dark mouse.

Now they were both jumping.

I was safe because if they got out, we were outside the house.

Snake didn't eat.

I picked him up when he was trying to climb out. I put the lid on the box, and went to put him away.

I came back.

Now what, Ross?!

My heart told me what to do.

I took the cage with the one mouse left, put it inside the box, to show them they were going to a 'safe' place.

Quickly, I got the tail and put each mouse back in.

Then I took them back to the pet store.

For a few moments before I let to go to the shop, I sat and reflected on it. Both the snake and the mice were being snakes and mice--one wanting to eat, the others wanting to live. This goes on in Nature without my having to intervene. Only in my house is it 'something'.

Why did I want to kill the mouse who was trying to save itself from the snake?

Where did that feeling come from?

I just wanted it to STOP! right?

That too was illusion.

There was no danger, no risk, and no basis for the fear.

The situation resolved for the highest good, with the mice at the pet shop, and the snake somewhat fed.

I realized it almost ruined my evening.

As I drove out of the garage, something caught my eye. I've lived here fourteen years, and never seen it. There is the word STUD on the piece of wood in part of the shelving.

I shook my head and said, 'ah, my inscrutable husband!'

Ross teased me back and acted miffed, as if he is always very clear and direct, just like this!

And after the pet shop, when I went to go to the car-- a truck with big letters--GO DIRECTLY HOME.


Sandwich in hand, the third inning of the game was many errors. Each person at bat scored a run. Albert Pujols got his 599th home run. I could imagine Anthony and Jared going crazy over that inning, jumping with joy, and bonding.

I was content to watch it from home.

I fell asleep in my chair.  I went upstairs, and didn't see the end of the game.   I heard this morning that they won.

As an aside, I've noticed something both Mike Trout and Albert Pujols have in common.  Watch what they do with their bats while they are in the batting box waiting for a pitch...

According to Wikipedia, 'Delta waves were originally defined as having a frequency between 1-4 Hz, although more recent classifications put the boundaries at between 0.5 and 2 Hz."  original article

For those of you who study, MK Ultra/Monarch programming creates different types of 'products'. One, the most known, is a beta kitten programming. The beta waves are active in the 'kitten' victim/product. Many celebrity females in conventional media/entertainment have undergone this.

But for soldiers, assassins and possibly--athletes?--they are called the 'deltas' because THAT is the brain wave programming.

I had a video somewhere that said most basketball players on the teams of Phil Jackson are in an altered state--one of these types of beta or delta or whatever--things when they play because they play better.

I wonder if the bats are a sign of them going into their 'mode' before they hit the ball. I know the wiki says with delta you would fall asleep.   But this whole MK Ultra thing is pretty hush hush.

Anyhow, it's a thought.


My sweetheart is coming home.

Carla has the day off, and there are lots of chores and activities to attend, starting with the sink filled with dirty dishes and unloading the dishwasher...

I'm offering my support...and not to worry.

Everything in its own time.

Even with Saul, honey.

Even with Saul.

No one like him shall ever hurt you like that again.

I promise.

I will do the ho'oponopono for you.

Carla?  I'm sorry that my actions caused you pain.

Carla? Will you please forgive me in my unknowing how I caused you harm, and didn't know what to do to make it stop while you were being tortured? I knew. I heard. I felt sad about it in my heart, even though I didn't like you and did everything in my power to take you down a peg any way I could. I wouldn't have wished what happened to you on my worst enemy.

Carla? Thank you for have the grace to let this go, and for us to move beyond it, together, on our own paths, away from that place and time that was so negative and hurtful to us both.

Carla? I love you and admire you as my sister and my friend. In THIS life, where your kindness made me smile in so many ways. THAT is the friendship I want to remember. That was our past. This is our future.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple