Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Freedom Of Thought--A Vitamin For You

Today I was driving home after a long day at work. My mind had time to play. While I am at work, I am vigilant and very focused. Before work, many of my thoughts are directed at getting both myself and my boy ready so I can get to work on time...

I actually dreamed about possibilities, and spent some time getting in touch with my heart of hearts.  What is important to me? What direction is Spirit 'nudging' me at the moment? What kind of dream do I have ready to bring forth with the gift of my attention?

How often a day, am I away from work, from Reiki (I spend a lot of time in 'healing mode' with 'Reiki On!' <3), from Spirit and my life's work, from music, from noise, from conversation...?

Very little spare time!

So, like Vitamin Nature, make sure you get your daily does of Vitamin Freedom Of Thought.

Even if it's for less than five minutes.

Co-Creation and Manifestation are the car and your Vitamin Freedom Of Thought is the fuel to make the engine 'go'.

In the past, I used to obsess over the outcome.  I had one, while I was in medical school. LOL. It was 'find a soul mate'. All of my spiritual books and journals were focused on this. So were all of my readings I did for myself or ever had done for me.

THAT is not play and freedom of thought. It's just wanting something, not getting it, and wanting it MORE to 'make everything better'.

Dr. Phil might have asked me, back in the nineteen nineties, 'Say, Carla...how is that working for you?'

I would have had to wince and look at the ground and say, 'terrible'.  He would have been right!

Anyhow, try not to be an Abraham-Hicks control freak in your vision to manifest.

Be open with your heart. Be flexible. Be free.

I stopped by the house that's for sale on my way home tonight. I wanted to see the city lights view from the back yard. When I pulled up to the driveway, I was surprised at how tight a fit it's going to be for two cars!

I thought the neighborhood looked nicer at night, just driving up the street.

I went through the gate and sat in the chair overlooking the valley. I saw a huge sports complex with lights that totally ruined the magic of the twinkling lights.

I also didn't FEEL any connection to the land, not like at day. I wondered why?

I got out my pendulum. Is this the house for me? No. Am I supposed to move? No.

And I heard, 'you will tell US when it is time to move.'

I was grateful. I also in the same instant realized just how hard it was to leave my last marriage. I had agonized over it, should I stay or should I go?  My close friend Christina told me, 'when it is time you will know'. She is a CRNA and we used to party together after my separation. She is an amazing friend. She's been divorced too. It was SO hard for me to know when to leave, even though I was unhappy, and could have been a lot happier. I realized with the house it's the same thing.

I really like having an association. What I had thought once was 'less', in not having a conventional house, is in a way, a little bit 'more'.

Before I did my pendulum, and even on the drive over to that house, I asked Creator to make all direction LOUD so I could hear it, and that I wouldn't have second thoughts or doubts. I wanted to know for sure what is right for me.

And you know what told me a 'no' bigger than my pendulum? It was seeing the neighbors out and about...that was why the energy was different. The neighbors up and down the street were highly 3D. It was too heavy for me.

I trust there is a place 'out there' for me that is right. I trust when it is time to go and look for it, I will find it. I will keep in very close touch with my guides and Ross and Creator, by asking with my heart, 'what can I do?' and 'what can I do better?' in this part of myself and my soul where I seem 'stuck'.

Right now, what 'feels right' is just streamlining everything. As much as I can. And keeping an open mind, free of attachments, and with no forcing the outcome--just gradually going from one extreme to the other.

So far I had 'not enough view' with the house I was interested in a few months ago, the one Anthony said seemed like it had something hidden that was a big problem (I didn't like the two neighbors with the big RV's). This one here had 'too much view', and not enough energy to support and nurture me.

I want a spiritual connection to the land, which is powerfully supportive, a home which has Spanish theme and classic design, not this 'modern updated open floor' concept. I want more storage in the kitchen, and a nice tub which seems like they don't exist any more in the master bathrooms! I want a yard where I can grow fruit trees, and have fountains, and grow plants. I'd like it to be affordable, and not a far commute. It doesn't have to be fancy or impress anybody at all. It just has to have heart and good 'bone structure' lol. Wherever it is, I don't want to be tied down. If I have to move again, I'll move. I'd like it to be around here, so we don't have the custody plane flight thing for Anthony with Jared. And if it's where I am, so be it. If it's someplace else, just make it clear in my heart so I know to step forward and won't look back. This in itself, the not looking back, is a very hard lesson for me...one I have worked on my whole life. Even though I'm not the best at it, I am Light Years Better than I was, five, ten, or more years ago.

Know yourself.

Know your heart.

This is not possible at the movies, with the TV on, or the radio on in the car.

Get outside in Nature. And experience Freedom Of Thought.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc