Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Birds Are Singing

It is another day.

The chores I so dreaded are done, at least for the moment.

There's not much time to write, as my duties have increased. Anthony needs stretching in the mornings, and he also wishes to take a shower.

So I will hit the 'high points'.

First of all, mainstream media is going nuts over the 'news'.

This is psychological operatives at its finest.

Here is REAL news.


Censorship controlling the flow of information online and also having to 'register' with the government to use the internet.


This is the 'warm up'. Pizzagate and other abominations can't be just released on the public. They are too 'bizarre' for the average person. But Lola's story? About being hidden in plain sight?


This is a baby step towards disclosure of everything...


  These clouds aren't 'normal'.

Look at the sharp edges and points.

They look like pieces of pizza, wedges in the sky. The points are to the left or up.

I call these 'Pleiadian' -- why I don't know. I call the ones that look like a stack of pancakes 'Andromedan'.

This is the kind of Pizza Gate (2?) that will sure shake things up!

Many 'clouds' aren't clouds at all.

The advanced technology has the means to cloak themselves. They can look like plain sky, and bend the light completely around themselves.

Or they can be 'clouds'.

If you notice, there isn't a chemtrail in the sky out there, either.

So, look UP.  There you will see the news with your own two eyes, and it isn't broadcast by anyone.

I drew a unicorn card today.  It was 'Priorities'. Don't let the little 'niggly mundane stuff' get you down. Remember your priorities.

I will.

I can't stand sitting down and paying bills especially on the computer. There's a stupid user name and password for EVERYTHING!

Ross is super busy. 

Something is up.

My priorities are, in order:

1) taking care of my physical vessel. Food. Water. Exercise. Sleep. Meditation.

2)  taking care of those entrusted to me--bird, turtle, snake, bunny, and kid.  This includes meals, laundry, and upkeep of the house. Garden too.

3) my patients.

4) my readers and students--where my heart is really, in guiding people in what is unseen. It is my passion.

You can imagine the dissonance when I'd love to create bracelets and mail them and do readings and I can't...

Because of the little things.

It's hard.

The unicorns say, 'Keep in mind your Priorities!'

I feel better with the stretching and the sleep. I'm caught up now. I feel normal and not tired.

I can be more effective at everything else when I'm not limping along.

I 'sense' changes are afoot and just about to break. I feel the energies ready to breath through from behind the veil. Good ones.

The more solid and well-rested you can possibly be, the more well-nourished, be better you will be able to handle the changes.

Even if they are everyone's dream come true, it's still a great deal of change to process. 

Your guidance to everyone in need of it around you is a must. 

The difference between chaos and calm is YOU.  Your mindset. Your trust in Source and your Purpose and being in tune with your inner self, your heart. 

It's going to be great.

Not sure when, exactly, but it's not 'months or years'. It's sooner.

Ross wants me to start my day.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple