Thursday, May 25, 2017

For Pete's Sake!

A friend of mine was in distress last night.

Usually Ross is with me when Anthony is spending the night with his father.

Last night was different. And just when I was getting ready to call it a night, I got the text.

I read energies. And I picked up there was a serious health problem. Even though the message was 'I hope you are well and when you have a chance I'd like to talk'  I knew to reply at once.

I misread WHO had the health problem.

I thought it was the father of my friend.

It was my friend.

I picked up LOTS, energy-wise. When this friend decided to 'do the right thing' and be a caregiver, I knew it was Free Will going down a Wrong Pathway as a Lesson, and it wouldn't end well.

There was the combination of fear and lack of medical familiarity/comprehension. There are some people who are lay people, but basically, they 'get it'. They tell you, 'doc, I think this is going on' and most of the time, they are right. They don't know how to fix it. But they know what's wrong.

Others, spiral ineffectively. They bounce from symptoms, which are disturbing, to what if, what else, then what...and there's usually a big reason hidden. I'm talking mental/physical/emotional 'something'.

Then to assist I have to simultaneously offer support, ferret out facts to determine how serious it is, and then dig deep and gently to find the root of the imbalance.

The truth was that the mother died from stomach cancer in the prime of her life.

The fear was deep and multifactorial--including the very timely concern about insurance and expense.

(as an aside--if you have life-threatening symptoms, the ER is obliged to treat you regardless of ability to pay.  They can't even ask you to pay until you are stable. They can bill you like crazy after, but if you don't have money, you don't have money, and you walk away not having paid anyone for their service to you. But you are treated, right? It's the law.   There is one catch, and it bites a lot of this population in the butt...once you step outside the hospital and leave--against medical advice, or with the ER telling you to go...then the treatment isn't mandated by law. It's only on the admission which is connected to the ER admission. You can't go have a smoke, or go home and think about it first. It's go, go, go, even to the OR if it's indicated, to fix whatever problem is causing the emergency .)

Healing is coming. Insurance is coming through. There is connection and fear isn't as overwhelming.

I lost an hour of sleep, but today I was glad I helped.

This soul is Ross' and my favorite cousin.

Ross was there the whole time, and is the one who told our cousin to call me.

Our favorite cousin had his head cut off in that past life we shared together.

So today I had flashbacks.

I was asked, 'what is your holiest of holies?'

I said, 'Ross' face'.

My soul can't find peace to this day, until the moment I am with Ross, where he is, and I'm sure with my own eyes he is eating right, he's clean, has clothes, and is happy.

I get horrible flashbacks of his own death, and the unrecognizable features on the face.

So to me, his face, normal, is very important.

We talked, on the way to work.

And he did the funniest thing.

He danced.

A goofy dance with his fingers up in the air, you know how people smile and get you to try to dance with them?

He was like, 'Carla, I'm not only okay. I'm dancing. There is no way I could be hurting if I am dancing like this.'

I was shy. I didn't want to dance. But through the day he worked on it, and I danced a little bit.

At Ross' first goofy dancing, I saw in the next lane a huge plumbing truck with Pete's on it. In big letters. And I was like, 'For pete's sake Ross, what a ridiculous sight this is of you dancing like that!'

It worked.

I forgot about the beheading. 

I forgot about the rest with Ross.

I thought that was it.

This is a ziggurat.

There is one--um--there is one, an ancient restored temple in Ur, in ancient Sumeria, now in Iraq.

I've seen YouTube's that this is why they fight over Iraq. Military people take their picture on it all the time. And the claim is it's like Raiders of the Lost Ark--looking for metaphysical 'weaponry' for the military.

Ordinary people can't go on it.

(Ironically, my first babysitting job was for the Ur family down the street from us. Weird, huh?  The husband was Mark Ur --marker--and the wife was Sue Ur --sewer--she had to love him to take his name like that, right?)

There's an ugly building like that. I've seen it for years. It seemed like it was up to no good, but it's a nondescript federal building. It's named after some dude. 

It was, in my mind, the eyesore.

The eyesore next to the basketball courts that were hard to find.

Twenty years, and not a thought more than that.

Until I learned another name of the I drove a different route.


There's a child care center called that too.

I sensed red flags!

For those of you who are new to this awakening thing, the next part is going to sound wacky, and I excuse myself.

For those of you who know what a gifted psychic I am, and are comfortable with the metaphysical and generally 'unseen'...thank you for your patience.

I will digress.

A patient needed a 'cleaning'.

I added the vacuum, the fan to blow things into the vacuum, and Ross added a magnetic stir bar like in my chem lab right over the chest.

Ross is actively helping me, and his teams are doing more of the work. I just ask and they help.

So for this, weird ugly eyesore that must have been up to no good,  I sensed to talk to Divine Mother Incarnate and ask her to do something about it.

She did.

I felt sick, instantly, and asked for containment of anything that might be coming out of it. I felt waves and waves of horrible energy leaking from the building site.

She contained it, and it felt better.

Earlier today, we realized in the Ether/atmosphere/somewhere up that we can't see, are the ones who are giving orders to the incarnate Those Who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart. 

Effective this morning, that area was cleared, and all 'such connections' are dismantled.

After the intervention was taken on the ziggurat, we looked. It takes two pairs of eyes to 'see'. I see more terrestrial things. She sees higher things I can't.

Talk about hidden in plain sight! The eyesore was a highly sophisticated metaphysical 'weapon' that was functioning without anyone having a clue besides those who need to know.

This one had a tunnel deep. An inter dimensional one, not a 3D one. Dark. And what I saw looked like the scene in the movie The Little Mermaid with Ursula's 'poor unfortunate souls'. They were suffering. They couldn't leave. Lots and lots of them.

I realized this device connects from that place, and directs LOOSH energy UP to those nasty creatures that call the shots who were fixed in the morning.

I asked for every such device to be closed.

I know it will by our teams.

(Ross explained these souls are in shock, and like prisoners of war. They will be given basics for souls--the equivalent of our first aid, food, sleep, clean clothing, haircut, warm shower--and then later be given the choice to heal or merge with the Creator.  I also picked up the energy of African hunger/starvation people with their rice bowls at the truck where the daily meal is being given ...that hopelessness and despair being eased by the food. These souls aren't from the famine area but as souls they are in a similar state. The evacuation of them to safety is ongoing as we speak.)

Then Ross asked one favor.  He asked for the parallel ones, for our teams, to be opened up. I double checked to make sure this message was true, and I was hearing correctly. I was. These are inverted ziggurats. The bases are connected to Heaven. They aren't visible in 3D but are in the Higher Realms to those of us who have 'eyes that see' 5D...

I heard Divine Mother Incarnate working, and it sounded like stone doors opening up, that scraping sound. 

Then there was all this light, and I knew lots of angelic beings were coming IN through these 'tunnels' or 'connections'.

Then Divine Mother Incarnate saw the grids lighting up, the true grids, and it gave her happy tears and she said, spontaneously, 'hallelujah!'

We still weren't sure what had taken place. I sensed perhaps 'up there' and 'here' are all on the same grid. Furthermore, all the Earth --the quarantine is gone in the sense that OUR grids are now 'online' and 'connected' to the rest of the ones--to the planets, the stars, the rest of the open galaxy/universe/realms.

She had the feeling of a hard fought battle, where we had won, but it hadn't sunk in yet, the realization this was done.

I sense that the rest is protocol. There might be skirmishes too. But the main battle has been won.

She looked up ziggurat on google.

Guess what?

There's a hotel in the UK...

And the town it's in?

It's St. Peter Port.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple