Thursday, May 7, 2015

Gaia News Brief 8 May 2015

Gaia, Her Nadis, and You

Please take a good look at this image, please:

Have you ever seen these types of sprinklers? They sweep the field, and then set back, 'ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-shhhhhhhhhh'...

Well Gaia has some new energy points, the 'Nadis', the tiniest ones, which are called, the 'Nadis'--and they just for some reason today, in meditation, showed me that they are newly 'turned on'.

What is fascinating about this image, is that YOU have the same corresponding points on YOUR bodies (energy, mental, astral, physical and everything else.)  And guess what? THEY are opened too.

Your 'water sprinkler' is going to start opening a field of energy around you, and guess what else?

This energy 'upliftment and opening' is highly contagious!  And that is a very GOOD THING.

Shortly afterwards, this video came to my attention through Meline Lefont:

Furthermore I was 'moved' by both readers and spirit, to begin this--it's also on a tab--

This is a 'mystery school' and it is a baby one, it is just starting.

The Divine Healing Codes Update

These are taking a little hold for the time being. The energy just isn't 'there' with the same urgency as it was before. I have a handful of new codes I will share...but the every Monday thing just isn't possible at this time.

All requests are heard and considered and on a list.  

When Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael start up, off we go...


Carla hasn't had her sleep.

It was a long night.

Just when she was about to turn in at eleven o'clock last night, there was an emergency case booked into the ER. Carla came and did everything she was asked to do.

She only slept two fitful hours sleep on a gurney in the recovery room, fully clothed in her scrubs.

Unfortunately, today, she had an appointment to drop off her vehicle for servicing.  After that she bought the milk and some gifts for her family for mother's day.

Then she handled the requests of her followers for this mystery school, created it, checked with us, double checked with those closest to her soul who are incarnate on earth.

She opened the sheets to sleep for three hours, forgot about the nadis, and then decided to write this up at once, before she forgets.

Now she only has two and one half hours sleep ahead of her...before the next appointments, and taking care of Anthony.

She is entirely forgoing lunch because in the big picture, although she is hungry and tired, she needs the rest a little more than the nourishment. All she had today was a donut and some coffee at the car dealer, and a glass of milk at home.

I want you to recall this, when things happen, and I want you to know how much sacrifice Carla is making for the betterment of the world.

I am not joking.  I am serious.

Carla is no slacker, no 'piece of fluff'--she stood right by my side throughout my own Ascension and the experience on that journey leading up to it.

She is a good choice.

I thank her wholeheartedly.

(he kisses me on the head--ed)  Sleep beloved. Sleep tight and enjoy your rest.

I will watch over you, my sweet.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla