Friday, May 15, 2015

Gaia News Brief 15 May 2015


A family event, like a quincañera...a ball game...a late night at work and a 'date'...the basketball playoffs...Lots of stress at work...exhaustion...and no time to rest up for what is on the schedule.

Last evening I was in a computer class--I had to retake it not because I needed it but because my colleagues had to take it and they wanted to see my face...

While I was out in the hallway fielding a call to coordinate Anthony's distress over his homework and deadlines, I ran into another mother, one of the computer instructors, whose daughter was standing in the rain without a ride because the person who was supposed to pick her up after school didn't.

Spirit is really working me at the hospital. My patients are getting sicker and sicker, and frankly, the 'just one case' I was supposed to do extended my assignment considerably when another one I picked up was so unhealthy I was a little afraid to do the anesthesia for this case! Everything turned out well, however, it was a lot of stress on me.

You can add to it that my computer and spare clothes were in the car, I was looking forward to a few hours of catching up on files I need to review...and those hours were gone.

What do you do?

What can you do when you feel like time is going so fast you can't keep up? (I had to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner last night in order to take care of the tasks that needed to be done outside the home for the costume)

Anthony's costume for the school drama event is always a nightmare. His body is growing and it's as big as a man but short--that awkward teen thing. We don't have the time to go to the thrift shop and find just the right thing. So I had to buy everything new, the shoes, the shirt, the suit, and tie--even the socks!  The suit was on sale, but the shirt and tie weren't. I knew we were at the suit store Ross wanted me to go...the fitting was adorable and the salesman enjoyed helping Anthony. But the price was that of a small vacation! At least two nights in a hotel.

I wanted to sleep, he wanted the Clippers.

After the game I BLEW.

I've had it. I've had it being the parent and having to be the human clock and making all the sacrifices and not having enough rest...

I haven't even been able to have the time to sit and write the checks to the people who dried out the house after the last plumbing incident.

So what do you do?

You first forgive yourself for being human.

You resolve to make changes (no more TV late at night, I don't care what the event--eight-thirty we are in bed!)

And you smile.

Because this is LIFE. This IS the Life Experience. And we are constantly tested. They aren't always easy tests. And we don't always 'pass' each test the first time.

And that's OKAY.


I wanted you to experience 'distress' as Carla puts it. Carla is a giver. And even Carla has her emotional and physical limits on what she has to offer to the world.

That patient really shook her. The almost five-hundred pound one who lay prone for the procedure with a general anesthetic who is in the end stages of their life, once the disease has taken hold and the course is set.

The patient was over eighty years old.

What happened to saying 'he lived a long life' and accepting the inevitable like they did back in my time? The time of me and Carla?

There is a lot of money. And surgeons like to cut. Interventional radiologists like to intervene. Because everybody has to eat. The same is true for Carla, and with her extra work that day--both the computer class and the patient--Carla is able to work towards paying off the suit. (Anthony is adorable in it, it's blue)...

How do we get off this merry-go-round?

How do we make it stop?

Do we jump off and softly land in the sand, like we did when we were at the playground as kids?

Do we put on the brakes with our feet?

Do we hold on, trying desperately not to fall off, and wait for the spinning to lose its energy and stop on its own?

We do whatever appears to be the best thing to do at the time--we are in Survival in this world--but the rules are 'skewed' a bit as we struggle to find our way;  the heart that is consistently focused on the needs of others and increasing knowledge of self in this context, is going to do better than the one who is 'me! me! me!'.

(he relaxes and eases to lean back, and watches your face for your emotional response--ed)

What kind of lunatic would say this?

(points to himself--ed)

That lunatic is ME.

I came to change the world, and I fully intend to do it.

Look at what I accomplished with Carla--I have her Love and Devotion to my heart, just as fine as ever in any of our lives together we have lived!

Give me time, and I will open your heart to Creator, just the way it was made to do/be OPEN!

Allow yourself the privilege of deciding to 'jump off' or to 'hang on'--emotionally--while time passes all the more rapidly--and open your heart to YOURSELF.  Allow it to express itself, it's desires, it's pain, it's honesty.

And once you get to know THIS, the way is clear (I see a little road ahead, and he gestures towards it--ed).

What makes you tick?

Now that is a very deep and exciting subject!

What makes you who you are, makes you enjoy what you like, and makes you move toward a goal--whether it be a roof over your head, friends, home and family, or something bigger--like getting to know me and Ashtar right up here next to us?

What makes you the unique and wonderful being you are--who can 'break' as Carla puts it--and reassemble--pick yourself up by the bootstraps--and renew your valiant efforts at making it through the Life Experience?

What makes you infinite and whole? And glowing in the Love of Creator?

That is all I ask of you today--I invite you to ponder this and also, to read the words of SaLuSa, who is wise, wiser than I am...most of the time (smiles -- ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Duo