Thursday, June 2, 2016

Discernment Basics

Do you just drink milk straight from the carton without thinking about it?

This is the best analogy for Discernment Ross and I could think of...most people check to see if the milk has gone bad before they drink it.

It's an individual thing.

You, the carton, and the glass.

You decide even before you pour it by looking at the dates on it, right?  When is the expiration date?

But even more, once it is poured, you might look closely to see if it is separated.

You might sniff before you drink it to see if it has gone sour.

And you might even take a little taste of it just to be sure, because then you will KNOW it isn't good for you by that sour taste (or in ultrapasteurized milk--that wet paper bag taste. This one doesn't go 'sour' like regular pasteurized milk.)

So remember, Discernment of Spiritual information is something you do every time, by yourself, and you use your 'gut' or your 'heart center' to know if it 'feels right' or not.  You can feel it.  You can tell when it resonates with you. Or if it doesn't.

The brain isn't going to help you with Discernment because most disinformation out there is designed like a fish lure or bait to appeal to your brain--it's going to look good and your first instinct is to swallow it! You are going to WANT to swallow it.

I've spent about five years working on my skills of Discernment. I've had some things where I followed along quite a while, even writing articles for certain organizations that were not the best choices in the Discernment  department for me.  I've just moved on.

Lessons in Discernment aren't easy. But to help, we want you to make it a habit to check on every piece before you accept it, same as you would do with the carton of milk before serving it to others.  You might not be as careful checking for yourself--but for your loved ones you probably check it the most because you don't want them to get a tummy ache.

And if you drink it, a tummy ache isn't the worst thing in the world. Same as it is with discernment. That's how you'll learn.

The most important thing is a group cannot substitute for your own responsibility to check.

Even if others are getting excited and worked up--it doesn't mean that this Spiritual anything is okay for YOU.

Always check to see if the new Spiritual thing resonates with you.  Your guides and your pendulums can always help you too.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc