Thursday, May 18, 2017

Super Boom!


It's quiet now, it's late, and the day is finished where I am.

Anthony is fast asleep. I just tucked him in.

It's time to reflect on today.

Will you join me?

I had a good day.  I worked with wonderful surgeons, staff, and patients.  I even ate lunch, and a very light dinner.

I saw incredible things, medical 'normal variants'...which in a career you get to see perhaps, twice, if you are lucky.

Fascinating things, on how the body works...

I gave a special tea to a recovery room nurse who always is kind to me. For example, she bought me a lanyard like hers when she went to Park City, Utah to ski.  It's pink with purple moose on it. It's cheery. My old BB8 lanyard was getting a little wear and tear. I'm glad she got it. I gave her the whole tin of the new one.

The tea is from a sample I tasted at Trader Joe's. It's called 'Chocolate Cupcake'. It's not fake flavoring. It's a mix of cocoa beans and tea and other things, and it's delicious! My friend Kathy has a sweet tooth, but has been losing lots of weight intentionally. It was made for her, you know?

Did I do big healings today?


I also did 'little ones' too.

I wish so much I could share with you more, but I can't, due to patient privacy.

Let me just say it wasn't an accident who came to me in my day's work, and I did my best to help them.

So, Carla, where are you heading? you may ask? (Ross has a mischievous smile--ed)

Well, we are at ninety-five percent Home.  I heard it on the commute or O.R. sometime at the end of the day.

We are asked only to keep our vibration HIGH.  And to be CONFIDENT.

I have this through Divine Mother Incarnate from Divine Father Himself...well, the ninety-five percent I heard from Him with my own ears.

What does that mean?

To be holding a high vibration and being confident?

It means TRUST.

It means TRUST that propaganda like this is bullshit--deliberate misinformation fed to the people of all humanity that UFO's are evil.

Want to do something about it?

You can participate in this, if it resonates with you:

And if it doesn't, just ask yourself the questions, think on how YOU feel about it, and don't worry, one of 'them' has been talking with you for years--our wonderful Ross. <3

It means knowing the media tells lies--on every channel!

It means trusting your instincts about Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

It means knowing in Hollywood--what is hidden--is deeply disturbing and the knowledge of it will definitely haunt you--if you know the awful secrets of what goes on behind the scenes and wish you never did--and not buying their 'everything is cool' facade for one second!

It means KNOWING that the suicides and drug overdoses and car accidents and scandals which are reported to you by the media are often 'covers' for something else, something far more sinister.

The Hollywood Star Whackers.

They are real.

And for people like Kanye who disobey and make 'secrets known' to the public, they PAY.

Like the dutch financial guy who came forward a few weeks ago--they torture you to make sure you won't tell the secrets again, and they take you to where you feel like you are make sure you will stay quiet about what they do. He was tortured for about a year, I think...give or take...

It means KNOWING that MK-Ultra and Monarch are just one end of the spectrum created by Mengele and the people in Germany in WW2 who escaped war crimes and ended up on Madison Avenue...working on HUGE psychological operatives with the control the people of entire populations...on the OTHER end of the 'mind control' spectrum.

And just like in Monarch and MK-Ultra, where the one being 'programmed' witnesses brutal, horrible suffering and 'break' them...

In our society as we know it, our favorite celebrities are taken from us, suddenly, without warning, form a 'drug overdose' or whatever...

Some scripted story written as a cover up, and all the police and others being 'in' on the 'story' because they are SWORN to protect people from their own 'Guild' or 'Fraternity' which is hidden in plain sight. They are SWORN to protect others from it, even if it impedes the law.

I saw a skull and bones design on a black sweatshirt, with that baby from the Family Guy--I think, 'Stewey' on it.


Talk about hidden in plain sight, isn't it?

There is only ONE answer, there is only ONE solution, and when we hit one hundred percent we are going to understand how everything else besides LOVE is an Illusion, a fantasy, something not real.

You may enjoy the music of a singer who is suddenly reported to be dead.

It may depress you.

But to sell your soul for fame?

It that really living?

I've seen Bob Dylan say he sold his.  He 'made a deal'...and he's 'keeping up his end of the bargain'.

I've come to the conclusion that perhaps the 'one hit wonders' are the ones who perhaps decided not to 'sell'.

Either way, the truth is going to come out.

It's inevitable.


There are more things 'out there' coming to make your life better than you ever DREAMED!

Let's just say you saw the trailer...the promo...for the main attraction...coming to a theater near you!

(he smiles and winks--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple