Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Essence -- Gaia News Brief 30 June 2016

These events of late are guiding me to learn more about myself and others.

For example, I was wondering why, out of the blue, I was selected for Jury Duty?  The assignment was made on my day off. Days off are rare, and the coincidence struck me as odd.

I went, I sat.

I used to feel a need when I was in very large crowds to do a healing of sorts, to have the Guides of Compassionate Healing safely remove any and all attachments from those present.  Although I can clear all the ghosts and negative imprints out of Alcatraz, and I have actually done so, it's really not ME who does it.

I work as part of an angelic team.  THEY are the ones who do the actual work. I do my task as I have been instructed by them.

For all these people who 'clear' things--I know I have heard of many in the Lightworker Community who do this--it is a very delicate process, best left to the Guides of Compassionate Healing, whose special training allows them to take the soul to the Light, as well as to heal the aura where the scar is left from the attachment.  These Guides are not incarnate. Only Margaret Mc Cormick and I to my knowledge are actively working with them. If I was you, next time I go to clear 'something', I would ask in my heart silently or out loud for their assistance--just to make sure you don't harm the parasite soul you are removing. Many just go back into floating around and 'stick' on a new 'host' in a short time...but some don't find their way to the light, and suffer in this way. They need to be guided Home, and like a special police who can 'talk someone down' and 'negotiate' this is what the Guides of Compassionate Healing do. People who order them to 'go to the Light'! actually are causing more harm than good, because these lost souls are terrified of it, locked in terror, and don't know how to find it unescorted.

I didn't feel the need to 'clear' any of the people present in the juror room.

I DID know that for some Spiritual Reason I needed to be present.

While walking to the car, I saw it.

A long-haired gentleman in his late twenties or early thirties, with a row of small hoop earrings on his left ear, was crossing the street next to me.

I saw what he was reading. The title was 'Secrets of Lucifer'.

My heart sank for in one moment I knew just how far we are from victory, if with the current energies people are reading stuff like this.

That's when my guides stepped in and said, 'it does no harm if he wishes to read what he has an interest!' --framing it into pure intellectual curiosity and freedom as a soul to learn.

I talked back.

I said, 'I don't like it and I don't like it here and I don't like it near me. Not after everything that has happened on Gaia from organizations who are into that!'.

I argue. I argue argue argue with my guides all the time when I am unhappy. I have gotten more sophisticated in how I express my disagreement. It's no more like I was in the past. But I set up an intention, and I added my energy to it, like, 'I don't want this any more to mess with my world!'.

Hence this message:

We also got this one an hour ago just in case you missed it:


There is an incredible, exponential increase in the individualized requests on my time. My free time is next to nothing. This work is growing in its success and stretching me thin.

I may not be able to 'like' every comment, or respond to every healing request made to me through my message box.  This is why our Team Doctors With Reiki was developed. Anyone can join.

Furthermore, anyone can post a request to the original Doctors With Reiki page.

If I do not click 'like' on each comment as I have done in the past, please understand that I have seen it and like it. I click a LOT of clicks in a day--<3--and time is really speeding up for me here.

I ask your blessings as our growth reaches the next stage in our assignments. I wish you luck in yours and in return ask for your blessings as I face my own.



The end is in sight.

Walk to it.

Walk to the freedom that you always knew was possible in your heart of hearts.

Walk away from your troubles and limitations.

The opportunity is there.

Simply focus your thoughts on what you would like to happen.

I want you to think of this for some time every day.

I want Carla to dream of a house that will 'blow her away'. This is her assignment I have given her.

The same I give to you.

As money will be of no value in a Galactic Sense, as enticing as it is, do not think about 'huge bank accounts' and instead, think of the vacation, or the car, or the financial freedom (your activities such as golf which you enjoy).

clap! clap! My honey is late for work.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Angelic Boosts

This message is short and to the point, and is key to your mastery of your spiritual development.

Angels are not subject to the Veil.

They follow the rules of where they are from, in the ways that they work. For them, time does not exist, and everything is connected in the Now moment through energy we cannot see, or even measure. It is like Reiki, a whole bandwidth of energetic realm we can feel or sense but can't pinpoint exactly what it is without having been trained in energy healing.

Your angels are always guiding you.

'Chance coincidences' are anything but!

Let them do their thing, the angels, to guide and protect you.

They are guiding you through your lessons for the Highest Good, YOUR Highest Good.

It's not easy to understand their ways, and how they interact with our own life experience.

That's because, unlike them, WE are subject to the Veil of Illusion in our everyday life, where time DOES exist! Does this make sense?

Always allow your angels to help you. Make a point of inviting them.

Then let them guide you.

Always be listening for the quiet 'nudges' from Spirit which resonate in your heart center.

Everything happens for the best. Even when sometimes it does not look like it.

That's all I have to say.

Perhaps this is my shortest article I have ever written! LOL.

Thank you for answering my call.  I am making another one, in my heart. I will share it with you shortly.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Gaia News Brief 27 June 2016

I am just starting to notice a huge increase in my Consciousness. It is so expansive it makes me feel, as a soul, just like a child by comparison.  For all my Earthly experiences are very small compared to the wonder and the glory that is 'out there'--and I am just beginning to comprehend.

I have been seeing Heaven, Angels, Divine Mother, Deceased Loved ones, for over twenty-four years...and I am filled with excitement over what is New, and kind of saying to myself, 'wow!' in a nice way.

Here are some examples I will share with you. It's not anything more than an uncanny 'aha!' but things in general are starting to make a heck of a lot more sense, with the Big Picture! LOL

First of all, with this obesity epidemic. I am obese--compared to my childhood where I was underweight--and my son has this condition. It is an enormous waste of our medical resources to keep treating obesity-related diseases without modifying our 'business as usual'. What started this was a movie I saw about a man who was too fat to have the airplane take off because he needed a seat belt extender and they couldn't find it. He showed pictures of himself, 'before'. Then he called a nutritionist. She told him to rescue a dog. It would get him out of the house and make him more social. He lost over one hundred fifty pounds in one year, just with Petey and his diet changes. The dog had been overweight too, and he also lost twenty-five pounds. You can't even recognize the man in the before pictures any more!  The dog gave this man unconditional love and support. It was the closest relationship he had had with anyone, ever!  Next I realized, yesterday, at the basketball game for my son, he is not going to get any better (or more 'slim') if he practices once a week with the league. A father complimented Anthony, and said he is a really good athlete. He can see what is happening on the court. He suggested I make it easy, and get him to shoot baskets twenty minutes every day. It gets the confidence up on the court. At the end of the game, Anthony said his feet hurt. He's been in these same shoes since last September. His normal tennis shoes need to be replaced every two months, because he demolishes the support structure foam inside. It just gets a lot of use!  

How can he play without good equipment?  So we went to the store.  But then, I realized, to exercise Anthony--I needed better shoes and shorts so I could keep up with him!

And I thought--how can people who are already having physical manifestations of disease from obesity EVER get better without A) unconditional love B)time to exercise and not worry about supporting themselves (for example a four hour day that pays like an eight hour one) and C) proper equipment???

AHA! There you have it! The Consciousness is allowing me to see 'outside the box' at the total picture, and further, seeing how the powers that be AREN'T really willing to 'put their money where their mouth is' on this whole subject.  Once the people in general realize that healthy people work, pay taxes, and use up less disability pay--the math totally makes sense!

Now I go on to item number two--people underestimate the ability of organizations to 'mess with their decision making process'.  This phenomenon is well-documented in the medical community with the gifts from drug reps. When I started, every three months, it was like a holiday in the meeting room. There were tables, and you could get pens, mugs, bags, memo pads, pins from the drug reps. They would explain the new medicine, how it works, give you a pamphlet, and lots of goodies. Before my time, people went on all expense paid trips! The hospital had narrowed it down to small inexpensive items.

The whole time, we medical students, residents, and attendings thought, 'I can attend a dinner program and NOT get influenced by the people who are funding the event's product. I am objective!'

Yet studies have proven much as we deny it being possible, we ARE influenced, and the spike in pharmaceutical drug sales after the free trip, or the free pen--are highly reproducible science!

It's the psychology that was exploited by the drug industry, without the doctors being aware they were being exploited the whole time. In fact we were the first to deny it!

And if THAT can happen to people who have invested so much in their education, who are scientific, and who are highly suspicious of everything--the medical community--it can happen to anyone, anyone at all, in so many ways.

Item number three, is my heart. It is getting VERY exquisitely sensitive to the suffering of beings who are going to die, for any reason. I have been saying prayers and sending Reiki to 'everyone who is going to die today' for weeks, just out of the blue. I've added, 'to all animals who will be slaughtered for food, and all who will be euthanized today' too.  I have appealed to members of Team Doctors With Reiki to commit to join in this cause to support those who are experiencing end-of-life. The response has been outstanding! I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and generosity and commitment to those who are suffering and in so very much need of Reiki. This special team is now to be called the Team Doctors With Reiki Guardians. I thank each and every volunteer who has stepped forth--with deepest appreciation and love. We shall do great things!

The fourth subject I still haven't figured out yet. For several weeks now, I have been guided to a series of stones and minerals, like I have always been guided for years--except that the latest ones are all uncannily sharing a common property! They are radioactive.  Here is a summary for your safety--a guide--  I can't explain it. But even when I look at the samples online, on the ones available, there is an energy that nurtures me, and supports my energy in ways I can't explain. Even now, I feel the stones calling. In some way--these are all remarkable healing stones besides being radioactive lol--I need this particular energy into my aura. Right now I am taking it in through my eyes as I am a little chicken  to have something in my house which could create highly toxic radon gas and I would keep it all wrapped up. I've worked with radioactivity in my labs as a chemical engineering student. I know how to handle it safely with a hood and all the precautions. Even though it is unrefined ore I don't have all that safety equipment. You know? So I'm going to ask Ross in my medications, 'what the heck is going on with me?' (he laughs again, at my candor--ed) and try to figure that one out.


I chose this one for my part. Carla wanted to put it at the top, and I wouldn't let her. I wanted it here for me.

This photo is how I will feel while I embrace Carla for the first time when Carla comes UP to where I am.

Carla brings out the best in me, and makes me feel like a kid in my heart. That is why I am always laughing at her antics, by her blurting things out with no filter whatsoever when she communicates with me. I love it. Her way of seeing life is refreshing to those of us up here for whom this ISN'T our 'first rodeo'. (he chuckles--ed)

Carla?  I love you and I always will. Forever.

I was watching you on the court today with Anthony. You were coaching him most gently, and making it seem like you were having fun with him, and yet, all the time, there were shrewd calculations to get him to do his drills you saw his coach working with him on at the last practice, making sure that it got done, watching the clock and pushing him to his limits at the same time.

You said, 'This is FUN! I want to do this again! Again!' and you modeled for our not-so-little Anthony the movements you saw the coach making him do, as if you were trying to learn, which, in fact, you were.  You knew Anthony enjoys taking on the role of a teacher, and you deliberately with him take on the role of a student to get the work Anthony must do to advance his skills, instinctively, like only a mother would know.

(he moves his hand to the side as if he was Vanna White displaying a prize to his right--ed) And THIS is what the power of the Divine FEMININE energy is all about. (he is very intense and serious--ed).


Without it the species would have extinguished, vanished, without a trace.

Just like Carla with the preparations for Anthony's party, making it easy for the boys to relax and have fun--carefully planning went into it, as well as proper execution and love for doing the work.

(he wants a video clip--ed)

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Live Your Dream

Anthony has always had a dream. For the longest time, it was not possible. He wanted his friends to spend the night. And our house was always messy, I had to work, and he had to go to his father's on alternate weekends.

Yesterday, we made his dream come true. Two friends, both of whom he's spent the night at their houses--came over late yesterday afternoon. We went swimming, had pizza delivered, played video games, played Twister, popped little small party favors, and took a late night out to Denny's.

For one boy it was his very first time to go to this classic American diner everybody loves.

It was a lot of work for me, Anthony's dream. It took an extra shopping trip, cleaning of the house with Anthony, an extra load of towels in the wash from the swimming. I provided four meals. The frozen grapes were a big hit, as also was the organic strawberry lemonade and the organic Capri Sun drinks in little foil pouches.

I set up the inflatable beds, provided blankets and pillows.

I cleaned it all up the next morning.

The laughter from the boys was priceless!  

I recall how it was only a very short time I would spend the night at my friend's houses, especially for a birthday slumber party. I treasure these memories in my heart today of all the fun times I had.

Besides, I got to live out a few of MY dreams in the process!

Our dreams connect.

They feed one another with the energy.

I adore being domestic whenever possible.

It was a joy.

I also realized I'm not sure I could have successfully raised the family of five I always wanted in my heart of hearts--all that commotion isn't 'right' for me--I learned.

For one day it's not problem.

Otherwise I like my peace.

I have to talk to you, about something very serious.

Those news anchors do not have your best interest at heart.

I saw the news as the boys were falling asleep waiting for Saturday Night Live.

I'm not so sure that the comedy show is good for you too--with humor the 'official party line' can be given even stronger. 

I accept and acknowledge the desire to know what is going on in the world, and to share compassion on some level. 

Just know that the television has neurolinguistic programming--it's sophisticated--and the people who design it know a lot more about your own psychology and senses and body than you.

And they want to make money.

When you are connected powerfully to Gaia and to Source--you will 'sense' and 'know' in your heart of hearts what is really happening. Because instead of 'being informed' you ARE One.

When you concentrate on your own spiritual growth, the natural outpouring of love is to the community in which you live.

When we are living a heart-centered life, and contributing to the well-being of our community, Heaven on Earth is a given: it's already present!

Remember this.

Try not to get distracted from the real reason you are alive on Earth at this time--there are many distractions--and they are designed to be very difficult to ignore and not get sucked into the energy of them. 

There is a movie about the Fourth of July out now, which is especially concerning to me as it portrays the extraterrestrials as villains, and promotes violence as a resolution to promote peace.

Nothing could be further from the truth, the Eternal Truth, which is in our very DNA of our soul. 

Love is the solution for Everything.

And it doesn't take a pope to confirm for us the presence of the Divine.

We feel it in our bones, our very vibration, and we KNOW.


Explore the Earth.

Explore your Creativity.

Explore the Infinite Wonder of WHO YOU ARE.

You are only incarnate for a very short time, in the grand scheme of things. 

And just like Carla with her overnight guests with the party for Anthony, there is much going on behind the scenes to help you enjoy your time while you are incarnate and studying upon Gaia.

I love you.

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Going The Extra Mile

We are in special times.  We are fortunate to be awake enough to notice them. Because of this blessing, we have the invitation to assist our more 'asleep' brothers and sisters with our spiritual awareness, our love, and our focused mental clarity.

This requires us to be perpetually in a state where we are refreshed, we are mutually grounded, and we stand tall in our ability to walk our walk and talk our talk.  This takes a certain amount of spiritual self-care every day to be able to function as way-show-ers to others at this important time for everyone who is incarnate upon Gaia.

The energy milieu in which we are immersed is an 'energy soup' which is 'just right' for manifestation.

Thoughts are things, and become REAL in a very short time.

The mind is a loaded 'gun' of co-creation; the safety is off, and ANYONE can pull the trigger!

We are the marksmen and sharpshooters of the Universe, sent here to Earth, to guide the way and show others how it is done!

Only we have forgotten just a little our assignment--but like riding a bicycle--our exceptional skills in the manifestation department are difficult to forget.  Once we get the hang of it all shall return.

What the Universe asks of us is to hold the space for others as they awaken.

When big stories hit the news, and panic strikes at the uncertainty of the change--we rely on the air, the water, Nature, our Spiritual connection--to hold the energy of CALM, of TRUST, of DELIGHT in ALL THAT IS--that everything is happening at the right place and the right time for the Highest Good.

That there are MIRACLES just right around the corner!

We don't have to say a word on this. Our aura speaks for itself. And it is stronger than one might think!

My sister--I have two--one is living a medical nightmare.  She is spiritually advanced. She's the one who let me borrow her book by Sylvia Browne years ago. Yet she doesn't know it, the connection between her thoughts and what arrives in her life the days after she thinks them.

She has a beautiful heart, and is the best godmother to Anthony there could ever be...

Yet she has anxiety about 'what if?' and the worst possible scenarios are not far from her mind.

I annoy her.

I know it.

She reaches out to me for help about every disaster that is about to befall her, with her worries.

I in return, with my understanding of the powers of the Universe that we harness to co-create, refuse to step on that land-mine (land-mind! typo! ) of complete and total pattern of thinking.  Instead, like Byron Katie, I 'turn it around' and cheerfully find the One Good Thing in the situation, and I emphasize it!

Energetically her 'boat' is headed for the waterfall, ready to float right off a cliff--and I ANCHOR it with Good Thoughts. With Positivity. With Trust. With opening up the situation to allow the possibility for miracles, for angels and spirit to promote a better outcome. 

She thinks I 'don't get' it', or I am uncaring, or too busy for her.

She doesn't get the connection between her thoughts and her reality (her MIND thinks and trusts, but her HEART and MIND working together still entertain just enough fear and doubt to pull the trigger on the co-creation in the not-so-great and could-be-better direction).

One day she will grow in her own Consciousness enough to comprehend the very depth of my caring; metaphysically I PLACE a safety lock on that gun of powerful co-creation, and startle her just enough to make her forget, if only for a moment, how to pull that trigger. 

You can't SEE it, the energies of co-creation. They are not 'instant' most of the time, it is difficult to make the connection between thoughts today and what happens tomorrow, except perhaps an eerie dread of successful premonition. 

They are real. 

Keeping the mind free from extraneous thoughts, and only entertaining thought forms for the Highest Good--are how we anchor for the masses.

A little bit of meditation and personal joy, can, on a larger scale, save the planet. 

How this works is Gaia is sensitive to the Collective Consciousness. There are hidden technologies and solutions to the problems of humanity which exist in her grids and in her timelines. Some of them run the risk of being weaponized. So the lower the Consciousness, the greater the risk of these technologies if they are released to the public, so hidden they remain.  Once the Collective Consciousness is safely above and beyond this 'threshold', and Gaia is sure that no misuse of these technologies exist, certain individuals who have this knowledge and are sent here to share it, will be able to step forward, and make their contribution. Tesla was one of these such beings...and many of his inventions were NOT able to be shared with the masses because of the Very Low vibration of the Collective Consciousness in his time.

Are people starving in Venezuela? Yes. You can send thoughts to help them stop the panic. You can help them to manifest abundance and prosperity at a distance. You may choose to send actual food to help them as well. They are in a tailspin and their empty stomachs are not helping them to think lofty thoughts. No one would. I too experienced hunger yesterday during a long case--you get to a point where you can't think of anything else and are desperate. Our bodies need fuel. There are so many ways to help our Venezuelan brothers and sisters out. Spirit will guide you, your heart center will guide the way...

In Britain, send LOVE. Send the energy of cohesiveness. For acceptance of what is, and for hope of Something Better.  I can't get a 'read' on it--is it change? Is this change legitimate for the benefit of humanity? I don't know. Is it psychological operations? I don't know. I just offer it up to my guides and ask them to increase my intentions for peace, prosperity and joy for everyone affected by the changes. 

I saw an article posted to my wall. It is about a certain date in July. There was something the pope said.

I read the comments with interest and I added some of my own.

It's like looking at my shadow, this whole line of conversation that was in every nuance of that post.

I'd rather face the light of Divine Mother and Divine Father. I'd rather walk towards my guides, my Beloved Ross, and all those whose service have shown me the way Home.

I have the energy of Home in my Consciousness, my Divine Home, from whence I came before I was born here.

There IS nothing else that can capture my attention.

I am thankful for those whose interest in me, guides them to contact me, and share what they feel might interest me on any subject. It's nice to know 'what's going on out there', I appreciate it.

On the deepest level, however, no matter what is shared, I search my soul deeply and find there is nothing to say.  There is no argument offered by me.  I won't engage into any such discussion.


My energy signature says it for me.

And I can wait, an eternity if I must, for people to be able to interpret the energy signature.

As far as I am concerned, the pope is behind the Little Red Pill, and I am cautious for every move anyone from that 'team' makes.  I am highly suspicious because past behavior is a predictor of future behavior.

I trust in my guides.

I trust in my guides through all the many changes.

And I love. I love with all my heart. I love everybody--even the pope and his 'team Little Red Pill'--with no exception. I love with God's love, unconditionally. To a majority of those who are not on my range of frequencies as a soul--my response is friendly and polite--without really engaging further.   I detach from the situation with love.

Then I embrace my joy.

My life is not a 'happy' one. I verbalized this to a nurse in the break room yesterday, one who was kind enough to ask. I said I never know what I am going to have on my schedule on any given day, I never know when I am going home, and I can never really look forward to spending time with my son, with family, with friends. It's really difficult to go to work and know I am going to work a twenty-four hour day, and I am at the mercy of whatever patients present with their various emergencies. Don't have enough time for fun. I am a single mom. I work hard. My extended family has a lot of health problems. Although my plate is full, when there is a crisis I am helping there too. So my energy system is running at its limits...yet with all the challenges which are imposed upon me by my assignment, by my being born Carla, for this work I do for everybody in this point in time--I am THANKFUL. And I give and I serve with an open heart, with both hands open, and a smile.

Would I like to have had a simpler life, with more time for pleasure? I suppose. But I am a warrior soul, on some level I enjoy a challenge, and now I have the gift of being able to be at my limits and give everything I have to those around me, in service.

And I don't look back.

Last night, before midnight, after my long day, I spent half hour with a wife and sister and stepmother. I answered their questions. I smiled. I reassured. They were coping with  information they had on one level been expecting but on another level were not prepared at all.

I belonged in my own bed!

Yet I am a healer. There was MUCH love and support needed to help them on their way. So I stayed until the energy settled. I gave them hope.

Because of this I slept well!

And now it is another day.

I get to see Anthony play basketball. I have to bring his uniform early to the game. His father noticed I forgot to pack it.

All is well.


You are LOVED. You are powerfully loved and supported by the Universe.  And by me.

By ALL of us here, who are sent to guide you.

There is no 'us' or 'them'--incarnate or disincarnate --we are ONE! We are joined together by love and family which unite us as souls.

Never accuse one another of being wrong. Only when you have the Consciousness like mine, are you entitled to 'point the finger'. And once you are there, you will find it is an empty gesture that is better served by embracing the 'other' with as very much Love as you can hold in your energy signature.


My little filly? My angel?

You are on your way. (he gestures with a flat hand going UP--ed)  And I am not talking about pizza.  (he chuckles to himself at his own joke, which I do not understand at all--galactic humor?--ed)

(he just smiles and I can feel his warmth as he rubs my shoulders with one hand--ed)

I am Home.

And you are on your way to find me.  I am guiding you on your way.  (Aha! I understand the Chuck E Cheese joke from Ross with the pizza--giggles--he really IS funny! <3 -- ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, June 24, 2016

Try Something New!

You're not going to get anywhere if you follow a schedule you have been following for some time.

It's time to shake things up.

Go with your heart and find what excites and interests you, and check it out!

I have to confess, it's not always beautiful. Sometimes it's funny, when you look back. For example, Spirit has been guiding me to some chrysocolla, gem silica, druzy chrysocolla...and also monazite.

Guess what? Although the crystal healing properties are spot on--the last one is RADIOACTIVE!  It emits alpha radiation which even a piece of paper will stop. But the counts are so high! Like 10,000 to 25,000 CPM.  And I almost, on instinct, bought the jewelry, a pendant.

I didn't have a clue!  There is nothing in my crystal books to warn me of that.  It wasn't my fault.

So, you live and you learn.

Yesterday Ross and I had the following conversation:

C:  why am I going through all this to get so much experience as a soul?

R:   it is good for you and your soul development.

C:   is it like Amanda, who got all that upgrade to her soul when she passed after being incarnate and sick?

R:  you are going to get kind of a lot of soul experience, even more than me.

C:  !?!  more than you?

R:  more than me.

C:  so when all is said and done does that mean I get to go to some prize window like at Chuck E. Cheese and cash my win tickets in?

at this point Ross completely lost his composure. He was laughing super hard--trying to be polite about it--but he had to sit down. He also told his buddies at the helm before he sat. For some reason he loves my 3D perceptions, and this one was especially dear to him because spiritually it was 'right', just not as 'lofty' as our guides are used to calling this concept among themselves.

R:  yes Carla, you are going to be able to get the BIG prize, the one at the top, that hardly anyone ever gets.

R:  and so are all of those people who are awake enough to follow our blog.

C:  <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, June 23, 2016

On The Afterlife

Ross had me just spend five minutes with him in meditation.  His energy feels now exactly the same as when we were young and in love in our last incarnation together on earth.

I asked him, tenderly, two questions:

  1. When we are in Heaven, do we get to sit up in the clouds and do nothing but enjoy each other for all eternity?
  2. If we do not do question one above, then why does my heart long for it so very much 24/7?

His answers are:
  1. If we were to do this we would stagnate as souls, and never progress. He showed me an image of a child being driven by its desire to roll over, to crawl, to walk, to run, and to LEARN...he says for us as souls it is like that.
  2. The reason I long for this special time to rest is because I have been working very hard as a soul, and I am in need of rest. Periods of rest like this are mutually enjoyable, and given freely. When the rest is sufficient then both souls know the need to continue with their growth, and they move on to the next assignment.

He asked me to share this with you today.

And also this picture:

He says you can save it if this photo helps you to find rest and peace.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Creator Writings Came True! -- Gaia News Brief 21 June 2016

Here it is:

Let me be real. Really, really honest.

Today kind of sucked.

It started off great, kid to school on time, nice breakfast, great first case.  Even a great second case.

Then I got the texts--there is a case request--time to switch the assignments.

It was a lie.

The patient drove from far away and had never heard of the anesthesiologist 'requested'. The surgeon--same one I was with all day, said, 'she asked me if she could see one the next time I do it.'


Not a 'patient request' it was a 'surgeon request'.

I lost money. Even worse, it hurt and made me feel bad about myself. It seems lately this one--same one with the schedule from a while back--knows how to charm a surgeon. And this surgeon who is being charmed, the same one who used to really like me a lot--is now the chief of surgery.


But I laughed because my friend and former student the surgeon who works way too hard, was at the desk in PACU. I asked about the cancellation, because I thought I had done that case while on call not too long ago. We looked it up together. Couldn't find it.

After my next to last case, there he was again. I was waiting for another case--one that wasn't his specialty. But here I was, waiting forever. And I asked him if he could do the case anyway please? I said, 'You can do anything. And if you perforate, you can fix it (because that part IS his specialty!)'.

And you know what?

He said, 'I'm taking you to dinner.'

He showed me his new Tesla (it has 'insane' mode on driving--super fast--it was cool). It backs up by itself. It's really wild I've never seen one.

I found the best pho place I've ever had. I've eaten pho for years.  This place was really good.

I was on time to go to my last case!

And we talked! Over the meal, like real people. It turned out he had done English as a Second Language when he came from Vietnam when he was seven. I never in a million years would have guessed it.

Was it a date?

No. Just friends and colleagues, people who have known each other for twenty years, and seen divorces and all that stuff.

His kindness meant so much. And it took some of the sting out of the day's events.

I never in a million years would have guessed it.  I had heated up my leftovers, and it hadn't been enough but I was thrilled to have eaten. Who would have guessed the best Vietnamese meal of my life was just right around the corner?

We had garlic noodle, pho, and Vietnamese coffee. I guess that's why I am still up. LOL


Carla needs a break!

She had just gotten to the first level on the concept 'Change is a good thing' lesson. (he gets very quiet) This one has been difficult for her, as most change, to Carla's knowledge, as a soul, has been forced on her, out of her control, and not welcome in any way.

I wanted to reward her.

There is nothing like a Tesla with all its bells and whistles, and a hot bowl of pho with a friend, to cheer her up.

Carla had been hoping to go to her favorite sushi place on the way home, the one with the conveyor belt. She always goes there alone.

This turn of events exceeded her expectations! It surpassed even her wildest dream.

What started it?

Acceptance of What Is.


There was the eating her packed lunch (salad, veggie pizza, peach and ovaltine in milk) for fifteen minutes at the right time of day and feeling wonderful the meal had not been rushed.

There was the seeing the patient before the dinner, even though Carla was hungry, getting all the paperwork done, having all sixty calories of her dinner (it was a low calorie sausage, sauerkraut, mustard, and flavored stevia powder in her water) and being glad for it.  And patiently waiting for her case, although another was ready to finish his and snag hers up.

There was a race from the restaurant in the Tesla back to work, for the surgeon had arrived and this other guy, after Carla had done all the preparation--wanted to take her case.

Carla said NO! I had been waiting two hours for this case! I'm not working tomorrow. Would you please mind letting me do the case?

And he gave in. He gave the harmless and empty threat that if there is something more will you stay and do it?

Anthony is with his dad. Carla said yes.

But (one finger up--ed) Tomorrow is another day. (his lips are sealed--ed)

Time for Carla to get some beauty rest, after a short meditation  time with me.

(clap! clap!)

I explain this to you so you can apply the lessons of Carla and see how it applies to your own lives...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Freedom Of Thought--A Vitamin For You

Today I was driving home after a long day at work. My mind had time to play. While I am at work, I am vigilant and very focused. Before work, many of my thoughts are directed at getting both myself and my boy ready so I can get to work on time...

I actually dreamed about possibilities, and spent some time getting in touch with my heart of hearts.  What is important to me? What direction is Spirit 'nudging' me at the moment? What kind of dream do I have ready to bring forth with the gift of my attention?

How often a day, am I away from work, from Reiki (I spend a lot of time in 'healing mode' with 'Reiki On!' <3), from Spirit and my life's work, from music, from noise, from conversation...?

Very little spare time!

So, like Vitamin Nature, make sure you get your daily does of Vitamin Freedom Of Thought.

Even if it's for less than five minutes.

Co-Creation and Manifestation are the car and your Vitamin Freedom Of Thought is the fuel to make the engine 'go'.

In the past, I used to obsess over the outcome.  I had one, while I was in medical school. LOL. It was 'find a soul mate'. All of my spiritual books and journals were focused on this. So were all of my readings I did for myself or ever had done for me.

THAT is not play and freedom of thought. It's just wanting something, not getting it, and wanting it MORE to 'make everything better'.

Dr. Phil might have asked me, back in the nineteen nineties, 'Say, is that working for you?'

I would have had to wince and look at the ground and say, 'terrible'.  He would have been right!

Anyhow, try not to be an Abraham-Hicks control freak in your vision to manifest.

Be open with your heart. Be flexible. Be free.

I stopped by the house that's for sale on my way home tonight. I wanted to see the city lights view from the back yard. When I pulled up to the driveway, I was surprised at how tight a fit it's going to be for two cars!

I thought the neighborhood looked nicer at night, just driving up the street.

I went through the gate and sat in the chair overlooking the valley. I saw a huge sports complex with lights that totally ruined the magic of the twinkling lights.

I also didn't FEEL any connection to the land, not like at day. I wondered why?

I got out my pendulum. Is this the house for me? No. Am I supposed to move? No.

And I heard, 'you will tell US when it is time to move.'

I was grateful. I also in the same instant realized just how hard it was to leave my last marriage. I had agonized over it, should I stay or should I go?  My close friend Christina told me, 'when it is time you will know'. She is a CRNA and we used to party together after my separation. She is an amazing friend. She's been divorced too. It was SO hard for me to know when to leave, even though I was unhappy, and could have been a lot happier. I realized with the house it's the same thing.

I really like having an association. What I had thought once was 'less', in not having a conventional house, is in a way, a little bit 'more'.

Before I did my pendulum, and even on the drive over to that house, I asked Creator to make all direction LOUD so I could hear it, and that I wouldn't have second thoughts or doubts. I wanted to know for sure what is right for me.

And you know what told me a 'no' bigger than my pendulum? It was seeing the neighbors out and about...that was why the energy was different. The neighbors up and down the street were highly 3D. It was too heavy for me.

I trust there is a place 'out there' for me that is right. I trust when it is time to go and look for it, I will find it. I will keep in very close touch with my guides and Ross and Creator, by asking with my heart, 'what can I do?' and 'what can I do better?' in this part of myself and my soul where I seem 'stuck'.

Right now, what 'feels right' is just streamlining everything. As much as I can. And keeping an open mind, free of attachments, and with no forcing the outcome--just gradually going from one extreme to the other.

So far I had 'not enough view' with the house I was interested in a few months ago, the one Anthony said seemed like it had something hidden that was a big problem (I didn't like the two neighbors with the big RV's). This one here had 'too much view', and not enough energy to support and nurture me.

I want a spiritual connection to the land, which is powerfully supportive, a home which has Spanish theme and classic design, not this 'modern updated open floor' concept. I want more storage in the kitchen, and a nice tub which seems like they don't exist any more in the master bathrooms! I want a yard where I can grow fruit trees, and have fountains, and grow plants. I'd like it to be affordable, and not a far commute. It doesn't have to be fancy or impress anybody at all. It just has to have heart and good 'bone structure' lol. Wherever it is, I don't want to be tied down. If I have to move again, I'll move. I'd like it to be around here, so we don't have the custody plane flight thing for Anthony with Jared. And if it's where I am, so be it. If it's someplace else, just make it clear in my heart so I know to step forward and won't look back. This in itself, the not looking back, is a very hard lesson for I have worked on my whole life. Even though I'm not the best at it, I am Light Years Better than I was, five, ten, or more years ago.

Know yourself.

Know your heart.

This is not possible at the movies, with the TV on, or the radio on in the car.

Get outside in Nature. And experience Freedom Of Thought.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

On Being Tested

Earth is a school.

You are a student who is enrolled in this school.

Your life experiences are the curriculum.

It is graded on the curve, there is no failure, except lessons are repeated until one has success in passing them.

What you are when you are asleep, where you go while you are dreaming, is the real YOU.

What is here in your 'waking state' is actually the dream in which you agreed to take part--for the purpose of your soul development and your ability to assist with the growth of others.

That being said, your ability to 'connect' with your Higher Self, Source, your Guides, you Angels, your Deceased Loved Ones--is often measured with your ability to discern and trust your 'gut feeling' and to have the confidence to follow it.

Does this make sense?

Further, since this ability is vitally important to your soul, it is a prime area to be the subject for 'tests'.  These have been going on for me since I was first waking up in 1990, and I am in the middle of one right now.

While you are in a test, your pendulum or other divination tool isn't going to work as well as it usually does. You have to rely more on your subtle feelings, your intuition, your 'sense' of 'what is right for you'.

These tests don't come when you expect them like in Earth Incarnate Classrooms like we have in our own education system down here on earth with our society.

They are always a 'surprise quiz' and many times you have no clue until after the fact that you are taking them.

Try to look for these tests, and regard them as Heaven's gifts to you to help you be stronger and more precise in your work as a soul.

For an example--Ross had me driving around again, looking at houses. When I was in tears, one just popped into view to my right a few seconds later. He said, 'this is your miracle!'. It is a beautiful home, high on a hill, with a view.  Huge yard. I took a flyer. (it costs way more than my own and would quadruple the mortgage payments).

Anthony saw the flyer  sitting on the counter and liked it. He's like, let's move mom!

I saw it a second time yesterday morning. I went through the gate. The view is gorgeous. The neighborhood--not so nice and lots of bars on the windows, unusual for this area.  The green grass is astroturf. It's not a gardener's home.  I saw lots of dry rot under the eaves. The house also really doesn't have flow, although it has the view I have been looking for.

I 'sensed' to wait and to show the home to Anthony and see how he responds. He's the one who gave me the signal to buy the car I currently drive. We had been looking in September, and were totally turned off by the salesmen. I had given up.

We went to a salad bar restaurant, and after, on a whim, went to see a new dealership. The salesman here was less offensive (still insistent) and Anthony saw and asked for a ride in one that was the year before's model, on clearance. It was higher than I wanted to pay, but marked way the heck down. Anthony LOVED it. He even offered me all the money he had--two hundred fifty dollars--for the down payment.  He was only six!

It turned out I love the car too, and it's right for me--I just had to grow into it.

I still have my old convertible for weekends.

Well...with the house...Anthony wasn't that impressed. There wasn't a good area for him to play catch. He wanted to put a basketball hoop up in one area.

What got me through that test was Liz, the deceased owner of the other house we almost bought.  She told me that this one here heats up like a tin box, and to be cautious about buying it. It would be very expensive on the electricity bill.

The data point I got on the need to move, though, and I'm still checking it, is my hair guy who lived in the beautiful ocean view home high on the hill--when they were relaxing in the house, there would be a big pop, and the window glass would crack. The thick double pane windows! It happened all the time there was so much movement in the home! They sold the home as is, rented an apartment for seven months while the owners of the new home finished building where they were going to move, and started completely new. He has never been happier.

So I am still checking with Ross, and working through my tests. This time I am completely calm, detached, and at peace.

It never ends!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Amends -- Gaia News Brief 19 June 2016

As part of our healing, as a couple, Ross started to give me a flower, a single one on a stem, that looks very much like this one--every day.

The first time he gave it, I started crying. All these emotions came through me. I can't even begin to describe them.  On the whole, it was something like 'nightmare over?' and 'I don't have to hurt again?'.

Raphael was there the first time Ross gave one.

Each day it was the same--lots of emotion--tears almost. It was sincere from Ross to me.

This morning, I actually was able to feel the love from his gesture, and not have all those other sad, wistful feelings arrive.

Today, on the way home from work--yes, I had to go to work! Ross suggested I stop somewhere on the way home. I was dying to go home.

But stop I did.

He had something special planned for me. He told me not to worry about the money. He would pay for it.

I sat with this item, marveling at it. Ross came through clear. He said, 'I haven't forgiven myself yet for what happened to you when I was last incarnate.'

I felt it in my heart--we are twins and have this soul connection--that he meant it.

I also felt in my heart--it took a LOT for him to say it. It wasn't easy for him to share that much about himself.

I put the item back.  It was huge and expensive, and although I liked it I just wasn't sure if it was 'right'.

But the other surprise had been I ran into another mom at the same store, when I first arrived! I thought THAT had been Ross' big surprise. Our boys have been together since preschool. We are both single moms and wished each other happy Father's Day...(we do double duty, you know?)...

When I finished checking out--I bought her a little gift--I found out that the entire store was twenty-percent off today!! Even for the huge item I hoped perhaps was the one Ross had in mind for me!!!

I went to the car, and sat, and checked with the pendulum.

Ross was there. Ross said yes.

I had no idea an amend could ever feel this nice!  I really does.

I asked him just now if I am all the way 'clean' in my aura/energy body?  He said it's ninety-six percent clean, and the rest is like ashes/dust and he showed me it's easy to blow away.

I am so grateful.

He asked me if I will give him another chance?

I said yes of course. And even if he messes up, and hurts me again, I will still always love him. I can't stop loving him. Only this time, I'm pretty sure he's going to get it right the first time, and we will never look back.


This was my message to Carla today, although Carla forgot to mention it. She was deeply moved.

I promised to her and I shared just how much of an honor it is to me to be the father of our son. She also asked me to guide love and protect--which I do!--our other souls who are our children from our immediate past life which we had together.

I can't begin to say just how healing this message is for our hearts.

(by the way, for those of you who are interested, this is the Chinese calligraphy or 'kanji' for the word 'honor', above)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Story From Today -- Gaia News Brief 18 June 2016

Sometimes I feel in this incarnation I have lived more lives than a single one!

Twenty eight years ago today I was a bride, down in Long Beach, with a view of the Queen Mary at the reception.

I had forgotten!

The last two days for me have been very rough. It seems my growth is scheduled to take place when Anthony is with Jared for the weekend.

Yesterday was a very rough time for me because my lawyer had provided a geotechnical engineer, and I was given ten days to sign a contract that had multiple estimates for each phase of a five phase project (we all know how 'estimates' are!) that were each phase over five thousand dollars!

I was in shock!  All I had wanted to do was have an expert evaluate my home. But with the five phases, that was just the beginning, and didn't even include getting anything fixed!

I don't want to sue anybody. I just want to fix my house and know if it really needs to be fixed.

I lay on my porch swing, and cried. I begged for Joseph to come to my aid! This was far outside my expertise or even familiarity, and every cell in my body screamed to say to this offer No! No! No!

Comfort came, along with a promise to assist.

When I awoke this morning, I was told I would get to stay in my home.

But Spirit wasn't done with me. I had to be driven to that point where A) I realized it ISN'T really 'my' house, the bank owns it, and God lets me live here through his grace and B) there are some pretty nice other options out there with homes that aren't connected, God wasn't trying to be harsh.

The last part, C) wasn't pretty.

Joseph was asking me why I don't want to move? How do I feel?

It was the old 'stuff' from my life with Ross coming up to be healed. I didn't LIKE all the moving. Everything would be fine and then one day he would say, 'It's time to move!' I never had any say in any of it. I had no choice, no other option. At the end, he didn't include me to move with him at all, because of our daughter. He went and I stayed home.

My soul was crying in agony to Joseph just how completely miserable our old lives had been.  I told him I had wanted to stay near him and Ross' mom. And to enjoy our family. I couldn't understand why it had to be so?

Joseph reassured me I had indeed agreed to it, before I was born, but in the actual experience of living it out, it was a lot harder on me than anyone had bargained.

Mary came to me too, and comforted me. I forget now what she said. But I was in sort of a fog all last night and most of this morning. I ate ice cream straight from the carton --I eat my emotions!--hadn't done that since fellowship. That was my dinner. And I played video games to relax. Smurfs.

I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I actually got up after an hour and played more Smurfs.  It's Anthony's game but I used to play it too a long time ago. Then I was sleepy and went back to sleep.

This morning wasn't a whole lot better. Ross in my sleep had showed me 'things'--about his, um, 'things that make me sad'.  He wasn't as bad--he said. I saw it, and I rejoiced over what I saw. But I countered that it still was bad enough for me to catch a communicable disease, and back in those days, we didn't have medicines like we do now, and I suffered.

Then I REALLY remembered. I remembered the rush and the fleeing for our lives after he died. I remembered packing, and having people help us (me and his mom and his daughter) to go very far away. I remember fearing for my life, and our family's lives.  I remember being in total survival mode and living in caves for years. And how we kept a chamber pot, and the air in the cave was never really fresh. It took a very long time for us to get the all clear it was safe for us to come out.

That was traumatic.  Just the memories alone. I called in Raphael, Michael, and I cried to Ross saying, 'this ISN'T me! I don't WANT these bad memories to be me! I don't know how to get rid of them! It's like they are in the very atoms that are me. Please, please, help me to heal and to move beyond this horrible story!'

My mom called right at the worst. She always knows. I couldn't pick up. She can tell when I have been upset. She doesn't know any of it, Ross, me, our story from the past. Her guides have told her I am 'a very special soul' and that's it.

Raphael had this long green glowing wand that was like a vogel crystal, and he was using it to heal touching all these points in my energy system while Ross held me and soothed me.


I was crying to Ross because I am afraid to remember anything else--was there more trauma that was hidden? Is this how our story ends with me an emotional cripple from our experiences in the Illusion?

He looked at me in the eyes, and said, gently, 'There is more' and I picked up from his tone of voice that down the road after this there are some very good things in our story, things Ross has planned for us, things I couldn't possibly understand at all.

I forgive Ross. I have forgiven him over and over and over.

What we are stuck with are the negative energy patterns from the trauma which are in my soul, and are working their way out.

Last night he had kind of asked me to hang out with him, and I caught myself with the ice cream and video games and thought to myself and him, 'I guess I'm not much fun, am I?'

I didn't want to be with him, and I hadn't understood why. Now I do. I also realized my failed marriage is healing--the one to Mark.

When it rains it pours.

Here is a little more from my the early 1990's, I used to live in North Side in Berkeley, California. My favorite shop was called GAIA Bookstore. I have a little yellow ticket stub from a book signing, Gaia Bookstore, 1400 Shattuck Avenue at Rose, Berkeley (510) 848-GAIA.  The book was by Dr. Leonard Laskow, a physician. The title is Healing With Love: A Breakthrough Mind/Body Medical Program For Healing Yourself and Others.

"To Carla
In the timeless wholeness of Infinite Love we are one.
Leonard Laskow"

It was written on the first page.

This was written in my own hand on the second page, just under the dedication of the book which says: To that spirit in each of us that desires to bring boundless love in to physical being, making the infinite finite and the finite infinite.

It came out of me, unknowingly, a voice rooted, sprung forth from an inner need. Beseechingly I cried, in the midst of marital warfare:  I want you to touch me, to hold me, say you're sorry that I am in pain and that I don't have to hurt anymore." (my husband had not been especially supportive during my healing from repressed memory of gang rape before age 5).  

Later, I realized that Jesus had discovered this, and in this manner he had been able to heal. Truly, he still does, in His own way.

I think of him as the Master Psychiatrist, ruler of the innermost psyche, the human heart.  (watch out AMA!)  (the American Medical Association--ed)"

I couldn't believe I had written those words.  I had to sit down. I felt both at once like my soul hadn't healed ANYTHING in twenty-four years. And that I was a prophet.

I was completely surprised at just how far I've come, never realizing it would be eighteen more years before I reached Reiki 1. (By the way I got all of my Reiki training in one year, and reached Reiki Master by December 2010, when this blog started as a way to reach out to my fellow healers...)

Today's Creator Writings click here made me smile. Because although I hadn't written anything, Creator was watching, and always giving me loving support.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Hearts

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Matching Gift

I have come to the conclusion that this whole Ascension thing, and the restoration of Gaia and her delicate ecosystems to their pristine state is like in a fundraiser when a donor offers to 'match' every gift up.

I am speaking about the energy.

The reason I have come to this conclusion, is that in three important areas of my life, work, a work situation, and home the standstill I have experienced for about five years is starting to show signs of movement.  There are the areas I had thought were hopeless, enough to make me go running to Archangel Nathaniel, who LIKES really difficult challenges, and beg him for his help.

I was so LOST I didn't know where to begin on any of them. I didn't have a clue.

For example, with my reapplication packets, and having to dig up all of my important papers (I used to have them all neatly on my old computer before it crashed), my nerves were completely on edge, and I just couldn't take the stress any more. Three places needed them NOW. At the same time!

I asked for a Reiki request for myself.

It took a couple days to turn around and build. I got tremendous insight and self knowledge about just how empty my 'cup' was. I needed to first heal myself, and THEN attack the task, no matter what the deadline.

I worked HARD. Even sending them in by FAX was difficult. It's all now FAX to email. But there was help in the right place at the right time, and also, a great big gap in the schedule. to give me time to do what I had to do.

Here I am taking steps. My wonderful healers at Team Doctors With Reiki gave me just the healing I needed to be able to cope, and when I was ready, be successful in my efforts. Spirit gave me support in getting me the time and the resources I needed. In fact, one packet had old information on it, so I didn't need to look up some other things from scratch. I copied from one to the other two.

On top of this all, I have clarity, focus, and will to accomplish the tasks before me. Not just on this but on EVERYTHING too. There is a patience and a determination I have never before experienced. I am very thankful for this.

My mind was able to 'turn it around' from a 'horrible deadline' to see I have just bought TWO YEARS of total freedom!  That's how long the reappointment lasts. For this I am grateful.

Another area is making the home look nice. Sure enough, there were super duper clearance discounts on furniture for Anthony's room. Just randomly out of the blue when I went to go buy new office supplies. I bought them. We cleared his whole room. Now it's pretty. The same with the living room, with new carpet. And with my room. The kitchen is still on its way, it's much better.  And each success builds. I hope to make the rest of the house nicer.  There was MUCH inner healing to do, as well as time for Anthony to grow enough to help keep things nice. Being a single mom is rough.

If you just make the effort, and are open to how things change, the angels can do wonderful things for you.

A lot of people have the expectation that suddenly something is going to appear for them, and take all of their troubles away. With no effort on their part.

That's not how the Universe works.

It has to do with Vibration. It has to do with Energy. Nothing can make the first move for you. YOU are the one who has to make it.

Even if, like me, you are crying, and totally lost, and throwing yourself upon the mercy of Archangel Nathaniel. That's what I did five years ago.

Being honest, and saying you don't know where to begin, is perfectly OKAY.

Asking for the guidance to be unmistakably clear, and for your loved ones to get enough too, so you don't look back and have regrets as you move forward, is another excellent thing to ask.

And on the expectations? Take your goals and add 'this or something better'.  This gives more possibilities for the angels to line up, and shows you are flexible.

That is enough for today.

Aloha and Mahlaos,

Reiki Doc

Synopsis - Gaia News Brief 16 June 2016


It's been a long three days--it feels like seven!

I will condense to just the highlights for you so we can catch up.

Carla's Will Part One
Anthony had his school play on Monday. I had mentioned before about the risk of my being late for it, enough to mention it to my colleagues last Friday. I even got someone as 'backup' for me. But they left early. They thought I would go home.

When I am at the surgery center, I can't go home until I check in with the Main O.R. charge nurse. She wanted me to check with the person at the Surgery Center one call above me before I went home. As she said, 'If it's okay with her you can go'.

We ordinarily do not relieve one another like this at the Surgery Center. Your lineup of cases is yours until it's done.

But I called, and sure enough, the doctor wanted to go home to her children. I said, 'I'm not sure we do it like this here, but I will relieve you.'  (there was a case and the extra hour for free to watch over the surgery center recovery room as the token doc until your patient goes home. She didn't want to do it.)

Then I added, 'I might miss my son's play though if I do.'

She said, 'That's okay, it's not worth it. Just go home.'

The play was excellent. His aunt and uncle (my niece's parents) surprised him by coming to watch his play.

Carla's Will Part Two
I have been having it out with my guides. Big time. I tell them, 'It's HARD being incarnate down here. I'm lonely! I might be married to you, back home, but down here? I don't like being on my own every day. I want to be like the others and have someone special just for me.'

It's been difficult. I'm super sleepy, but at four in the morning, I'm in my meditation space. Nothing is happening. They are like, 'Carla, WHY are you here? WHAT are you doing?!' and I'm saying, 'It's the ONLY thing I can do to get back HOME! I don't care!'

Late at night, again, all wrapped in my beautiful knits and handmade items--I'm at it. 'This is HARD! I want to go HOME!'

Finally, on Monday Afternoon, I said, 'I NEED some good Divine Masculine to balance my energies!'
(we had been through the arguments where they said, 'we sent you people' and I said, 'they weren't RIGHT--energy-wise--for me.')

So I got two Divine Healing Codes new, and they worked--the one for me. I'll post them soon but not right this minute.

This morning when I woke up in my hospital bed in the recovery room--tired from a long night--my first thought was Ross, Good Morning!

My chest was filled with warmth, and love from him. I could feel his happiness at my thoughtfulness.

We are making our way through.

I also have on my promise ring. It's new. It just arrived a few minutes ago. They told me I could spend a certain amount on something from them. I've spent half--I found good deals--and was able to buy both a ring and a bracelet to help me with my 'Interchangeable Husbands'...that's what they call it.

They have Montana Yogo Sapphires and are more beautiful and sparkling than anything I have ever seen. They are also more rare than diamonds.

Shhhh! ; )

Carla's Will Part Three
I finished my forms. My reapplication packets. They were GRUELING. I was so mad and irritated I told Anthony (we were watching a ball game at the time while I had papers all over the couch and kept going upstairs to find more forms and print things out) 'why don't they just chip me like a dog and get it over with?!'

I had to prove--just like I did when I finished my residency--I am board certified (certificate), licensed (California and DEA), insured, already working as a doctor (activity sheet), physically able to do the work (TB test, Flu shot, and attestation forms), not going to violate any hospital policy (bylaws and HIPAA), and even where I had trained and who was my residency program director.

One packet was sixty pages (I had to number them, 1/60, 2/60, etc for the FAX). The other was fifty-two.

I have wanted to make blintzes for breakfast for about two weeks. Even though Anthony and I were in a hurry, for breakfast yesterday we made lemon ricotta blintzes. They were fantastic! And I was on time for work.

It felt SO nice to have my creativity flowing through me, doing something I enjoy and looked forward to as an 'adventure in the kitchen'--even though I had to really concentrate and focus and block out all distractions. It felt wonderful to be alive again.

Last night, my surgeon complained about how much HE hates having to do the reappointment every two years.  He didn't know about my own struggles with my reappointment packets.

And he had one more woe. There had been a reason to change bank accounts. Well, his Medicare payments go into the old one. He notified Medicare of the switch. Medicare had questions. They gave him one week to respond. Well, he's always operating! He missed it. Now he must reapply to be paid by them from step one, which will be a delay for six months. Although he will be paid for his work now in the future--provided there are no more surprises!--because of the six month delay with non guarantees it will end the misunderstanding between him and Medicare--he is working on patients now essentially for free. Two of the three cases he did last night with me, he was not paid--because of the Medicare status.

Carla's Will Part Four
She's at it again. I'm not even going to post the link. Someone I have posted about before is putting up channeled messages again from Yeshua and Mary Magdalen.

I went straight to the top.

Divine Father, in response to my question of 'why is she doing this?!'--shrugged and said, 'I don't know.'

He asked me if I can forgive?

I said, 'Yes. Even though I don't want to, I will. I forgive.'

He quizzed me on my logic.  I said, flatly, 'It's my only chess move I have left, so I will take it.'

I also told him I forgive only a little, the bare minimum--it's not a lot and not at all warm and fuzzy from my heart. With other people I forgive more.

He asked me how it makes me feel, to see these 'messages'.

I told him it makes me feel rejected, and I flashed an image of Ross in his 'not good choices' years.

Both after the 'I forgive only a little as a chess move' and the 'I feel rejected' Divine Father called all my guides/Council, and they were surprised I had such feelings, and conferred amongst themselves so I couldn't hear.

Ross came.  Here I am in my closet, in my meditation space, refusing to budge until I get some answers on how this is permitted when I specifically ASKED for it not to happen again?  'Many are they who in trying to do their best actually do more harm than good.  But it DOESN'T stain their souls.'

(this one helped too).

This soul in question, came to Ross and me, and offered me a flower that looked just like the one on the cupcake but had a stem. Ross told me to take it. I didn't want to. But I did.

I explained very politely, how I never sounded like that in my whole life, in any of my incarnations, and I don't understand why all the lofty and expansive wording these messages always are filled with is there in the first place?

There was a discussion between us three, about my Higher Self, my fake Higher Self, and the splinter the fake one made without permission from me.  I didn't want the splinter to merge.  The splinter was shocked and asked why?

I said, 'I work really hard to maintain my energies.' I didn't want it to mix. Angered, the splinter said, 'what makes you think I don't work hard?!'

I could see how such channeled messages attract attention and business, which is the sole means of support for this person. I softened and I understood.

I also saw, in my meditation space, with Ross at my side, how I work with crystals like an alchemist, and I work with them a great deal...with knowledge from past lifetimes. I can see my own 'credentials' all around me, everywhere I go, and that is comforting to know.

Ross had me say how the channeled messages make me feel?And he shared how it feel:  to him, (these channeled messages) it ties him back to the past, which is uncomfortable, because he would like to move forward and experience something new.

There was a lull, and I was contacted while I was doing the dishes. The same one wanted to talk to me.  I finished every last pot, plate, and spoon before I lay on the couch to listen.

I didn't want to hear their story. This person also demanded an explanation of how I could forgive, and not want to be all close and buddy buddy with them?  I emphasized again how although this person technically WAS 'me', because of the link through the fake Higher Self, the only requirement as a galactic is to be 'friendly and polite'--and I agreed to be 'cordial'.  I had other interests and avenues of growth to explore. There was no reason for me to go back any more to explore this.

She blurted out, 'I did it because I wanted to be close to you!' (the plural you, as in me and Ross).

I didn't even respond. Forgiven is forgiven. A soul can only take so much. There wasn't even a promise on their part to never do it again. In summary, there was a lack of common agreement between us. Neither one got what they wanted. It's not a win-win. It's not a lose-lose. It's a meh-meh...sort of a whatever...

Divine Father really wanted me to talk about the whole broad spectrum on the Forgiveness Scale--how unwilling as I was, I agreed to do the basic minimum 'forgive'. It didn't mean I had to be all chummy when that meant ignoring my hurt feelings and acting like they never happened. It just meant I was willing to let it go, and allow the emotions time to heal.

He wants you to know you can do this too. It's not all or nothing in the Forgiveness Department. You have some say, and your heart isn't going to swell up with love and feel wonderful sometimes. You will feel a LITTLE love, but it doesn't have to be all fuzzy and warm to qualify as true unconditional love and forgiveness. 

I can acknowledge the Divine Spark for what it is, the choices for what they are, and not feel like I am obligated to go three steps back in my own development to 'straighten things out'. It's enough. And I am moving on.

I also see how there is overwhelming evidence for my own wellbeing...and I can be calm and relax once more as if it never happened.


Carla is learning to heal. Carla is learning to express herself in Galactic ways.  Carla is learning how to become who she is, and to trust in the process...and that her soul signature 'vibration' cannot be faked, not by anyone.

I hold Carla in my heart, and Carla is progressing in terms of our relationship.

For example, on the drive to see Anthony in his play, Carla called out, 'To ALL of my husbands, I'm so sorry I forgot to mention it to you earlier, but if you have time, would you please attend the performance of this play?'

I was there.

I also gave a little gift to Carla, the vision of a cloud ship barely cloaked, flying low to the horizon, just over the block next to the school, right after the show,  as confirmation we had answered her request.

Carla asks me all the time how is it I am not jealous?  What with her being like she is--super jealous of me--and my not being jealous of her in any way?

That is because I am OUTSIDE the Illusion.

Carla is WORKING her way outside of it. There are some ties to it still in her thought processes, and much pain I had caused deep in her spirit, which needs to be worked out as well.

I am sorry for this pain. It is a fact that the others (three and one half, not that much) are also experts in healing this kind of wound, and are at my request to help Carla heal from what I caused her.

There are some things I can't cure. (holds his hands up like a 'not me!' gesture--ed)

There ARE some things I am not capable to heal, although through my connections I can see to it that something gets fixed which is outside my 'scope of practice' (shows him holding a big black phone handset to his ear--old fashioned --ed).

About this person:  there is no harm in trying to do your best even though it creates anguish for others.

Everything is graded 'on the curve'. We take intent into consideration.

That being said, once it is 'our knowledge', and one insists and persists in this behavior with the full awareness of what has transpired between oneself and another?

(taps the dashboard of the deck where he sits in his captains seat--ed) That is another jurisdiction.

So everything is love, and everything is spiritual, and everything is blessed. All the rest can be left up to those who are experienced and have the skills to intervene.

(clap! clap!--ed)  Carla has a bracelet to make and send today. Someone had ordered it from someone we sponsor. For some reason this order had never been filled. Today, doing her best, Carla will honor it and fulfill the obligation. The reader--who is not angry--offered to Carla a love donation for her efforts. This greatly pleases us in so many ways--the information about the order not being filled, the opportunity to fulfill the request, and the opportunity to do a little something extra in order to make it up to her. We also completely understand the circumstances that the order was not filled, and place no blame upon this person. It is not your fault.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family