Sunday, March 31, 2019

How To Apply What You Have Learned About Ascension

If you have been with our page long enough, you might recall we are moving collectively towards an energy state where 'angels are normal and love reigns supreme'.  This energy jump is referred to as Ascension. This is the first time, apparently, that a planet and her people have both made this step up in energy frequency together.

What holds us back is our perception. It is our reliance upon interpreting what we perceive with our five senses (taste, sight, touch, hearing, and smell) far and above the information which we perceive/pick up on with our intuition, and our heart.

Today we are going to give three examples to help you see first, how easily things are hidden in plain sight (to see the hand behind the manipulation) and second, how deeply we can bury our hidden pain and ignore it.

It has been said that all of the world is a stage.

If you have been with our page long enough, you may understand that all of the corporate media, all of the entertainment and sports industries, and all of the government has a very strong tie to TWDNHOBIAH.   'Follow the money' is a very good way to begin to see the hidden hand which is guiding current events and the 'status quo' with popular culture.

Another way to see the hidden hand is to realize how the Amish and similar groups shun 'popular culture' and manage to get along just fine in their own community which is like communities were in the past.

We are going to make some points, and then show you a video where you can see these points, but first there is a photo for you to memorize/burn in to your consciousness as it is important:

This photo describes yet another method where the 'unseen hand' can bring a population from 'Point A' to 'Point B' in the space of a single generation as was seen in World War II Germany. It's a science.

Let us return to our first lesson.

What is the future with the Galactics? What kind of world have they 'leaked' to us? In other words, what is their agenda?

  • saving the earth. Cleaning up pollution. Returning Gaia to her pristine state. 
  • Free energy for all
  • release of technologies that have been hidden--advanced ones for healing and travel

Who stands to lose when this Galactic agenda comes to fruition?
  • big oil. big pharma. big real estate. The automobile industry.

Who owns the controlling interest in the industries and corporations and governments of today?
How can TWDNHOBIAH reinforce their position of power?
  • Create a 'face' and a 'heel' paradigm which takes advantage of duality when working with molding of public perception. There is always two opinions, one presented by someone charismatic, and the other is by someone less charismatic (the 'heel')
  • Use deep psychological influence to have the face mock the heel--in this situation, satire by the elected official from Utah--as well as promoting the feeling that 'your team is winning'. Sports, by nature, sets us up for this desire to 'be on the winning team'.
  • Know that this desire to win has deep roots to TWDNHOBIAH and their 'cult' for lack of a better word. TWDNHOBIAH refer to the commoners as 'useless eaters' and take great pride in calling themselves 'the winning team'.

Are you ready?

To learn, you must temporarily set aside your political belief systems and look for the strategy put into motion here in this work.  Also, remember, if this person was any true threat to TWDNHOBIAH, they wouldn't be alive or putting things on camera. And finally, if you've researched enough, you will know there are striking similarities, right down to a mole on the face, between River Phoenix and this 'Truther'...

It is our hope you will have a similar 'aha!' moment as someone very close to us did when it was pointed out that there is more going on here than what meets the eye.  

Train yourself to look for what is hidden, and in addition to the adage, 'follow the money', remember that the goal of the cult of TWDNHOBIAH is to train us to believe that 'black is white' and 'white is black'. Personally I sense this is why the checkerboard is such a common motif for this cult--because it is the leaders of TWDNHOBIAH who decide what is black and what is white for us. But that's my own two cents.

Someone approached me in in hall at work recently, not once but twice, with questions about her two boys.

They were delicate and the location, as well as the parent, were not ready to receive the information. Furthermore, there are financial constraints, and to make changes based on such little 'evidence' in childcare and housing aren't feasible.

Let me reframe it.

Let me speak from first-hand experience as one who has been abused sexually as a child.

Let me also speak as one who has studied TWDNHOBIAH closely, and built from the written experiences of Kerth Barker as well as my own soul memories from my immediate past life as a 'kitten'...

It is a given that the cult of TWDNHOBIAH are predators of children. This goes way beyond sexual predation and they go for the soul of the little one. They want to create as many 'like them', lets refer to them as 'little soldiers recruited into their army' and there are elaborate ways of doing this, along the lines as MK Ultra and Monarch training which have roots to occult esoteric spiritual practices "the left hand path" dating back to before the days of Egypt and Atlantis. 

Children are resilient.

When told not to tell, they don't. I didn't. I was gang-raped by neighborhood boys, and passed out thinking I was going to die from the pain and the pillow over my face to muffle my screams. The mom told me not to tell anyone what I did because I had done a very bad thing and no one would believe me. 

I didn't tell.

I had behavior changes, which makes a lot of sense. 

I drew male anatomy in bright red permanent marker inside my closet, rows and rows of it, one day. Why? Because drawing wasn't telling. Using my mouth was telling. I was hoping my mom would figure it out. My message was that lots of male anatomy hurt me bad and I thought I was going to die. 

Then one day I buried the memories. I stared at a drawing of a black widow in my grandmother's kitchen closet from the exterminator. I don't know how it happened, but my brain took my trauma and transformed it into an exaggerated fear of spiders.  This is because the sensations I had during the attack felt like lots of little spiders crawling all over me and there was nothing I could do to escape. 

I didn't remember until one year after pituitary surgery, because the act of being on a table unconscious while people worked on me was just close enough to trigger a terrible depression. It was in treatment for the depression that the memory came out. 

With Kerth, again, many buried memories, and he had to work hard to heal from them and remember what had been hidden. 

Kerth's grandfather was the closet Luciferian. And the community (his friends) were also Luciferian. Kerth didn't know. His parents didn't know. But the babysitter, the close friend and lover of the grandfather (who was married and the wife also knew--she was Luciferian too)--would take the kids in the middle of the night to ceremonies without the parent's knowing. I'm not sure of the timing, if the parents were out on a date, but there was time to drive the kid, go to the basement, and participate in ceremonies and get back. 

The grandfather used to have a secret cookie jar in the kitchen. Once the kids would tell, then the cookies would disappear. Kerth kept the secret. That's how he was groomed to be a Luciferian, and apparently, a high-ranking one by the way he describes certain ceremonies. 

One day, before anyone ever got to officially have pedophile relations with Kerth within the group, Mr. 666 (that was his street address) kidnapped Kerth from a neighborhood park when he was six, and had pedophile rape of Kerth the whole afternoon. 

Kerth was deeply traumatized. The neighborhood panicked as playmates had seen the kidnap and Kerth was nowhere to be found. 

News spread to the Luciferian group too. This wasn't sanctioned. Kerth was supposed to be saved for his grandfather (who later would rape him, and the grandmother would turn a blind eye, on 'weekend visits' and also during the 'weekend visits' they would go do ceremonies at the Baron's house).

The Luciferian group contacted Mr. 666 and told him to return the boy and skip town, which he did.

But at home, Kerth had lots of pain and blood from his rectum. The toilet bowl was full of blood clots. 

This is where the lesson is. 

The babysitter lied to the mom, and told her it was normal and would heal and nothing to worry about.

The lesson is WORRY.

There's a little voice that wants you to think everything is okay. 

Let me tell you, with little kids--they are never in a million years going to tell you plain and clear what has happened to them that shouldn't. They don't understand what strangers are. Sometimes it's family members. Sometimes it's a babysitter or teacher. Remember the Mc Martin preschool where they took the kids through tunnels to ceremonies in the day and made them drink blood? And worse?

It's out there. The cult who abuses children. TWDNHOBIAH. And they more than anyone want you to think that 'everything is cool'.  Add to this the garden variety of pedophiles...and you'll have plenty of reason to think twice when something isn't right.

My boy in the tub was two, and pulling on his scrotum, HARD. Stretching it out, laughing, and saying, 'these are my jelly beans!'

We don't eat jelly beans. If we did we would call them jelly bellies--the tiny ones--not the big old school ones. 

I asked him, 'who told you that?'

Innocently, in total and complete trust, he said my father's name. Instantly I recalled how his best friend at school the janitor was arrested for molesting children. And I remembered how the one professor at college in Berkeley who made me feel comfortable like my dad was arrested for pedophile abuse of two nine year old girls. I also recall a hatred my father had for Walt Disney and all of Disneyland. 

That was all the evidence I had, along with my gut feeling, and I reported it as well as told Anthony's father. Together we decided he would take the blame for the reporting from my family, not me. And around that time, Anthony was saying things at their dinner table that were totally inappropriate. That was the secondary fact/confirmation because again he said it was my dad. 

The social service case manager said that I caught it early. That Anthony needed a relationship with his grandfather. But to never, ever let them be alone together. So I was always Anthony's shadow on all family visits. My dad had a terminal disease, and it killed him in a short time. No one would ever guess what was his dark side. I know through Tim Braun he came through on a second session and verified it--and begged my forgiveness. I have forgiven him, and I love him as he was a good husband and provider and father to me. I love my son more, he is entrusted to me and I am his protector, so I made the difficult decision and never regretted what I had to do.

If your child is clingy out of the blue, if there is a change in personality. If you son says, 'I don't want to sleep in that room because I disappear'--you are not going to get any more clarity than that, and you need to realize we live in a society where evil is rampant. People you would never guess like the babysitter in Kerth's home, Shotzy, are playing for the other team, team TWDNHOBIAH. They need and want children. They seek them. So do your due diligence. Is it the new babysitter? Try another one. Is it someone in your family that gives you a creepy vibe? Or someone you would never in a million years guess?

It's real.

All of it is real.

And the more people get wise, the better.

As an aside, we saw a pro-life demonstration yesterday. Please set your political beliefs aside for one moment and listen. A group who promote the protection of unborn children will be a natural transition to the concept of protecting children who are ritually abused like Kerth. This is a key way to take down the power structure of TWDNHOBIAH. It will also help the public to SEE what is hidden in plain sight and harness their concern/anger/outrage appropriately.  Thank you for realizing that sometimes there is more to what is going on than what meets the eye. Now you may go back to your political beliefs and we will move on.

Back to the last part of this long--thank you for your patience!--lesson.

Someone at work likes me. 

As an empath, I am bombarded with his feelings and I'm not sure which ones are mine or his or what. 

Ordinarily, I wouldn't be attracted to him.

Ross has been right by my side through this lesson. I had started it without realizing it by talking to Ross about my needs, and how with his being on Spirit side, it's hard to get them met. I need to plan for my future, to have something to look forward to, to share common experiences, and to enjoy conversation on a more regular basis. 

For me to communicate my needs is very new, a very good sign of my healing and growth.

Lots of the questions Ross asks me are 'how does it make you feel?' when I get those funny feelings in my stomach. Let me add that a close friend who knows my track record in the world of romance, taught me that when I get those feelings to RUN the other direction!

I saw a post by Shalom Melchizidek that said you can only have intimacy, physical and spiritual, between two people who are of similar vibration and spiritual growth. Otherwise it can be explosive.

I've discovered this on my own, three times. 

But Ross has had me remember the good times too, with all the people I've had relationship with.

Today I meditated with Ross. And the result?

I saw what  mess I am in the romance department. The attack when I was four left profound, deep, lasting wounds to my psychology. And the immediate past life gave me a distorted perception of human sexuality. I also didn't have much developmental support from my father, who for his own reasons really emotionally pulled back from me when I hit puberty. I never felt that I was beautiful or worthy of a man's attention and healthy love. 

So in this, I am grateful for the crush/attraction that came from out of the blue. I can see my own hidden pain (I am a mess, and also, stunted in my growth in this aspect). I am taking baby steps to describe it to Ross. And I know to watch the guy at work. Ross is training me to look for what is hidden, to look for qualities that are both good and not good for me. 

This is the foundation for being able to look for what I want in life and in relationship. Before so few were attracted to me (successful women, bright intelligent ones aren't lucky in love to be honest)--that I jumped at the chance and felt everything would be okay.

So now for eternity--I'm getting my ability to be healthy in relationship with Ross once I'm where he is--by practicing here, starting with my own feelings. This way, even with 'movie star handsome' Ross, I will be able to hold my own in our relationship as an equal partner, friend, and Twin.

I'm so grateful for this. 

All wounds can heal.

They won't heal by magic.

Everything heals and grows and it takes concentration, mindfulness, and an open heart--and energy!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Friday, March 29, 2019

Hanama Bay

Today we speak in allegory. Ross taught exclusively by telling stories in which 'a little more can be read'.

Let's begin.

I love to snorkel. It is absolutely, positively my most favorite thing on earth to do. And in the photo above, as shown by the title, is Hanama Bay, a very famous location on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu where people go to snorkel. 

Hanama Bay is so popular that the people who run it decided to close it on Tuesdays to give the fish a day off. 

No one can snorkel on Tuesdays.

But on a snorkeling day, you drive early early, almost at the crack of dawn, to find a parking space. Then you stand in line, pay your fee (I rented equipment) and watch a movie on water safety and how-to's. It's mandatory to watch it before you can go down the hill.

As always, there is a little truck which will let you ride both up and down the hill, which is very steep, so you can give them a little money.  I chose to keep mine when I went in 2004, April. I was there on the island alone for a conference. Every other trip to Hawaii I had ever had was with an ex-husband, and although they had been to different islands (Kauai and Maui)--or even with my baby sister (1996 to Big Island of Hawaii)--every trip had been unhappy, a disaster, with us hardly speaking to one another on the way home. I was intent on breaking my curse, and so far, Oahu had been pleasant...

In the water I was amazed, intrigued and happy. For the first part, for safety, I asked an elderly Swedish couple if I could please swim and snorkel near them so if I needed help I would still have the 'buddy system'. They kindly agreed. I wasn't next to them, but within earshot. 

As the day wore on so did my courage!

Soon I was snorkeling the whole length of the beach, and following the fish.

I was distracted from my fish-gazing by noise on a loudspeaker.  It wouldn't stop so I looked up. When I looked up I realized they were talking to me!

'Please get away from the buoys' the lifeguard said to me way the heck out in the middle of the bay, which was shallow. I could touch and I didn't see a problem.

I moved a little.

After a short time the loudspeaker came on again! I had moved, hadn't I? How could I have gone back? I didn't know.

So I changed where I saw swimming altogether to avoid the loudspeaker. 

I had an awesome day, and I think I might have bought a ticket for a ride up, but also, I might have not...

Fast forward to today.

I understand!

In any bay, there is need for the water to return to the ocean. In Hawaii, the currents are different from back home. In Southern California, the currents will pull you along the length of the shore. You need to keep checking for your towel or umbrella and correct as you enjoy the ocean. Otherwise you might drift far away and not be able to find where you left your towel on the sand (and your lunch!)...

In Southern California we also have rip currents, which will suck you back out to sea faster than you can blink and also faster than you can swim against it. They will exhaust out behind the surf, and you can easily escape them by swimming parallel to the shore. They are narrow, only a few feet wide. You can read the ocean and guess where they are--have a good idea. I've always been careful and never gotten sucked up into one. Anthony has and he says it's not a big deal. He knew what was happening, a teacher was there (yes they have P.E. class at the Beach sometimes, at least they used to)...

In Hawaii, especially Hanama Bay, it is the center of the bay which feeds a very strong current of water that goes straight out to the ocean. The open ocean! It is way stronger than a rip tide. And more dangerous.

Unknowingly, I had almost gotten stuck into it.

The lifeguard warned me, not once but twice. And the funny reason I ended up back in the area so soon after moving was because of the current I didn't realize I was in.

The lifeguards protected me in my state of unknowing. 

They didn't bother to explain, or to teach (after all I'd seen the film but hadn't really paid attention). Many people drown in that bay every year, usually people with poor conditioning or can't swim.

Why even the day I went an ambulance was on the sand and they were doing CPR on some old gentleman or lady, I wasn't sure why and since I wasn't at work I didn't really want to know.

The system works. It totally does. Whether you have any inkling of how it is working or not. It's almost like autopilot.

Ross showed me Ashtar yesterday. The last time I'd seen him was a couple weeks ago, I saw him remotely and he was very busy over some table and there was a lot of super high tech stuff going on live. Ashtar had no clue I was there. (usually he's pleasant and cheerful and greets me).

Yesterday Ashtar had complete and total concentration, like he was about to win a poker championship. He was not moving. He was seated and looking at something high tech in front of him. He knew every strategy, every angle, and had his steps all figured out along with every possible contingency. His energy was good, I felt it. And again, he had no clue Ross or I was there watching him. 

Ross told me that Ashtar is the very best at what he does. The best man for the job. 

I saw it with my own eyes...

By the way, our countdown is at eighty.


clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


 New Delhi, India - October 5, 2015: Children are having a healthy meal at Mobile Creches, Vatika-83, Gurgaon, Delhi. Mobile Creches works with birth to 12 year old children living on the construction sites and slums since 1969


This is a word Spirit gave to me right when I was about to wake up. It means, 'everyone Ascending together'.

We are at that phase now.

The next thing I understood is the concept of this--sled dog racing.

I've been to Martin Buser's kennel, and I've seen several demonstrations about the sled dogs. They are treated well, they are family, and they love to run! They pull hard and fast. When you go to fasten them into the harness you have to have them hop on their back two legs otherwise they'd pull you after them as they went flying down the trail past the sled and other dogs!

My point here is that the dogs are not placed in the order by random. It is very deliberate and each one has an important job to do.   The ones in the front are the lead dogs. They are trained to lead and to make decisions. They can be female or male. The life of the driver and the rest of the pack is in their care.

Marty said that once his lead dogs refused to go. He had been trying to make them go a certain way. Then he stopped at took a look at the trail.

There would have been total disaster had they obeyed his commands--from a long ways back behind them in the sled. He couldn't see what they could up ahead and they made the call without him.

It's that kind of trust that is priceless for a team.

How did sled dog racing come about? Well, at forty below zero or something like that, machines freeze up. No snowmobile. No airplanes. No cars or trucks. Dogs don't freeze in those temperatures they run fine! And there was a life-saving serum needed for children in someplace in Alaska. The team delivered it in a short time--from Iditarod to Nome I think but I could be wrong. So it's a re-creation of the original.

The two behind the leads, actually the two pairs behind them, are the power pullers. They are the strength.

Behind that there are other roles, I do not remember them exactly. But the new ones usually get placed somewhere there because they are learning.

Nobody wants to believe we are part of some huge lie that has been told to us.

People want to believe that TWDNHOBIAH, really DO have our best interest at heart.

I've seen quotes about FB's new policy and certain injectable protection from diseases that 'save lives' supposedly, with people from pro and anti bashing it out on FB. Both sides don't want to hear about the other.

Remember that when a person is 'losing' (they didn't voluntarily take the little 'red pill' but the evidence is mounting up in that direction anyway) they want to cling to their belief system as long as they can.

Here is an example of a friend who just went with her two sisters to Vegas to see certain things including a show about Micheal. Here is how she justifies her actions in the scope of the documentary on Neverland:

FYI, I agreed to the MJ show before I watched Leaving Neverland


Hmm,  I can't find it, sorry, but it was something to the effect that the music was and still is really good. So that's 'separate' from the 'facts'.

I know her. I grew up with her. We listened to a lot of his music. It was good, really good music. However, the fact that we grew up listening to the artistry of a pedophile just isn't sinking in yet enough with her...

Here's another quote, one far more crafted and sinister:

In a nutshell, her take seems to be: Hey, was it really all that bad?
“Oh absolutely,” Streisand said when asked if she believed the allegations of sexual abuse made in the film. “That was too painful.” That being said, the singer also seems extremely sympathetic to Michael Jackson, to the point that she suggests the alleged child abuse is in some way mitigated by the fact “it didn’t kill them.” Explained Streisand: “His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has. You can say ‘molested’, but those children, as you heard say [the grown-up Robson and Safechuck], they were thrilled to be there.” Said Streisand: “They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them.”
The methods of TWDNHOBIAH are deny, deny, deny, convince you that you're crazy, distort, twist, smear, hide the facts, blame the victim, etc.  Yes of course she's had to apologize. But I don't see how anyone can make it to the top without being a card-carrying member of TWDNHOBIAH. It's just against the laws of physics lol.

So there's something for you to think about.  I've notice a trend where the people in the lead on Ascension are going a little pulled back into their own comfort zones. For me, it's medicine. I'm really enjoying my work. I can see it in those who are around me but I don't think it's right to give specific examples. There's a 'going back to what we know' and it's okay. It's totally okay because the rest of the team is starting to awaken and they need their time. It's kind of like the rest periods or the play periods for the sled dogs. They  have to eat. They have to sleep. So everyone on our team has been pulling incredibly well. And now the energies are gearing up for everyone to Ascend together, in Conscension--maybe a little earlier some, a little later some, but it's the big push. 
Be sure to enjoy the show!

clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahlaos,

Ross and Carla, 
The Twins

Monday, March 25, 2019

Spiritual Guidance

I pulled an all-nighter on Friday night. Literally. Only a brief one hour nap while waiting for a surgeon who delayed from 21:00 to 23:00 to show up. I slept poorly. I also slept four hours in the hospital after six a.m. because I was in no condition to drive.

My son came home after his baseball game. He had gotten hurt. He threw his back out during warmups, and he didn't even get to play first base. I washed his uniform yesterday. There were dirt marks from the bench, the poor thing. 

His father had been unkind to him. He has no sympathy and he unapologetically hits the speed bumps at top speed with a turn and doesn't care if it hurts Anthony's back or not. He also is unkind to me, and said I would take him to the ER for the back pain.

Actually, in my stupor, I went into mom mode.

I had hurt my hand holding a head of a craniotomy patient during a slow transfer. Something deep inside my palm aches.

So we both got anti-inflammatory medication.

I would have loved to sleep but I couldn't. Not with him like that. So he did his video games and I did my puzzle. It's coming along but it's certainly not an easy one. 

We needed food, I didn't want to pay for door delivery of fast food, so we went to Costco and got a chicken (and other things we needed for the house, totaling lots more than door delivery--but as Anthony said, it's things we needed.)  When we got home, after the madhouse of the big box store, I was a little frantic. I had to unload the car because Anthony's back was out of commission. I asked him to cut the tomatoes for our salad. We had the ready made chicken, roasted potatoes from the store (I don't recommend them), tomato salad, and baguette. 

I made many trips to the car, under great stress.

Yesterday I couldn't find my car keys. 

I looked all over the house. Anthony too. We had no clue where they could have been. I checked every pocket of my jeans. 

Fortunately we had gone to the old house, and brought our 'weekend car' (in the event of car failure I need a ride immediately so I can always go to work) go the new one. So we were able to make our appointment. 

But it was very frustrating. 

The phone rang while we were looking. It was an urgent prayer line. A robocall. Not on the home phone which only my mom really calls, besides the telemarketers and the fundraisers from my medical school. On my cell phone. Anthony and I looked at each other like, 'wow! what perfect timing!'  I had to record my name, and also I had ten seconds to say my prayers. Someone would call back to us. I said, 'I can't find my keys', hoping it wasn't a telephone scam. 

Then I said, we might as well sit and pray together. I did. I shared with Ross how I'm so absent minded I could even lose my face if it wasn't attached. I said I'm a dumb dumb, and I'm sorry. Anthony prayed too.

Then I blurted out, 'at least it's inside the house'.

Ross said, 'not exactly'.

All day I had the dreaded feeling I threw it away and it was in the trash can outside.

Ross told me to 'retrace my steps' which was difficult due to the sleep deprivation.

He also teased us and I saw him with the keys, jingling them, and laughing in a nice way. He told me, 'they will be in the last place you look'. 

What he did advise was to let go of the problem for a while.

Late last night, before bed, I just wanted to sit.  I sat on the couch. I had remembered my last steps, I wanted to throw away trash from the samples, I set my keys down in the laundry room, and threw them away. I had looked in that trash bag, thought I'd heard a jingle, but dismissed it. This time I decided to get up, and look through every piece of trash and transfer it from the bag to another bag just to be sure.

And inside the little dixie cup from the free coffee sample, were my keys!

If you can look back, as the Monday Morning quarterback, you can see how accurate Ross' guidance was. They keys were in the trash designated to go out of the house. My intuition was close but not accurate. And what helped me to find them was a 'feeling'. Not my mind. Not my connection to Ross, but I'm absolutely certain that 'feeling' was from his assistance. I felt it strong and I had to be sure that's why I checked a second time.

Ross also told us where to keep our keys so we will never lose them in the new house. He also had teased me because earlier we had to go to the old home and pick up the backup key for work, just in case I couldn't find the originals. He had said it's so hard for me to let go...

All in all with the move, everyone is happier. I catch myself singing. Anthony too. The pets seems more content. The bunny absolutely loves being inside. She watches TV with us from her cage, and since the house is open design she can see us at the dinner table too. Things are coming along. There's not much left for me to bring besides photos and some beading supplies. Everything else I can have get boxed up and moved for me to sort through here. Considering the move was about three weeks ago, and considering again how I've been in the old place fifteen years, we are doing well.

The garden is going to be more work. I can see mint and something else popping up from the old owners everywhere all over the yard. But it will be happy work. 

The surprising thing is that lots of things I used to love, I don't enjoy here, and some things different seem to 'work' better in the new home. So I'm just going along with it. 

Long story short, when I'm that tired, I need to take better care of myself. We can just order a pizza.

What I do feel is the energy of organization building up, and also, the energy of my work with whatever direction it is meant to go, the one Spirit has in mind. Ross and I will be better able to address the needs of our outreach to better serve others. 

In the meantime, please 'pardon our dust' as we/our family remodel our home situation for the better.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S. Here's the countdown!

Thursday, March 21, 2019


My Council called me in yesterday. They invited me to share an entirely new concept with you, one regarding relationships in the Higher Realms. They call it 'Polycommitment'.

Up until this time, I had been taught that 'monogamy is a can but not a must' in the higher realms. 

If you have read this blog for some time, you would know that 'it's complicated' is a good way to describe my current soul relationships. Ross and I are partners and soul twins...then after that it gets a little different from what we have here on Earth today.

The other day I read a post by George Takei on FB about a gay threople (a three-way couple). I couldn't find the link, but while searching there was apparently articles in Cosmopolitan and other online sources about two woman and a man in a relationship and other permutations of 'polyamory'

I was horrified. Not due to the people discussed. I was horrified because of the agenda being pushed towards something I'd never anticipated here in our popular culture.

I actually used to make fun of the Galactics for being 'promiscuous' in my eyes, as they are a little 'lax' in the monogamy department. Then I learned that I am in committed relationships with not one but FIVE souls! At the same time. And the ones besides Ross, two were before him, and two were after him. I am in a formal commitment, and it's almost like an apprenticeship. These souls I am with who are not Ross are teaching me something important for my soul's duties wherever the soul as Carla goes.

(As an aside, I am realizing that souls can be in many places at once, this is the nature of the soul, and many incarnations are going on at the same time, under the direction of the Higher Self--which I still don't fully understand. To be honest the concept is a little too close to comfort for the multiple personalities created in MK Ultra/Monarch for these poor victims who are incarnate. I need to talk with Ross and my guides more to see how one is good and the other isn't. Just like with bigamy not being legal in most countries and yet apparently the 'new cool thing' are three way couples).

The other thing I am reading is by Covenant Eyes, on Internet Safety for children. Yes, it is Christian. But also, it's correct in some things, especially in the description of the brain's reward system, how the brain truly is wired for sex, and how Creator wishes for us to share our sexual selves with someone important to us in real life. They describe how the cycle of pornography affects developing boys and girls, how easy it is for them to have access to it, and now for many young people seeing a real human partner who doesn't compare favorably to the porn actors on the screen, describe the real partner as 'just bad porn'. 

What the Internet Safety guide tells us is that we have independence, our own dignity, and right to pleasure/intimacy in the right context, but in the wrong context (such as porn addiction where you give your love to an image on a screen or modern-day agenda items) it can lead to pain and sexual shame. So protect the children by teaching them to respect themselves, and to be always thinking critically about what media they consume. And for parents to share what the kids consume and to ask questions to guide the critical thinking process. That way the children aren't sheltered, but rather, prepared for today's world.

So, what about the Galactics?

Their point is that for angelic beings, and beings of Higher Vibration, in all interactions there is the goal to be on the up and up. And instead of finding multiple partners for gratification, the galactics get to know one another deeper on a more personal level, putting the welfare of the partner before their own in any intimate relationships. So, instead of the low vibration seeking of 'physical pleasure' between as many partners as possible, there is the connection, soul to soul, which is of value the most. And THIS is what leads to friendship and commitment to anyone in which there is closeness on various levels.  There is mutual respect and trust, and I sense that it's not only 'lip service' as the polyamorist claim to promote, but also, genuine joy and understanding of the way things work in the higher realms.

I was grateful because I had the impression that 'up there' was as 'anything goes' as on Earth, but like, on steroids--stronger and more prominent. I was afraid perhaps someone might get 'romantic' and pressure me or even use force on a street corner! And in my heart of hearts, I kind of didn't want to go. I didn't want to be exposed to it. I didn't want to participate in it. It was too much for my brain to handle and I only want Ross, you know?

Another huge huge huge thing came through yesterday from my past life, my immediate one, as a kitten. I was a child prostitute, basically, and my face looked like a kitten so I must have been an MK Ultra/Monarch 'product'. I died around nine or ten, someone strangled me during sex, and as I floated out of the body I saw it and thought, 'what a stupid excuse for a life that was!'...Well the huge thing was that I realized yesterday that I didn't like being forced to have sex with women in that incarnation. I felt it strongly. Why, I don't know. I know I had sex with just about everything but other children in that life. My point is, for you to honor your strong feelings you don't know why you have based on this incarnation. It could be from a past life. And that past life has to heal. I wouldn't dwell on it or force it. Just be aware and understand what is happening if it does come up. Be kind and loving to your past self in order to help it heal. What works for other people is perfectly fine for them. Do not pressure yourself to make it some form of comparison for you.

My guides/Council say this has been just enough to 'get you thinking outside the box' and to know that no matter how things turn out once we 'awaken' everything is in perfect Divine Order, and is meant to be  just as it arrives.

Our countdown is 87 days, and Ross waves hello.

He wasn't participating in the above discussion because it's a sore spot between us. When we were both incarnate, he was a little more 'Galactic' than me. And it caused me great suffering and pain, to the point of my trying to disconnect myself from him as my Twin, which is impossible, but I came very close to being successful at it. It's a long story how my HS went one way and my soul another, in a switch--over both of us there's an even Higher Self that was keeping everything under control, and now with Ross and I together again, it's all good. He and I are monogamous to one another, and we keep it that way, because I don't like to think about how other things are. When I encounter the other souls, they feel like family, not romantic, and I know they care for me a lot. This is because I can't handle anything more.

So I'm so grateful to Ross for not forcing me to be a certain way that I'm not at the moment with my current level of development.

Ross does want you to know that it's all for good, that everything will work out, and not to feel like you have 'too many questions'. You are free to ask him and your guides in meditation, and even if you don't wish to discuss these things, everything will make sense because you won't have the veil on any more once we Ascend.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spelling It Out...The Big Challenge...To Be Helpful

Ross chose this picture. He's also guiding me to share with you the lesson he used to help me understand the reason why I needed to give the photo back to Mark.

Incidentally, we are on day 89, on our countdown...

Initially when I read the letter I was in shock. Thirty years is a long time since our wedding, and I last spoke with Mark was when he invited himself to my grandfather's funeral. He drove from Northern California to Southern California, I'm not even sure where he stayed. But he sat next to me at the funeral like nothing had happened. This was December. But I had told him in late October, possibly early October os 1992 I didn't want to see him for Thanksgiving and I didn't want to be married to him any more. He took the news well and said I had every reason to feel that way...

Until he went behind my back through my Uncle and tried to get us back together again...


So anyhow, in shock, and in the O.R., I asked Ross for advice. He had me do a new spread with my Unicorn cards. Three cards. One for me, one for Mark, and one for Ross.



I 'get' that one.

For Mark? I forget the word, but it was about thinking good thoughts, avoiding bad thoughts, and choosing what thoughts to 'entertain'.  I realized to my core and I understood he's not on the same trajectory in his spiritual evolution...and he's back in a place that's significantly lower vibration. He just can't 'get it' but he's just as much God's kid as anyone else.

For Ross, he got, 'Indifference'. He is in a place so far above either Mark or me, that 'it's all good'. Bad times leave. And good times don't always last. But everything is for your enjoyment and growth. It's all encompassing, his mindset, and I know in time I will be there right beside Ross in my own spiritual growth and development.

Sometimes Spirit throws in a 'kicker', a 'freebie' to help you understand. I found it in my Cancer Horoscope in the newspaper on the break room table. Newspapers don't come every day, mind you. And it said, 'be flattered someone is trying to control you. It won't work, but take it for what it is.'

I smiled, inwardly.

Ross wants you to know when you are working with someone who is -- to put it politely-- 'on a different bandwidth than you', to know in your heart all souls respond to love, the unconditional love of Divine Creator.

Now he clears his throat.

He explains gently that there are some people who have been a long time 'running a little short' in the 'love department'. He points to his head, and makes you understand that these people are not able to think like you and me who are 'a little more nourished in the love department'.  This is why he encourages you to keep your wits about you, your eyes and ears open, as well as your heart open, and work with Spirit to do what you have to do. He says, 'just like Carla in this example'.

The box is sent.

You know what the post office clerk said to him when I explained the situation? I think it's both a little bit funny and a little bit sad (that my ex would fixate on the photo for almost three decades...)

This is where the compassion comes in.

Remember you are not 'a doormat' as Ross says. You have boundaries and every right to enforce them. He says 'you wouldn't pick up a snake unless you were sure it was not a rattler, and you wouldn't go play with an alligator unless you were sure it was tame and was recently very well fed, and still, you would not make any sudden moves to upset it'.

He smiles, he's pleased with his examples, and says, 'you get the picture'.

He REALLY smiles and enjoys his little pun. I'm enjoying it too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, March 18, 2019

A BIG Challenge

How does one make peace with someone who has abused them?  Hmmmm?

That makes for a mighty fine challenge, as well as being asked to prove you really are all about love and peace and forgiveness, doesn't it?

A letter showed up in my mailbox at work. And inside the letter, was contact from my first husband Mark. He had sent it to all four addresses he had seen of me online. Including my P.O. box.

He wanted something he felt was his. A certain photo in a frame. Technically, it was not something 'he inherited' because at the time of the funeral preparations I asked not Aunt Susie but the other one with dark hair if I could have it and she said yes. So it came to us as a couple because of my connection to the photo. It's hard to explain but I had always felt a strong soul connection to the grandparents in July 1950 driving through a tree in Yosemite.

Immediately I obeyed.

I also dropped all my defenses. It's Ascension, right? I packaged everything up after taking a photo, and even bought kettle corn to put in around the frame for packing. Nice kettle corn. Our area's best.

Ross helped me write a letter explaining a ho'oponopono, as well as that this image was my North Star for thirty years--with these beloved people urging me to work hard, do my best, be humble, and to trust in God as well as to be loving to all. That is was my love for them that lets me cheerfully give it to him, to inspire him.

I was supposed to send it to his parent's house.

The machine at the post office was broken.

Last night I had trouble sleeping.

I realized he might not like me. He has a history of abuse. I've seen the videos on narcissists not to say he is one, but I know some people with mental health imbalances can act nice only to get revenge thirty years later.

He's close to someone in the family we broke ties with because this family member and his wife tried to kill his mother (my grandmother) to get her inheritance. They did it with the 'chair of death' where they tied her to a chair in the desert and had her sit in the sun for hours and didn't give her food or water. At the last minute he told my mom to come say goodbye, and my sister drove mom, and my sister's best friend is a detective's wife. It would be murder if an otherwise healthy old woman were to die for any reason.

That's how nana came to be in a nursing home near us. Eventually. We made the three hour drive to where she was after the hospital. The emergency room wanted to call the cops on him then and there. And my sister had to put twenty five thousand dollars of her own money into a bank account he had drained to save him from going to jail. My mom wanted to spare him, she's always enabled him...

The package had my home address on it.

So today I redid the package.

I kept the letter.

I haven't sent it.

But I did upload the photo to MPix online. And now I have my own copy of it : ))) It's an upgrade!

And the surprise?

Years ago I had put a copy of a photo of me and Mark in a different drive through tree, posing the same as his grandparents, behind the image! Ross told me THIS was the true source of the connection to the one I had. And to keep it. So I actually uploaded that image too, and got a frame for it.

God/The Divine works in mysterious ways. His request gave me a lesson, and a chance to have both of us enjoy the image of his beautiful, wonderful grandparents.

I also have offered my email and phone number, and told him he and all of his family are welcome to contact me any time.

It is my hope we could be friends.

The energies are right for it. And also, my soul is ready. I've done some pretty deep healing by going to Yosemite and to Berkeley last year. All I remember is the joy and not the pain. I did sob deeply when I saw our old house. I did love him. I always have loved him. But he wasn't good for me, he was very controlling, and I never would have had the life I've lived if I had stayed with him. His temper was really bad, really really bad enough to make me need counseling for a good long time to get my 'spirit' and 'bubbly essence' back.

I also know Ross doesn't want me to have any unfinished business. I'm so glad I have the box re-wrapped, filled with the same love and kindness, to offer people who I am not sure are going to be warm and fuzzy about me.

When it comes right down to it, people are more important than things. This was the second time I had to put that one into action for Spirit or my classwork/grades/teaching in the Spirit Realm.

Now I'll go to bed. It's been a long haul with the move. Every day I bring a car load after work, all by myself. Anthony helps a little but it's not his thing. I have to ask. Yesterday I brought heavy pots of plants. Today, metal things, lots of it--cast iron enamelware, pots and pans, knives, and ceramic mixing bowls. Things that have been tried by fire.

That's been the name of my bracelet I've worn for two weeks. Trial by fire. It has vesuvianite in it. It's pretty too. Once I find my beads after the move I might make some and post them for interested people.

Ross has been so very busy, here and there, guiding me with a  firm and loving encouragement to be more galactic, and less petty. We also got a new symbol today to heal PTSD. I overheard a patient telling a nurse he had been a police officer. His partner had been shot in the head in front of him, and died in his arms. My heart broke to hear him talking about the things he'd seen. Apparently many rape victims go commit suicide immediately after, and that made him sad too. I can't remember the rest, but it was heavy stuff. That's why Spirit gave the symbol. I will make a video for it one day and share it soon.

All my love, and Ross' too...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Beauty of The Time

Yesterday I had a realization that was startling yet deeply profound.

Let me explain it to you with an example.  I am moving house. And I was at the old house, bravely soldiering through the sorting and lifting. I tossed out all of my notes I had kept from medical school, and two important Chemical engineering books--introduction to Chem E and Reactor Kinetics. I tossed out my old Organic Chemistry book, my Grey's Anatomy, and my dissector set by Grant. I didn't need them, I haven't looked at them in fifteen years, but it's poignant.

Back inside, behind closed doors, I started to cry. I cried a lot that day. I cried because Anthony wasn't a baby any more. Life was easier back in those days. I cried because I was letting go of security. An old past-life thing came up where I was filled with dread at the pattern and told Ross, 'we are moving again?!' I stayed with that one long, long time and really let it course through my consciousness. I don't think I ever got to grieve over that one back in the day.

The eye opening one that came out at the end of that crying episode was the horror of living in a house that was full of 'settling'--signs of it everywhere--and not being able to fix it. I have always had a fear of not being able to put a roof over my head. I stayed with my first husband long before I ever left him because I was afraid to strike it out on my own and pay the rent for a studio in San Francisco. I had looked at the classifieds. They were too expensive.  So it was the combination of not being able to get out--my financial security was tied up with a home that wasn't exactly in tiptop shape...I felt horror and fear and pain and also my soul was tired and showing me just how much I had been lying to myself in order to keep going.

I made myself lunch, which was comforting, there was enough food left still, and I ate on the balcony on our old bistro table there.

I had to go back again for another load that night, and I cried again. Ross said he had a gift for me. He had me sit in the corner where I used to have my chair, and tell him what I saw. The guest room bed was piled high with belongings, mostly old photographs in frames I had taken off the wall.
I howled and sobbed and told him I was an utter and complete failure!

He gently said, 'what I see here is someone who has tried their best.'

I don't know how to explain it, but it humbled me and validated me in ways nothing else ever had.

I couldn't meet Ross face to face carrying a burden like that in my heart.

It was removed.

Every bit of baggage that comes up and gets out of the way, is a good thing.

The beauty of these times, first and foremost, is that these blockages from our cumulative life experiences are gently, ever so gently, being removed so we can stand on our own two feet in the realm of Spirit, as human angels in a physical body. This is something new that's never been done before.

I can't emphasize enough when you go through the process of releasing and clearing, you need time to be gentle and caring to yourself and to rest! It's a shock. Literally a shock to your system. But it's a good thing and you will heal from it.  Ross says it's kind of like piercing your ears. It hurts but for a moment but after that  you may wear beautiful jewels in them.

There are other things that are beautiful too.

If you extend this process to society--all of humanity--you are witnessing first hand a similar release process. And it's so real that other corporations and organizations are putting into effect conscious, deliberate plans to block this natural spiritual phenomenon. These plans will backfire. What has been happening has been set forth by decree from the highest All The Way UP Divine Creators.  I've seen Christians pointing the truth out that there's something organized for a darker cause/purpose on a slow intergenerational time frame.  I've seen an Emergency Room physician calling the truth out, that this is organized to cause harm to healthcare providers. And he doesn't know the half of it. He's posted videos against people who speak out about harm from certain Sally Telford who made this:

I've also seen a faithful YouTube Channel cranking out beautiful truth for years, Really Graceful:

The beauty is that none of these people know one another! It's all the people from our team, doing their job, on their assignment they were sent to accomplish before they were born. 

Being able to see this from the inside of the smoke and mirrors is fascinating, absolutely, and we are very highly blessed to be where we are today. With most of the people asleep, but some totally not falling for it. Vocal ones! 

It all fits together.

And the secondary validation? Two sources:

Ross and I hope this helps you see things a little clearer, and from a new perspective.

I'd like to add one last thing.

I had to tell Jared about our move, and he didn't take it well. He accused me of being sneaky. I told him that I didn't want to jinx anything, it was touch and go through the escrow, and I didn't even tell my own mom or sisters until very recently. It's just the way I am. (I realized it's from my times on Earth before with Ross, yes? So many times we had to leave town at night to save our own lives...)

If someone wants to rain on your parade, let them: no matter what they do, it's still a parade, and it's yours to enjoy whether they rain on it or not.  Be Your Own Umbrella!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
and all our beautiful Family and friends...

Monday, March 11, 2019

Less is More

Lots has happened since I last wrote, including first call and a backup call, both days I worked. Today I work also. It's a good thing, since our life is in transition at the moment for me to work.

I only want to focus on one area of lesson:

  • there have been many annoyances regarding this move. The most painful and disturbing is the battery. When I have my car loaded up at the old house and I'm ready to go, it won't start. I had it jumped last time. I've used up my freebies with AAA, so I did the car's roadside assistance. On Thursday during work hours it was fine. On Sunday, it didn't. Fortunately I was in my old garage, my backup car was next to us, so we left the station wagon loaded and put only the essentials into the other car. 
  • I got into a mini pity party on being incarnate. Everything you want to do that's good has like a 'catch' to it. Some stupid lame lesson that's totally a pain in the butt. I recall the first time it happened I was at the pediatricians office as a tot. I saw a poster of a beautiful pill that was pink and shaped like a triangle and you could chew it. I asked for one, and the doctor smiled and gave it. But then he had a shot behind his back, hidden, and said since I got the pill I wanted now I have to get the shot. It was horrid, a trick!
  • What I realized after sleeping on it this morning, is, 'it's just a battery'. Batteries have a lifespan. I've been pushing mine with a short move, lots of driving back and forth, lots of opening the hatch. And batteries can be fixed. YES it's inconvenient. But what about all of the other times the car has been dependable? Right? It's easy for us to get that negative 'slant' on things and get depressed. It just IS. And IT in this situation, for me, is a car battery.
The only other thing is that I wanted to cook us dinner in our new home. Our lunch had been warmed up pizza in the new oven (it works nice) and salad (I had forgotten bowls and forks. I made it in a pot). When it was time for the salad, after the pizza, I got interrupted with a call to go in to work. Soon, the first call was able to make it so I didn't have to. So long story short, we put the salad in the fridge, and I made our first coffee and we didn't even have milk for it. We had sugar and also delicious Italian cookies from Stella D'Oro (breakfast treats). It was nice. 

Ross had wanted me to go to the all you can eat sushi place all day. On Friday I had been craving a poke bowl. I'll be honest, I haven't been eating right to save money. On Saturday I had takeout (I'm so sick of it) bagel and coffee, then a second breakfast at the cafeteria, a teriyaki bowl for lunch, and fake chicken and vegetables and soup for dinner. On Sunday, my breakfast was a free donut someone else brought in, and a coffee. 

This all you can eat place is totally expensive. It's twenty five dollars a person.

But after the battery, I decided to go. Anthony was very happy. I had an Asahi beer. Ross said to pay with cash and not to think about it. (Our Costco reward money came back right at the close of escrow, and we have been living off it--with the tip, we paid eighty dollars--but it was nice not to have it go on the credit card--eeek! lol)...

Our bunny is now officially in our new home. She will need to go into the garage at night because of the coyotes. I cleaned her up and her cage and her little 'run' at the old house. Anthony thinks she stinks. In my opinion, before I cleaned her she had a worse odor, so now she stinks I bought her a pink leash and we are going to walk her at the nearby park too. It will be fun. 

Time for work.

I hope it's a short day.

Every day you work you win though. Remember that. My mentor taught it to me.

As an aside, Aunt Ellie passed on the 9th. Her 88th birthday was on March 8th (same day as my grandma Lucille!).  She was very influential in my own spiritual life through medical school, and her support and kindness helped me so very much.

She died of Alzheimers, a terrible disease which I think everyone who dies of it is a victim of some horrendous just doesn't seem natural for people to die like that. It's so sad.

Her Spirit came through on Saturday night. She told me she always knew. She knew I was 'someone special' and she 'needed to take good care of me'. So crossing over wasn't as big of a surprise for her as for some of my other family members, who say, after the fact, 'why didn't you TELL me?!'

It's all good.

I feel her now. Ellies love is unmistakable.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Ross says, 'I resemble those statements!'  He's so busy I can barely hear him. I don't know what he's up to. As a 'military wife equivalent in Galactic terms' I've grown accustomed to his workload...and just wait patiently for his time he can be with me.