Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gaia News Brief 7 May 2015

Almost End Of Mission Report

The energies that are coursing through me at this moment are phenomenal.  Something is 'up', and it feels nice.

There are shifts in my life experience, most notably, I am not hungry most of the time. I am also not feeling 'rushed'...the Universe is supporting me. Mornings are not leisurely by any standard--but we have time to get everything done and enjoy breakfast.  Lunch has opportunities for me to eat--somehow the small gaps come--and I am not gobbling down hospital graham crackers after quick bathroom breaks like I was at my work.

Tonight, I had the best meal ever from home--three courses and dessert--before my last case.

I also am noticing my ease with the higher acuity (sicker) patients, which is combined with a greater 'connection' and 'effectiveness' at the bedside with my patients and their families.

Today the PACU RN who went and visited me--the only one--when I was an inpatient in June 2012--asked me to talk to her a moment after I did my report to the nurse with my patient I was dropping off after surgery.

She asked me politely if I was working on Monday. Her nurse educator friend's partner had surgery, and 'they weren't too impressed with the anesthesiologist' for the first half of the procedure.  They wanted to request me...

My first patient today also said, 'you're so NICE!' before falling asleep, and also after she was awake in PACU.


A Hard Day's Work

When I am in the OR, I am doing double the work. There is the medical care I am giving, as well as the healing and support of the patient the whole time.

I am also healing timelines, and clearing out low vibrational patterns that are connected in all dimensions to my patient as well as the team in the OR.

Today I got a very big one for our team.

Day in, day out, it's this kind of energy work that I don't talk about--it's much more involved than the releasing of 'attachments' and 'negative entities' that I was doing with my team on Spirit Side back in 2012...when they were just training me to 'go in' and 'do my thing' it's on a much larger scale, and more effective.

Again, I work with a team, and don't do this kind of work alone.

This article REALLY validates me, and my efforts...ón+Galáctica+y+Ashtar+Command%29


The Prosperity Packages

They are coming.

So is Christmas!

Just kidding. Anyhow, Gaia Portal, and Sheldon Nidle, and Ross's big smile--in full dress uniform and brushing his hands as if to say 'the job is done' this morning (showing himself to both me and Anthony)--sort of point in that direction.

Then there's the whole Eagle thing that woke me up:

This is unusual too.

Am I happy?

Not really.

I feel in my heart it's going to be like the Bush 'tax surplus incentive' thing where everybody got like six hundred dollars--and I wasn't eligible for a cent.  It's like its for the starving and needy to 'catch up'--so it's a party for them and like, 'oh well' and not much like celebrating for me.

I had to speak it.  I had to get that feeling out in words.  I had to say to Spirit--who told me 'how can we forget our deeply committed Lightworkers?' and 'you will have freedom and not have to work so much' (like an early retirement)...then something very tight inside, my drive for survival, relaxed!

I shared that I have my doubts about St Germain, because in my opinion he is ancient, ancient, ancient and this is like--NOW--hello?  And yet all this being said, I have to trust that He and the rest of the team know what they are doing.

So I am going with the flow, riding the current, of whatever will happen.

The only stipulation is that there will be NO opportunity for jealousy in Novo Gaia society--although some may get more to even things out, there must be something 'meaningful' to those who 'get less' because they are doing okay, financially--so that there is no opportunity for resentment to build on anyone's part.

The 'Time to Stir The Pot' question of the day is this:  will the prosperity packages be NEED-based? Or MERIT-based? Or a combination of both?

We can put that one in our pipe and smoke it! ; )  Who knows what is going to happen?


This is how dysfunctional our OB department is....a 34 week patient has a gangrenous, and perforated appendix.  The surgeon sees the patient in the ER, and plans for surgery.

Standard of care for a viable pregnancy (24 weeks or older) is to establish baseline fetal heart tones before surgery, then do the surgery (sometimes with intro fetal heart monitoring), and after to make sure the baby is all right.

The surgeon couldn't get anyone to come to the ER to do it. They tested the patient on their part of the hospital--the Labor Deck--said, 'She is not in labor'--and sent her back to the ER.

The attending OB turfed the patient too.

And when the surgeon asked the OB just for some professional advice on how to take care of the patient afterwards and avoid pre-term labor, the OB said, 'I'm not on call right now, it's after my shift--past seven a.m.'

So the surgeon called and called and no OB was willing to take the patient or consult...until the surgeon decided that there would be NO fetal heart tones at all if the patient was allowed to get any sicker with this appendix and peritonitis.

One OB did come and assist with the surgery in the middle of the call.  This is the nice gentleman who always comes in the middle of the night, and never complains...and helps everybody when they have to do a c-section.


When I went to the highest council, they promised to send me a bead. They told me I wouldn't know where it was coming from--it would seem out of the blue--but it was from them, and I would know.

The nurse in PACU who told me about Monday, also noticed my Pandora bracelet. She asked if Trollbeads fit it?

I didn't know. I had never heard of Trollbeads.

They were on sale across the street--and seventy-five percent off!!!

I went. And on my neck, I have beautiful, reminders of my life incarnate, this time around. They tie everything together, and the energy is healing and supporting to me.

You see, when I go UP, I get to take three things--and that's Hawaiian gold bangles, my Pandora bracelet (Ross wanted me to get Eiffel Towers and stuff to remind me of Earth), and now, a gift from the Highest Council, the Trollbeads...

When I was a little girl, my favorite toy, was my troll. You know the one with the crazy hair? He had orange hair. I still have him.

He used to have the most loving eyes, and energy--it had something IN it that I couldn't explain, but it was more than a toy. It was magic!

When I was twenty-six, in a clearance basket at the Berkeley flower shop near the Farmer's Market--a little yellow-haired troll caught my eye. He talked too! And he said the most amazing message, 'I'm going to help you find something that you lost a long time ago.'

The very next day I recalled my molest when I was four--twenty-two years earlier--and it was a long and stormy road to healing, but I did heal...

When I applied to medical school, I had a larger troll in scrubs (with pink hair) in my purse. No matter how scared I was and nervous at each interview, deep inside I relaxed because I knew my ridiculous secret--there was a TROLL inside my purse and I knew but nobody else did!!! LOL  (I was accepted at every school I interviewed at too.)

That at the almost end of my mission, the Highest Council would send me memories of my Earth walk--in TROLLS--to keep forever and ever--just tickles me with delight! They 'get' me!!!

I feel so very loved...


Carla has come a long way.

She is almost at the end of her mission. Only a 'few more steps'.

But every end, there is a beginning, and there is always more to love, to learn, and to grow...

Carla's mission was technically 'complete' when she blogged about it, and was doing smaller tasks like the Gaia News Briefs and the Divine Healing Codes in her service while she was waiting for the 'roof to blow' off this entire Ascension 'deal'...

Carla will always, always, always be 'there' for you.

I know you have grown used to her, her smile, and her ways.

But soon you are going to have to share her with ME (big smiles and gentle laughter, his eyes are twinkling) in a very big way.

And all of you are going to be delighted, and relieved, once the process is in effect.

Eagles? Thank you for your missions. You are to retreat from the front lines.

All is well.

The next phase is soon to begin. If you are an Eagle, you are free to continue on your efforts--you will know in your heart what is right for you to do. Follow it, please!  It is as if the 'wave' of the Eagle energy has propagated...and  now it is the timing for 'what is next'. (big warm smile)

I love you.

Each and every single one of you. All of us do, up here. And we are doing our very best to take the likes of you back home...away from the veil...and in the energy of your nurturing, warmth, love and compassion...for all time, never to experience duality (the energy of 3D) again...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla