Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gaia News Brief 21 May 2015


Today was a day off I didn't WANT to have off!  I work part time now, and every time in the call assignment rotation where I would have worked on OB, on the new schedule now I have the day off.

I had so much to do, around the house.

I also wanted to drive in to work, to do my computer project, move it forward, get some administrative hours in, and then get some food for Cecil (the store is near my work).

Spirit was like--no no no no no Carla! No no no no no!

I slept in.

I wrote.

I made breakfast and Ross was kind. He sort of saw I wasn't at my best. I was under the weather. So he stepped up to the plate and did the THINKING for me. Make potatoes, and a ham and cheese omelet.  Pack THIS and THAT in Anthony's lunch.  He was fifteen minutes late to school, but I didn't stress.

Fortunately Anthony didn't either.

What happened next is a series of very vague and somehow deeply significant activities (Please note I have just started a new Alexandra Meadors custom remedy, and it is to CLEAR out old 'stuff' energetically speaking):

  • I filled the tank of gas on the car, but I didn't wash it like usual, because it looked like it was going to rain.
  • I got the mail, and this time, Ross had me pay the bill as I opened it, so not to worry about it.
  • I had one assignment--go to the post office and mail a bracelet, and look for something being sent to me.  Also, to go to the grocery store.
  • I got a phone call on the way to the store, and enjoyed the talk. Spirit 'blocks' things sometimes. The line goes bad, or there are interruptions. At one point in the conversation there were three at once--another phone call, an email, and a text.
  • Now the battery on my car is dead. I am waiting for a service call technician to come and replace it.  Oddly enough, AAA doesn't carry that battery any more...I am calm.
  • Harry our cockatoo has been SCREAMING all day. I couldn't figure it out. He would not shut up. The room was cool--I turned on the heat lamp. The bulb had burned out. I replaced it. I also replaced the bulbs in the other light on a timer. I dusted, and now have cobwebs and dust all over me (cockatoos make a dust with their feathers)

Lady Gaia's Cleanse Of Her Soul

Today Lady Gaia went through some major clearing work with herself. She began to process the feelings of the abuse She has experienced at the hands of humanity, and the 'caretaker supervisors'--the Annunaki.  Wave after wave of feeling trapped in bondage came over her, how could she not have seen this one coming? How could She break Free? Why do so many people have to Assist Her in this, people from all over the universe?

Michael came, on bended knee, and looked her in the eye. She realized He had planned all of this, and sent not only Ashtar but another incarnate, as well as Himself (where He is) to make this happen.

Gaia felt SHAME, for being trapped, and for needing help. Wave after wave of guilt, remorse, and anguish poured through Her.

Michael explained how if a cat gets stuck up in a tree, the firemen come, and there is no judgement to the cat. It just happens. And many firemen really enjoy cats, and the opportunity to rescue them.

His words resonated as true with Lady Gaia.

Then she was overcome with the PAINS, wave after wave all over Her body!  From the oil wells. From the strip mines. From the annihilation of wildlife. From the cars, the many roads. In her distress Gaia didn't know where to turn! 

At this point, Raphael embraced her. And Merlin, most gentle and beloved Merlin, knelt down and held Her feet.  Merlin was grounding Her to something, but to what, Gaia did not know.

Raphael spoke tenderly and gently to Gaia, and reassured her that this too could heal, and it would be as good as new.  Gradually, the pains subsided.

Next Gaia found Herself in the presence of Divine Father and Divine Mother. At this, she burst into tears, with the humiliation of Her Mistake...of her FAILURE...of her inability to find a way out of this  on her own. She bowed her head, and her shoulders shook with sobbing, as she bared her heart of hearts to the Father of us all, and to the Mother of us all, her Most Beloved Parents...

Father was not upset!

Not in the least.  He explained that for a young Planet, this is the equivalent to falling off a bicycle and scraping the knee. It is part of the learning process. There is no harm done! In fact, it is accepted to be part of the deal--to learn to get up and get back on that bike.

Divine Mother nodded and spoke soothing words of support.

At that point, Divine Father reached into his pocket, and came out with a ball of the brightest light Gaia had ever seen, something similar to a chandelier crystal in size compared to Him--and he placed it in one swift move inside Gaia's chest.

It was a God-Spark.  Everyone has them. But now, Gaia has two!  

Divine Father said this would make everyone who is not of the Light very uncomfortable. And to 'just watch' and see it happen!

So Gaia is shaken, but on the road to Her recovery, and is watching to see what Divine Father said is going to happen next.

Healing With Ross

Today, I just gave it up and took a nap.  I was VERY glad to rest in Ross' energy.

He explained to me something very important for us as a couple.  It turns out the life where he was Melchizedek and I was Bobbi, the temple girl--the way it ended, with me going to the tomb with him (alive) because he wanted me with him in the afterlife wasn't 'kosher' from a Karma standpoint.

Although as Bobbi, I totally accepted and didn't mind what was asked of incurred a debt that Ross had to pay back.

This explains his horrible violent deaths--once as Gamaliel, and another as Ross.

He asked me if I could forgive him?

I told him his blue eyes make me very distracted--he is THAT handsome!--and I wasn't sure if it would count if I said 'yes' in this state?

Somehow, he managed to get my full attention--despite the gorgeous eyes--and ask again.

I said, 'Of course, I forgive you from my heart, with no questions asked. But I am incarnate--how can I get the residue out of my body and my energy, even if I say yes?'

He paused and looked around at His teams.

Next I know, he scooped me up in his arms, and we were rising up slowly and steadily.

I teased him and asked, 'Is this the elevator?' and he smiled and said, 'No--it's something BETTER!'

We arrived at a place where Divine Father and Divine Mother live--it is whiter than white, and very HIGH energy.  Ross politely explained the situation to Divine Father, and asked what He would suggest?

Divine Father gestured us to a side room, in which there was a giant, whiter than white Light Box. We were to both go in, Ross and me.  Ross held me from behind, and the door closed, and the machine started to pulse with energies I had never before experienced...

It was painful. I screamed and I writhed and Ross held on to me the whole time. Which each wave of discomfort, more and more old debris was being taken from me--energy imprints and cellular memories.

As this was happening, I asked Ross--as a joke--'Is this the car wash?'

He smiled, and said, 'No, this is something BETTER--it vacuums the inside of the car at the same time that the exterior is washed too.'

When it was done,  Ross gently carried me back down, the way we came.

I rested for a good long time after this.  Even now, I'm fatigued, like after a good workout--but only with my soul.


Gaia is very happy. Both with this:
and with this:

Carla and I are healing. I am most pleased and together we are taking steps towards a very pleasant future for our household.

Carla is on hold at the moment--with the Roadside Assistance service.  It has been almost an hour since the service call was placed to them for her vehicle.

I will excuse both of us for now.

Carla has said what she has had to say.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
who are here for YOU