Friday, June 3, 2016

Resolve, Resolution, and the Path Home -- Gaia News Brief 3 June 2016

Even though I am spiritually advanced, I have feelings.  They can get hurt.  When you live in 5D, every now and then you get a 'clunker' from the third dimension that knocks you for  a loop.  I wish I could say that my heart is so filled with love these things don't hurt me. It's something I need to work on, and I am, to get to that point of 'enlightenment' or an equivalent of it--so I no longer feel the pain.

What happened is I thought against my better judgement, and I shared something very special to me with the world. I was feeding a disabled Galapagos turtle by hand at the zoo.  He has no depth perception, so the food needs to be put into his mouth for him.

I added it to the Reiki Healing just because people like the pictures. Most people who are close to me understood, and they too enjoyed the picture.

One said the turtle should be back in the Galapagos.

We gave her a healing and she was upset about my being at the zoo and feeding the turtle and posting it. She accepted the healing, which is her right, and didn't accept the picture, which is her right.  And from where I sit today, I see clearly this behavior says a whole lot more about her than about us.

Whether you like the photo or not, the healing is our gift to you, and even if you insult us the healing will still work.  And it's free!

We shall continue to sent our two daily healings out to the public, whether people are totally unappreciative for it or not.

Fortunately most people ARE welcoming of it, and for this we thank you for your love and gratitude to us for our healing work.


My son, his dad's mom, my mom, my niece and my nephew have all been to either the ER or the hospital as an inpatient this month since we got back from San Diego.

Yesterday my nephew was admitted to the ER. While they were doing the workup, we got word from my mother's doctor that she has Legionnaire's disease.

It's rare--here is  listing of world outbreaks:

And it's hard to prove it's the culprit:  In late September, 2005, 127 residents of a nursing home became ill with Legionella pneumophila. Within a week, twenty-one of the residents had died. Culture results at first were negative, which is not unusual as L. Pneumophila is a fastidious bacteria, meaning it leaves virtually no trace of itself. The source of the outbreak was traced to the air-conditioning cooling towers on the nursing home's roof.

The doctors for my niece and nephew still don't believe it could be the cause.

The time has come to put a stop to hiring doctors who have no intuition whatsoever--who can't tap into Source--Creator of All That Is.

Here's why:

  1. My mother goes to her primary care and says she can't breathe.  The Ethiopian FMG listens to her chests, says, 'You are FINE because I can't hear anything'.  That night, my mom looks toxic and has a fever. My nephew says she's not looking good. She is taken to the ER by my sister. They wait SIX hours to be seen, and then four more for a bed.  I am at the bedside at four p.m.--it's been eleven hours since admission, and not one physician has evaluated her. The physician says, 'your body is breaking down and the sad fact is that you are going to have good days and bad days but more bad days than good'.   Mother had a positive Holman's sign (I can't spell sorry) indicative of high risk of blood clot in leg. And I insisted the doctor evaluate her lungs because in our family our asthma is coughing fits, not wheezes. You cough till you throw up. I had to offer mom water four times for her coughing fits in the three hours of my visit. So on exam, with a deep breath, mom had a coughing  fit. The doctor put her stethoscope up in the air and said, 'I hear a wheeze!' and 'I will give you cough syrup and breathing treatments'.   IT WAS LEGIONNAIRE'S DISEASE! I thank God for the person who ordered that test!!!
  2. My nephew is feeling toxic. His family brings him to the hospital where his sister is. I encourage them to take him to the ER. Unfortunately at seventeen he is the oldest on in the pediatric ER.  Just like my niece--they run tests, give i.v. fluids, and send him home 'for follow up'.  He has every symptom on the picture above, and a family member from the same house with it! And they say, 'it's nothing'.
  3. My niece's team wants to give expensive and invasive treatments and tests.  SHE had every symptom in the poster too. And the broad spectrum antibiotics killed it. But it wasn't because the teams knew what they were killing. Does this make sense? Immunosuppressed she's at totally high risk.  It should be on the lists of 'suspected causes'. Even my hospital missed that diagnosis. My old one did too.

I see it as the resolution of a bewildering presentation of illness which has stretched the emotional resources of our family to its limits.  There is a diagnosis. A treatment. And it won't come back.

My sister is worried about the expense of fixing the AC at her house. 

Her daughter and son are in hospitals, they are renting a hotel room, her husband has missed work for a month...isn't an AC replacement cheaper? She's exhausted and not thinking right.

But she IS noticing everyone's feelings in the hospital. She walks by and senses it, and it's concerning to her.  She is an empath, and a baby in 5D.

I told her to say, 'If it's not mine Lord please take it away'--it's the Empath Prayer my teacher Anne Reith, PhD taught me.

Dang it's late. I need to write one more thing and get Anthony to school in time.

The Path Home

Merlin gave me a gift yesterday. I was in the shower--that's where I hear my teams best.

He moved his hand up and down in front of me, and I saw a huge thing that made me look like 'Carla on a stick'.  (see the middle one above).

I was like, 'What's that?'

He said it's a new energy flow line for me, a new 'meridian' type thing.

I said, 'Merlin, I LIKE jewelry...'

Later in the day, he explained 'it's my way home'.  But he didn't say HOW at the time. It's opaque yellow white straw gold color. It's thick and goes right through my middle of my energy chakras, from bottom to my head. It only sticks out by my legs. Just like a popsicle.

I learned I have to 'be one with it'. I meditated and tried to match my frequency to it.


It's really strong.

On the way home I asked if it was a star gate or something? He said yes and everyone can use it. 

Just imagine the one on me--with me as Gaia--not Carla LOL--and it's open for all who wish to use it.

I still haven't gotten anywhere with it yet. The energies of it are really great though.

Enjoy! And let me know what it does, and if you make any progress!

Time to make breakfast and get the kid to school...

I love you.

Thank you for listening to my heart with your own.


It's summer. The season of corn dogs and county fairs. I like corn dogs and county fairs. Carla does too.

I want this to be the Best Summer of your Life.

I want you to enjoy it.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple