Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gaia News Brief 6 May 2015

My Lesson For Today

I had been looking forward to having this afternoon off since yesterday!  I had in my mind all the things I can get done...

I had a four-hour case, and was ready to leave the OR as scheduled, when the Charge Nurse came. She said, 'They have to do a case right away and the patient has to lie still.'...

I understood it to be something like this:

My heart sank!  This was the place I had written up and said it was 'unsafe' for anesthesia, and 'not the same standard of care as elsewhere in the hospital'.   It's where my boss spoke to all the other anesthesiologists behind my back, and they said it was fine. And he paraded me through the angio suite to show me where to put the anesthesia machine, where to sit 'like Mike'...and he offered if I didn't feel safe I never had to go!

My problem was more of the lackadaisical attitude of the workers with a very sick patient under anesthesia, and the layout of the anesthesia machine being too far from the patient. With the 'sit like Mike' I could do it.

Now it was just time to forge a new relationship there, and mend fences...

Well, several things happened.

First of all I had to dress like this:

The medical equivalent of this is even more uncomfortable and hot.

Plus I had to add a layer of wrap-around lead to protect me from the radiation.

The case went fine, my technician helped me at intubation, and everything worked--THANK GOD!

The case went on for hours and hours but I didn't dare look at my cell phone except for responding to the most urgent of texts.

I felt a particular 'feeling' that made me look into the control room--and there was the director of the whole non-invasive everything, the nurse who hates my guts and has hated them for five years and has stopped speaking to my OR manager after I wrote that letter.

I looked at her, and noted the changes for the patient safety, and smiled through my gear... and gave her a big thumbs UP!

She almost fell off her chair!

I saw her jump. She paused. And then she gave ME a big thumbs up...

At the end of the case I spoke with the nurse, and shared how buying one MRI compatible anesthesia machine would be portable, meet the needs of all non-OR locations, and save them from storing and buying three full-size anesthesia machines.

He heard me. 

I think things are going to be okay...

I sense that Ross wanted me to leave no 'loose ends'--and I rose to the challenge.

I told the nurse, before I tried to intubate--to get ready for a worst case situation:  if there is so much fluid coming up so fast that I can't see, press on the chest, and I will place the tube where the bubbles are...

Fortunately we didn't need to do that!

Double Happiness

A VERY excited reader contacted me with having seen her Twin Flame (who is like Ross, not incarnate) for the first time in her meditations! She was filled with joy, love, and gratitude!!

If you want to meet yours, you might want to try what she has done. She is working very hard on her spiritual development, and is the only one to buy a full custom-designed set from Divine Mother Blessings.

This high-energy jewelry is amazing.

Another reader, who is my Star Family Cousin, just made a huge breakthrough. She made a bracelet for me--guided by her Fab Four--Dwaj Khul, Raphael, Jesus and I forget who else--but I NEEDED IT to ground me.  I had sent her a gift of a Carla and Ross, earlier, and she more than returned the favor. It WORKED!

She also made a bracelet for herself, her I AM bracelet.

Guess what?

She is an incarnate Archangel. And now she knows which one! (I do too, and it's a big one--one in Doreen Virtue's deck).

Because of the delicate nature of the 'rediscovery'--mine had me in a daze for like, two weeks--I won't mention more.


Lady Gaia put out a call to the Universe and an appeal to our readers--to banish and eliminate and neutralize all pesticides and round up forever.

There was an overwhelming response to Her call!

Divine Father showed her that there is a healing process that was 'sparked' by your outpouring of healing for Lady Gaia, our Mother Earth, and her delicate ecosystems:  a fine golden light that resembles a sparkler or a fuse being lit in the ground, like a drip line--is slowly eating away and reversing the damage.  It will take some time but He wanted us to know it has begun.

A reader sent a confirmation and it's posted on the wall of the FB page--I didn't share it but it's on the wall.

It's real.

The more you heal your inner world, the more Gaia in the outer world will heal too--it will give you a clarity of thought, of purpose, of intention, of heart--so you will not make choices that are harmful to Her.

Does this make sense?

This is what I mean when I cryptically say, 'Heal yourself, and heal Gaia' and 'Heal Gaia, and you heal yourself'.

We are one energy and our balance and connection is so very delicate and important.

Your energy goes UP and zoom! So does that of everything around you! People wake up. And Gaia is healed...and the people are awake enough for the Galactics to use their advanced technology--the first of which is being seen with the sparkler lines that are eating up the GMO/pesticide-etc.

I have also taken the liberty of giving a 'positive' Law of Attraction name to the entire situation--isn't it clever? BLESSED-ICIDES!

Where Are YOU Going? You Walk Too Fast!

I didn't even hear him coming up behind me. Limping down the hall towards me was the hospital receptionist, Charles. Charles is an enormous man whom I think must be an angel incarnate! He has the biggest smile, and welcomed me to the hospital on my first day I showed up to interview. He said, 'I hope you come and work here!'

Well Charles literally chased me down the hall all the way from the lobby where I had just spoken to the family of my patient.

Was something wrong?


He gave me a HUGE hug and told me that I am 'the best anesthesiologist we have' and 'he can't say that in front of the other anesthesiologists but it's true!'

(The family had an unexpected diagnosis, a sad one, and Charles had overheard...they said, 'we thought it was nothing! It's been there for years! How can it be?' and I did the best I could to console them, and give hope that at least if you have that this is how it's taken care of...you know?)

That totally made my day...


In my meditation this afternoon, Lady Gaia spoke with Divine Father about her concern for the rhinoceroses in the wild. According to the literature from the San Diego Zoo, one is poached every eight hours. They are going to go extinct in ten to fifteen years. The market for rhino products is booming.

Initially She wanted to start a bounty on all poachers and declare it open season, hiring snipers .

But Divine Father didn't like that plan, as it is more of the same old 3D.

So Lady Gaia came up with another plan!

This is to set the intention for a magnificent shield of All Divine Assistance to be placed around all the animals at risk.  One so strong that the guns will break and not work when the poachers try to use them. The traps will fail. And no one, not anyone, will have a desire to purchase any bush meat or animal products from endangered species!

Furthermore, it is Lady Gaia's request for the poachers and those who support this horrendous practice--to be given the honor to be some of the first to 'wake up' and 'Ascend' with their vibration--just up to the point where the realization of 'WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING?! Oh my GOD!' fills their hearts and souls and minds ABLAZE with Truth!

If you support this plan, I strongly encourage you to share your healing intentions for this purpose, daily, along with the continued love and support for the BLESSED-ICIDES project.

May the rhinoceros' supporters--and for all the animals at risk--may this cry of pure healing and justice be louder and stronger than the horn of Joshua and Jericho's (the ways of the old) walls will come down once and for all!


(very relaxed)

Today is Cinco De Mayo.

I told Carla to have a Corona--she likes that one.

She didn't. She had a ginger beer, and a horrible glass of nopal water that had no taste but was very authentic--lol.

She also made hamborguesas con queso, pepitas, and maize...Anthony was delighted and thinks it's the best meal he has ever had! (Ross is laughing--ed)

Carla has Day 2 of Thirty Days of Yoga to go do now.

I will excuse her in a moment.

I want to review the message she has sent, for those of you who like to skim while reading:

  • Carla brought peace and justice in the service of her patients at great personal risk to her career--by Speaking Up. There was no doubt in her mind it was the right thing to do at the time. But there were horrible repercussions.
  • By her willingness and skill--that is 'above average' technically--she was able to get the job done--while being exposed to three contagious diseases--and with more risk to her than anyone in the angio suite (inhalation --two risks and blood borne one)---because her face is right there at the airway when she intubates.
  • By her commitment to peace she resolved a long struggle with the leader of that work area.
  • Twin Flames Relationships like ours are possible for you too--do the work, drop the low frequency energy 'weight'--and rise up to greet your mate! Your soul mate, your Twin!
  • People notice her heart, like Charles...and they are now starting to talk about it. This is a sign of 5D. People don't hold back when they admire something or someone.
  • There is forward movement due to participation from our readers for two important Gaia restoring projects!

That is enough, honey. I will take care of the rest for you, on our side--to make sure the key points of this message are understood in the hearts of those who follow this post.


Enjoy your exercise!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla