Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Essence -- Gaia News Brief 30 June 2016

These events of late are guiding me to learn more about myself and others.

For example, I was wondering why, out of the blue, I was selected for Jury Duty?  The assignment was made on my day off. Days off are rare, and the coincidence struck me as odd.

I went, I sat.

I used to feel a need when I was in very large crowds to do a healing of sorts, to have the Guides of Compassionate Healing safely remove any and all attachments from those present.  Although I can clear all the ghosts and negative imprints out of Alcatraz, and I have actually done so, it's really not ME who does it.

I work as part of an angelic team.  THEY are the ones who do the actual work. I do my task as I have been instructed by them.

For all these people who 'clear' things--I know I have heard of many in the Lightworker Community who do this--it is a very delicate process, best left to the Guides of Compassionate Healing, whose special training allows them to take the soul to the Light, as well as to heal the aura where the scar is left from the attachment.  These Guides are not incarnate. Only Margaret Mc Cormick and I to my knowledge are actively working with them. If I was you, next time I go to clear 'something', I would ask in my heart silently or out loud for their assistance--just to make sure you don't harm the parasite soul you are removing. Many just go back into floating around and 'stick' on a new 'host' in a short time...but some don't find their way to the light, and suffer in this way. They need to be guided Home, and like a special police who can 'talk someone down' and 'negotiate' this is what the Guides of Compassionate Healing do. People who order them to 'go to the Light'! actually are causing more harm than good, because these lost souls are terrified of it, locked in terror, and don't know how to find it unescorted.

I didn't feel the need to 'clear' any of the people present in the juror room.

I DID know that for some Spiritual Reason I needed to be present.

While walking to the car, I saw it.

A long-haired gentleman in his late twenties or early thirties, with a row of small hoop earrings on his left ear, was crossing the street next to me.

I saw what he was reading. The title was 'Secrets of Lucifer'.

My heart sank for in one moment I knew just how far we are from victory, if with the current energies people are reading stuff like this.

That's when my guides stepped in and said, 'it does no harm if he wishes to read what he has an interest!' --framing it into pure intellectual curiosity and freedom as a soul to learn.

I talked back.

I said, 'I don't like it and I don't like it here and I don't like it near me. Not after everything that has happened on Gaia from organizations who are into that!'.

I argue. I argue argue argue with my guides all the time when I am unhappy. I have gotten more sophisticated in how I express my disagreement. It's no more like I was in the past. But I set up an intention, and I added my energy to it, like, 'I don't want this any more to mess with my world!'.

Hence this message:

We also got this one an hour ago just in case you missed it:


There is an incredible, exponential increase in the individualized requests on my time. My free time is next to nothing. This work is growing in its success and stretching me thin.

I may not be able to 'like' every comment, or respond to every healing request made to me through my message box.  This is why our Team Doctors With Reiki was developed. Anyone can join.

Furthermore, anyone can post a request to the original Doctors With Reiki page.

If I do not click 'like' on each comment as I have done in the past, please understand that I have seen it and like it. I click a LOT of clicks in a day--<3--and time is really speeding up for me here.

I ask your blessings as our growth reaches the next stage in our assignments. I wish you luck in yours and in return ask for your blessings as I face my own.



The end is in sight.

Walk to it.

Walk to the freedom that you always knew was possible in your heart of hearts.

Walk away from your troubles and limitations.

The opportunity is there.

Simply focus your thoughts on what you would like to happen.

I want you to think of this for some time every day.

I want Carla to dream of a house that will 'blow her away'. This is her assignment I have given her.

The same I give to you.

As money will be of no value in a Galactic Sense, as enticing as it is, do not think about 'huge bank accounts' and instead, think of the vacation, or the car, or the financial freedom (your activities such as golf which you enjoy).

clap! clap! My honey is late for work.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins