Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Felicity -- Gaia News Brief 7 June 2016

Today was charming. There is no other way to describe it.  Anthony I woke up a little bit early. He is in need of some skills in the kitchen.  The other day he confessed how he has 'nothing to eat' at his father's house while his dad sleeps in.  Our teaching him how to scramble eggs didn't work and now he had given up on all cooking for himself while he is waiting for his dad to get up.

So we made sausage patties, cinnamon toast, coffee, hot chocolate (with coconut sugar from scratch), and had a few sliced peaches which are a special treat in our home. We had ample time as I had an eight o'clock start.

The funniest thing happened right before I left the door. Ross wanted me to change my jewelry. He was insistent. I complied. I put on silver hoop earrings, the beautiful Byzantine cross my first boyfriend Tom gave me for our first Christmas together in high school, and my white gold OM symbol with pave diamonds  I got to celebrate making Karuna Reiki Master. I had on my Ross and Carla bracelet, and a special souvenir from our last trip to Victoria, BC which had rubies in it but the sales people didn't know.

At work everyone and everything was pleasant and smooth.

I did notice much communication--scheduling and other stuff I had to 'field' as calls and texts came in very fast throughout the day. It's unusual for me to have so much activity in this regard.

I had wanted to go home, but I couldn't. There was an extra case to be covered.

It was in the MRI scanner!  The magnet is very powerful, and will pull anything ferromagnetic to it. YouTube Video on MRI Safety (my risk Ross saved me from)  My necklace I had been wearing had a  small magnetic clip. It would have gotten red hot in the presence of the magnet, or worse!


Nurses are smart.

I confessed how stressful mornings are with my son, back when he was four. To dress himself he would throw all the clothes he didn't want on the floor while he was looking for the one he wanted to wear. And he left them there!

The preschool encouraged kids to dress themselves. Even if it didn't match, it was their choice, and it was 'okay'.

But how could I get to work on time?

Ellen, the PACU RN, smiled the way only a Filipino RN mom can smile. She said, 'didn't you know?'

I said, 'Know what?'

You take out only TWO shirts from the drawer. Then you tell the kid to choose this one (right hand goes forward) or that one (left hand goes forward).

Your kid gets to make a choice--but only from the two you offer them.  This leaves the drawer neat and tidy, and no clothes get onto the floor.

I did this every single day from Anthony's age four to age ten. Every single day. Always with a prayer of gratitude in my heart for the wisdom of Ellen!

Why am I mentioning this?

Because today is the California primary election.

In my opinion--and this is only my view, not Ross' (his mouth is zipped shut and mum)--when I vote I feel more like I am in the position of Anthony with the shirts than the position of the mom. I really do.  Someone is telling me, 'do you want THIS one or THAT one?' but in reality, if I had total freedom, I could pick anything from the whole drawer to find the one that was right for me.

And that's the most of politics you'll ever here from me.  Only my perceptions on the whole enchilada, that maybe something isn't 'right'--kind of--see?

Merlin had a surprise for me today!

It was like a big netting of silver that went over my head. It was kind of like a grid at first, much like our umbrella hat protects us from the sun, how it was up and over my head but not really touching it.

Then like a plastic film, it stretched down. I had to put my arms and legs through it like sleeves and pant legs. My head later popped through it, like when you put on a tee shirt.

It was like it was filled with air! I told Merlin I would call it my Shake and Bake because it reminded me of that thing in the seventies where the mom puts the meat in a bag and shakes it in there with the powder.  He teased me back and said it was my sweat suit to help me lose weight (another seventies thing)...

I asked him what it's supposed to do?

He smiled and didn't say a thing.

Somehow it works with the popsicle stick thing I wrote about a few days ago.

Thanks Merlin!


Carla was like a child on an Easter Egg hunt today!  Filled with delight!

After the MRI scan case, she was able to leave work. There was a little extra time.

I had her make a massage appointment. It has been several months since her last one.

Before that, there was just a half hour for shopping. Carla has grown fonder of wearing a dress whenever possible. Carla found a sale and bought three in blue. One of them has a Flower of Life pattern on it, I am not kidding!

During her massage, Carla had a breakthrough. Carla started to notice OUR energies that were coming through the session. Carla saw my face with her third eye, briefly, as she lay face down on the table.  The masseuse did the karate chop just the same way her father used to when she was little. She wondered, was that her dad Richard telling the guy to do that without his being aware of it--as the 'inspiration'?  And again, there was another thing he did on Carla's feet, sort of a slapping that felt nice, that was a total Carla's father 'move' too.  Aha! Now she knew! Next there was a little bit of Raphael energy around her shoulder where it gets hurt from playing too much catch with Anthony. And the overall kindness and attention to her comfort by the masseuse with the warm hot towels--on her back, under her neck, wrapping her feet--made Carla wonder if I was having some input with the massage too...and I was.

All of us are.

The way Carla describes it, it's like Ross has the view, and she doesn't, but he can explain to her where to place her feet as she walks through her daily experiences. It's not a flashlight, for Carla still can't see the path. But it's a partnership of sorts that made it possible for Carla to have the circumstances to do what she likes to do, what is important to her:  to cook dinner tonight, to schedule a haircut after dinner for Anthony, and to relax and enjoy the night at home with her son.

'If this is what the future is like, being incarnate isn't that terrible!' Carla is starting to wonder to herself.

And it's true!

It can be AWESOME!

I want you to have a taste of it, for yourself, for your own life!

It all begins with your thoughts, with what's on your mind.  Is it love and harmony? Then that is what you will receive, a beautiful love-filled day that is filled with harmony and light. (he waves his finger-ed) -this ISN'T a way for you to avoid your lessons--but it IS a way for you to make the most of them and not tax yourself and your vital energy too much in the process.

Learning can be fun!

Thoughts filled with fear and lower vibrations...I won't even mention them. We all know how it is the opposite of Love and Harmony, Peace and Contentment...and the Joy of Fellowship, of all of Creation...is all there is!


Sooner or later everyone comes around to it, this conclusion of the heart.

I love you!

And I speak for gentle Carla, as Carla does too.

(big warm smile--ed)  Now let's go out and have some fun! I want you to CREATE!!!  Fun and happy things!  For everyone!!!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple