Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gaia News Brief 3 May 2015

Did You See The Match?

Part of me got very excited, like a little kid, when I heard about the Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight on the radio as I was driving into work.

Daddy used to get really excited about the boxing match. Mom did too. It was a special night for the family.

I was only like three or four, and I would take off my shirt, sit next to dad, and mom would even pour me a little glass of beer so I could be like him.  I never drank the beer, it tasted awful, but I loved my dad, and he loved his boxing, and I wanted to do everything possible to enjoy being with him.

My uncle and dad would spar together 'for sport'.

So I was taught at an early age that boxing is 'good clean fun' and 'a nice sport to make a name for yourself'...I even wrote a blog post about it...

The Las Vegas Inside Story On The Fight

Image I'd Like you to see

Take a good look. This is 'art history' and I dare not copy an image from ESPN into my blog without their permission.  

They said 'Las Vegas was the center of the world' last night, in the ESPN description of this photo gallery.

Here are it's people. You can see the hotels and the roller coaster from the New York New York in the background.

Two buses are totally encased in advertising for the fight.

And tourists are walking by, acting as if they are unaffected by it.

A surgeon who was going to Las Vegas showed me on his cell phone how much ringside seats for the fight cost:  seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a seat! He was really excited about it.

But the other orthopedic surgeon I worked with on a broken hip last week?  He has friends who live in Las Vegas--and HE says his friends say that the fight 'Is a money grab.  They don't CARE who is fighting or why. It's just a CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY.'

According to Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer, who lives and works in this town, Vegas casinos are not 'making any money'.  It's the tables you buy at the clubs that bring the real money in.  The high-end service tables at the exclusive nightclubs.


My 'friends upstairs' and I took the opportunity to 'add a twist' to the event in Las Vegas last night.  There was an archangel in every corner of the venue. And they seriously 'went to work'. This event was a 'draw' to 'pull in' all of the 'not quite 5D' vibrational beings on the earth. So if you paid the hundred dollars for pay-per-view and threw a party, or sat in the ringside seat, or worked there, or read the news because you wanted to be there and your couldn't...guess what?

A VERY special healing was made available for you. Courtesy of Those Who DO Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

For free!

love and kittens and boxing DO in fact mix, and it's adorable!

Let's Talk

'Power goes where attention flows'

This is one of the laws of the Universe.  And Those Who Do NOT Have Our Best Interest At Heart exploit this. 

Although they are fond of money, and will do anything for it, there is a form of Spiritual 'currency' that flows with the attention that these 'kind of people' REALLY WANT...

Especially when it comes to something like this:

This sport carries with it the most socially acceptable, closest thing to human sacrifice on Earth.

People have been killed in the ring. It is understood that with this sport, it can happen. People don't like to see it when it happens, and 'rules' have been created to make the sport 'safer'.

But the brain damage that can cause long-term suffering, like the Parkinson's disease that Ali has--it taking place the whole time.

As  a physician, I see this, and I know it while it is happening. For the public, on a soul level they probably do, along with the energies of the situation, but in the mind? Most likely they do not.

The BELIEF of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is that the sacrifice of the individual during a 'ritual' of some sort creates a power and a 'cleansing with blood' that can be 'harnessed' by 'their team' to 'empower them'...over us.

It is time to think about how Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are using their 'power' over us, and why...

To begin, one needs to understand that this type of 'ritual belief' started long ago, in Atlantis, before Egypt ever rose to power. There are very strong metaphysical ties to this 'belief system'...

And those who 'practice' this 'belief system' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are in fact world leaders, and leaders in the field of entertainment too.  The eye of Horus is one of their symbols they 'flash' to each other to show 'who they are' without 'those who are NOT in the know about it' figuring it out. It's their game...

They even have it on the back of the United States One Dollar Bill.

It's that deep.

Even though to learn about the ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is creepy, and disturbing, your have angelic protection of the highest order always with you, especially when you are on this blog and working with any of our social media--FB and Twitter...This is a Hamsa, and it is NOT one of the Illuminati Symbols.  
If you DOUBT this is true--the rituals and ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--it's okay. You are not ready to learn. When you feel moved, and want to 'test the waters' there are many YouTube videos exposing their secrets. And also quite a few blog posts with us on this subject as well.

Your Body And It's Energy System

You are created in the physical, and 'something more'.  As Einstein taught us, 'matter is a very condensed form of the energy of Light'.

And it's true.

The reason you 'feel the same inside' as when you were a little kid, is that part of YOU is your Consciousness.  And it takes on the form of 'bodies' that are superimposed upon your physical body.

You have your 'Light Body', or astral body, your Emotional Body (I think it's called causal body? I forget), your Mental Body--all of which together to me I will take the liberty to describe as 'the soul'...the reason is that I am a psychic and medium--and I interact with those who no longer have physical bodies when I do this type of healing work. And those who lack the physical body--take the same shape as a normal body (usually their peak physical form in Life they select)--and all the feelings and thoughts that were in Life are with them in this manner too.  So to me, a soul is 'everything but the body' and it is 'wherever it goes after here', which to me, I call 'The Other Side'...

This is the energy of The Other Side....

And THIS is the Energy that is coming to Earth.

The Trick and The Game

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are always wanting to take the energy that is given to us, as our Birth Right, and turn it to their benefit.

Here is an example of how they did this trick in the new movie, The Avengers:

  • supporting the myth 'you have to fight to keep the family you love'
  • the one who uses 'mind control' on others is easy to spot and filled with confusion and pain. 
  • reinforces the belief that ET's are ugly, metallic, and wanting to kill the earth
  • that the only way to 'defend' this is with lots of firepower and collateral damage
  • that the 'god spark' in us all is the 'energy of all destruction'.
  • this 'destructive energy' comes out the third eye, and the palms of the hands

Here's how that 'spark of CREATION' really works!:
  • I miss France. I want to go see my family.
  • I see a Trader Joe flyer on Tuesday night, and they sell the special French cookies called 'Macarons' (one o, not two, the double 'o' kind are the coconut ones. These are different). I REALLY want to go get some of those cookies even if I can't go to France.
  • At the grocery store yesterday, I see that the label of wine on sale there from Vouvray is right next to our family's house!! I buy four bottles--all they have--to bring the France I love to me.
  • After the movie, our friends suggest we all go out together to ice cream. 'what about that new Liquid Nitrogen place?' pops out of my mouth, before I can think about it.
  • We all go. And look what I see!
  • And to the right, just at the counter, a little girl is hugging a beautiful stuffed unicorn!  this was a confirming message to me from my guides that I got it right! I MANIFESTED something for myself which brought me wonder and joy...within a few days!

This energy can also be used for healing--even ourselves!

self Reiki of the foot

self Reiki of the head

Top Secret

Sometime last week, things 'stepped up' a bit on the Light Forces.

I saw a giant 'taffy puller' machine that was kind of like the shape of a cordless, electric razor from the sixties, the kind with three little wheels on it, rolling over and over on itself in space.

It is like a fishing net 'reel' hauling in the Veil.

So as you awaken further, and start to 'notice things' perhaps you didn't, and see this happening in others too, you are not imagining it.


Carla is worth her weight in gold to me, and more!

Yesterday she made nine Healing Bracelets.  All but one of them were for free. Two were for herself. So six were gifts to be sent to other healers to help strengthen them in the awakening process.

It took a long time!  About four hours.

Some of it was online with a friend, on Skype.

Carla had a most wonderful time at this, and so did her friend.

Carla got to CREATE that which she most enjoys and understands as her way to work with the healing properties of the crystals.

As a child, Carla loved jewelry more than playing with her dolls.

At age nine, Carla's mother gave her a black onyx ring that once was hers. Carla immediately noticed how it smoothed her energies and grounded her.

Then with the turquoise in silver, she noticed this as well, that although it was a fad, there really was something to the stones she picked, and how they felt in her energy.

Around thirteen, Carla wore at times, a little emerald, a 'gypsy' ring with a ruby (Carla's birthstone) and two very small diamonds, and a tiny diamond chip on a gold chain that was a ring.

When Carla bought her class ring, with a synthetic blue stone in it, she noticed it was 'deaf' and 'silent' on the energy, and felt like she had been shortchanged a bit, in the energy department with that purchase of her ring.

Weddings and other rings aside, there was one ring her grandfather found and had given to her mother, it was a diamond ring of unique design, with lots of little diamonds arranged very artistically. Everyone noticed that ring, and gave Carla lots of compliments.

But the one Carla loved the most, she never wore to work as a resident in general surgery. The one time she wore the purple stone and diamond ring her mom had given her (which SHE had found! notice how all this jewelry comes to her!)--the purple stone fell out and Carla was devastated! For days! But a very kind and spiritual nurse who worked on the orthopedics ward at the time, Sarla, FOUND IT!  She gave Carla the stone, her mom had it mended, and out of worry it might happen again, Carla stopped wearing all rings in the hospital.

Until she got married a second time.  And even that one was chosen to be compatible with putting lots of gloves on and off and washing the hands a lot every day.

Carla, in her old life, worked with me. And HER special healing gift was with the manifestation of things in Spirit--in Life. Carla works with the energies to heal Souls. And one of her favorite, most favorite forms of energy work, is with the jewelry itself.

Carla waited TWO DAYS--enduring all the call and clinical work with her sights set on Saturday where she could make bracelets...

This is the part I want to share about our Carla...the one she most wanted to make...the one she special ordered two charms and it comes from me to design, as a gift of pure and holy love for her...that's the one she didn't make.

Carla needed to make TEN bracelets, and Carla in her heart of hearts without question put the other nine first...and also this blog post too.

When Carla is asked to do healing work in Spirit, for our team, Those Who DO Have Our Best Interest At Heart, Carla offers her hands and her heart in the service of Creator.

Carla is Beloved.

Not just by me, but all on her Team, who are working with her night and day to make the Ascension of both Earth and all of the inhabitants possible, and her Star Family too.

I want you to know this love is not because of her face, or her figure, or even her devotion to Our Cause.

Carla is the most giving and loving soul that I have ever met.

Carla is the one who lets ME take all the credit, in our whole Twin Soul relationship--on my part as ME as the one who is known to all of creation as the lord who I indeed am.

And Carla, my gentle and good Carla, is the Lady of my Heart.

For all good things to come, and it is soon, it is my hope that in all love and gratitude, Carla shall find her place at my side as my woman, and perhaps people shall see something more in her, than this--being Mrs. Ross if you will. For her powerful contributions inspire ME, and keep me at my best, in this work, every single day.

Thank you, for writing these words for me, my Beloved.

Now, go and make your bracelet while the potatoes are cooking for your breakfast. Set them on the fire in the oil, and I will make your design for you...from my heart.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla