Saturday, May 9, 2015

Gaia News Brief 10 My 2015


Today I went out to breakfast with Anthony and his Mana Patrice.  It was a forty minute wait in line, and it was a time for catching up.

We exchanged Mother's Day presents.

Anthony was thrilled beyond thrilled to give me this, all wrapped up nice, from Jared Jewelers:,791530,791531,791517,791518,791537CZ,791523CZ,791525CZ,750833CZ,791527EN40,791534CZ,791522EN68,791521CZ,791524CZ,791532,791526CZ,791528EN40,791535CZ,791536CZ,791520CZ,791529CZ,590722CZ,190929CZ,190948CZ,190949CZ,190950CZ,190951CZ%20,290568CZ,290576CZ,290575CZ,390366CZ,390368CZ-90,390369CZ-90

I had picked makeup for Patrice--she has two boys, and calls me her daughter. The lipstick I thought wouldn't match actually did. She loved everything, and it was a joy to make her happy.

She is a blessing to our lives.

I did errands, and now I prepare for a family event that has been planned for some time.

For me, I made four bracelets, and also, with Ross' help, designed another.  One will be offered to the public--it is a seven inch wrist, and is made with garnet, opal, and Rose quartz with an ice quartz focal point.

Watch FB and Twitter for details.


I am going to keep this short and sweet.  I love you. Things are moving along nicely for our cause. (smiles gently, and tenderly--and reaches towards his head with both hands--ed)

Hold on to your hats!

I wish a happy Mother's Day to all of you who have children--of your body and flesh, and of your heart and soul. Even animal children. Whenever someone counts on you, that is the Divine Feminine, and you are a 'mom' to them, in many ways.

All of us are blessed to have souls who nurture us like this. All of us. Even myself. (I see him and his mom, as well as with me, the mother of his children, and Ross is smiling and hugging us both--ed)

I love my family.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla