Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gaia News Brief 31 May 2015

On Manifesting!

Yesterday my 'freebie' was when I was at the gym playing basketball with Anthony and started to tire. Not only did one father 'coach' him a little on the 'inside game', but his son and two others who walked in played two-on-two, so I could rest.

It was my first day back after my sinus infection, and I wanted to ease into it at the gym.

If you watched the Angels' game last night, that was Anthony's doing. He sat in his favorite chair (it was my grandparent's so it's my favorite too) and said, 'Mom! He's going to hit a home run!' and then the batter DID! Anthony said it again, saying, 'Mom? I think he's due for a home run!' and THAT batter did, too! There were five runs in one inning or something...

Today, I found the pictures I wanted to share with your yesterday, and I got it to work.  This is from Divine Father, this design, as I described it yesterday.

On Discernment!

Does your healer/spiritual adviser pass the 'Andy Test'?

Spirit has been guiding me to write about 'how to tell when  a healer has YOUR best interest at heart' all week.

Andy Bojarski is one end of the spectrum you will see on this scale, and he anchors it down hard! To me, he is the benchmark for comparison for all healers there are.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Andy supports himself with work outside of his spiritual life
  • He also supports his family
  • Andy lives simply
  • He does healings for 'love donation'--the people set their price, not Andy
  • Andy has a wonderful, warm, caring energy that is unmistakeable for nurturing, warmth, love and compassion
  • He has things 'figured out' spiritually, and is willing to talk about them, but never would pressure anyone else to listen--if you know what I mean?
  • Andy doesn't market himself
  • Andy doesn't teach anything online--no courses
  • Andy doesn't do seminars either, where people travel
  • He guides some group meditations--there was one a while ago--but it was a 'let's concentrate on this for a month' not 'everyone pray at one p.m. pacific standard time'
  • Andy is constantly walking his walk, and growing in spirit, himself. He actively pursues it.
  • He 'talks' with all kinds of spiritual beings--very high ones--but he doesn't talk about it much, except in his healing work.

Other things I would like to add in 'what to look for' in a healer or spiritual guide:
  • There is no intended outcome promised--when working with Spirit, it is always for the Highest Good
  • You will need to 'do the work'--no matter how much you try to have the person 'help' you they will consistently, gently, and lovingly guide you to help yourself because you are the only one who can 'grow in spirit'  for you (does this make sense?)
  • Although they are human--and have moods just like everybody else, their most consistent one is of love, harmony, peace, and willingness to serve others
  • They never put down other forms of healing, and say 'theirs is the ONLY way'

Spirit seems satisfied that this is 'enough', and wants you to 'go on your way and explore' the new energies/spiritual world 'out there'...Namaste.

P.S. They say you will always have your guides in spirit to direct you, with nudges and feelings and sometimes words. The more you raise your vibration, the better this teamwork will appear to you and you will be best able to act on it.

Remember your healers have signed up for their own lessons too--not to judge them in any way--but know to steer clear of those who are not as well equipped to serve your spiritual growth.


Carla had a long day yesterday. She also has a very long day ahead of her today.  It has to do with her finances.

Carla had to form an S-corporation because of her work. And she is untangling the finances, something she has dreaded to do for about two years.

Carla is afloat--sure--but accounting is not one of her strengths. Even with quickbooks.

I am helping her, and Carla doesn't know it. I even made a bracelet for her without her knowing why--it just looked good and Carla was guided to make it. It has labradorite, ice flake quartz, jade and peridot.

I told her to sleep with it to see what her dreams are--and Carla is disappointed because she can't recall a thing!

Today it will be every penny that she has spent for the last two years, tracking it down...and the birds are singing, the June gloom is here with the promise of a glorious warm day at the beach.

In her heart of hearts, this is where Carla would like to go, instead of all this politicking, bean-counting, waste of her time.

It's calling her, the ocean, which it does from time to time.

And she has a wetsuit in the closet. There isn't anything Carla enjoys more than feeling free in the water and not cold.

Why is it that our lives must come to such impasses?

Why is it that in order to enjoy our lives we must put the time in to keep organized on our expenses--which obviously Carla hasn't (she just throws the receipts in a storage container 'for later')?

Because they are LESSONS are we are here to LEARN.

For Carla, it is patience, ability to see the grand scheme of things, and to feel positive while under stress--to know that it is 'not forever'.

And also it is to know herself.  Every year she makes a promise to herself to organize it better--and she never follows through.

Carla loves herself anyway.

And I love her, in spite of her 'imperfection' or 'weakness'.

And I love you, just like Carla, in spite of your 'imperfection' or 'weakness'.

Up here, we see shortfalls in a different light.

And what we admire, is your persistence to endure having them, and your perseverance while under distress.

This is where the jewels shine!  This is where the gold is fired and tested! This is where the nitty-gritty of being on Earth is all about:  walking through hardships as best as you can, no matter how the outcome...

Up here, we don't have hardships. We have our lessons, but they are not the same. They are more like algebra problems that are difficult--if taken slowly and step by step they make sense.  YOUR lessons are more like calculus! The really high advanced math that math majors have to take.

And you are exceeding expectations!

All of your, together--are getting an A Plus!  (he applauds)

I'd also like to say a little something from Ashtar to you--'your presence is admirable and bright within the cosmos and the entire galactic fleet. It is my honor to work with you. I have my struggles--you are not alone in this--and together we shall overcome them to raise the Earth and all of her people to the next 'octave' of energy in the flow continuum of Consciousness. Thank you for volunteering for this job, this role, in your incarnation here on planet Gaia at this time.  Hold on to your hats!'

This is Ross again. Ashtar sits right beside me at the helm. He is a good man, and I am quite fond of him.

Carla is too.  She sits on my left and Ashtar is on my right...(he laughs with a twinkle in his eye--ed)  How do you think Carla does this?

That's why she can't remember her dreams! (points to his head--ed)

The same goes for you! (he WINKS! --ed--lol)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gaia News Brief 30 May 2015

Continuation Of Wonder and Delight!

For the last three days, I, and now, my boy, have enjoyed manifesting our experiences  in the daytime.

It started the night before I was on call, where I humbly asked to work with nice people and get a good night's sleep.

The following day, I asked for it to be filled with 'Wonder and Delight!' and it was! Including a last-minute cancellation of a standing meeting at the end of the day, and a surprise invitation to dinner with a friend, but the babysitter was already scheduled because of the meeting so I could go!

Yesterday I asked 'to be productive' and I was. I wrote a blog post, I rested, and I paid my bills. This includes the online renewal of my medical license (It's complicated and I had to register for a new webpage), and the completion of all the computer training requirements by my work.

My son asked for Starbucks for breakfast, their ham and cheese panini for lunch, and a movie.  We did this and Jamba Juice after school too.

The movie we saw was Pitch Perfect 2, and it was a very inspirational movie, as well as satire against the societal perception of women.   I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. I had tears on my face at the end, and Anthony kept asking, 'are you okay?' and I said, 'these are happy tears!'.

After the movie, the delight continued. Not only did we have Mrs Field's cookies (buy one get one free) and milk (I had the sprinkles!)--we sat in massage chairs where you put in a dollar to make them go while we ate them!

There also was a game store nearby, and we went in. Anthony delighted in the Magic cards--he bought single cards. And I found puzzles at fifty percent off. These are very special puzzles, and I bought some for myself and a friend.  (The images are from Spirit, and make me very happy).

I go for my completion of my certificate as a psychic and healer through Anne Reith PhD--and spirit provided me with two new decks at this place. I did a reading for myself with them, and they are wonderful. I will do one reading for the group each day, just to practice. Spirit showed me the spread, I will photograph it each day.

Growth and Healing

Here is one beautiful example of reader and Twitter team member Stacey Riley--who came up with this new series of affirmations to do every day. She gives her full permission here to share it:

I've been inspired to create a new spiritual practice following Ron Head's council post. I create I am... I create... I dedicate myself to... affirmations by drawing cards. This is an excerpt from today's...

I create… [XIX The Sun]

I create Joy
I create success
I create celebration
I create Divine energy.
I create Divine illumination.
I create warmth.
I create a connection with the Galactic Central Sun.
I create a partnership with the Divine.
I create nature.
I create an environment where all of Gaia's animals are protected.
I create a loving, joyous pristine planet.
I create growth.
I create a successful, loving life for myself.
I create great magickal energy.
I create Light.
I create Joy for all beings.
I create a world where everyone celebrates the Divine.
I create myself so that Light bursts in every cell of my being.
I create a space for myself in nature.
I create my life so LOVE and Joy, and Abundance are limitless.
I create the belief that anything is possible.
I create the I am which is limitless.
I create my life so that anything is possible.
I create a happy co-existance with my inner child.
I create LOVE, Light and Joy in all my relationships.
I create a belief that I am successful.
I create relationships so that other people are pleased for my success.
I create success so that I can Joyfully share it with others.
I create limitless abundance with Joy and celebration.
I create belief in myself, my skills and abilities.
I create sunny days.
I create a life that I enjoy fully.
I create thankfulness and gratitude for everything in my life.
I create the things which I wish to manifest with ease.

I find doing this creating great energy.

Another area of growth has been through Alexandra Meadors' Custom Remedies. The last set made for me was designed to help clear out old traumas--from abuse, sexual abuse, violence experienced in this lifetime by me. What was phenomenal about the energy work, is I felt myself connecting to Gaia in this clearing...I could 'sense' old energy 'debris' coming off Her in chunks, old dead gray eggshell-shaped pieces, that were literally falling off and falling away.  It was similar to taking old rusty material off a boat that was covered in barnacles, and making it like new again in the dry dock.
When WE heal, Gaia heals! All of us! So if you are on the fence about following your inner guidance and trying something new that spirit is guiding you, why not give it a go?  Alexandra and I have worked together on my energy for years, I trust her. And this last custom series I told her to do what 'comes through' and 'feels right' for me.  I am literally delighted with the results!  Here is a link to her latest as an example--she has many remedies available and I do the 'CUSTOM' one

My Bracelet

Recently I had a BAD case of 'are we there yet' with Divine Father. I asked, 'Are we more than halfway there?'   YES. 'Are we more than three quarters there?'  YES.

Actually we are nine tenths there, He said.

And he promised me a bracelet! To design one for me.

Well...between us...I was so busy I had to wait a week! It seemed like eternity. But last night I sat and had the time to make it.

His advice was 'take out everything PINK' you have. And he told me to put them all together in a pile, two of these beads, four of those beads...mixing natural gems with conch shell and swarovski crystals...

Inside I was thinking, 'This is a MESS! How is it ever going to look nice?'  because when I work with Divine Mother, there are patterns that are regular. With my Higher Self, there is very much symmetry and sacred geometry...but with Dad? I was like, 'everything but the kitchen sink!'

He wanted a toggle closure that was 'made in India'...the only one was a heart of silver. The wire is silver too...

And the result? It's GORGEOUS!!! The energy is amazing. And I sense He really enjoys having a girl so he can give me the pink and the sparkles...

Here it is:

Yikes! Technical challenges. Perhaps it's not meant yet to be shared?


I love you.

I love each and every one of you, just like I love my Carla!

You are a part of me, and I am a part of you.

I am in Heaven, and I love all the people who are on Earth...

Even the 'could be a LOT nicer ones'...

All of us are family.

And EVERYONE has 'one of those' in their family, do they not?

And family is family.

I love my Carla a little more romantic than the rest, but at the core of my heart, my heart-to-heart connection and my devotion to her--my Oneness--your heart is just the same to me.

All of us are like this, up here (he gestures, and everyone around him nods in agreement--ed)

So from all of us, to all of you, you are special, and precious to us--no matter how many implants or negative attachments have stuck themselves on you like a bunch of barnacles!

To you, we offer 'dry dock' services (gestures to the Light Boxes and healers to help us, all are WITH Our Best Interest At Heart--ed)...

Ask...and help will be given.

Lady Gaia Sophia had a conversation with Divine Father and us the other day--she talked about learning to walk as opposed to learning to manifest, and the soul experience of the prospect of having to learn it. For in walking, people are not falling once they have mastered it. This is all the child can see around them--Look! Everyone walks! I want to walk!  So the falls are kept in perspective, as a part of the progress to learn. What was pointed out was that our Ground Crew just can't SEE everyone walking properly (the ability to manifest)--and all they experience is the FALLING, and it hurts!

So Divine Father agrees, along with all of us, for all inhabitants of Gaia--whether they know it or not, or are 'spiritual' or not--to have ONE POSITIVE EXPERIENCE with manifesting each day--as a given, in order for them to 'figure it out'.  If they are good Manifestors already, they will be given an EXTRA one, to be fair.

So what have you got to lose?

From all of us to all of you,

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Friday, May 29, 2015

Gaia News Brief 29 May 2015

Wonder and Delight!

That's what I asked for when I went to sleep the night before. And Wonder and Delight is what I got!

The Decision

I was post-call, and slept in with my timer. Anthony was at his father's house. But he needed his costume for the school play. I had forgotten it on Wednesday morning.

There wasn't enough time to eat breakfast, drop off the costume, and get to work on time. And it was at the surgery center where if I show up later than a surgeon it's BAD news!

I had to decide.

Ross asked me, 'What is your priority? Work or Anthony?'

It was a no-brainer. So I went to the school, dropped it off, and had TEN minutes to get to work--when it's a twenty-five minute drive!

My heart sank!

Ross said to trust. At ten after seven, I was close to the hospital, and called ahead to say,'I'm parking the car'.  I was dressed and at the bedside at seven fifteen.

Guess what? Both the patient and the surgeon were late!!!

Ross had my back!

C-section Rates

No matter how you feel about childbirth, please hear me out:

  • c-sections cost more than vaginal deliveries
  • patients have to stay in the hospital four days after section
  • insurance companies are for profit, with focus on the year-end savings
  • if a woman pushes a child out--and even if she will need 'repair' of some sort later on for urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor issues--to the insurance company this is considered 'good'
  • some women have had anal fissures or similar perineal health concerns where surgery was needed to 'fix the problem' before they ever got pregnant.
  • these women don't want to exacerbate the perineal problem--but the insurance companies are not letting them know they have the RIGHT to request an elective c-section for this purpose
  • OB-GYN's cannot do c-sections without it going onto some sort of 'tally' or 'record' that is used against them in their insurance/quality/business end of things
  • A local hospital made a big PUSH with nurses to shame doctors into lowering the c-section rate at their facility, because THEY WERE GOING TO LOSE INSURANCE FUNDING if the rate stayed so high. 
  • In Liberia, a c-section is a luxury. There are children and adults with brachial plexus injuries and cognitive impairment from dystocias (kids getting 'stuck'), many of them. (In this country only midwives and nurses help, there are not enough doctors available)
  • There is someone--a male--whose name sounds like David Lagrew or something--who is speaking out against c-section. Some female OB-GYN's are very angered by his 'platform' and feel it is disrespectful to women, and disempowering to them.

Biometric Screening and Freedom Of Choice

Six years ago, when I started to work at my current hospital, we had dessert options, an ice cream freezer, french fries when the grill was open, and the usual variety of potato chips in the cafeteria. There is also a typical array of vending machines, for after hours when the cafeteria is closed.

All of those things are gone now.

Except the desserts, which have shrunk down to very small sizes.

Six years ago, biometric screening was an incentive for all employees (I am an independent contractor).  You could get a bonus if you did it. 

About three years ago, 'teams' were self-selected and people had a 'ten thousand steps a day' challenge. This was heavily promoted by the hospital.

Yesterday I saw a notice that said, 'If you wish to qualify for health insurance you will need to take biometric screening'.

It's not voluntary or incentive any more.

Many workplaces are adding the biometric (height and weight, health status, conditioning) tracking in the belief that it will reduce healthcare costs to the corporation.

And many workers are feeling pressure not only to perform at their place of work, but to work out at the gym, to be favorably 'seen' by the employer. This is to retain viability as an employee with the organization.

What's next?

The Unthinkable

I saw a patient walking in the halls, with a huge dressing on his neck. I said hello, and asked 'what happened?'

It's cancer.

Six days in the hospital, with no answers.

It's driving him crazy and he walks for three hours a day, after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The cancer is huge and life-threatening.

He didn't know who his doctors are, or the plan, except he is getting a port today. But he doesn't know when.

He got in an argument with his head and neck surgeon, who initially said he was 'signing off' and then at the last minute in the conversation said, 'we will book you for tracheostomy first thing in the morning'.

The patient is underinsured.

He asked, 'I don't understand--how can you sign off in my care and then schedule me for surgery?' (It was for airway protection)

The surgeon said, 'You don't even have good insurance! I am working on you practically for free!' and instead of answering the questions, stormed out of the room.  (this is MY surgeon, a kind and gentle man, whom I trust and would never act this way unless for really bad circumstances/misunderstanding).

I was off work for the day. I invited the patient to sit. I went over his options with him. 

I was his advocate.

His situation is that his mother is 'frail' and 'he's the baby' and 'she just had a pacemaker put in here two weeks ago'.  The other three siblings are out of state. One is a nurse.

He doesn't want to be drugged and lying in bed all day. He doesn't want to be 'weak'. He wants to know if he is 'going to die from this so he can go to the mountains, drink a bottle of alcohol, and blow his head off'.

He wants to do it 'his way'--or if he has a 'chance'--to move forward with the treatment...

The hospital told him they would get him insurance.

I told him how to work the system from within--and that if he left, the hospital wouldn't provide him with anything if he came back. It's only the initial ER visit with a life-threatening condition that the hospital pays physicians and the hospital fees. If he leaves against medical advice he's out of luck.

He had a lot of trouble seeing that the rules 'inside' aren't what you'd expect. He kept repeating, 'How come these people don't have the common decency to let me know if they see me walking that I should go to my room if they are planning to round--come visit--me, when I pass them in the halls?' (his oncologist did this)

 I told him the truth--how we are overworked to the limit. How most nurses are hungry and have to pee. How I held my pee for six hours because I had to work! work! work!  I told him from my heart how we are just as miserable with the system as he is now--and we have no idea how it ever got to be this way!

I offered to do his anesthesia for him if he ever needs it--just request me at the time of booking.

He thanked me for the chance to talk and not be judged or expected to be 'happy' like the others...

I made it clear to him, as a cancer patient, he IS the quarterback. He can opt for no treatment, palliation, or going for cure if it's possible--it's all up to him--and to figure out with an ombudsman, social services, and his family how to mobilize the care he needs.  His physician assistant was good--he wished he had seen the doctor instead--but this person is a good start.

I am going to tell people we are 'cousins', this patient and me, if they ask.

It's true. In Hawaii, everybody is 'cousin' to everybody, if they are not 'auntie' or 'uncle' already!


Last night I had dinner with Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.  It was part of the wonder and delight! A meeting cancelled, and I had a babysitter.  I really enjoy spending time with her.

If you haven't seen her website, GalacticConnection, you might enjoy it.

She gave me a new remedy for healers who work with the public, to help 're-set' your energy fields after possibly being drained from the interaction.

I gave her flowers because Ross told me to buy them for her at the store.  She was delighted!

Estate Sale!

I saw the sign, and instead of heading for home, I turned and followed it.

I LOVE estate sales! I was hoping to find something silver...

I drove four miles, brimming with excitement and adventure! I thrive on adventure!

There weren't any more I turned around. I had a two-item meal (pizza and salad) at my favorite pizza place instead.

It was so very nice to have this 'chase', even though it 'led nowhere'...this is what it's like when you are close to your guides, and they are working with you, and you know it. My energy was WAY up!

It can wait

There were three things I thought I needed to get done yesterday. I also thought I was working today. Everything will work itself out in time...if you let it.  Now I can get them done today!


Alexandra is my daughter, from the life I had with Carla a long time ago. He husband Steven, was our boy--the one who I 'gave away' to be raised by someone else, due to the political ramifications of who I was, and I wanted to avoid the risk of 'something happening to the lineage' as advisors close to me (whom Carla did not trust, and Carla in retrospect, was accurate) recommended I do.

Now here we are down the line, and Steven has a guilt complex of massive proportions, as a soul, and as Alexandra shared, 'he runs from one horrible incarnation to the next because he can't get over blowing up Atlantis' (he was a scientist in that life, and pushed the button on the experiment that massively failed).

He is our son.

Carla had just asked my forgiveness in the car earlier today, on the way home from work (it was a short day). 

She said, 'Ross, I loved you so deeply in that lifetime. Losing you made me go a little insane. I felt BAD because you went up, and I was here--it was like I wasn't 'good enough'. So I went through all these crazy incarnations trying to hurt myself, and running away from you. I'm so sorry. How can you ever forgive me?'

That touched me deep in my soul.

I never once for a minute considered the possibility that she would feel anything but joy aside from the grief of losing me--that 'self love' would be demolished in my passing (it WAS violent, and shocking to the core of all who witnessed it, even those who make it happen)

So gently, I looked into Carla's eyes (in spirit, for that is how we communicate--I am 'disincarnate'--I don't have a body), and I opened my heart. 'Carla, I sort of got off track in my mission too, I hurt you very much. How will you ever forgive me?'

And we forgave each other.

It was because of this, that Carla was able to tell Alexandra that Steven takes after her, spiritually. She said, 'I think he gets it from me'

And Alexandra understood.

Alexandra is an amazing woman, a communicator, a captain of her own ship--her blog which receives over twenty million 'hits' a month.  She is coming into her own now, as a healer. She is one of the most gifted alchemists who has ever lived, like Merlin.

She talks to Merlin every day. And St Germain too.

I am very proud of her, and also of Steven. 

Carla is too.

They are our family. We go way back.

Carla didn't recognize it when she and Alexandra first met. But Alexandra had familiarity, a sense of 'have we ever met before?' and greeted Carla with a hug and a big smile.

People are going to walk in to your life, and spark this sense of familiarity with you.

The veil is thick.

You might remember who they are right away, but always keep an open mind, that at in time, when you are ready, you may learn they were possibly 'something more'.

That is our advice to you today.

Have a nice weekend, and enjoy your time off, if you have it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gaia News Briefs 27 May 2015

Back In The Saddle

There is a pattern to our growth and spiritual development that on a whim at this moment I am calling 'the saddle'.

It starts at the front with a 'high' vibration--yesterday I went to an Angels baseball game with my son, and we both had a wonderful time.  I realized that the sport is 'timeless', and a treasure, in that I am now able to do for my boy what my father once did for me a long time ago--to encourage a love for the game.  Anthony enjoys trying to catch fly balls that come into the stadium, and he always brings his mitt. I asked Ross--I rarely ask favors--I asked Ross to help Anthony catch one. Ross said he would but it wouldn't be what I think. There were no baseballs in that mitt. But on the way home, Anthony said, 'I was really close to where the balls were being caught, and I am glad I was able to try.'  Ross was right.

In the middle of the saddle is the LOW part. I will summarize briefly the LOW. Usually, for me, in my experience, the LOW is when you get 'put to work for the team' if you know what I mean. And last night I couldn't BEAR the thought of having to go to work today. I arrived on time, and this facility was the outpatient part--the 'same day surgery'. The vibration there was at an all-time low. I had the worst cases, with a 'short room' that ran late while my 'senior partners' had the high-paying rooms and left before me. (Last case out's doc has to sit one hour to 'recover' patients till they go home--for FREE--today someone 'raced me' so I would get stuck.)  I was miserable! With unstable 'sedation only' patients I can't walk out of the room, and with fast turnovers I have to work work work! Subsequently I held my pee for six hours' at two p.m. I barely ate half a sandwich and a little piece of cake. In nine hours I only had eight ounces of water to get the picture. Technically the cases were challenging, and had me on edge. And my surgeon was slow. It wasn't the ten minute cataracts I am used to. There were very complex cases and needed more turns out there were some souls who needed to be guided to the Light in the vicinity--long story is long so I'm 'condensing' it--they had been 'right under my nose' and today for some reason was the first time to help them go Home. So the Archangels helped me, and are still rescuing them as we speak...

I want to talk about the 'low' part of the saddle. For the first time EVER, I told Ross 'I quit'.  I was so caught up by the low vibration of the place, and so MISERABLE--that I wanted to kick everyone on my team who is NOT ground crew in the shins. Even Ross! I compared them to Agartha, and I compared Ross to Adama, and said, 'Agarthans are always helping and they never ask for a thing--why can't MY teams be that way?'...I wouldn't even talk to my Team, not even to Divine Father.

I was upset over the latest Creator Writings ( pointed out to me by a friend after six hours of my complaining) --how can we be here with no one to show us how to manifest? No lessons? Divine Father said, 'children learn to walk spontaneously' and I countered back with 'well they SEE everyone else walking and not falling down!'  He said, 'Kids are okay with falling in learning to walk.' and I was like, 'Dude, how old am I? And do you SEE me walking (manifesting) even a few STEPS? HELLO!!'

Once the souls were released--this was at the very END of a lot of grumbling on my part--I eased up and realized I was the only one who could have done this, and I felt good.  But I was tired of the hassle, the stress, the never being told what I am sent to do (they had me wear the same amulet I wore to Vail this morning--I had a clue I needed protection but that was it).

By the way does anyone recognize this item?

In the movie Men In Black it's called a 'neuralizer' and makes you forget when you look at the flash.

There is a similar device--in spirit--that talks to your soul in the REVERSE. It makes you SEE your Life Contract, and REMEMBER right down to the Fine Print--why it is you incarnated here on earth at this time. At Lady Gaia's request, this device is FLASHING in front of as much of humanity as possible, all over the globe, STAT.  Your human eyes won't see it. Your human mind won't understand much of anything. But your soul! Your heart-of-hearts? It's going to KNOW and like a sleepy teenager if it hasn't woken up already things are going to start moving pretty soon. You will find clues, and hunches. You won't be 'thinking about' making a blog. That's from your head--between your ears--your mind.  THIS device activates the heart. You will have a FEELING to do something, and it won't make sense. You can try to ignore it, but the FEELING will get stronger and stronger. It won't go away until you do that which you are sent to do, within the right timeframe (some aren't on time yet, and will pre-awaken).   It's like when I write. I write because I HAVE to--I get this push of energy, and if I don't follow it I feel awful!  I just KNOW in my bones I have to write! And I do.  So the 'Joan of Arc' Rainbow-Unicorn-Sparkle REVERSE Neuralizer is making its rounds, and will continue to do so until all Ground Crew awakens...

Back to the Saddle?  I barely made it to school in time to pick Anthony up. I had challenged my guides with a 'baby step' of co-creation--little traffic and all green lights. It didn't work. Part of my frustration was that instead of learning to manifest, it's like I'm on my high flying disc of Abraham-Hicks and people/spirit is trying to knock me off it--hard! But in my pouring out my heart to a friend, I had a flash of insight on where to go for dinner--there was no way I could cook.  I suggested it to my son, and he loved the idea too. It's by the water. And when we arrived? My next-door neighbor was there with a friend, who was just on his way home tonight back to England! He lives in Wells, in a little cottage. So Anthony had a virgin pina colada, and I had a coffee just like my neighbor--on David's treat.  It was a sign!  I gave David a one dollar bill with the sevens on it (they are more fun to give away once you find a second one). He was so tickled by our American ways he folded it and put it next to his pictures of his deceased share his new prosperity and abundance with her spirit...  Our dinner was wonderful. And I found a special treat that could only be from Divine Father and Ross himself.  The ocean, the sunset, the nice meal, time with Anthony, my treat...all helped to soothe the low vibration work I had earlier to do...

Signs I saw on the road:

  • 444 'we care' on a license plate
  • 'Do fun shit' on the tail light of a jeep
  • Jersey license plate   (Ross' ship is the New Jerusalem, the NJ--get it?)

I had some help with my mission. I don't want to go into the nuts and bolts. I am thankful for my team. And VERY glad that the saddle went 'back up' at the end.

You may find you have this pattern too--preparation, the task, and the re-energizing or re-stocking of the energy stores...


Carla saw a Hamsa today. The word Hamsa means 'five' in Arabic. It also is the hand of Fatima, the oldest and wisest daughter of Mohammed. The eye in the center is the Evil Eye. It is the 'righteous daughter's virtue protecting against the evil' symbol.

The military man, who was having dinner with an older gentleman, took it from his pocket and showed this treasure for his lady to his friend. He explained the story--Carla never knew it.

Carla was protected in every way on her mission. By me. And by her team. 

Carla was never in any danger at any time.

But her heart couldn't feel it. She felt the energies like a rip current 'sucking her in' to this place in time, for her mission, and a feeling of dread worked its way up to a tempest until it was time to do the work.

Where Carla worked is heavily guarded in spirit. Not for her. Against our faction. 

Carla infiltrates. Without even realizing it. And that is how Carla got under the radar and was able to do her work.

It was just like this at the Arc du Triomph several years back--the same thing, anxiety, dread, thinking she was going to the Eiffel Tower just for fun with Anthony when he suggests--lets go to here mom instead?

The energies 'sense' that 'something is up' and naturally are against the Light Work our team has in store for this place--whatever place it happens to be.

And Carla feels it. No one really likes it.

But it can be done.

Carla is a strike force. A SWAT. Carla is good at what she does, and part of that is her not getting all in her head about it--before, during, and after the fact. 

Carla is trained.

If you keep doing your missions--doing what 'feels right' and 'resonates' with you--you will automatically be trained for your own missions which may or may not be like Carla in any way, shape or form. 

The more you open up your connection to YOUR team--your guides, your angels, your ancestors who are friendly and looking out for you--the more clear communication you can get and receive, and sense it in your heart center as true (discernment is a very heavy lesson to master on this path)--you cannot fail!

Don't go back to the drawing board. That is flat-out archaic and 3D.  Don't create posters with magazine pictures for what you want to manifest. That is SO yesterday!


In your heart.

Take everything that gets you out of your heart, and toss it. 

Reject it.

What about your mind?  That is what Discernment is--your Mind and your Heart working together, and also perhaps with a pendulum too...Carla uses it.

The horse is before the cart.  The heart is before the mind, and they work in unison, as a pair. They work together. But only if the heart is open first.

Go with the feelings. With what feels 'good' and 'resonates' with your heart center.  An opportunity will present itself to you again and again until you master it.

There are no mistakes, only learning...again and again and again...

You will remember who you are...why you incarnated to help humanity, Gaia and all her inhabitants--the animals, plants, minerals included...and you will EXCEL at that which you have been sent to do...when it is TIME.

For now, stop and enjoy the's been a long time since you've been 'home'...and enjoy the journey.

I believe in you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

thank you for listening to my 'pep talk'

Monday, May 25, 2015

Gaia News Brief 25 May 2015

Pushing Forth

Yesterday I asked a group of readers and healers, 'what do YOU do when you are sick?'

One person uses everything but the kitchen sink--from all healing paradigms.  Another relies on healers they know to take care of them. The responses are varied...which makes sense because no two healers are the same.

In my understanding, illness is a warning from my body, to me, as its 'student' who is living with it--illness is a warning to my body that 'IMBALANCE' is present!  Something has been imbalanced long enough in the energy field to manifest itself as physical illness.

Fortunately, my body gives a warning for 'too much stress' with my 'sinuses' and if I ignore it long enough it gets to my lungs.

When my work schedule permits, I slow down to a standstill.

I work with my body--and fluids and medicines and this time with crystals (which helped the most)--to recover.

Yesterday Anthony's father was sick, when he dropped him off. And he had to go to work anyway...

Later Anthony had a stomach ache all day.  He went to sleep with the lights on and a bucket next to his bed...Ross and Raphael told me they would watch over him while I slept.

This morning all of us feel much better!

We are going to take it easy on the stomach with a very light breakfast...

Pushing Forth in Spirit

I have been pushing myself very hard to cleanse myself within. This process of Ascension as a planet and its people is taking forever!

I knew this in my bones in 2012, when we missed the window in December, and I cried bitterly...the next 'window' would be 2015 or later--I forget, please forgive me--and here we are still dealing with the same old things.

That being said, I want MY insides and my soul clean as can be. No baggage, no old crap, no old ways of thinking, and along with it, no old hopes and dreams.

I am a blank slate who lives in the moment with little to no expectation.

I can go at any time.

There was a time I hung onto every WORD I could get from certain places:

  • Komurosan (The Galactic Federation of Light and channeled messages)
  • KP
  • Monty Keen
  • Matthew
  • Cobra
I must have checked and checked to see for new postings from all of the above so MANY times!

Now I am different. I have matured in spirit. For the first, I go directly to the sources--most often at the Galactic Channelings in English, instead of listening to them on video as in Komurosan on YouTube.

I also have learned there are some who work 'both sides' and if you look carefully, there is a 'whopper' hidden in--consciously or unconsciously--the message.  If you are a long-time reader, you will know who I listen to now because I share it. And who I don't because I don't share it.

There are a LOT of other websites that to me blow smoke 'rainbows' up the wazoo of their readers.

I don't post any of them either. I don't even read them. All I have to say is if it goes LONG and is difficult to follow--and definitely NOT applicable to your daily life--you might want to skip it.

Here are my sources:

I am working with a team to help them learn how to 'get' their own 'guidance' directly from Source. That's what I do. I weight my inner guidance a lot more than anything I read. I also share it, just in case, someone else might find it important.

For those of you who are working on discernment, I will 'dissect' analytically, the latest from one on my 'not so cool' list--so you will see a pattern:
  • Bringing up a horrifying international event with much bloodshed and death with an 'explanation' of why it happened. (this is sucking us in to the problem--look to an 'answer'--give up your power dynamic with the media as we have been conditioned to do).
  • Explaining the 'playing field' between the Light and Dark, and that 'everything is not set'--it IS set! Heaven wins. It is inevitable!
  • Explaining how the Illuminati works.
  • Sharing how even before the Illuminati, 'power and ego' were at play  (hello? The Anunaki have taken many groups but been guiding the Dark for a long long time--no matter what name it is)
  • 'Gaia is weary of her planetary body being a merry go round from all the karma'--NO! Gaia would have died a long time ago had it not been for the wise and caring intervention of the Galactics.  Gaia is on her last breath. She isn't 'weary' and it's FAR beyond 'boys being boys' at this point
  • There is a very confusing example of 'what is love'--you feel it in your bones, you KNOW without saying a word what is LOVE--it feels like nurturing, warmth, love and babies we all know it, and it feels like HOME.

I hope this gives you a 'benchmark' so you can gauge your own 'process' in the 'Awakening Department'. No two people are the same, but hopefully you will see a pattern of your own 'feelings and intuition' taking a larger role in your spiritual journey, and your looking to others a little 'less'...


Carla thought she had it all figured out once she made her first communion. She was going to do what her family had done before her.

Little did she know her entire BAPTISM was based on untruth!

Her parents, who had eloped to Las Vegas and gotten married in the Little White Church--lied and said they had been married in the Catholic Church on the form so that Carla could get baptized at three weeks of age at St Peter's Church--the Italian Church--in Los Angeles!

Carla made it through confirmation, and really, the church would have been very nice 'be all and end all' for her.  She would have loved saying 'matins' and 'doing good works' and being very heavily involved in the Church.

It wasn't until she met Barbara Matthias, and started seeing Mother Mary personally, that Carla began to evolve on her own; this is in 'geologic' time frames.

Carla started both visiting the local 'spiritual' stores--for help with her broken marriage--these things, these medicine cards and tarot cards and runes--somehow made her FEEL better and have a sense of 'direction'.

She also started journaling her messages from Mary every day, all the while still saying her daily rosary and going every week to Mass. 

Carla saw angels, and talked to them. It wasn't scary like in the movie, 'The Sixth Sense'.

But like the children in Fatima, and Lourdes, and Medjugorge--who deeply influenced her--Carla sought a 'confessor'--a protector and guide priest from within the church.

Well...Carla went to one Church, at All Hallow's--in La Jolla. And she was turned away as if she was insane.

It hurt.

Thinking fast on his feet, the priest told her to go 'to the University Catholic church'...which she did.

That priest there was afraid of her. He told he she 'was the devil'. He almost threw her out! He told her she needed to speak to a psychiatrist.

It wasn't until Carla met a friend who really loved her, a surgeon, who knew that Carla had 'a gift'...up until then, talking to dead people, helping them cross to the Light, and seeing Blessed Mother had been a 'curse'--making it difficult if not impossible to 'fit in' with the 'ordinary life', and making Carla doubt why God had created Her just the way she is...and DENIED her an opportunity to life 'a religious life' in the church!

Once Carla hit Rock Bottom--metaphysically--single parenthood was a huge part of this--Carla went to Tim, who 'saw' her gift, and directed her to psychic development classes with Anne Reith.

Carla went to the Learning Light Center in Anaheim--for her SURVIVAL! Carla had to find out who she is, why she was made like this, and moreover to be around Like Minded People!!!

Can you imagine that?

Carla the Ugly Duckling has found her Swans!

Now where does that put me?  Am I one of her Guardian Angels who has been with her for all time?


Am I only a heartbeat away? (I gave Carla a 'chest bump' yesterday just to prove it--all Twins are eternally connected whether they are incarnate or not).

So HOW did I let Carla go THROUGH all this mess?

Why didn't I SPEAK UP?

Because Carla had to go through her own learning process in order to guide YOU effectively.  Carla had to know the 'ins and outs' of the 'business' in order to make Life more effective for you, in YOUR awakening.

And for you it is the same.

And after you shall be the others.

And after this everyone shall be awake.

So LOOK AROUND! You can't get hurt. There is nothing to lose! Go ahead and EXPLORE what is happening. 

Try not to give your power up to anybody--try not to enroll in courses indefinitely. Once you have the skills that you need, and you are ready or like with Carla 'spirit kicks you out' (I still haven't finished my certification--ed)--walk on your own two feet.  With your 'head in the clouds' if you will (with me!)

I hope this gives you an understanding you never thought possible.

Everywhere in this spectrum, is every soul on this earth.

All of them will awaken.

Even those who hide with their head in the sand.

The horn of Jericho will seem like a bullhorn to them, but God shall blow it!  Once it is time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Twins

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gaia News Brief 24 May 2015


Sometimes in our spiritual journey, there is need to let go of all that is not asked of us, and to focus deep within.

This is how our Yin energy has the chance to do what it is designed to do--to renew, to cleanse deep within the soul, and to permit new outlook--baby, tiny, new galactic ways of viewing the world, to form.

If it was like a household project, the new energies and experiences that took me to my limit the past few weeks, were the demolition of my old ways of experiencing my perspective. And I ASKED for it! I am working on a remedy from Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection that is meant to clear out all the old 'stuff'...the directions are for one dropper full three times a day, and my guides were like, 'take FIVE' and 'one of the other'--they were overruling the directions.

Along with this, someone was doing healing work on me from afar, and seeing on a screen how the old 'red and orange' areas were being cleared to 'yellow, green and blue'.

The night before last my guides told me to drink the whole bottle. I didn't. But last night, I did.  I had to go to sleep right away--I left the kitchen lights on, and didn't even go downstairs to turn them off.

It's not like I did much yesterday in the first place. I slept in until ten or eleven, I ate, I took a nap, I felt 'cold' so I put a blanket on the grass and totally connected to earth and the sunshine for about an hour. I went to the store and the mailbox, then I made a bracelet.

I didn't even eat dinner.

I only had one meal yesterday. At noon.

As I was falling asleep, I asked Ross--what has gotten into me? Why is my house a mess? Why is everything piled up? Why am I so sleepy?

And he explained--by showing me the paperwork (Overwhelm!), the mess in the bathroom sink area (Overwhelm!), and the kitchen mess (Overwhelm!)--that I am currently overwhelmed, and the assimilation of the incoming energies take priority over everything else.

I sensed that this is not forever, and I trust that both my body will clear the 'bug' I picked up (on Thursday I had a special request case--awake back surgery--in a colleague from the hospital. I had to talk to this patient the entire case, with my head down under the drapes. He had chronic post-nasal drip, and I probably picked something up then.)

So if last week was the 'demolition' in my 'outlook remodel' then the past two days are 'waiting for the permits to be approved'...and after that I will be on my way with new energy because my old energy patterns which drain me will have been stripped away like old wallpaper!

An Example of How My Soul Heals

Souls are smart. And mine is doing a last pass through looking for anything 'left behind in the hotel room' right now.

In the middle of the night, two nights ago, I 'dreamed' I was at the home of my first husband's parents. All of his family was there. And we were working out our differences!


They never knew why I left.

A lot of it had to do with them. Mark and I were in love, college sweethearts, and after six months of marriage they took him aside and told him to 'put his foot down' with me.

He did a lot more than that. And did much damage in the process.

I awoke to resolution.

For two weeks now I've felt things weren't right with his dad, Loren. I keep checking the name online. I learned in 2012 our Aunt Susan (the baby of the dad's family) passed. She was an early inspiration for me, the only nurse in their family. Uncle Dale had died in a car accident, and cousin Annie had died in a fire. I had seen both of their graves as it had happened long before I came into the picture.


When I was married to Mark, and long, long before I ever knew I was psychic, I had an overwhelming desire to go 'make peace' with his dead brother Michael.

Michael was born with omphalocele (all the intestines out) and his mother never saw him. The family let Michael die without ever attempting surgery.  He was the first born, then Theresa, then Mark, and then Kevin.

We drove the next Saturday three hours up to the small town in Northern California, and found Dale, Annie, and in a far corner, Michael.

It was the end of June. I'll never forget it.

We went up on Michael's birthday.

It was right there on the headstone.

When we went home, we baked a cake for Michael, and sang Happy Birthday to him.

This Michael my brother I never met, promised he would always watch over me. And he still does. I feel it to this day.


This is my job! I LOOK ahead. While Carla hides under the blankets like the puppies, and heals, it is I who look out at the scene.

Carla forgets it but now she remembers...what I did for her last night as she was falling asleep.

(He laughs)

How could she forget such a wonderful sight?  I showed her the new cities, in the night, on new surface Gaia.

And Carla is such a stickler, despite her wonder and delight, she asked me, 'Ross? How are the habitats for the animals?' wanting to make SURE everything is okay.

I had to explain to her how the cities do not use anything from the habitat or the environment. They are self-sustaining. And they are much like the ones in Agartha.

Only then did Carla relax and enjoy the view.  Carla? Will you please describe it?

C:  Sure honey. They were far off in the distance, like when you first see Las Vegas when you drive over that hill in the night on the road in.  They were roughly oval in shape, and not tall, with many lights and buildings no more than four stories tall. The patterns looked like there were walkways, but I could not see streets. Underneath, was the land. The buildings didn't actually touch ground, and the animals were free to roam undisturbed underneath. The inhabitants could VISIT the land, but they couldn't build upon it. And people traveled by teleportation. There were no vehicles in sight.

R:  And how did that make you feel, Carla?

C:  I felt super glad because the people in Agartha haven't screwed anything up with inner Gaia --and taking what works for them makes a LOT of sense to me. I felt relief and happiness that the plan for new surface Gaia is mindful of Her needs as well as those of Her inhabitants.

R:  And what did I make for you last night?

C:  A bracelet for my heart center. It had multicolored tourmaline chips, rose quarts chips, prehenite rondelles, emerald rondelles, emerald nuggets, and faceted ruby zoisite.

R:  And how did it make you feel?

C:  Like I can breathe. My heart center opened and it feels relaxed.

R:  How does it feel not to be on the defensive all the time--spiritually?

C:  It feels like I have a chance.

R:  And what did I do for you yesterday morning when you woke up? (at eleven--he teases--ed)

C:  You had put your photograph exactly in the middle of the frame that Anthony had made at school.

R:  How was it when you went to sleep the night before?

C:  Just laying by my pillow like always.

R:  And where was the frame?

C:  On the bed but I forget where--near the head of the bed on 'your side' honey.

R:  And what did you think when you saw me looking over you in the frame?

C:  I felt extremely loved and surprised...for both Anthony's creation and your face were together smiling at me!

R:  What did you see when you woke up this morning, Carla?

C:  You were all decked out in your finest attire--the fanciest I've ever seen you, even fancier than any of our weddings.  The first one, where I didn't know what was happening, you looked official in your dress uniform, but it was cream colored. This one was similar cut, but with lots of jewel tones. I recall navy, burgundy, and gold.

R:  Did I look like me?

C:  Yes but a different way of you I have ever seen. I wanted to put a crown on you like at Chuck E Cheese and tease you because your were TOO fancy!

R:  And you were uncomfortable with that?

C:  Yes! Because what was I wearing with you? A nightgown? Then I looked down and had on a pale pink/peach colored ballgown with a huge skirt and most likely many petticoats under it.

R:  How did you feel?

C:  Comfortable. The dress fit perfectly and I don't recall any shoes causing pain on my feet.

R:  How about the height difference between us?  (Ross is very tall)

C:  Funny...I didn't notice it.

R:  Do you know why?

C:  No.

R:  Because you are coming Home, to your usual self, with me, very soon, and you will be awakening more and more, all the time, and all of it will begin to seem 'normal' and 'not unusual' to you at all. It will be slow at the beginning. It will pick up speed. And all the 'images' are 'alternate realities' you are coming to grips with 'who you are'. It is possible to exist in two places at once, or more. And now you, and your peers (your readers) are going to slowly learn to master the art of Multi-dimension.  (he smiles warm and kind--ed).  Now I want you to go and have some breakfast!  I love you so much. And have some coffee too! Enjoy some for me! (he raises a mug, a white 'diner style' mug--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Friday, May 22, 2015

Final Tests


Earth is a school 'in training'.  As you know I write an awful lot about my life experiences--to help me figure out what's up in my 'lesson' of the times, and furthermore, to let you know you are not alone.

As a blogger, I write about the good, the bad, and the ugly--every day more or less for the past five years I think?

So at Doctors With Reiki, you have it from my soul, my heart, and my consciousness.


This morning I was in a half dream state. I was next to Ross at the helm of the ship, up about Gaia, and I could see Earth in all her wonder below.

Ross asked me what I would like to get rid of first?

I said, 'All the ritual abuse throughout Canada, like what Kevin Annett works to expose and remove'.

With that he gestured to a white button, and I pushed it. A ray of light went out, and hit the 'grid' or 'network' of this organization, in Canada, and rippled out throughout the globe.

There was a red button I pressed, and I remember saying what it was for, but I forgot.

The last was a blue button to rid the ocean floors of trash, as well as dissolve the big plastic ball in the middle of the Pacific Ocean like Maude Fontenoy calls 'The Eighth Continent'.

I remarked to Ross how lucky I felt to be there with him, with this opportunity. He laughed and said, 'You have been here all along, Carla!'

And I woke up.

Others are having similar visions, too, both persons are very advanced Lightworkers, and they are interacting 'on board' and seeing 'signs' of very similar, encouraging 'events'...

I would tell you more but it's classified.


I came home very late from work last night. I had a cup of coffee to keep me awake on the drive home, and I had trouble sleeping. Although I slept in until six (a late start) I was tired and sleepy throughout the day.

I started some antibiotics because my chest was getting affected by the sinus infections.

Yes I use the codes. Yes I use Reiki. Yes I eat healthy.

If you recall, my mom gave me quite a negative imprint by rejecting my gifts I had bought with so much joy, and there were several other shocks to my system. In addition to all this work, I am having sicker patients who are near coding during anesthesia, really dangerous to go under anesthesia (one was almost five hundred pounds!), and there is conflict at my work.

The other day, I was sent to do a case, and it turned out a woman who had worked in GI in the morning had 'stuck around' without going home, for three HOURS waiting for this case! But I outranked her on the call assignment for the day (this entitles me to the work in case of dispute), I had arrived early and done all the work and met the patient. I was sitting at the bedside when the conflict hit.

Well today, I was done at noon, and I slept in the car because I felt sick with the chills--waiting because I was not excused from that three o'clock case I had to do after a morning of GI. I was in HER shoes, and this time, someone took the case away from me.

Throughout I was polite, friendly, kind, and accepting--I didn't get upset in either 'Role', but today I was just VERY tired.


This morning I got my box of new beads and was dying to come home, and rest, and play.

But snake was hungry. I missed the Monday feeding schedule.

I stopped and bought a medium size rat for him.  It was a male, with HUGE testicles, a black hood and a white body.

It was cute and VERY conscious/alert/made eye contact with me on the way home.

I got home, and I gave it the Reiki transition symbol. But I needed to use the restroom. I bought it with me and set it on the counter top, when I noticed this weird smell...a familiar smell.

I looked and sure enough there was a bloated rat caught in the trap under the sink.

There was not even a 'blip' on my emotional radar.

I just did what I had to do, using plastic grocery bags as 'gloves' and holding my breath and sticking it in a zip lock bag.  I cleaned up the mess--the blood--from the contact paper, and I re-set the trap.

I threw it out in the big trash in the garage.

Then I felt the 'nudge' from spirit to feed snake.

Well, the first weird thing was even though I had tail, rat didn't want to come out of the plastic cage. He was strong and pulled himself back in.

I got the tail again--I use long tweezers (forceps)--and put him in with the snake.

Snake was watching, but not striking and I knew snake was hungry.

Rat was mean.

He jumped all over the box, and charged at the snake.

I didn't know what to do. I had a snake to take out of the cage but a rat who would come out on its own (I have a feeder box).  I got the snake hook, and took out Cecil, who seemed relieved. I closed the lid and put a water bottle on it, and got a bigger plastic bin.

I used the forceps to pick up the rat by the tail, and quick as lightning, he bent backwards and I felt impact on my finger and saw blood! It didn't hurt, but I was bleeding profusely.

I put the water bottle back on the closed lid, and got a huge plastic storage bin I use when I clean the mouse cage.   I took the box and the bin with a lid, outside, and shook the rat into the bin.  Well I tried, but he didn't want to go. I had to shake it hard.

Once in the bin, the rat looked dazed. I put the lid on it, and closed the handled.

This was where I failed.  I got angry at the rat.   I took the bin and I shook it in front of me, back and forth, out of sheer frustration!

It was an old plastic bin. It shattered. The rat was on the ground by my feet. I stepped on the tail to hold it and picked it up with the forceps very near the base of the tail so he couldn't turn, and put him in the same box.

He was very dazed. I wasn't sure if I had almost killed him. But I knew rats were very smart and hard to kill. I made sure the lid was on tight, and I gave myself first aid for my finger.

Then I drove to the pet store, and said, 'This rat is mean. My snake won't eat him and he bit me. Will you please get rid of him?' (they sell rats at the store, and also feed their own snakes.)

One took it, and the cashier showed me where the mama rat bit him hard two days ago when she was on the wall and didn't want to come down.  He told me to put hand sanitizer on it.  He also said that some rats ARE mean, just like that. And it's hard to tell which are the mean ones.

This was an exercise in the high spinning disc. Everything happened to shake me off it--in quick sequence. I was denied what I wanted to do. I was not treated well at my work. I had unanticipated and unpleasant surprises.

But I also saw signs from my Team about 'not of this world' and 'God is with us'...this was a TEST.

I decided then and there to keep my thoughts and my vibration as high as possible--I was badly shaken, but not deeply upset, and VERY glad I had not killed the rat myself.  (by the way he 'came to' and was perfectly normal by the time he was in the car on the way to the pet shop).

I need to go. It's time for my weekly with Anthony's counselor.  I don't talk with her about these lessons.

This is to see how Gaia and Her people will react to the exposure of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

As for me, I will invite the team best equipped to handle them (the Galactic Equivalent of the Pet Shop workers)--deal with the emotions and anger that come up from the situation--and then go back to my high best as I can.

I made French Onion Soup gratinee...and opened my beads...the rondelle prehenite beads are amazingly beautiful!!! I look forward to making more with them soon.


Carla is a trouper.  She had a hard day. And she writes about it with you, even with her sore finger (it is on the right index finger just below the first joint (PIP joint).

She cares.

These motivated her to write:


Yes, Carla is being tested. I AM testing her. I am the one behind the tests.  Because I know her, and I love her...much like a trainer would tend to his racehorse (Carla is NOT a horse but I couldn't think of a better example) or a coach which his 'star athlete'--I know what Carla can do with her spiritual development, and I want to make her the very finest, gifted --all i's dotted and t's crossed--'self' she can be for when it's time to go UP.

I want her to get her 'money's worth' to speak...

I want that for you too, although I am not testing. This is up to your team and guides...check with them!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gaia News Brief 21 May 2015


Today was a day off I didn't WANT to have off!  I work part time now, and every time in the call assignment rotation where I would have worked on OB, on the new schedule now I have the day off.

I had so much to do, around the house.

I also wanted to drive in to work, to do my computer project, move it forward, get some administrative hours in, and then get some food for Cecil (the store is near my work).

Spirit was like--no no no no no Carla! No no no no no!

I slept in.

I wrote.

I made breakfast and Ross was kind. He sort of saw I wasn't at my best. I was under the weather. So he stepped up to the plate and did the THINKING for me. Make potatoes, and a ham and cheese omelet.  Pack THIS and THAT in Anthony's lunch.  He was fifteen minutes late to school, but I didn't stress.

Fortunately Anthony didn't either.

What happened next is a series of very vague and somehow deeply significant activities (Please note I have just started a new Alexandra Meadors custom remedy, and it is to CLEAR out old 'stuff' energetically speaking):

  • I filled the tank of gas on the car, but I didn't wash it like usual, because it looked like it was going to rain.
  • I got the mail, and this time, Ross had me pay the bill as I opened it, so not to worry about it.
  • I had one assignment--go to the post office and mail a bracelet, and look for something being sent to me.  Also, to go to the grocery store.
  • I got a phone call on the way to the store, and enjoyed the talk. Spirit 'blocks' things sometimes. The line goes bad, or there are interruptions. At one point in the conversation there were three at once--another phone call, an email, and a text.
  • Now the battery on my car is dead. I am waiting for a service call technician to come and replace it.  Oddly enough, AAA doesn't carry that battery any more...I am calm.
  • Harry our cockatoo has been SCREAMING all day. I couldn't figure it out. He would not shut up. The room was cool--I turned on the heat lamp. The bulb had burned out. I replaced it. I also replaced the bulbs in the other light on a timer. I dusted, and now have cobwebs and dust all over me (cockatoos make a dust with their feathers)

Lady Gaia's Cleanse Of Her Soul

Today Lady Gaia went through some major clearing work with herself. She began to process the feelings of the abuse She has experienced at the hands of humanity, and the 'caretaker supervisors'--the Annunaki.  Wave after wave of feeling trapped in bondage came over her, how could she not have seen this one coming? How could She break Free? Why do so many people have to Assist Her in this, people from all over the universe?

Michael came, on bended knee, and looked her in the eye. She realized He had planned all of this, and sent not only Ashtar but another incarnate, as well as Himself (where He is) to make this happen.

Gaia felt SHAME, for being trapped, and for needing help. Wave after wave of guilt, remorse, and anguish poured through Her.

Michael explained how if a cat gets stuck up in a tree, the firemen come, and there is no judgement to the cat. It just happens. And many firemen really enjoy cats, and the opportunity to rescue them.

His words resonated as true with Lady Gaia.

Then she was overcome with the PAINS, wave after wave all over Her body!  From the oil wells. From the strip mines. From the annihilation of wildlife. From the cars, the many roads. In her distress Gaia didn't know where to turn! 

At this point, Raphael embraced her. And Merlin, most gentle and beloved Merlin, knelt down and held Her feet.  Merlin was grounding Her to something, but to what, Gaia did not know.

Raphael spoke tenderly and gently to Gaia, and reassured her that this too could heal, and it would be as good as new.  Gradually, the pains subsided.

Next Gaia found Herself in the presence of Divine Father and Divine Mother. At this, she burst into tears, with the humiliation of Her Mistake...of her FAILURE...of her inability to find a way out of this  on her own. She bowed her head, and her shoulders shook with sobbing, as she bared her heart of hearts to the Father of us all, and to the Mother of us all, her Most Beloved Parents...

Father was not upset!

Not in the least.  He explained that for a young Planet, this is the equivalent to falling off a bicycle and scraping the knee. It is part of the learning process. There is no harm done! In fact, it is accepted to be part of the deal--to learn to get up and get back on that bike.

Divine Mother nodded and spoke soothing words of support.

At that point, Divine Father reached into his pocket, and came out with a ball of the brightest light Gaia had ever seen, something similar to a chandelier crystal in size compared to Him--and he placed it in one swift move inside Gaia's chest.

It was a God-Spark.  Everyone has them. But now, Gaia has two!  

Divine Father said this would make everyone who is not of the Light very uncomfortable. And to 'just watch' and see it happen!

So Gaia is shaken, but on the road to Her recovery, and is watching to see what Divine Father said is going to happen next.

Healing With Ross

Today, I just gave it up and took a nap.  I was VERY glad to rest in Ross' energy.

He explained to me something very important for us as a couple.  It turns out the life where he was Melchizedek and I was Bobbi, the temple girl--the way it ended, with me going to the tomb with him (alive) because he wanted me with him in the afterlife wasn't 'kosher' from a Karma standpoint.

Although as Bobbi, I totally accepted and didn't mind what was asked of incurred a debt that Ross had to pay back.

This explains his horrible violent deaths--once as Gamaliel, and another as Ross.

He asked me if I could forgive him?

I told him his blue eyes make me very distracted--he is THAT handsome!--and I wasn't sure if it would count if I said 'yes' in this state?

Somehow, he managed to get my full attention--despite the gorgeous eyes--and ask again.

I said, 'Of course, I forgive you from my heart, with no questions asked. But I am incarnate--how can I get the residue out of my body and my energy, even if I say yes?'

He paused and looked around at His teams.

Next I know, he scooped me up in his arms, and we were rising up slowly and steadily.

I teased him and asked, 'Is this the elevator?' and he smiled and said, 'No--it's something BETTER!'

We arrived at a place where Divine Father and Divine Mother live--it is whiter than white, and very HIGH energy.  Ross politely explained the situation to Divine Father, and asked what He would suggest?

Divine Father gestured us to a side room, in which there was a giant, whiter than white Light Box. We were to both go in, Ross and me.  Ross held me from behind, and the door closed, and the machine started to pulse with energies I had never before experienced...

It was painful. I screamed and I writhed and Ross held on to me the whole time. Which each wave of discomfort, more and more old debris was being taken from me--energy imprints and cellular memories.

As this was happening, I asked Ross--as a joke--'Is this the car wash?'

He smiled, and said, 'No, this is something BETTER--it vacuums the inside of the car at the same time that the exterior is washed too.'

When it was done,  Ross gently carried me back down, the way we came.

I rested for a good long time after this.  Even now, I'm fatigued, like after a good workout--but only with my soul.


Gaia is very happy. Both with this:
and with this:

Carla and I are healing. I am most pleased and together we are taking steps towards a very pleasant future for our household.

Carla is on hold at the moment--with the Roadside Assistance service.  It has been almost an hour since the service call was placed to them for her vehicle.

I will excuse both of us for now.

Carla has said what she has had to say.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
who are here for YOU